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The Best Vegan Bodybuilders and Athletes You Need To Know

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Vegan bodybuilder bodies are inspiring. A lot of people don’t think a person can be successfully vegan and an accomplished bodybuilder. It’s definitely possible to be a buff vegan and strongman.

I love following natural vegan bodybuilders online. They are a huge source of inspiration to me, and what is possible with vegan bodybuilding.

I think even a vegetarian bodybuilder can learn a lot from their vegan peers. If you’re looking for motivation, then check out this group of the best vegan bodybuilders. It will certainly broaden your horizons about plant based bodybuilding and how great it is for you. 

Best Male Vegan Bodybuilders

1. Torre Washington

Torre Washington vegan bodybuilder

Raised vegetarian, Torre Washington became vegan in 1998 to stay more true to the Rastafarian lifestyle. He credits his expertise in engineering for his interest in sculpting his body.

He began competing in 2009 and has placed in the top 3 of 5 different organizations and has won 4 different pro cards. Combining his belief in animal rights and natural bodybuilding, he didn’t let the critics decide his food choices. 

He believes that being a vegan bodybuilder gives him an edge over the competition. He has a faster recovery and can get “shredded” easily.

His plant-based diet often comes in the form of flavorful Jamaican recipes with ingredients like tofu, lentils, broccoli, and grapefruits. 

It wasn’t common for a vegan to be a competitive bodybuilder, but that didn’t discourage me, it rather gave me more passion to pursue my dream.

He gets protein from seeds, nuts, and legumes. Another uncommon aspect of his veganism is that he doesn’t take any vitamins and supplements. He’s able to get all the nutrition he needs from vegan foods.

2. Nimai Delgado

Nimai Delgado

Nimai Delgado started out as a vegan bodybuilder and has never eaten beef or any meat in his life. He credits his parents for growing up with a 95% vegan lifestyle. He completely cut out any products made from animals in 2015.

His bodybuilding career continued to soar despite critics suggesting that a vegan diet would stunt his muscle growth. “I am helping people understand, realize, and learn that it is possible to push your body to its physical peak and compete against elite athletes while living a vegan lifestyle!”

Nimai’s diet for a contest involves six meals with a macro ratio of 35 grams of protein, 15 grams of carbs, and 11 grams of fat. He’s a firm believer that you are what you eat which is why chooses healthy whole-based foods.

He does admit to an occasional treat like vegan pizza to satisfy cravings. It’s better to satisfy a craving instead of binge eating.

Here's a video of what he eats in a day:

3. Korin Sutton

Korin Sutton

Joining the list of famous vegan bodybuilders is Korin Sutton. He is a military veteran and the founder of Body HD Fitness. His mission is to inspire more people to start eating vegan products and protect animal rights.

He was inspired to become a vegan after listening to a speech by Gary Yourofsky on the consumption of animals. He admits though that the transition was difficult and doesn’t recommend anyone to try to go vegan cold turkey. 

Now that he has adjusted to the vegan lifestyle, Korin doesn’t struggle with being a vegan. “Vegan food is everywhere no matter where I go around the world. All fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes are vegan and they have all the nutrients I need to survive and thrive.”

I say in total it took me about 8 months to a year (to transition) to be completely vegan. Just because, the more I learned about Veganism, the more foods or clothing products I took out of my lifestyle.

Korin believes that supplements should enhance the nutrients from food and not be a meal replacement.

Best Female Vegan Bodybuilders

1. Samantha Shorkey

Samantha Shorkey

Samantha Shorkey won her pro card in 2014 and made a record for the first-ever vegan World Naturals Bikini Pro. She credits her vegan life for having younger and better looking skin, more energy, and an easy to maintain weight.

Her secret to her competitive body? 

She’s the author of the cookbook “Jacked on the Beanstalk: Plant-based Fuel for Vegan Athletes” where she shows the vegan recipes that she is eating. What do vegan bodybuilders eat?

Whether she is training to compete or not, Samantha gets most of her protein from tempeh, beans, tofu, and a plant-based protein powder.

Like most bikini competitors, to get really cut right before their competition, I eat asparagus constantly (a natural diuretic) and consumed dandelion root (another natural diuretic.) Diuretics help to flush out the sodium and excess fluids in between skin and muscle. Salt (sodium) equals bloating—something you definitely don’t want on stage.

2. Erin Fergus

Erin Fergus

Erin Fergus loves being a vegan bodybuilder and athlete. She shares that she never gets sick, sleeps well, and recovers quickly from exercise and strength training.

She started a vegan diet the same time that she decided to train for bodybuilding. Her body is her biggest form of activism for preventing animal cruelty.

Her meals consist of simple foods like oatmeal, bananas, peanut butter, sweet potatoes, tofu, homemade seitan, protein powder, brown rice, quinoa, rice cakes, coconut oil, and tons of green vegetables that help build muscles (broiled Brussels sprouts, spinach, kale, and broccoli). (1)

Erin makes sure that the food she eats are enjoyable and not boring. 

One of the biggest things I have noticed about vegan vs omnivore competitors is that my contest diet food is enjoyable and I feel pretty good up to the end. Other competitors tend to be quite lethargic and miserable during their contest preps.

3. Crissi Carvalho

Crissi Carvalho female vegan bodybuilder

Crissi Carvalho is a vegan bodybuilder, personal trainer, and fitness model.

After a 15 year break from bodybuilding, she made a return at 39 years old. This time though she had changed to a vegan and loves the benefits.

Since returning to bodybuilding, she became an IFBB Bikini Masters Champion.

She’s proving that not only can you be in top shape with a plant-based diet, but your age doesn’t matter either.

If she can do it, you can too!

 At first I was detoxing from years of fueling my body with the wrong foods and drinks, but the more whole food-based I ate the more I began to feel better. I no longer suffer (from bloating, acne, and migraines), and haven’t been sick for years!

Vegan Bodybuilders: Final Thoughts

Are you feeling pumped up now? There is so much inspiring and motivating content being put out there to support athletes and a plant-based diet.

These bodybuilders have proven that vegan bodybuilding is indeed possible with their physique. They're able to crush competitors while maintaining the vegan lifestyle. Follow one of these vegans today and show your support for their work.

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