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For a number of reasons, getting the required vitamins and nutrients from our diets can be a colossal task, resulting in nutrient deficiencies. These nutrient deficiencies are usually the cause of numerous health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer [1].

Luckily, there are multivitamins available that can fill in these gaps in your nutrition.

In our Performance Lab Multivitamin review, we are going to answer all the important questions: What’s the ingredient list? Are they an effective whole food supplement? What benefits will they offer?

Let’s dig deeper.

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What Is Performance Lab Multivitamin?


Performance Lab Whole Food Multi is also known as NutriGenesis (formerly BioGenesis). It is not just a general multivitamin but rather two separate supplements: one formulated for men and the other formulated for women.

Both supplements contain lab-grown vitamins and minerals because of a number of reasons:

  1. Soil depletion. Over decades of farming, the nutrients can be stripped from the soil.
  2. Cultivar selection. Certain fruits and veggies are chosen not because of their nutritional content but rather because of how they look.
  3. Hybrid varieties. Some plants are designed to grow faster than normal, this can lead to fewer nutrients being absorbed from the soil.
  1. Dilution effect. When more and more fruits and vegetables are grown in the same area the number of nutrients available will decline.
  2. Pesticides and herbicides. These can have a negative impact on nutritional value and may cause damage to the environment.


The truth is that foods have become less nutrient-dense, which can cause health concerns. This is where a product like Performance Lab Whole Food Multi can help.

When you supplement with a nature identical multivitamin like Performance Lab Whole Food Multi, you are making sure you are filling any gaps in your nutrition. This will lead to better overall health, a stronger immune system, more energy, and a host of other health benefits.


Performance Lab Whole Food Multi Ingredients List

As the name suggests, Performance Lab Whole Food Multi is made from whole foods that contain various nature identical vitamins and minerals.

The ingredients used have been bioengineered with cofactors to help boost absorption and to maximize the benefits experienced.

Let’s look at what benefits each of these nutrients will offer:



  • Vitamin A – This particular vitamin is important for the health of your eyes. It helps to preserve your eyesight with a deficiency potentially causing night blindness [2] and also has a role in protein synthesis.
  • Vitamin C – You need this vitamin for growth, development, and repair of your body tissue. This powerful antioxidant helps boost your immunity [3] and helps to manage high blood pressure [4].
  • Vitamin D3 – Naturally produced when your skin is exposed to sunlight, vitamin D3 helps to strengthen your teeth and bones [5], as well as regulate your blood sugar levels.
  • Vitamin E – Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce the damage caused by free radicals [6].
  • Vitamin K1 K2 – This particular vitamin helps with the absorption of calcium. It also stops your blood vessels from calcifying, which can boost heart health [7].
  • Vitamin B1 – Otherwise known as thiamine, it plays a key role in your nervous system, muscle and heart function. Research has found it may be beneficial to your energy metabolism and brain health [8].
  • Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin is a water-soluble vitamin that helps to break down carbs, protein, and fat to produce energy. It also promotes good health [9] and cell growth.
  • Niacin (vitamin B3) – Besides fat metabolism, this mineral can help prevent heart disease by lowering LDL cholesterol levels and increasing HDL cholesterol levels [10].
  • Vitamin B6 – This antioxidant has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the risk of developing heart disease and other conditions [11]. It is also beneficial for your nervous system.
  • Folate – Folic acid (vitamin B9) is used to create the red and white blood cells found in your bone marrow. Research has found that Vitamin B9 deficiencies can increase the risk of heart disease [12].
  • Vitamin B12 – Helps support your nervous system and bone health [13]. It may help boost energy levels [14].
  • Biotin (vitamin B7) – Vitamin B7 is a mineral that helps convert the food you eat into energy [15].
  • Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) – Also, converts food into energy. It helps to make red blood cells [16].


  • Calcium – Calcium is needed for building and maintaining strong bones [17].
  • Iron – This is a vital mineral that is found in your red blood cells. It helps to eliminate fatigue [18] and plays a vital role in your immunity [19].
  • Iodine – Your thyroid gland uses this essential mineral to ensure hormone production and proper thyroid function that control growth, help repair damaged cells, and support a healthy metabolism [20].
  • Magnesium – This offers numerous health benefits, including muscle relaxation, increased exercise performance [21] and a reduction in blood pressure [22].
  • Zinc – Has been shown to reduce inflammation and to reduce the risk of developing age-related illnesses like pneumonia [23].
  • Selenium – A powerful antioxidant that prevents damage to your cells caused by free radicals. It reduces oxidative stress and can reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer [24].
  • Copper – This essential nutrient helps to maintain strong and healthy bones, blood vessels, and nerves. It also helps support your immunity [25] and increases red blood cell count.
  • Manganese – This trace mineral is important for bone health [26].
  • Chromium – It helps to improve insulin sensitivity and can lower your blood sugar levels [27].
  • Molybdenum – This trace mineral stops dangerous sulfides and toxin levels to increase [28].
  • Potassium – Among its many benefits is a reduced risk of stroke [29].
  • Inositol – This is often referred to as vitamin B8. Despite its name, it is a type of sugar rather than a vitamin. It may have mental health benefits [30].
  • Boron – This helps to boost your testosterone levels [31], which can be useful for treating erectile dysfunction.
  • Vanadium – This is a mineral that is used for treating diabetes, low blood sugar, and heart disease, among other benefits. It may also improve athletic performance in weight training [32].

Both male and female versions of the whole food multi have the same types of minerals but in different quantities to satisfy different bodily needs and functions.

What sets Performance Lab Whole Food Multi apart from other whole-food multivitamins is how the compounds of vitamins and minerals are created using the biogenesis process.

During this patented process single-cell organisms such as lactobacillus probiotics, and brewer’s yeast are seeded with micronutrients in a hydroponic growth medium. This creates lab-grown vitamins and minerals with increased potency that replicate the nutrient genesis found in nature.

As these lab-grown a.k.a nature identical vitamins and minerals match the nutrients of whole foods, they are easily recognized by your body, and thus absorbed and utilized appropriately.

  • Male and female multivitamins available
  • High-quality vitamins and minerals
  • Well-dosed
  • Lots of tablets to take daily
  • Not the cheapest whole food multivitamin available
  • Only available on their official website

Potential Side Effects

Side Effects

Performance Lab Whole Food Multi doesn’t contain synthetic vitamins.

Both the female and men’s formula are made from pure organic whole food ingredients so there is very little risk of encountering any side effects during use.

This product is safe for vegans (Pullulan capsules used), non GMO, and is free from additives.

The only risk is if you choose to take more than the recommended dosage. Taking too many multivitamins can cause problems with your nervous system, blood sugar, and hormone production both in men and women.

“If you eat a balanced diet you get all the vitamins and minerals you need and you don’t need any supplement and overdosing can actually be more harmful.”


– Subodh Gupta, Celebrity Trainer 

For instance, supplementing with too much vitamin C or zinc can cause side effects, such as nausea, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Too much selenium could cause hair loss, gastrointestinal upset, fatigue, and mild nerve damage.

Never exceed the recommended dosage with Performance Lab Whole Food Multi, and if you do encounter any side effects you should discontinue use immediately.


Where To Buy Performance Lab Multivitamin


The best place to shop Performance Lab Whole Food Multi is from the official website.

A 30-day supply of 90 tablets is set at a moderate price or you can save 15% off the price by signing up for the “subscribe and save” option.

With this option, you will be able to have a fresh delivery sent every 30 days.

All orders are processed within 3 business days with shipping expected within 7 days of order.

If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason then you have up to 60 days from purchase to get in contact with Abundant Earth Labs for a full refund.


User Reviews Of Performance Lab Multivitamin

user review

Every single user review on their website is a 5-star review, which does raise a few highbrows.

It could be that this whole food multi truly is as good as it claims to be, or it could be the fact that the manufacturer has chosen only to showcase the very best comments.

Here are just a few of the comments submitted for the Performance Lab Whole Food Multi review:

“Performance Lab Whole Food Multi contains plenty of nutrients and it helps me stay healthy while travelling.”


– Mana K, Verified Buyer

“Great value and I must say, I have more energy now because I started taking this whole food multi every day.”


– Marguerite D, Verified Buyer

“Not only is Performance Lab vegan-friendly, but their vitamin supplement helped me get my body and immune system feeling healthy again. Also, for someone who struggled with anemia, my red blood cell count is up so I have nothing but words of appreciation for Performance Lab whole food multi.”


– Clarissa P, Verified Buyer



How To Take Performance Lab Multivitamin?

Where Are Performance Lab Multivitamins Made?

Does Performance Lab Multivitamins Contain Any Allergens?

Does Performance Lab Whole Food Multi Have Other Supplements?

Should You Buy Performance Lab Multivitamin?

Our Performance Lab Whole Food Multi review shows that this is one of the better supplements available, if not the best. and should be used if you feel you are deficient in any vitamins and minerals.

Best of all, Performance Lab Whole Food Multi is vegan friendly, will boost your immune system and improve your cardiovascular health.

Indeed, there may be some issues with this multivitamin supplement, like for instance, it only being available for purchase on its official website and the fact that you have to take so many tablets every day to see any benefit.

However, this does not detract from the fact that high-quality vitamins and minerals will be provided. Performance Lab Whole Food Multi is well dosed, and the fact that it is not a general multivitamin but a separate product available for both men and women is . After all, men and women certainly have different nutritional needs so it is good that this product reflects that.

All in all, our team at VeganLiftz highly recommends Performance Lab Whole Food Multi!

What do you think about our Performance Lab Whole Food Multi review? Do you have any experience with this product? Share with us in the comments below.


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