My name is Alex and I hope you're having a great day (or night).

​Yeah that's Wat Rong Khun behind me. Much culture, such wow...

Here's my story:

Some time ago I first encountered the concept of a vegan diet, ​and I have to admit it felt very foreign to me.

​I mean all my life I had been told I was dependent on animal products for my survival and for optimal health... and especially for building muscle.

So I continued on with my diet of mostly lean chicken breast and rice.

​Now as it turned out a seed had been planted in my mind...

​For more than a year I had been ​struggling with ill health: crippling fatigue and weakness, severe mucus buildup which made it hard to breathe, persistent deep coughing, case of ​​pneumonia which had to be dealt with and other symptoms. 

All of which made walking up a set of stairs ​immensely challenging and working out quite impossible.

I was weak, skinny and pretty depressed about my situation.

My ​several doctors' appointments lead nowhere - so I ​figured I would have to take the matter into my own hands.

​Remembering having read something about the health benefits of a vegan diet I started researching the topic. As the ethical argument also seemed really compelling I thought 'What the hell it can't get any worse' and decided to give it a go.

​Fast forward to the present, more than two years now, and I can say that this decision has been absolutely life-changing for me...

... ​I simply feel great (not only physically but also because I know I'm not contributing to unnecessary pain, suffering and death).

​Having reclaimed my health with the aid of plants, I ​could now pursue​ other goals such as building muscle and getting jacked. 

But finding accurate information on this topic was quite difficult.

Some suggested you eat 30 bananas per day (and still do I guess) while others claimed that it was impossible as plant protein just didn't "work".

A lot of the information floating around on the internet was either plain wrong or deeply misguiding.

​And so through trial and error, and hours of sifting through studies for answers to my questions, ​I was able to figure out what worked.

​Through this ​tiring process this site was ​conceived:

My mission here is to provide evidence-based and actionable advice that you can implement ​today ​​and ​start making vegan gains, enhance performance, optimize health and longevity...

​... and also to prove that it is indeed possible to build a fantastic physique on a vegan diet.

That you need animal products for making gains is bullshit...

...the reality is that tons of people have built amazing physiques on a vegan diet, and so can you (with the right information).

​My transformation fueled exclusively by plants.

​Feel free to peruse the various articles on this website, I hope you find something useful! 

P.S. Do make sure to check out the free guide to vegan bodybuilding ​- a step-by-step blueprint on how to build a lean and muscular body on a plant-based diet. 

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Cause' making a tofu scramble should be public knowledge.

'Spread the Vegan Word'!