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Hello to all practicing and new vegans and welcome to Vegan Liftz!

Here you will find everything you need to know on the most current news, ideas, and more of vegan diets and the vegan lifestyle.


We are a team of diverse individuals striving to provide you the best quality information on supplements, health, and overall lifestyle topics.

Our team is comprised of individuals who are vegan lifestyle coaches, nutritional scientists, medical professionals, coaches, and more.

With our years of experience in vegan fitness and nutrition, here at Vegan Liftz, we believe that being vegan can be tasty, exciting, and enjoyable. With our team, we have set out time to research foods, exercise equipment, and more that are all vegan-based.


At Vegan Liftz, we believe it is possible to engage in a plant-based lifestyle while remaining physically active. You can get ripped muscles just as those who do not practice plant-based eating tactics do.

We provide you with exercises, scientifically-backed supplement recommendations, articles about fitness and nutrition, and guides to help you become the healthiest vegan you can be.

Not only do we do this, we too strive to give you evidence-based research on all things that encompass your health. We continuously grow to provide quality information to both vegans and non-vegans through all of our topics. We help you begin or continue your plant-based journey.

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Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes

CISSN and CSCS Certified


Jason turned to veganism due to health reasons. He was physically ill, depressed, weak, and desperate. Despite countless appointments to many doctors for months, his health didn’t improve.

He started Vegan Liftz to share his journey and experience for the plant-based lifestyle. Over the years, Vegan Liftz has become one of the best evidence and fact-based vegan resources online.

Email: jason@veganliftz.com

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Alex Arnstrom

Alex Arnstrom

ISSA and ACSM Certified

Co-Founder and Editor

This man lives the lifestyle that we write about. He is a machine down the gym and is constantly helping those around him with advice, recommendations, and the encouragement they need to take it to the next level.

Whilst he does it primarily for the health and physical benefits of the diet, the ethics behind the lifestyle are very close to his heart too and he is living proof that no animals need to be harmed in the making of this pump.

Email: alex@veganliftz.com

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Heather Turner

Heather Turner

CISSN and ISSA Certified

Coach and Editor

Heather is a personal trainer and vegan lifestyle coach with a passion for making gains and expanding brains. Brought up in your typical household built on meat and dairy, making the switch was her own choice and one that she made for her health as much as for the ethics and environmental impact.

Now Heather is obsessed with sharing just how incredible her journey has been and what a huge difference it can make for your health.With years of experience as a semi-professional athlete and a fully professional vegan, Heather writes about her passions with authority and heart.

Email: heather@veganliftz.com

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Rafid Nassir

Coach and Editor

Rafid Nassir is a health and fitness fanatic, with the main aim of maximising muscle mass and minimising body fat, with as little time investment as possible.

Raf works full time running an internet marketing company, but has developed his own time-effective workouts, regimes/systems and vegan diet plans. This allows Raf to not only have a muscular athletic build, but also be nutritionally healthy all whilst having an incredibly busy life.

Email: rafid@veganliftz.com

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Dr. Keisha Eberwein

Dr. Keisha Eberwein

Medical Doctor, Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant

Dr. Eberwein earned her degree in Nutritional Science from the University of Florida and her Optometric degree from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico.

She is the owner of A New You, a Miami-based health center that offers breakthrough and evidence-based wellness services and personalized weight loss and pain management programs.

With over 20 years of experience under her belt, her focus is on nutrition, health, wellness, and physical training.


Dr. Rudolph Eberwein

Medical Doctor, Board Certified Internist

Dr. Rudolph Eberwein earned his Medical Degree from the University of Miami after he finished his undergraduate studies in Nutritional Science from the University of Florida. Currently, he runs A New You Weight Loss & Rejuvenation Center based in Miami.

He has worked as an Internal Medicine doctor in major hospitals around Virginia and Miami over the past 20 years.

He is an expert in nutrition, naturopathic medicine, hormone deficiencies, and restorative medicine.


Markus Oliver

Markus Oliver

Medical journalist

Oliver earned his degree in medical science in the University of Florida and currently pursues a degree in journalism.

He is an editor at Vegan Liftz and a freelance journalist with aspirations to create a newsroom dedicated to health education and innovations in the world of fitness.

He is the owner of a personal blog with over a million visits that covers various topics, such as human anatomy, kinesiology, physical therapy, exercise, and nutrition.

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Carter Freeman

Carter Freeman

Marketing Director

Carter grew up in a vegan/vegetarian home, so the diet is not something unfamiliar to him.

Growing up, he would have a bite of meat here and there, but he has gone full vegan five years ago. The benefits to his health, fitness, and overall well-being were undeniable and he hasn’t touched any animal-based food since then.

Email: carter@veganliftz.com

Connor Smith

Connor Smith

Social Media Manager

Connor is quite new to veganism having adapted the lifestyle two years ago.

His passion for the plant-based lifestyle was triggered by his health — meat made him feel sick. He slowly started reducing meat consumption and instantly felt better. Eventually, he cut all meat products from his diet entirely.

Email: connor@veganliftz.com

Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes

Graphic Designer And Video Editor

Sean is passionate about food and fitness and he contributes just that to the Vegan Liftz platform.

He went vegan for ethical reasons. And he believes that giving up meat means giving up his gains.

He loves to lift weights and walk his dogs.

Email: sean@veganliftz.com

Sienna Davis

Sienna Davis

Graphic Designer

Sienna and her family have been vegan for almost a decade.

They have been healthier than ever and they believe that the change in diet and lifestyle really changed their family’s quality of life for good.

Email: sienna@veganliftz.com


Kyle Newell

Kyle Newell


Kyle is the founder and creator of Newell Strength, one of the most successful training gyms on the East Coast, with two locations.

These days, Kyle is focused on his private Coaching, where over 100 clients have gone through his Panda Challenge and many more hundreds have bought his book, The Panda Diet, since it’s released this past summer.

For more information on the messages Kyle has to share with the world, you can visit www.newellstrength.com and while you’re there, claim your free e-book on using Fasting for Fat Loss and More Energy.

Email: kyle@newellstrength.com

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Melissa Hood

Melissa Hood


I am a health enthusiast, yoga lover and reader. I am a mother of two , ages 16, and 20 and feel age is just a number.

I have a certification from Dr. Sears wellness institute, and have been helping people make healthier choices ever since.

I am a lover of plant based food and enjoy spending time with my minature poodle and my amazing family.

Email: Mdroulos@aol.com

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matt miles

Matt Miles


I’m a bit of a vegan weirdo. To keep fit I skateboard, as well as practicing crossfit, and meditative yoga. I look after my body mostly so that when I’m older it’ll look after me. Also I want to be one of those cool bearded grandpas you overtaking the youngers on epic hikes.

As a writer I’m a poet and the lyricist for a hip hop/blues band. I’ve been a freelance copywriter for years now and I love my job and the nomadic life it gives me. I’ve always been passionate about the power of words and fascinated in making them sing.

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