What is the Best Vegan Cookbook?
Our Favorite Recipes for Beginners & Foodies


According to new data published on Plant Based News veggie/vegan cookbooks are now the third most popular genre of cookbook, with sales of vegan cookbooks rising year after year.

Over time, the ingredients in these recipes are becoming more available and it’s getting easier than ever to make simple vegan dishes from scratch in your very own kitchen at home.

So if you’re committed to ditching meat and animal products in favor of vegetables and plant-based eating, one of these brilliant vegan cookbooks may be just for you.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best vegan cookbooks out there.

Our Top 16 Best Vegan Cookbooks (2019 Updated)



Plant Based Bodybuilding

Plant Based Bodybuilding

OUR #1 RATED - Editors Choice

  • Great for vegan bodybuilders
  • Protein-filled meals
  • Wide range of recipes
  • check
    Simple instructions that are easy to follow
  • check
    Best price until May
Kristen Suzanne

Kristen Suzanne's Easy Transition Recipes


  • 11-pack ebook special is good value
  • Great for veggies/omnivores looking to transition
  • Beginner friendly
The Plant-based cookbook

Plant Based Recipe Cookbook


  • Quick and easy recipes
  • Mixture of health foods and “junk foods”
  • Budget-friendly recipes?
Vegan Friends Cookbook

The Vegan Friends Cookbook


  • Diverse range of dishes
  • Suitable for broad palates
  • Features 19 different vegan chefs
Fuss Free Vegan Cookbook

Fuss-Free Vegan


  • Delicious junk food (ish) recipes
  • Simple and easy-to-buy components
  • Easy vegan recipes for beginners

1. Editor's Choice: ​Plant-Based Bodybuilding Nutrition Manual

Justin, who wrote this plant based bodybuilding ebook, used to eat half a kilogram of animal protein every day before finally realizing the power of vegan cooking and bodybuilding on a healthy plant-based diet.

Now he continues being a huge bodybuilder while eating vegetables and plant-derived foods.

After all his success on a new vegan diet, this bodybuilder decided to share his secrets with the world, including tasty recipes for vegan dishes like Kung Pao Tempeh, Chickpea Flour Omelet, and Quinoa Bowls.

Because of his success in vegan bodybuilding, Justin is now dedicated in sharing his best practices to those who want to build muscles the plant-based way.

You can never go wrong with this cookbook.


  • ​Great for vegan bodybuilders
  • ​Protein-filled meals


  • ​Irritating “salesy” website

​Kristen Suzanne brings us a mixture of raw and partially-raw vegan transition recipes which she ensures us are EASY TRANSITIONS in capital letters.

Personally, I prefer it when my cookbooks don’t shout at me.

In the book, you’ll have vegan versions of burgers, pizza, macaroni, and other junky favorites.

In her new 11-pack ebook special, you can get a whopping 11 ebooks which tell you all about making tasty vegan entrees, soups, sides, snacks, desserts, and more.

You will never run out of anything to cook in these materials.

​Now, who said vegan is boring?


  • ​11-pack ebook special is good value
  • ​Great for veggies/omnivores looking to transition


  • ​It feels like it could be condensed down a little

​3. ​Plant-Based Cookbook

Let’s kick this off with my personal vegan bible by Sam Turnbull.

Refreshingly, this vegan book is designed to equip you with delicious junk food (ish) recipes which let you take a break from being so goddamn healthy all the time!

This book takes the pretentiousness out of eating plants, opting for simple and affordable ingredients which allow you to save money and avoid journeying to the ends of the earth in order to fine organic non-GMO leaf-free protein-enhanced fortified kale leaves. Sigh.

Are you ready to level up your meal plan to the highest level?

Get this cookbook now and spice up your vegan lifestyle!


  • ​Quick and easy recipes
  • ​Mixture of health foods and “junk foods”


  • ​Some ingredients are rare

​YouTube star Anja Cass, who you may know from the YouTube channel “Cooking With Plants”, recently brought out this vegan cookbook for all of her fans to enjoy.

As you may expect with a name like “The Vegan Friends Cookbook”, this book is ridiculously wholesome, featuring 19 different vegan chefs (friends?) who come together to form the crème de la crème of vegan cookbooks.

It’s an interesting concept which makes for a unique cookbook, touching on local plant-based recipes from Asia, India, the Americas, the Middle East, and Europe.

Now get your kitchen arsenal ready and put your cooking skills to test!

You can learn more information about this book by watching the video below. Thank me later!


  • ​Diverse range of dishes
  • ​Suitable for broad palates


  • ​A bit on the cheesy side (tone-wise)

​5. Fuss-Free Vegan

Let’s kick this off with my personal vegan bible by Sam Turnbull.

Refreshingly, this vegan book is designed to equip you with delicious junk food (ish) recipes which let you take a break from being so goddamn healthy all the time!

This book takes the pretentiousness out of eating plants, opting for simple and affordable ingredients which allow you to save money and avoid journeying to the ends of the earth in order to fine organic non-GMO leaf-free protein-enhanced fortified kale leaves. Sigh.

Are you ready to level up your meal plan to the highest level? Get this cookbook now and spice up your vegan lifestyle!


  • Plant-derived “junk food” recipes like cheesy nachos, pizza, and chocolate cake
  • Brilliant for baking
  • Simple and easy-to-buy components
  • check
    Easy vegan recipes for beginners


  • Many of the plant based recipes are high in carbs

​6. Vegan Richa's Everyday Kitchen

Following up on her last vegan book “Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen,” Richa Hingle’s latest cookbook presents an array of meat-free comfort foods, all of which are unique and delicious.

We particularly like the chickpea jackfruit burgers, and alfredo spinach pizza.

​There are also heavenly desserts like the tiramisu fudge bars!

There are whole chapters dedicated to soups, sauces, and much more, allowing you to explore different cuisines without reaching for meat.

Who said vegan is boring?


  • Well organized into different chapters for different soups and sauces, etc.
  • Tasty beginner vegan meals
  • Unique approach to plant based recipes


  • Not ideal for people who don’t like sauces

​7. Hot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics

Another great go-to vegan cookbook for some indulgent classics, this book is written by popular YouTuber Lauren Toyota.

If you’re not afraid to take a break from healthy vegan living and dive into a deep fat fryer, then keep reading.

This book tells you how to make a bunch of simple vegan meals which taste amazing, such as fried “chicken,” “bacon,” and Philly cheesesteaks.

It ​grants you permission to let it all hang out and get eating something fatty!

​This book has 101 recipes that would never leave you hungry while on the vegan diet.



  • Written in a fun and irreverent tone
  • Fast vegan recipes for delicious comfort food


  • Not the healthiest of vegan books

​8. Isa Does It: Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes for Every Day of the Week

Isa Chandra Moskowitz is America’s bestselling author of vegan cookbooks.

​Here, she provides us with a vegan book that allows us to make fast vegan dishes in less than 30 minutes every day!

According to the San Francisco Book Review, “Moskowitz has single-handedly revolutionized vegan cooking.”

Whether you’re new or you know your way around a vegan pantry, tantalizing recipes like Beet Burgers and Dragon Noodle Salad allow you to enjoy a wholesome and varied meat-free diet!

Your vegan meal plan will always be exciting if you follow these recipes from Isa.


  • Great beginner vegan recipes that will also work well for more experienced cooks
  • Reputable author with a huge following


  • The font is not easy to read in the printed version

​9. The Asian Vegan Kitchen

​The Asian Vegan Kitchen is written by Hema Parekh, who has lived in Japan, India, and other parts of the world.

​In addition, this book explores authentic plant-derived recipes which are traditionally meat-free, allowing you to try traditional plates from Asia.

With numerous spring rolls, curries, sushi, noodles, and much more, you'll definitely enjoy cooking your vegan meal plans.

This book has over 200 plant-based recipes which celebrate the rich spice of Asia and the joy of eating plants and vegetables.

It’s perfect if you love your entrées to have a kick to them.


  • Traditional recipes which have always been meatless
  • Explores Asian and Eastern cuisines


  • May be too spicy/rich for some people

​10. Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking

Looking for good vegan meals which are largely gluten-free?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

The title of Dana Schultz’s vegan cookbook is a mouthful, but so is its content.

It features 101 (!) fast recipes that all take 10 ingredients or fewer to prepare, and requires minimal kitchen utensils, making it hassle-free for you to get started.

You can choose from nutritious breakfasts, delicious desserts, and filling main courses.

What’s more, you don’t need to spend thousands on flashy foodstuffs to get started.


  • Simple beginner vegan meals – few ingredients
  • Measurements come in both metric and imperial (grams and ounces)


  • Some Schultz fans prefer the cooking instructions on her blog

​11. The Oh She Glows Cookbook​

Backed by author Angela Liddon’s inspiring story, this vegan cookbook is full of recipes which are designed to make you “glow” as you eat them.

We think that means that they’re healthy or something.

This is a great book if you’re health conscious or gluten intolerant, featuring a bunch of wholesome recipes and over 90 gluten-free vegan plates inside!

Level up your vegan meal plans into healthier and tastier plates that can make you glow from inside and out.

Who says vegans are boring?

​Cookbooks like this one makes the whole vegan lifestyle exciting.

​Here's a recipe video below on how to make chickpea salad. It's one of the many recipes you can make from this cookbook!


  • Wholesome and simple vegan dishes – Angela knows good vegan food
  • The Crispy Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies are to die for


  • Some recipes are heavy on oil and sugar

​12. America's Test Kitchen Vegan for Everybody

America's Test Kitchen Vegan for Everybody is written by the knowledgeable folks over at America’s Test Kitchen.

​Vegan For Everybody is designed to cater to everyone’s tastes and provide you with delicious, varied vegan meals which aren’t bland or full of artificial nonsense.

This book features more than its fair share of comfort food recipes.

It includes tasty recipes such as indulgent lasagna and decadent chocolate desserts.

​You can be rest assured that you won’t find any of the stuff here to be too boring.


  • Over 200 plant-based recipes
  • Ideal for vegans and experimental meat-eaters alike
  • check
    A mix of wholesome and indulgent eating


  • Could use more homemade vegan ingredients for the recipes

​13. Real Food, Really Fast: Delicious Plant-Based Recipes Ready in 10 Minutes or Less

This book’s “10 minutes or less” claim is bold, but we can confirm that it’s true.

By following the recipes in this vegan cookbook, you can whip up hearty meals in your kitchen in less than 10 minutes

— that includes snacks and full entrées, we should point out.

By combining vegetables and plant-based ingredients with innovative cooking techniques, author Hannah Kaminsky has put together unique ways to cook Chile Relleno Rolls, Mango Crème Brûlée, and every meatless thing in between.


  • 10 minutes or less – ideal for busy professionals and parents
  • check
    Very simple vegan snacks


  • Some ingredients may be a little hard to find

​14. Thug Kitchen: ​Eat Like You Give a F*ck

Ah, Thug Kitchen. They’re here to make eating vegetables look tough and manly and whatnot.

But you know, they still have to put in an asterisk when they say “fuck” because children will cry if they see the cover, I guess.

This #1 New York Times bestseller is all about “elevating your kitchen game” by aggressively cooking vegetables and healthy meals. 

Whether you appreciate the branding or not, it’s much more fun to read than your average vegan cookbook. Shit! Fuck! Cursing! Yeah!


  • #1 New York Times bestseller full of good vegan meals
  • check
    Refreshing and entertaining tone throughout


  • May seem a bit gimmicky

​15. The Simply Vegan Cookbook

If you love big long recipe lists, then this is for you.

​It is one of the biggest and most detailed vegan cookbooks on this list.

​You’ll have plenty of choice if you make stuff from The Simply Vegan Cookbook.

Every recipe is designed to have no more than 30 minutes of prep time.

This ​​gives you more time to do other things…like go to a ​bookstore or research about vegan health benefits. (1)

Enjoy your vegan lifestyle by leveling up your meal plans every day!


  • 150 recipes with 3 different versions, resulting in a total of 450 (!) recipes
  • check
    Enhances your cooking skills for vegan staples
  • check
    Very comprehensive instructions


  • Not many pictures included

​16. But I Could Never Go Vegan!​

The concept of this book, if you couldn’t tell from the massive title, is that it’s busting several myths about being a vegan and eating plants instead of cheese or meat.

As a result, it’s ideal if you’re an omnivore or veggie who’s thinking about going full vegan.

The book has over 125 delicious recipes, with some of our favorites including Tempeh Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Pecan Parmesan and Chickpea Scramble Breakfast Tacos.

​Even your non-vegan friends will surely enjoy the taste of these delicious recipes.

You might even convince them to be vegans too!


  • Over 125 vegan recipes based on non-vegan classics
  • check
    Ideal for omnivores and veggies wanting to explore the vegan pantry


  • May seem overly simple for a more experienced vegan

​Our #1 Vegan Cookbook Is...

Now that everything is said and done, we have to give our top spot to Plant Based Bodybuilding!

This vegan book is brilliant for indulging in some decadent comfort food that is protein-packed, and the refreshingly lighthearted tone is fun to read without becoming annoying (like the Thug Kitchen).

Does ​Kung Pao Tempeh and Quinoa Bowls sound good? You’re goddamn right it does. ​Plant Based Bodybuilding has you covered.

Ditch the diet for a day and dig into decadent delicious desserts. Alliteration!

Plant Based Bodybuilding


Best ​Vegan ​Cookbook

  • ​Perfect for vegan bodybuilders
  • ​Recipes are rich in protein
  • ​Easy-to-buy ​ingredients
  • check
    ​Simple instructions that are easy to follow
  • check
    ​Best price until May

What's next? Read our article on the Best muscle building vegan recipes here.

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