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The Best Vegan Foundations
Cruelty-Free Brands for Every Skin Tone

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Last updated: February 17, 2022

High-quality foundations that don't blow your makeup budget are hard to find. It gets harder when you try to find vegan cosmetics, since the price seems to go up automatically when you go to the shop.

I took the time to find the best vegan foundations across different price points.

Let's take a look at the choices that I found, so you can shop for the right animal-free foundations.

Our Top Products

1 - Ecco Bella Flowercolor Natural Liquid Foundation

ecco bella foundation

Foundation created by Ecco Bella isn’t just a regular cover-up. It is a 3 in 1 beauty product, offering treatment, a beauty shield and - you’ve guessed it - foundation.

That, paired with the fact that the product is water based, lightweight and natural-looking is nothing but great news for the skin.

In order to keep the skin healthy, Ecco Bella relies on aloe vera and saccharide isomerate - a natural sugar that binds water to the skin acting as a reservoir for continuous moisture.

This natural liquid foundation is vegan, gluten-free and paraben-free.

Besides providing excellent coverage, their formula also includes a so-called Ecco Shield. Essentially, it is a blend of titanium dioxide and other pigments that help protect the skin from the effects of the environment. User reviews can attest to that.

2 - ​​Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation

kat von d product

Kat Von D is one of the most popular vegan and cruelty-free makeup brands out there, because it offers high-quality products.

The Lock-it Foundation offers full coverage and claims to provide 24-hour wear.

Reviews show that it does a great job of hiding blemishes and discoloration. Another person commented that a little bit of foundation goes a long way, and that it feels breathable on the skin.

  • Different shades available
  • Covers blemishes while still feeling light
  • Provides up to 24 hours of wear
  • Doesn't last 24 -hours for everyone

3 - Milani Even Touch Powder Foundation

milani product

Milani Even Touch's cruelty-free powder foundation is meant for medium-to-full coverage. It is designed to be put on layers depending on how much coverage you may need.

One friend said that this product feels lightweight on the skin, and that the coverage is similar to liquid foundations.

They only have 7 shades, so you might not find an exact match to your skin tone.

  • Buildable powder foundation
  • Has the coverage of a liquid foundation
  • Limited shade collection

4 - Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation

cover fx product

Cover FX's oil-free foundation is lightweight and gives a silky and flawless finish to the skin. It's for medium to full coverage and works for skin with pink undertones.

Reviews say they felt like their skin looked natural, and features like freckles could still be seen.

The color might be lighter than it looks. Some people have complained that they weren't able to find an exact match to their skin tone.

The water-based foundation claims to have 12-hour coverage.

  • Oil-free foundation
  • Great for skin with pink undertones
  • Color is lighter than it appears

5 - Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

too faced product

Too Faced’s oil-free liquid foundation is infused with ingredients like coconut water, alpine rose, and hyaluronic acid to promote skin moisture, health, and appearance.

The foundation has medium-to-full coverage and lasts for 12 hours, although some reviews say that they needed to touch up sooner than that.[1]

One pump is enough to cover your face, so the bottle will last you for a while. The foundation dries to a powdery finish and blends flawlessly well with skin tones.

  • Medium-to-full coverage
  • Lasts for 12 hours
  • Pretty expensive

6 - Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Foundation

tarte product

Tarte’s liquid foundation's superpower comes from Amazonian clay. They claim that this matte foundation will help balance your complexion even if you have sensitive or oily skin.

The foundation offers full coverage. Some people say that the foundation is heavy, but not in a greasy way. It also doesn't cake or settle into skin lines.

This foundation also includes Vitamin E and mineral pigments to soothe and soften the skin.

  • Has SPF 15 sunscreen, vitamin E, and mineral pigments
  • Helps balance skin complexion
  • Heavy foundation

7 - Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation

urban decay product

While Urban Decay’s cruelty-free liquid foundation is the most expensive one on this list, it provides buildable coverage while still feeling light on the skin.[2] It goes on light, and your complexion will appear brighter and refreshed.

The weightless and cruelty-free formula does a perfect job of hiding skin imperfections while making you still look natural.

It gives your skin a flawless natural look because of the demi-matte finish. All skin types can enjoy this foundation as people with dry and oily skin love this product.

  • Great coverage
  • The demi-matte finish gives a natural look
  • Expensive

8 - Zuzu Luxe Oil Free Liquid Foundation

zuzu product

This is another vegan oil-free liquid foundation, but the most affordable on this list. However, you shouldn't expect full coverage. It offers good coverage, but it's more in the medium range.

People have said that this makes their skin look natural and doesn't cake up on the face. It is also a long-lasting beauty product and stays in place.

People with dry or sensitive skin have mixed reviews. Some say it keeps their skin soft while others say it makes their skin even drier.

  • Cheaper option
  • Cruelty-free
  • Mixed reviews for dry skin

9 - Ere Perez All Natural Oat Milk Foundation

Ere Perez

The star ingredient for this cream-based foundation is oat milk. Ere Perez claims that this is perfect for hydrating the skin. It also includes ingredients like peach and vitamin E to support the skin's health.

This cruelty-free foundation offers medium to full coverage, and you're able to build the layers. The foundation still allows the skin to breathe regardless of the layers.

People say that the coverage is sheer or buildable, and it gives the skin a natural and glowy look. There are also positive reports that the ingredients leave the skin feeling moisturized.

  • Non-greasy and natural finish
  • Hydrating and creamy ingredients
  • Limited range of shades

10 - Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

milk product

Milk Makeup uses a unique blend of coconut waxes in their formula to create makeup that blends seamlessly into your skin using body heat.

It seems to work as a lot of people report that this liquid matte foundation offers full coverage while giving a nice dewy look.

It has a matte finish and gives the skin beautiful undertones. It's almost as if you're not wearing any cosmetics at all.

  • Full coverage foundation with a fresh look
  • The creamy texture blends well
  • Pricy

11 - Pacifica Dreamy Cover Serum Foundation

pacifica product

This is one of the few foundation brands that claims to be for all skin types. Their color shades seem to be limited, but you may find a match.

I think it's great that this foundation includes SPF 20 in their formula, unlike other brands. Other people love the SPF as well, and they also love how they didn't have to reapply their foundation throughout the day. It stays put and looks natural.

  • Most affordable
  • Includes SPF 20
  • Limited color shades

What Is the Best Vegan Foundation?

The Ecco Bella Flowercolor Natural Liquid Foundation seems to be a favorite among some of the best vegan foundations, as backed up by tons of positive reviews online. I think this is because Ecco Bella diligently sticks to avoiding animal products when creating durable make-up.

This foundation is lightweight yet gives full coverage. According to my research, people appreciate that it covers any blemishes they want to hide while still highlighting their features. While people claim that the formula might not last you full 24 hours, it does fit the vegan bill nonetheless.

Which of these vegan foundation brands have you tried? Are they as good as they claim? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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