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The Best Gifts for Vegans
Ideas to Draw Inspiration From

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Last updated: February 22, 2022

As you shop around looking for a present for Christmas or someone's birthday, you probably take a look at the usual items like chocolate, beauty items, and clothes.

But then you realize that you are shopping for a vegan. And none of these items are going to fit their vegan lifestyle.

Before you start panicking about what to get them, I've made a list of some of the best vegan gifts. Hopefully, these vegan gifts will give you more ideas on what to look for when shopping for a vegan.

The Top Vegan Gifts to Give (2021 Updated)

1 - Trifecta Nutrition


Your loved one doesn't just deserve any random gift; why not treat them to hearty, healthy, wholesome vegan cuisine all year long?

The meals from this delivery service are super easy to make and they offer an e-gift card, which is the perfect gift for vegan foodies on the go. Moreover, if the present is for someone who is into fitness and proper nutrition, Trifecta is more than capable to fit the bill.

Every vegan will enjoy the convenience of the Trifecta meal plans. You literally have to simply open the package and the meals are ready to be devoured. You can even gift them a Trifecta holiday dinner because, why not?

  • Simple and organic ingredients with names that you recognize
  • Meals are not frozen but are vacuum-sealed for freshness
  • Extremely easy to make
  • Menus change based on locally-sourced ingredients ensuring that you are getting the freshest food possible
  • Lightly seasoned which may be a downer for our spice lovers out there

2 - Veestro


Another meal service dedicated to plant-based meals is Veestro. It's a favorite of mine because of their great-tasting meals like Red Curry with Tofu and Soba Noodles.

It's also super quick to cook. The meals are already made, and all there is left to do is heat them, which takes about 5 minutes.

Veestro is easy to gift to the vegans in your life because they have an e-gift card option.

If you're looking for an all-natural food box, you just may have found your ideal solution in Veestro.


- Dan Scalco, Blogger, Food Box HQ

3 - Green Chef

Green Chef

Green Chef has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, and Self magazine for its high-end organic foods and green packaging. They provide the ingredients and recipes for you to cook your meals fresh in your kitchen.

Green Chef has the ultimate green packaging, with all of their materials being recyclable, reusable, or compostable. They also offset all of their carbon emissions from their operations and shipping. It's a great meal plan for those who love cooking and are concerned about every aspect of the planet.

4 - Bulldog Beard Care Essentials Kit

Essentials Kit from Bulldog Beard Care

For the vegan man in your life, consider getting him this beard care kit. It includes vegan shampoo, conditioner, balm, and comb. Their products help cleanse, soften, and condition the beard.

This beard care kit has no ingredients from animal sources (such as dairy) and doesn't contain artificial colors or synthetic fragrances.

When I tried it, the cream had the best smell and saved my beard from looking straggly.

5 - Ella and Mila Nail Polish

Nail Polish from Ella and Mila

This nail polish collection was designed as a cute "Mommy & Me" set containing one large bottle and one small bottle. The nail polishes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

They are certified by PETA. They have an endless amount of fashionable colors available.

If you get this product, you should also consider getting their popular vegan nail polish remover.

6 - EcoTools Brush Set

Brush Set from EcoTools

For the vegan makeup lover in your life, you should get them this vegan brush set.

They have a wide variety of brushes made from eco-friendly materials. The brush handles are made from recycled aluminum and plastic, while the bristles are 20% cotton and 80% bamboo fibers.

They also offer sponges, brush cleaners, and face and body care products.

7 - Matt & Nat Backpack

Matt & Nat Branded Backpack

Matt & Nat is a popular luxury brand that is most known for its vegan leather bags. They are a fashionable brand, and their bags are great for travel.

They use sustainable materials to further their commitment to being an eco-friendly brand. The materials they use include recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber, cork, recycled bicycle tires, and 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Gifting one of their PETA-Certified vegan bags will surely be a huge hit.

8 - Hyggelight The Growing Candle

The Growing Candle - A Hyggelight Product

Hygglelight is a fun gift to give. Not only is it a candle, but it can also be repurposed as a small planting pot.

The candle comes with a seed paper label that you can put in the candle holder to start growing wildflower plants. The wildflower seeds contain Spurred Snapdragon, Forget-me-not, Lemon Mint, and more. I also loved the candle scents.

These candles are also appropriate for vegans because they use soy wax and not beeswax. It's an excellent gift for the candle lover or a person with a green thumb.

9 - Merrell Hiking Shoes

Shoes from Merrell Hiking

It's not always easy to find shoes for vegans, especially hiking shoes, but Merrell has managed to do it. These hiking shoes are available for men and women.

The entire shoe is vegan while still maintaining a carefully crafted and high-quality standard. They use vegan leather and even use glue that is not animal-derived.

The vegan hiker will love traveling in these shoes.

10 - Pacifica Perfume

Pacifica Perfume Bottle

Pacifica Perfume is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They manufacture their scents without potentially harmful ingredients -- think about parabens, sulfates, petroleum, peanut oil, phthalates, and more.

The perfumes are made from essential and natural oils. They have 10 different scents, including Persian Rose, French Lilac, and Hawaiian Ruby Guava.

You can buy one or buy multiple scents to layer for a custom scent.

11 - EcoLips Vegan Lip Balm

Vegan Lip Balm from EcoLips

The EcoLips Vegan Lip Balm is 100% natural, cruelty-free, and vegan. The lip balms are free from beeswax and harmful chemicals.

They are made from high-quality ingredients like candelilla wax, organic coconut oil, and Fair Trade-Certified cocoa butter to ensure the best lip care.

They have scents like Lemon-Lime, Superfruit, and Sweet Mint.

12 - Vegancuts Gift Box

Gift Box from Vegancuts

Vegancuts is a subscription service that contains vegan and cruelty-free products.

You can choose from plant-based snacks, makeup, or beauty boxes to send to the vegans in your life.

They are pretty cost-effective, given that you receive over 10 items in your box. It's a fun gift because they will get to try new products especially meant for their lifestyle.

13 - Vegan Cheese Making Kit

Vegan Cheese Making Kit

There's a thing called vegan cheese? Vaya con dios!

Yes, there is. Which is why this vegan Christmas gift just might be perfect. The whole stay-at-home season has got us into homemade stuff anyway, so this vegan gift will surely come in handy someday.

A cheese making set essentially brings you plant-based cheese with ease. Not only does it provide enjoyable evening's entertainment as you blithely follow the instructions, but you also get to try out some interesting grub.

Best paired with a bottle of wine.

What To Look For When Buying Vegan Gifts

Here's a quick guide on what to look for when buying vegan gifts:

  • Any food that contains animal-based ingredients like meat, eggs, cheese, milk, and dairy
  • Beauty products with ingredients like lanolin, beeswax, and carmine
  • Clothes made from fur, leather, wool, or silk
  • Candles made from beeswax
  • Pearl jewelry

It's a nice gesture to your vegan friends or family members to get them a present that is vegan-friendly. It might seem overwhelming at first to find something that fits their lifestyle.

Leading the vegan lifestyle, people are now more concerned with their clothing, food, and skincare products. It doesn't have to be complicated though, as there are already a lot of commercially available options.

Other gift ideas for your vegan friends:

Are There Any Vegan Subscription Boxes?

Yes, there are vegan subscription boxes. They are unique and fun gifts to give to someone. I listed a few of my favorites here like, VeestroGreen Chef, and Vegancuts.

If you want more details on subscription boxes that I've tried, then check our article on the vegan subscription boxes.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your vegan friend, I hope this list helped you in some way. There are tons of fun gift ideas to give to the vegan person in your life.

I know that I would enjoy any vegan product that was given to me because it shows that the person cared enough to think about my lifestyle.

If I had to pick something that I would be overjoyed getting, it's the Trifecta supbscription. Their foods are convenient, healthy and plant-based, which makes it a top choice for me.

The meals don't require any extra time -- simply heat them up and they're ready. Take a look at ​my ​full review of this meal ​service here.


Trifecta Nutrition

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Simple and organic ingredients with names that you recognize
  • Meals are not frozen but are vacuum-sealed for freshness
  • Extremely easy to make
  • Menus change based on locally-sourced ingredients ensuring that you are getting the freshest food possible
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
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5 thoughts on “The Best Gifts for Vegans
Ideas to Draw Inspiration From

  1. We love veestro! My friend gifted it to me last Christmas and I’ve been using the service since, their menu is soooo yummy and easy to cook. I also like that I can modify it to my liking. That’s actually the main reason why I never enjoyed ready to heat meals! Sometimes i like my food some added salt or sweetness, so this one’s perfect for me, it’s definitely a go to for people who are new to the diet and are looking at meal prepping. So convenient and delicious!

  2. Someone give me that Merell hiking shoes!! Been on my wishlist for many months, my current hiking shoes need to be replaced. Lots of hiking plans this coming summer and would love to have a new pair by then. I have the old merell and it’s definitely done its job, i had it for almost 5 years! it’s still usable to this day, I just don’t think it could tolerate one more hike. But I use it on regular days, it’s so comfy and easy to clean. This is such a great list, I’ll send this to my girlfriend. LOL

  3. It’s crazy because I was actually looking for some things to get my friend and realized that a lot of the things I use and own are actually vegan and I don’t even know it. I have almost all of these the ecotools, the ecolips lip balm and the nail polish. wasn’t even aware and i actually didn’t care if they are vegan or not lol but my friend does so i guess these are the perfect gifts for her. the vegancuts gift box sounds nice too! she will love it for sure. she’s loves her snacks, she might like it!

  4. So many good ideas on this list! will have to check veestro and green chef not as a gift but for myself, haha, their menus seem interesting. My friend actually recommends veestro, she has a subscription and has all good things to say about their food

    And i didn’t even know that Merell is vegan. I have several pairs from them, good quality stuff. Love their hiking sandals, i use it every day ! So many good brands out there that are earth friendly and high quality.

    thanks for sharing this list, very helpful and eye opening for me and the entire community!

  5. I was looking for reviews about the Matt and Nat back pack and found your site. I have been eyeing this bag for a while and i love that they’re vegan but I found some reviews about the leather chipping off after some time. Not sure how true but have you (or any one reading this) had this experience? I”ve had authentic leather bags before I went v e g a n and experienced chipping even with the nicest brands ( i do not want to mention any thing in particular, but they all well known and pretty expensive!!!) so I’m quite concerned about this.

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