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What Are Motion Control Walking Shoes?

Last updated: June 24, 2022

Walking, running, cycling, and all other forms of cardio activity are great ways to both pass the time in a healthy way, as well as help in your weight management and joint flexibility goals. Unfortunately, this can place undue pressure on your feet, ankles, and any other ligament associated with walking. As the world continues to open up, walking has become the number one source of activity that doesn't involve a professional facility, and this exercise, although sustainable, can cause injury through repetition, or flare up an already existing condition. This is where having the right shoe comes into place.

In this article, we will explore the best walking shoes for the ball of foot pain and other ailments that befall the ligaments in your feet and legs: motion control walking shoes. We will first define what they are, and explain the benefits that having a pair of these shoes will grant you during your physical activity. Finally, we'll list the best overall motion control walking shoes on the market.

Motion Control Walking Shoes Explained

Plantar fasciitis is one of the main grievances that many suffer from throughout their lives, becoming increasingly common with age. Pain at the bottom of your foot is extremely uncomfortable, especially when it affects your hobbies and the things that you would like to do in life. Plantar fasciitis, overpronation, or any other injury/strain to the foot can currently only be treated and remedied through further physical activity and therapy, so it becomes a vicious cycle when you are not able to move for long periods of time.

Other than stretches and exercises, the best way to treat these conditions while also enjoying anything from a leisurely stroll to a full-on sprint would be to have the equipment necessary to absorb the shock that is produced when your foot hits the ground. This is where motion control walking shoes come in to save the day. Motion control walking shoes are designed for this purpose, as they are specifically tailored to serve the foot pain market. They contain premium shock absorption material and are created in a way that keeps the foot in a neutral and static position so that your ankles and ligaments do not suffer any further.

Below, we'll go over what the shoes contain and how they can benefit you on your next walk, run or jog.

Benefits of Motion Control Walking Shoes

Below are the top three things that everyone suffering from foot pain should look for in proper shoes:

  • Comfort: To top it all off, the most important attribute of motion control walking shoes is the unmatchable comfort provided by the design of the shoe itself. It usually provides more room in the toebox, a great rollbar system for the arch of your foot to sit on, and an extra cushioned sole and topsole, sides, and orthopedic support. The motion control walking shoe can also be tailor-made to your situation by an orthopedic clinic, providing one that is a complete smooth glide when walking or running. The shoes can also be much wider than regular sneakers, allowing more room for those who are having problems with a minimum arch at the ball of their feet.
  • Firm The motion control walking shoe tends to be much firmer and heavier than other running shoes. While this may seem like a bad thing in terms of wind drag and motion, it actually trains you to pick your feet up consciously instead of dragging them on the ground, a habit that is detrimental to one's foot health overall. The firmness also provides more resistance to your foot's internal mobility, restricting it from rolling your ankle and the sides of the foot and locking your toes in place so that there is no unnecessary sway that could provide injury.
  • Durable: It may come as a surprise that even the best running shoes need to be replaced every few years, but if you are consistently running or walking as a form of exercise, they will break down faster and need to be replaced quicker. The motion control walking shoe is much unlike any other, as we have stated above, the unique design and premium materials that they have been made from. This also makes them much more durable, as they were created to walk for extended periods of time as their primary purpose.

Best Motion Control Walking Shoes

New BalanceNew Balance 1540 V2: The New Balance V2 has to be one of the best and most light-weight shoes on the market. It is specifically made as a motion control walking shoe and approved as a Medicare code A5500 diabetic shoe, making this the perfect support for those not only suffering from circulation-related issues but injury as well. The shoe is 50% synthetic and 50% mesh, making it extremely breathable and without the use of any animal products. The elevated rubber sole, roll bar, and PU insert help to absorb shock and provide a great environment for the ball of your foot. Finally, the ACTEVA LITE midsole provides the comfort you need internally to always finish your activity.


Do motion control walking shoes help with flat feet?

Yes, they provide the necessary support to your arch and the sole of your foot in order to relieve some of the pressure when walking. It also helps to guide the formation or support of a more arched foot in conjunction with proper orthotics and the medical direction of your clinic professional.

Can the proper shoes relieve foot pain?

Yes. Although it won't ever fix the issue (unless the pain was temporarily from the wrong shoe), it will provide the necessary comfort you need until you can get the proper therapeutic assistance for the injury.

How are motion control walking shoes different?

They provide extreme comfort and durability to the foot and are made specifically for keeping the feet in a neutral position within the shoe, greatly limiting the chance of problems occurring.

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