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Statistically speaking, the global hair care market is massive. Can you imagine sorting through the choices that generate roughly 75 billion dollars in sales? Reading through all the offerings at the local supermarket or drug is overwhelming. Choosing the right product should also speak to the environmental impact of our choices.


But what do we do about making the right choice? Of course, we commend those able to commit to the ‘no-poo method.’ While giving your hair a reprieve from chemical and even natural ingredient-based products is fantastic, no-poo isn’t for everyone. Sometimes we just long to lavish our hair with the best vegan hair mask to spoil ourselves.


But how do you decide which products are the best vegan hair masks for damaged hair and what makes them great? We’ve decided to share our list of the best vegan hair masks. While this research isn’t, let’s say, scientific and conducted in a lab, we base it on something more tangible. This review is personal and well-informed.

MANE CLUB Cha Ching Deep Conditioner, cruelty free, vegan, no sulfates or parabens — Pack of 2

MANE CLUB Cha Ching Deep Conditioner, cruelty free, vegan, no sulfates or parabens — Pack of 2

  • For dry, thirsty hair. moisturizes | softens | deeply conditions
  • Salon-quality treatment, at home. a weekly deep conditioning hair mask that leaves hair incredibly s
  • Smells really good. scent: tart cherry + creamy vanilla
  • Vegan + cruelty free. (always + forever) our formulas are proudly certified by the leaping bunny org
  • Junk free formula. contains no: sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificia
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BIOLAGE Smooth Proof Deep Treatment Pack | Multi-Use Hair Mask Controls Frizz | With Camellia & Cast

BIOLAGE Smooth Proof Deep Treatment Pack | Multi-Use Hair Mask Controls Frizz | With Camellia & Cast

  • Multi-use deep treatment hair mask for taming frizz, split ends & fly-aways for an overall sleek fin
  • Camellia and castor oil strengthen, condition and encourage hair growth.
  • Use once a week in place of conditioner.
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Garnier Hair Care Fructis Treats Variety Hair Masks with Nourishing Coconut, Damage Repairing Papaya

Garnier Hair Care Fructis Treats Variety Hair Masks with Nourishing Coconut, Damage Repairing Papaya

  • Garnier fructis smoothing treat 1 minute hair mask smoothes hair in just 1 minute and this smoothing
  • Garnier fructis nourishing treat 1 minute hair mask nourishes hair in just 1 minute, this nourishing
  • Garnier fructis damage repairing treat 1 minute hair mask helps repair damaged hair in just 1 minute
  • Use 3 ways, as a mask after shampoo apply onto wet hair and leave on for 1 minute rinse as a conditi
  • Paraben free hair mask has no silic1s and no artificial colorants, also with a vegan formula with no
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VERB Hydrating Hair Mask - Vegan Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment – Nourishing Repair Hair Mask fo

VERB Hydrating Hair Mask - Vegan Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment – Nourishing Repair Hair Mask fo

  • Intense hydrating mask: verb intense hydration mask restores shine and softness to dry, damaged and
  • Natural ingredients: babassu oil in the deep conditioning hair mask helps to hydrate and nourish the
  • Only good stuff: this paraben free, sulfate free and gluten free hair treatment mask is vegan and cr
  • How to use: after washing hair with verb shampoo, work the repair hair mask through damp hair; allow
  • Hydrate haircare: this hair mask is part of verbs hydrate haircare range; hydrate is a collection of
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Sun Bum Revitalizing Deep Conditioning Hair Mask | Vegan and Cruelty Free Moisturizing and Restoring

Sun Bum Revitalizing Deep Conditioning Hair Mask | Vegan and Cruelty Free Moisturizing and Restoring

  • Revitalizing deep conditioning mask. this concentrated hair conditioning mask is made to nourish dry
  • Everyday hair treatment. this special vegan blend helps restore moisture, repair damage, reduce tang
  • Hot to use. after shampooing, apply evenly throughout wet hair, leave in for 5-10 minutes and rinse.
  • Protect your hair. the key to maintaining healthy locks is healthy, natural ingredients. this revita
  • Trust the bum. what does that mean. it means trust us, the ones who live on the beach and need produ
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WINNER - Mane Club "Cha-Ching" Vegan Hair Mask

Product Summary: Mane Club

We love products that are cute, smell amazing, and, most importantly, do all the stuff they promise on the package, like Mane Club’s vegan hair masks.

This product delivers a potent remedy for deep conditioning in a multi-formula pack that works for several hair types. From frizzy curls to delicate oil-field-producing scalps, Mane Club, in our humble opinion, is the best vegan hair mask for curly hair, straight, or chemically processed hair.

Aside from being cruelty-free with the Leaping Bunny Org stamp of approval, it works. It’s also good for that other animal that will use it: you. Mane Club removed all harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, drying alcohol, and other junk chemicals that are bad for us and the planet.

Product review: 

Mane Club uses quality ingredients to deliver shiny, bouncy, tamed hair that looks, feels, and smells fantastic. About the scent: we can’t sniff it enough because it’s so yummy. This vegan product isn’t for you if you are allergic or sensitive to highly fragrant effects. Sorry about that. We love the delicious scent of Mane Club Variety Pack Deep Conditioners that we want to sniff and lick our own hair. (Kidding, of course. ‘Stop that, Jason!’)

The real benefits are in the results. These conditioning game-changers are the best vegan hair masks. They restructure dry hair, chemically overprocessed or naturally brittle fly-aways from our over curly textures.

We know–no one can have it all. Luckily, users of the Mane Club packets second our opinion.

If you have curly, tangled hair, these hair beauty packs are perfect. One packet typically has enough gorgeous goop to condition your hair 2-3 times. Sometimes less is more.


Mane Club vegan masks ship in a sharable and budget-friendly six-pack.


Each pouch contains 6 X 1.8 fl. oz. of conditioning power.


This variety pack includes these rescue formula packets. Each little pouch delivers either a volumizing, smoothing, strengthening, frizz control, moisturizing, or repairing solution.


Smooth and luxurious conditioning cream.


  • Cruelty-free stamp
  • Quality ingredients and no junk chemicals
  • Result-proven healthier-looking hair
  • Amazing fragrance
  • Certified 


  • Small package size
  • Strong fragrance (not ideal for sensitive noses)
  • Not always available at your local market

RUNNER UP - Head Turner Vegan Conditioner

Product Summary: Biolage Deep Treatment Pack 

You’re probably thinking, hey, I recognize this brand. Yet you can’t find it on the shelves of your favorite store. That’s because Biolage is a thirty-something-year-old professional salon brand.

If you want smooth and nourished hair like ours that is softer and more manageable, this Biolage Deep Treatment in a more sustainable packaging format is for you. Inventor Arnie Miller has always been on the leading edge of harvesting top-quality botanicals for his hair care line and image.

Product review:

Biolage falls under the giant L’Oreal umbrella that feeds over 80,000 hair salons throughout the U.S market. It means L’Oreal and Biolage have the money to invest in research, sustainability, and product development. This conglomerate mentality may be off-putting to some, but L’Oreal has also shifted gears and become a leader in sustainability.

Biolage uses aloe, a demi-god of hair miracles. It calms, cleanses, strengthens, repairs, promotes growth, and is full of vitamins. Spirulina is an excellent fighter for dandruff.

The vegan deep conditioning product that includes remedies for dry hair, color-safe, and frizz formula is hugely popular because it delivers results. A dollop conditions and helps repair split ends.

Its weightless conditioning formula smoothes hair without sacrificing volume. Perfect for chemically treated or overprocessed hair as it literally melts into the hair leaving it velvety smooth. After the first treatment, we couldn’t stop combing our fingers through our defined locks. The smoothness is addictive.

The scent is light with floral undertones but not nose-offensive. It’s a sophisticated product that treats hair conditions without greasy residue. Our hair remains squeaky clean for days after application.


Available in a squeezable pouch in four conditioning product treatment variations.


3.4 fl. oz.

Benefits: Four variants

The dry formula contains aloe and spirulina to moisturize. Overprocessed hair reaps the rewards from protective amino acids. The hair shaft of color-treated hair benefits from delicate orchids and apricot seeds to nourish and seal. Frizz soaks up a soothing cocktail of camellia and castor oil for tame and smooth hair.


Creamy liquid.


  • World-renowned brand
  • Instant benefits
  • Weightless
  • Non-greasy
  • Light scent
  • Vegan formula (cruelty-free)


  • Questionable animal testing practices, according to the net (might stem from outdated resources).
  • More expensive than store brands.

ALTERNATIVE - Mass Brand Proven Track Vegan Conditioner

Product summary: Garnier Fructis Hair Care Smoothing Hair Mask Treat

Garnier is a famous retail brand with 100 years of success in curing damaged hair. This vegan formula is one of the best hair masks for frizzy hair on the big horizon of toiletry brands. Before you skip over this brand, know the facts.

The essence of this company (another L’Oreal brand) has always had a nature-based mantra. They invest in technology to harvest natural products and produce skin and hair care inspired by nature.

Garnier and its mother company are committed to constant evolution in our polluted plastic world. Chances are you have a moral compass if you’re searching for a vegan product. Garnier Fructis Smoothing Treat is a 94% biodegradable, vegan formula that transforms frizzy hair into gloriously smooth locks or strands. They leave the style up to you.

Product Review:

Don’t let brand power dissuade you from trying a mass brand. We didn’t and were impressed with how effectively it defrizzed our naturally curly test hair.

Garnier Fructis 1-Minute Hair Masks come in five varieties to complement individual hair conditions. These powerhouse protein masks leave hair silky soft. What’s really cool is that you can adjust the conditioning power by using them to suit your needs. Try it as a regular rinse-out conditioner, a treatment mask for deeper conditioner, or a leave-in treatment conditioner that nourishes 24/7 without gross build-up.

Each of the five formulas provides deliciously scented results. They detangle and create full-bodied straight or curl-defined bouncy hair, which is what you’re looking to create. Despite delivering a punch, these formulas are paraben and silicone-free and are cruelty-free vegan formulas. If you’re still determined to sneer at Garnier for being part of a large conglomerate, check out the technology the parent company invests in for the future.


Garnier Fructis Treat comes in a scoopable wide-mouth jar.


3.4 fl. oz. and 13.5 fl. oz family pack.


Smoothing Treat comes loaded with avocado extract and Garnier’s Super Fruit formula, promising and delivering softer, smoother, luxurious hair. How long you condition your hair is up to each user. That is one of the best features. It’s like they know your hair has different needs for different occasions.

Check out the nourishing, damaged repair, color vibrancy enhancer, and strengthening formulas for different formulas. (Try not to lick the lid.)


Mask cream.


  • Super smooth, super fast acting formula
  • Treatment option (mini or long-lasting treat)
  • Contains avocado extract
  • Smells pleasant
  • Great results from a large pool of users
  • Readily available


  • The scent might not be agreeable to everyone’s nose
  • Might be too heavy for super fine oil-prone hair
  • Can’t repair severely damaged hair that needs a haircut

ALTERNATIVE - Best Boutique Vegan Market Brand Conditioner

Product summary: Verb Ghost Hair mask 

Healthy hair radiates shine. Verb Ghost Hair mask might just be the mix you need as the best hair mask for bleached hair to make it sing.

Verb created an intense hydration formula with this vegan deep conditioning treatment that uses proven ingredients to produce results. We agree. While all hair types will benefit from Verb Ghost, anyone with moderately damaged hair will see instant results.

Verb is a hip company that has survived the intensely crowded hair care market and has been around since 2011 and manages to emit a fresh vibe.

A key element of their success is that they have a PETA-certified label and aspire to produce haircare without junk chemicals.

Product review

Verb Ghost Hair mask uses a secret weapon called moringa. Moringa is a beneficial tree that offers many hair and health benefits, though not universally known. (By that, we mean the Western Universe.) Moringa is often part of a permaculture farming, and its benefits are substantial.

Moringa is rich in zinc, Vitamin A, and iron, which are essential for hair growth. It looks like Verb has done extensive research into product benefits. Moringa is also rich in amino acids. These acids rejuvenate hair. Other benefits include anti-bacterial components for those plagued by dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, and other scalp conditions. People with oily hair usually despise thick conditioners, but everyone needs conditioning.

Verb Ghost mask helps prevent additional hair loss. The main ingredient, moringa, contains biotin, which has a long association as an active ingredient in preventing and delaying hair loss. Men, are you listening?

Biotin also enhances hair thickness and premature graying, making Verb the best hair mask for hair growth. We weren’t crazy about the scent and found that after a few uses, our hair didn’t feel quite as sleek or clean.


Conventional squeeze tube.


6.3 fl. oz.


One of the best benefits for delicate hair is the light-as-air formula. Despite that airy texture, Verb Ghost mask still manages to nourish and defrizz your hair with a luminous shine. It’s perfect for all hair types, from oily to delicate and dry. 


Liquid texture.


  • Potent combo benefits from moringa infusion
  • Hydrates
  • Rejuvenate
  • Promotes growth and delays graying
  • Essential nutrients


  • A bit pricey 
  • Not conditioning enough for problem dry hair
  • Unpleasant scent
  • Sticky residue 

ALTERNATIVE - Best Unique Vegan Market Brand Conditioning Mask

Product Summary: Sun Bum Revitalizing Deep Conditioning Mask

We should all be lucky and enjoy life on the beach or the swimming pool. Sun Bum understands the needs of those who experience intense sun exposure or chlorine water damage. This knowledge supports our theory that Sun Bum for the best hair mask for bleached hair.

Sun Bum is a small brand that understands our product choices have consequences on the planet, animals, and health. Sun Bum isn’t just a bunch of products– it’s a lifestyle.

Product Review:

If anyone could package summer into a sachet, Sun Bum did just that. While most of us look for revitalizing deep conditioning results, the scent makes the entire experience so much more pleasurable. Sun Bum is like unzipping a package of tropical life with a banana, ocean, and sun aroma.

With just a dollop, our curly, dry hair received instant relief. Most of our hair damage is self-inflicted. (We know that!) We overprocess our prized tresses with highlighting treatments on top of our curly strands, which are already fragile. Sun Bum revitalizing deep conditioning mask smooths, detangles, strengthens, and repairs. Sun Bum makes the damage invisible regardless of where your hair damage comes from.

With the option of using it as a 2-3 minute treatment or an intense 30-minute beauty mask replenishing mask, Sun Bum rinses away clean. Bamboo is an unrivaled superfood in the hair industry. Even big brands are exploring these benefits that promote hair and scalp health and defend against hair loss and premature graying.

The scent is fantastic. We wish Sun Bum made a matching cologne to enjoy it all day.


Sachets X 5 per sleeve.


 5 X 1.5 fl. oz.


Its formulation revitalizes damaged hair. Perfect for those suffering from sun damage or chemical treatments. A little goes a long way. This conditioning mask is ideal in humid and dry environments to contain frizz. The mask treatment reaps the benefits of amla (Indian gooseberry) and bamboo.


Cream mask.


  • Instant conditioning benefits
  • Powerhouse ingredients like amla and bamboo
  • A little does a lot
  • Repairs sun, chlorine, and chemical damage
  • Delightful scent
  • Unique small venture business interested in conservation


  • Packaging isn’t always ideal for ease of use
  • Suppliers may ship a single incorrect format erroneously
  • Scent evaporates

us nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


Choosing Vegan hair health products benefits many facets of our complicated lives. The user benefits from clean, healthy hair. The environment and animals reap the rewards of cruelty-free standards. We help prevent more harmful chemicals from leaching into our soil and water system.

How do vegans moisturize their hair?

Vegans want clean, healthy hair too. Using vegan products to moisturize doesn’t mean sacrificing cleanliness. Instead, vegans answer personal choice questions about how their products affect their environment. Many vegans may experiment with natural remedies like no-poo solutions, but they don’t work for everyone. Others try using heavy oils like almond, neem, nut-based, or plant-based oils that taste great on salad but leave a slick residue on our hair.


This idyllic standard and lack of product availability forces vegans to explore other alternative avenues. They scour top-quality products that meet the vegan standard we’ve explored here. Choices are highly personal.

Is avocado good for your hair?

You are what you eat, and introducing healthy fats into our diets helps promote hair health from the inside. Choosing sustainable products with fewer harmful chemicals and beneficial avocado is another. Shampoo and skincare brands are tapping into the avocado benefits to deliver goods to consumers that work.


Hair benefits from avocado extract are substantial and numerous. An extract is a concentrated form of the raw source created through a process that produces a tincture, a powder, or absolutes. This form is blended with other ingredients to make toiletry products that benefit consumers without causing harmful effects. Or look unappealing in the raw state; imagine green gunk stuck in your hair.


Avocado is an excellent biotin source. Biotin comes from the B-complex family, and its well-documented hair benefits are well-known. Biotin promotes hair growth and delays premature graying and hair loss.

Do you still condition after hair mask?

Most often, that answer is no. One of the best ways to use a hair mask is on freshly washed hair. Shampooing is called a negative action that opens your hair follicles. When your hair follicles are open, it allows the benefits of conditioners or treatments to enter. Conditioning is a positive action and closes the hair follicles again, leaving your hair smooth.

One of the best ways to use a conditioning hair mask is to follow the manufacturer’s directions. That sometimes means using less instead of more. Overuse can make hair feel greasy instead of conditioned. Clean, well-conditioned hair still squeaks in the shower.


The caveat if you should still condition after a hair mask is if the manufacturer recommends that you do. Some hair treatments contain oils that require a thorough rinsing after the treatment. So you would follow up with a quality, vegan shampoo and a suitable companion conditioner.

Should I put a hair mask on my roots?

Some vegan hair mask brands treat oily scalps; others use formulations to help treat dry, damaged ends. If your hair is prone to dry, damaged ends, apply the conditioner to that area first. Allow it to penetrate and work upwards toward the scalp and roots.


The idea is that you want to saturate the area of concern with the most concentrated solution. Once you apply the conditioner, distribute the solution evenly by running a wide-toothed comb through it. While not everyone with oily hair likes conditioning their scalp, you should understand that sometimes an oily scalp can have dry zones. There is a difference between a flakey scalp from dandruff and dry scalp conditions.


Follow the product directions or fine-tune it to make it work for your hair condition.


We believe in vegan products. Chances are you’re here to explore your vegan toiletry options for very personal reasons too. Veganism runs parallel with making conscientious and morally informed choices.


The downside is that the world is full of misleading information and false promises. We hope we took some guesswork out of the equation to make the hair care dilemma easier. The good news is that there is an industry shift toward sustainability driven by individuals and groups.


Sometimes it may seem like sustainability is a marketing catchphrase to collect our money. But we’re sure these products will deliver the results you need.



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