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Finding The Best Sustainable Accessories: Jewelry, Shoes, and Underwear

Last updated: May 25, 2022

We try to make the tiniest footprint ecological footprint, but finding the best sustainable clothing and accessories is more challenging than it should be. Ethical fashion is about valuing social welfare and the rights of all workers. Being vegan means that we also avoid pelts, leather, and any clothing made with animal fibers.

Join us as we weave our way through some of the best sustainable accessories.

Ethical fashion is about valuing social welfare and the rights of all workers. Being vegan means that we also avoid pelts, leather, and any clothing made with animal fibers.

Sustainable T Shirt Printing

Printify. (price $14 to $20) If you are looking for a classic tee, Printify is all about looking good while comfortable. You can customize an affordable t-shirt in 5 easy steps. The company believes in living a humane, ethical, and ecological life and is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation.

Econic. (price $18.20 to $76) For people looking for a more contemporary style t-shirt, Econic is a Canadian brand that blends innovation, environmental, and social responsibility. The tees are ring-spun combed and made of organic cotton and recycled polyesters for total comfort and luxury.

Sustainable Jewelry

ABLE. (price $20 to $135) Affordable and sustainable jewelry is not always affordable. Able accessories are made in-house and with recycled materials. The added services of a lifetime guarantee for repairs and replacements make Able irreplaceable.

AUrate. (price $50 -$9000) People looking for something a bit flashier will find it at AUrate. They offer modern accessories crafted by seventh-generation craftspeople.

Sustainable Boots

NAE. (price $100 to $200) Sustainable boots that are affordable are their own sort of challenge. NAE, which stands for No Animal Exploitation, offers a wide range of boot styles made with organic cotton, Piñatex, and recycled PET,

Coclico. (price over $300) Cocalico boots are entirely unique. The footwear is handcrafted by artisans in Mallorca, Spain, and made of materials like cork and wood.

Sustainable Running Shoes

Adidas. (price $60 to $250) In 2014, one of the largest tennis shoe brands committed using100 percent recycled polyester by 2024. Adidas has already begun to meet those goals with its vegan-friendly options. It helps that they are affordable and easier to find.

Brooks. (price $85 to $250)  For long-time runners, Brooks is likely a brand you've heard of. Their motto is "More feet, less footprint.” They stay true by using sustainable and recycled materials. Brooks also offers a take-back and give-back program.

Sustainable Underwear

Pact. (price $14) Underwear has to be comfortable, and Pact makes sure is it. Made of organic cotton and a small elastane blend for comfortable fit and durability, Pact's thongs, briefs, boyshorts, hipsters, and bikini underwear is a must-try.

Kotn. (price starting at $22) Luxury and underwear should always go hand-in-hand. Kotn underwear is made of the softest organ cotton from a family farm in Portugal and Egypt. The sizes range from 28A-35FF (XS–XXL).

Sustainable Bras

Knickey. (price average $48) Who says you can't try it on first. Knickey offers a virtual fitting room to get the right bra fit. Made of organic cotton in a fair trade factory, Knickey gives you quality bras in sizes from XXS to XXXL.

Mary Young. (price average $64) The Canadian company has a variety of bright colors, styles, and sultry see-through cuts of bralettes. The beautiful bras are manufactured from bamboo fabric and nylon mesh.

Best Sustainable Lingerie

Kye. (price starting at $60). You don't have to sacrifice an ounce of sexy with Kye Intimates. They use deadstock fabrics and renewable materials when making revealing and slinky lingerie.

Best Sustainable Pajamas

Boody. (average price $40) Loungewear is made to wear while we comfortably lounge.  Boody pajamas are made of viscose derived from organically grown, nontoxic bamboo. It means that their sleepwear is both breathable and hypoallergenic.


What are the best fabrics for pajamas?

Pajamas serve a lot of purposes, from sleeping to lazing around. And the comfort level of your pj's depends on the fabric.

The best fabrics for pajamas include:

  • Cotton, including Supima cotton.
  • Flannel
  • Fleece
  • Broadcloth
  • Silk
  • Knits

What does sustainability mean in running shoes?

It means that the shoes are made of primarily recycled waste and utilize an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Sustainable running shoes must also contribute to environmental conservation and minimiize toxic waste.

Also, it is not currently possible to make running shoes without some plastic. However, sustainable running shoe companies do their best to make it as minimal as possible.

Can jewelry be recycled?

Most components of jewelry are entirely recyclable. It is especially true for fine jewelry. Metals such as gold, silver, and platinum can be recycled repeatedly and do not lose their quality. Precious gemstones and diamonds don't degrade, either. You can use them as many times as you want, and they will last without losing quality.


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