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Unique Vegan Christmas Gifts Ideas
Buyer’s Guide

Last updated: February 22, 2022

Figuring out what to shop for someone during Christmas can seem like science in itself. Figuring out what to shop for someone who also happens to be vegan - well, that’s even more difficult, or is it?

Vegan or not, this little vegan shopping guide we've prepared will hopefully make your search for vegan gifts a tad less stressful.

Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas

Shopping vegan means shopping for items that are eco-friendly and free from animal-sourced ingredients. The same goes for vegan holiday gifts only you might be pressed to pick a festive present wrap, too. Here are some top vegan gifts from a cruelty-free Santa:

1. Trifecta Nutrition Subscription

Trifecta Nutrition Subscription Box

Your loved one doesn't only deserve tasty Christmas or New Year Eve's vegan-friendly food, so, why not treat them to hearty, healthy, wholesome vegan cuisine throughout the year?

The meals from this delivery service are easy to make. They also offer an e-gift card, which is the perfect gift for vegan foodies who are constantly on the go.

Perfect for someone who is into fitness and proper nutrition, Trifecta Nutrition is more than capable to fit the bill in that regard.

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2. Vegan Junk Food Selection

Sometimes we all need a little snack break.Being vegan often doesn't exclude indulging in every single bite of those unhealthy treats.

Think of your Christmas gift as a big box of some of the best vegan junk food. Even gym rats are allowed a few cheat days. Just be sure to let them know that you don't mind helping them out by keeping a couple for yourself. For their own good, of course.

3. Vegan Cheese Making Set

A cheese-making set essentially brings you plant-based cheese with ease. Not only does it provide an enjoyable evening's entertainment as you blithely follow the instructions, but you also get to try out some exciting grub. It's best paired with a great bottle of wine.

4. Vegan Clothing Brands

hanging clothes

If you want to buy garments for someone, finding something made vegan friendly can be a bit of a pickle. What exactly do we mean by vegan clothing?

Essentially, they have to be eco-friendly, cruelty-free, all the conscientious good stuff.

Luckily, we have whipped up a list of some of the best vegan clothing brands so you can narrow down your search. And it is not just packed with clothes.

There are some gorgeous bags, shoes, and other accessories listed there as well. Clothing that says “wear your beliefs beautifully on your sleeve” is always a great gift for a vegan.

5. Vegan-Friendly Furs

Some people balk at the idea of a vegan wearing faux fur. Vegan faux fur fashion brand Helen Moore specializes in luxurious clothing that looks the part but with a lot more heart.

Perhaps take a look at their gorgeous offerings for the fur lover in your family. Besides the scarves and stoles, they also have a selection of coats and jackets fit for any look.

6. Lush Perfumes

Lush Perfumes

Lush is about as vegan a brand as the mainstream can be. They take great care to be as eco- and animal-friendly as possible. In fact, they seem to make quite a big deal out of ensuring there is no animal testing whatsoever.

With a bevy of rich and alluring scents under their belt, Lush perfumes have won some fancy awards. I can personally recommend the Vanilliary (my girlfriend’s favorite) as an everyday affordable option.

Or, if you are looking to splash out and smell fresh, the Orange Blossom might be your whiff of choice.

7. EcoTools Brush Set

If you're spending your Xmas moolah on a makeup artist, a vegan drag queen, or just want a Christmas gift for yourself, maybe EcoTools Brush Set is the thing you’ve been looking for.

Whether it’s for a full-on Halloween paint job or just adding that little glow to the cheek - it doesn’t matter. What matters is that these eco makeup brushes are made from recycled and biodegradable materials.

They work just as well as the other mainstream brands but are far less expensive. Beauty can get draining in itself; we don’t need to drain the earth's precious resources, too.

Pair it with some of the best vegan makeup brands and you might get yourself a winner, baby [1].

8. No Whey! Vegan Chocolate

No Whey! Vegan Chocolate

Nobody will say no to an eye-catching box of luscious, high-quality truffle collection. If they also happen to be dairy-free, rest assured that your vegan friends will absolutely love them.

All chocolate box sets coming from No Whey Foods are nut-, soy-, wheat-, and gluten-free, which also makes them a great gift for allergy-prone folks.

The only challenge with this ultimate vegan Christmas gift is deciding which truffle collection to pick between all those mouth-watering options.

Whichever you end up choosing, just add a nice eco-friendly gift bag or wrapping paper and you’re all set [2].

9. Vegan 101: A Vegan Cookbook

Suppose you're buying a Christmas present for someone who is thinking of going vegan or has recently become a vegan but their cooking skills are still a little shaky. In that case, this is a great occasion to boost their confidence and imagination.

Flipping through the pages of delicious vegan food recipes in this book may even make you and your non-vegan friends go vegan.

“Not only are the dishes in Vegan 101: A Vegan Cookbook so impressive that they rock the kitchen, they are easy-peasy to prepare – even for a big eater but cooking dunce like me!”


- Ingrid Newkirk, the president of animal rights organization PETA

Who knows, maybe next year you'll be trying all of those yummy plant-based dishes and treats at their vegan Christmas dinner.

Need more options? In that case, check out our best vegetarian cookbook guide.

10. Biodegradable Reusable Bamboo Utensils

Bamboo Utensils

So, you have been invited to a Christmas gathering at your company and your new boss happens to be an environmentally-conscious vegan? Congratulations, we have a vegan gift winner!

This minimalist set of reusable and durable bamboo forks, spoons, and knives is a perfect addition to any vegan’s kitchen - and office for that matter.

You can upgrade this basic set of utensils by teaming up with your colleagues and adding a few extra items like a bamboo coffee mug or an eco-friendly bamboo water bottle.

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11. Chufamix Plant-based Milk Maker

If you have a vegan friend who’s always fussing about the mess caused by making plant-based milk in a blender, maybe it’s time for you to jump in and come to the rescue with this vegan milk maker.

This thing can turn soy, nuts, and even seeds into milk in no time so it’s a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who is into homemade vegan treats. But the best thing about it is that nothing will go to waste.

Even the remaining pulp can be easily used in yummy plant-based recipes and turned into tasty dishes. Pure vegan magic!

12. Garden Jar Herb Growing Kit

Urban gardening is now on trend and most vegans are notorious for their love of plants and gardening, which makes this low-maintenance self-watering growing kit an ideal vegan Christmas gift for that lazy gardening lover in your life who also happens to be a vegan.

They’ll thank you for supplying them with a daily dose of fresh herbs for their vegan recipes that they don’t even have to bother weathering. All they have to do is sit back and watch their oregano, lavender, and rosemary blossoming on the window sill. How cool is that?

13. Rehemple Reusable Organic Cotton Shopping Bag

Bottles inside a Rehemple Bag

Running out of vegan Christmas gift ideas? No worries, you can always play it safe and go back to the good old reusable tote bag.

If it’s also made of really good quality fabric and comes with a super cool print like the Rehemple Organic Cotton shopping bag, your present should score pretty high on the list of best vegan Christmas gifts.

Just stuff it with some exotic fruit and veggies and you’re all set.

Another badass shopping bag that we really love is the Earth defender grocery bag made of recycled plastic bottles with a meaningful message printed on the front.

Its bold design and color make it stand out in the sea of average shopping bags.

14. Bulldog Vegan Skincare Set for Men

So, your dad suddenly went vegan? Christmas is the right time to congratulate him on making such a positive change in his diet but also to remind him that being a vegan is not all about food.

Bulldog Skincare and grooming products are made of natural ingredients without harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or animal-derived ingredients.

You can choose from shave gel, face wash, beard oil, their Original Moisturizer, and everything in between.

Pair this with a nice toiletry bag made of cruelty-free vegan leather and your dad is all set for his new lifestyle.

15. Ugly Vegan Christmas Jumpers

ladies wearing christmas jumpers

Christmas is all about joy, happiness, great food, and a pinch of tackiness. Ugly Christmas jumpers don’t have to be made of sheep’s wool to be tacky or, in this case, provocative.

Anticarnist, a small U.S company, creates innovative and bold vegan clothing that sends out a clear and meaningful message.

This company also deserves a round of applause for donating 10% of its profit to animal shelters.

Check out Anticarnist for more vegan Christmas gift ideas appropriate for your rebellious teenage goth herbivore daughter.

If this is not cheesy enough for you, check out Alba Paris,  the Dharma store, Tipsy Elves Design, or Awkward Style Store for more traditional Christmas sweaters to get you into that festive mood.

16. Organic Coconut Set of Smoothie Bowls and Spoons

Single-use picnic tableware is so last century. If you want to make your environmentally-conscious vegan friend happy, make sure to get something plastic-free and eco-friendly.

This is where a unique set of eco-friendly bowls comes in. This cool set of bowls is made from organic coconut and comes with spoons, forks, coconut straws, a convenient little pouch, and a carrying bag - everything that a vegan on the go could ask for.

17. Tofu Press

Tofu Press

The holiday season equals delicious food overload, so it’s the perfect time to challenge your vegan friends’ cooking skills with this compact and elegant tofu press.

While you’re at it, buy some top-notch firm tofu and have fun testing out this tofu press at your vegan Christmas dinner.

And we’re not talking about those bulky and awkward-looking ones, but compact and stylish tofu presses such as Tofuture or Tofudee press.

Your beloved vegan will thank you for making their way to crispy tofu much easier.

Don't know how to press it? No need to stress out, here's the best way to press the tofu without using a tofu press.

18. The Body Shop Vegan Gift Sets

It’s always a good time for radiant skin, but with the Christmas holidays, you’ll have an extra excuse to pamper your vegan loved one with these high-quality personal care gift sets.

Although not all their products are vegan, those that are are clearly labeled, so you won’t need to waste time deciphering the ingredients list.

The Body Shop prides itself on being cruelty-free and offers an array of fabulous vegan personal care products and gift sets in adorable, festive packaging.

19. Cruelty-Free Vegan Socks

If you have been shopping for a vegan for years, you may already have exhausted all of the gift ideas on this list. It’s time to get creative. How about stuffing a pair of warm and fuzzy wool-free cotton socks with plant-based goodies and treats?

Which Vegan Present Will You Pick?

Whether it’s last-minute holiday shopping or you like to plan ahead, there are a plethora of gift ideas with the potential of wowing even hard to please vegans.

Our team had a blast creating this best vegan gift guide, so hopefully, you too feel inspired and confident enough to kick start that holiday shopping spree.

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