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Unique Gifts for Runners Who Have Everything

Last updated: May 23, 2022

Running can require minimal gear or an entire collection of useful items. From workout clothes to tech gadgets to recovery aids, the choices seem endless. Yet, individual runners often excel at obtaining all the right gear for their use. By doing so, it makes finding a gift for the runner who has everything somewhat of a challenge.

To help, first, consider what the runner’s preferences and goals are, then seek out unique offerings that the runner may not buy for themselves or that provide some value to what they love. These gifts may include massagers, headwear, lights, cell phone pockets, or even foot tape. You may also want to consider going with something completely out of the box, like a running tattoo or funny marathon sign to hold up and cheer them on.

Massaging Foam Roller

Running can be hard on the body, and muscle soreness often occurs in the hours following each run. One of the best ways to work through this soreness is with the use of a massaging foam roller. These rollers can reduce muscle tension and stretch out tired, sore leg muscles, so they are ready to go again the next day.

When it comes to the best roller, the TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller comes out on top, mimicking a massage therapist’s movements along the affected muscles. It comes with three surface textures to provide a range of contact and different pressure levels to optimize the massaging experience.

If you think your runner will prefer a vibrating foam roller, consider the KINGFIT VF2. Designed with non-toxic and environmentally-friendly material (EVA foam), this foam roller massager provides five frequency levels and is ideal for promoting healthy blood circulation and aiding in the recovery of muscle fatigue.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery, USB charging cable, its own storage bag, and a user’s manual, making it the perfect all-around gift.

Running Headwear

If the runner is known to run before dawn, at dusk, or at night, consider purchasing a headwear and light combination. The Head Lightz Beanie will not only be a welcomed surprise but will also be a valuable addition to their gear collection.

This stylish beanie keeps the runner warm while lighting their way at the same time. Integrated into the material is a lightweight, removable LED light with three different brightness settings. The light itself is USB rechargeable, with no cable required.

The unisex design comes in several colors or patterns, so there is sure to be one unique enough for your runner. It’s also easy to care for by just removing the light and tossing the beanie in the washing machine.

The benefits of running include better cardiovascular health, higher quality sleep, improvements in joint health, boosts to the immune system, and increases in memory, concentration, and mood.

Runner’s Light Vest

Provide fun and safety at the same time with a runner’s light vest. The noxgear Tracer 2 is our choice for the most unique gift in this category and comes with many 5-star reviews.

Weighing just 7 oz., this minimal vest is breathable, comfortable, and easily adjusts to wear on top of a base layer or over cold weather clothing, making it the perfect addition to wear all year round.

In addition, the light vest is rechargeable, waterproof, ultra-lightweight, and the light offers 16 different color modes.

The multi-color LED also maximizes the runner’s visibility through both changes in weather conditions and the changing levels of light, making the runner visible even in approaching headlights. As a bonus, the light comes with a USB rechargeable battery lasting up to 20 hours at a time.

KT and Foot Tape for Runners

Wearing foot tape helps runners prevent hot spots or blisters in vulnerable areas of the feet and toes. Keeping a roll or two on hand is ideal, but many runners forget to stay stocked or don’t already know how beneficial its usage can be. For this reason, foot tape makes a unique gift for the runners who think they have everything.

Look for Kinesiology tape (often referred to as KT Tape). This particular type of tape is beneficial for even more reasons than to serve as a barrier to blisters. It also provides support for muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments, which is beneficial to a runner’s recovery time.

At the top of our list for the best KT tapes is the Rocktape Original 2-Inch Water Resistant Kinesiology Tape. Made out of 97% cotton, this tape is hypoallergenic and free of zinc and latex. Choose between one continuous roll or pre-cut strips, or buy one of each to present as a gift.

Running Arm Band for Phone

It’s much easier today to take a cell phone with you everywhere, including when running. You never know when you might need access to make a call, such as in emergency situations.

Runners also use apps on their phones to track miles, heart rate, and other measurements, so it’s no wonder they need a way to safely carry them on a run. Different options are available for this, but we chose the TRIBE Water Resistant Phone Armband as the best unique gift option.

This armband provides a hands-free solution, with easy access to read the screen and adjust settings without ever having to remove the phone itself. The adjustable elastic band holds it in place and will accommodate various Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. It also comes with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

What is the best way to carry phone while running?

The best way to carry your phone while running depends on individual preferences. Options include side pockets in running shorts or pants, a waist or hip belt, an adjustable armband, or encased in a running hydration vest or backpack.

Creative Running Tattoos or Funny Signs for Marathon Runners

Unique gifts for walkers and runners abound and often require creative thinking on the part of the gift giver. Common choices in this arena include both personalized items and gift certificates. For a truly unique experience, however, consider taking your favorite runner to get a tattoo.

Some of the best running tattoos showcase quotes, including ones like “Life is a Marathon,” “Running is cheaper than therapy,” and “Run your own race.”

Another option is to surprise them with funny signs for marathon runners. While running itself benefits mental health, one of the best gifts you can give is to provide encouragement and be supportive. Just seeing you on the sidelines cheering them on can be appreciated more than any other type of gift available.

Come up with your own sign or go online to get inspiration. Maybe you’ll choose one that says, “This is a lot of work for a free banana,” or “Can you believe you paid to do this?” Humor is one of the greatest and most unique gifts anyone can give.


What are the benefits of running?

The benefits of running include better cardiovascular health, higher quality sleep, improvements in joint health, boosts to the immune system, and increases in memory, concentration, and mood.

What are the most common running injuries?

The most common running injuries are ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis, hamstring pulls, shin splints, IT band syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, and runner’s knee.

What gear do you need to run a marathon?

While everyone is different, the most common gear needed to run a marathon includes comfortable, well-fitting shoes, sweat wicking socks, technical running shorts/tights/pants, breathable top, hydration system, chafe protection, and recovery gear.

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