Top 10 Beautiful Female Bodybuilders 2022

Women dedicated to sport prove to the whole world that there is nothing they are unable to do. Bodybuilding is one of these things. The discipline and devotion many female bodybuilders put into their profession cannot go unnoticed. There is nothing more pleasant to see than our female counterparts excelling in a male-dominated sport.

We have collected the most beautiful female bodybuilders from every corner of the world. Obviously, the list must be much longer than 10 women but we decided to keep it short. Leave a comment below on who you would like to see added here!

Yuan Herong

  • Age (as of 2022): 33
  • Country: China
  • Notable achievements: 2nd place in the Women’s Class-A national championship organized by the Chinese Body Building Association

Yuan Herong, born in 1989, grew up in Quingdao, China, in a family of doctors. As every caring parent, she was asked to find a stable job with a good income to support her own future family by becoming a doctor. That contradicted her real dreams of becoming a Kung Fu fighter as she was really keen on martial arts.

Even though she went along with her family’s ambitions, graduated from the university, and later became a practitioner. Yet her passion for doing sports hadn’t disappeared and she started fitness training in 2017. Like any newbie, she started by working on getting stronger and doing yoga alone but later had to turn to a professional instructor for help.

Encouraged and assisted by another prominent Chinese bodybuilder, Zhang Wei, she followed the workout routine and strict training rules to get her body toned and ripped.

And now we can witness the amazing results that she shows us today. And we hope to see her achieving other results in martial arts, too.

Brooke Holladay Ence

  • Age (as of 2022): 39
  • Country: USA
  • Notable achievements: 14th place in the 2015 Crossfit Games

One of the most beautiful women bodybuilders on our list is Brooke Ence. Throughout her youth, she’s been passionate about sport, along with her three older siblings. Before getting serious about fitness, her dream was to become a musical theatre dancer.

She’s participated in lots of competitions, some of which resulted in failure and others in victory. Nevertheless, it paved the way for one specialization that she has found herself in – CrossFit.

Due to the unexpected turns of events, she was unable to compete in CrossFit any longer because of the spinal surgery. However, even after she made a recovery, she had already been way too busy with other pursuits.

Brigitte Goudz

  • Age (as of 2022): 28
  • Country: USA
  • Notable achievements: Most popular fitness model and sponsored athlete

When we were thinking about who to include on this list of the most attractive women bodybuilders, we couldn’t go past Brigitte Goudz. Many girls who lack confidence and faith in themselves would find her story truly inspiring. Before Brigitte became a body building woman as we know her today, she was a very shy girl with a negative self-image.

Everything changed when she started going to the gym at the age of 18. Her body got toned and together with that, she gained her confidence back. Through trial and error, she came up with a good diet and training plan to grow muscle and keep her breathtaking physique.

Lauren Taylor

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  • Age (as of 2022): –
  • Country: USA
  • Notable achievements: Competed nationally in NPC Miami (2018) and took 6th place

The list would not be complete without Lauren Taylor, one of the ripped female bodybuilders. She’s been working out since her teenage years and has always been interested in health and fitness. She first started going to the gym at the age of 15, and later concentrated her time and effort on bodybuilding and strength training.

Her main goal now is to become an IFBB Figure Pro one day, and she’s working closely with coaches to make it happen soon.

Renee Enos

  • Age (as of 2022): 35
  • Country: USA
  • Notable achievements: Became an IFBB Wellness Pro Bodybuilder

When we think of an eccentric personality that could jazz up this list, Renee Enos comes to mind. Not only is she a gorgeous female bodybuilder, but she also has a unique hobby – cosplaying.

Although her path to fame as a fitness professional was not easy due to bad eating habits, she managed to be consistent in her gym training routine and did a good job regulating her diet.

Now that she has achieved great results in sport, she is an avid “fitnerd” (as she calls herself), and we are always excited to see her in her favorite outfits at various cosplay conventions.

Erica Cordie

  • Age (as of 2022): 36
  • Country: USA
  • Notable achievements: Took 1st place in the Mile High Heavy Weight Natural Body Building show

Erica Cordie is one of those female bodybuilders that give inspiration to many to keep doing what they like and never give up. At a young age, Erica used to ski a lot but after an unfortunate accident she blew out her right knee. For 9 months she had to use a brace and crutches, and it took her years to return to a normal active lifestyle.

Erica was introduced to body lifting in order to keep her leg muscles in good shape. Since then she’s been training as hard as possible. Although she still cannot put much weight onto her right leg, she is doing her best to keep her body toned and healthy.

Eva Andressa

  • Age (as of 2022): 37
  • Country: Brazil
  • Notable achievements: Became a professional bikini athlete who took 1st place in numerous championships in Brazil

Eva Andressa is a drop-dead gorgeous body building woman that has conquered the hearts of many fitness enthusiasts. Her physique is on point and she is still rocking the industry! Looking at her before the transition, she was a fairly skinny girl who has been working hard to tone her body. As with many athletes, she couldn’t have achieved it without a fitness coach, who at that time was her partner.

Once she was ready, she participated in a number of championships and won most of them, taking the desired 1st place.

Sarah Backman

  • Age (as of 2022): 30
  • Country: Sweden
  • Notable achievements: Won 8 World Arm Wrestling Champions, 8 European Arm Wrestling Champions, and 11 Swedish Arm Wrestling Champions

Sarah Backman is often associated with a gladiator, maybe because she once played in the Swedish version of Gladiators. Nevertheless, her achievements speak for themselves, she is an 8-time winner of World Arm Wrestling Champion, 8-time winner of the European Arm Wrestling Champion, and 11-time winner of the Swedish Arm Wrestling Champion.

Her story of becoming a female bodybuilder and an arm wrestler started when she was only 14. Once she started practicing, she couldn’t stop, and eventually, transformed her body to a new level.

Being a dedicated athlete, Sarah hasn’t stopped working out but now her priorities might have shifted to other family-related activities.

Melina Keltaniemi

  • Age (as of 2022): 25
  • Country: Finland
  • Notable achievements: IFBB Elite Pro World Championship

One of the youngest female bodybuilders who have achieved and earned recognition in sport is Melina Keltaniemi. During her childhood, she was a very active kid, taking up all sorts of sports like skating and dancing. Only at 17 did she join the gym and become interested in lifting and building muscles.

Even though this breathtaking body building woman was an amateur, she still managed to win a number of competitions. Being an aspiring athlete, she has big goals to achieve ahead of her.

Shanique Grant

  • Age (as of 2022): 26
  • Country: USA
  • Notable achievements: 1st place in both New York Pro 2016 and 2017

Shanique Grant is the female bodybuilder to close our list. She’s always been a dedicated athlete, even as a child she stayed active. Going through some rough times, she had to reevaluate her life choices at some point. This is when she decided to do sports regularly.

Her very first competition was when she was only 19, and on her second try, she took second place in the 2014 NPC National Championships. You wouldn’t believe that Shanique was awarded the Pro Card when she was only starting her bodybuilding career.

Shanique has participated in 8 competitions, taking 1st or 2nd place in most of them. She is still working hard to win in the Olympia competition, therefore, she keeps her physique toned and ripped.

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