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Leanbean vs PhenQ: Which Fat Burner Is Right For You?

Rafid Nassir
Published by Rafid Nassir
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Last updated: February 18, 2022

Losing those love handles can be a daunting task, both for men and women. But what if there were magic weight loss pills that could help you with that?

Well, there aren’t any. Let’s get that out of the way right out of the gate - miracle fat burning supplements just don’t exist.

But scientifically sourced weight loss aids do, and in this review, we’re going to examine and compare two of the top competing fat burners on the market: Leanbean vs PhenQ.

Which one of the two deserves the crown?

What Is Leanbean?


Leanbean is a fat burner specifically designed for a woman’s body.

It has quickly established itself as one of the most sought after weight loss supplements on the market and claims to provide a weight loss solution that doesn’t rely on stimulants.

However, I must repeat, it doesn’t just magically burn fat away.

Leanbean may promote fat loss by boosting your metabolic rate and suppressing your appetite, but you will still need to break a sweat every now and then to start shedding those unwanted pounds.

To learn more about this product, read our LeanBean supplement review.

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ Product

PhenQ is a fat burner designed for both men and women.

Just by looking at it you can tell it’s just waiting to nudge its glasses up its nose and tell you all about the ingredients.

The science of how effective the thermogenic ingredients in the product are is pretty well documented.

Still, it also claims to contain ingredients that stop the production of new fat, which, if true, is pretty impressive.

To learn more about this product, read our PhenQ supplement review.

​Which Product Has The Best Ingredients: Leanbean or PhenQ?


Looking at the ingredients list for these two products, it’s relatively surprising that Leanbean and PhenQ only have one ingredient in common. These supplements claim similar effects but get there with different components.

Let’s take a closer look.

Common Ingredients

red powder


While it might sound like an alternative option for the Weapon X program to lace Wolverine’s skeleton with, chromium is an essential mineral for our daily diet.

Studies show that the ingredient has been linked to balancing blood sugar levels, meaning that both Leanbean and PhenQ are good at telling your body to use more available glucose as energy. [1]

Unique Ingredients


Konjac Fiber

​Konjac fiber is a major component in the Leanbean formula, boosting the claims of the product being an appetite suppressant. The fiber turns into a gel-like substance when mixed with the liquids in your stomach and can help you to feel fuller for longer. [2]

It sounds gross, but it’s less gross than scoffing a whole cake.

vegan egg


Choline is the DPD of fatty acids in your body. Choline has been shown to aid in the delivery of fatty acids to your muscles once your body has broken fat down into a viable energy source. [3]

This means that when combined with a good exercise routine, it can help Leanbean transform your mass to muscle.

Vitamin B6 and B12

​These B vitamins are an essential component of energy release, which is why you’ll often find them advertised on energy drinks.

​If you often feel fatigued or tired and struggle to raise the energy levels you need to commit to your exercise routine, this could be one of the best places to look.


Water is the primary fuel that runs our body, and staying hydrated ensures your entire system works correctly. Potassium and sodium are the electrolytes that hog the spotlight when it comes to hydration, but chloride plays an equally important role.

coffee bean

Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans serve up the antioxidants, energy, and health benefits of their roasted cousins without the massive caffeine hit.

They are particularly rich in a substance known as chlorogenic acid, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties. [4]

Green coffee is a safe alternative to some questionable stimulants.


Ayurvedic medicine and Eastern cuisine recognized the health effects of this spice a long time ago, and the health supplement industry is only catching up. [5]

​In a fat burner, it’s thermogenic properties are the main reason for its inclusion, but there is a wealth of other health benefits.

Garcinia Cambogia

A couple of years ago, a whole slew of fat burning supplements contained garcinia cambogia. However, due to lack of research backing up the bold claims behind this ingredient, it has since lost favor.

I suppose it’s nice to see one product still using it even if the science says “the magnitude of its effect is small and its clinical relevance uncertain.” [6]

acai berry

Acai Berry

Acai berry is another ingredient where the science is still out. [7] It has substantial nutritional worth and reason for inclusion in the formula due to the high concentration of antioxidants.

But whether it aids in weight loss is uncertain.


Piperine has a vital role to play in the digestive system. This black pepper extract is likely included to help your body absorb all of the other nutrients that this fat burner provides.



A patented and comprehensive blend of peppers known to have thermogenic qualities, capsimax can help your body to burn excess fat. It achieves this by raising your core temperature and releasing the energy stored in body fat. [8]


Caffeine Anhydrous

It can help you stay alert as well as having a positive impact on your waistline.

Caffeine is as good as the devotees squirming in line at your local Starbucks claim it to be. [9]

That being said, I don’t think a gingerbread latte is going to help you squeeze into your summer swimsuit.


Nopal is a fibrous cactus extract that works as an excellent hunger suppressant, helping you to cut back on your caloric intake.

The high fiber content of nopal helps to regulate your appetite and reduce the amount of fat in your body by helping your body to break down and excrete the fat.


​- Allison Adams, Registered Dietician.


L-carnitine is a double threat to your fat stores. It helps your body to release energy from stored fat reserves but also aids in supplying that energy to other parts of your body, meaning you don’t feel as drained. [9]

Do They Have Any Known Side Effects?

woman having nausea

No, neither Leanbean or PhenQ have any significant known side effects.

Fat burners in general have a bad reputation that is typically due to the artificial ingredients and sweeteners they use.

PhenQ and Leanbean, however, are much more natural.

That doesn’t mean they’re entirely without risk, and the caffeine in PhenQ can cause jitters if taken late in the day, while Leanbean has been known to cause nausea on an empty stomach.

Which Is Better In Value?


We have spent time looking at the different offers and pricing on both products but focused on their relative costs for a month’s supply.

Leanbean will cost you less than PhenQ for a month’s supply with significant savings if you order the 4-month’s worth “bikini body bundle” from their official website.

PhenQ is slightly more expensive per serving, but they also offer savings on their 5-month supply.

If you're serious with your weight loss goals, I highly recommend that you with the bulk purchase as both products end up cheaper that way.

Which Is Better - Leanbean vs PhenQ?

When it comes to Leanbean vs PhenQ, both have a lot of pros and very few cons.

They’re both effective weight loss options that focus on scientifically verified natural ingredients to achieve their goals.

Women should probably take Leanbean as it has been specially formulated to address the unique needs of a woman’s body to achieve maximum weight loss. There is also the fact that most women are more sensitive to caffeine and some other thermogenic ingredients.

PhenQ is a great weight loss aid for those less worried by caffeine and is arguably a more potent boost to your energy levels if you’re planning to work out while using the supplement. I’ve used it personally to shed a little extra down the gym while in a cutting phase.

Bottom line, I’d recommend both Leanbean and PhenQ because they give promising results.

The only question is: what results are you gunning for?

LeanBean for Women


PhenQ for Men

PhenQ Product

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