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August 7, 2020

NutraLeaf Fat Burner Review – Our Honest Thoughts

Finding a fat-burning supplement that uses all-natural ingredients, is vegan, and actually works is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. Why?

Well, the majority of supplements depend on hype rather than genuine results, and I've spent a long time trying to find one that can effectively bolster your metabolism during the cutting phase.

Many fat burners promise to help you lose weight with a lot of bold claims, but when it comes down to it, they're filled with loads of rubbish that do very little.

So how does Nutraleaf's vegan fat burner supplement hold up to a more critical review?

Read on and find out.

What Is NutraLeaf?

nutraleaf product

NutraLeaf is a vegan company based out of California. Their mission statement is to create products and supplements using natural ingredients that don't disappoint when it comes to flavor.

Founded in 2015, the company has already built a rock-solid reputation for products that perform. Their customers love them, and their rivals hate them.

But what is it exactly that makes them so unique? Let's take a closer look at the label on their bottle and find out.

What Is In NutraLeaf Ingredients?

nutraleaf ingredients

There are six natural ingredients that are of real interest:

  • Garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit that has received a lot of hype and endorsement from many different fat burners. However, the research about its effect claims that it is nonetheless small. [1]
  • The yohimbine in Yohimbe bark has a much more conclusive reason for inclusion. Research has shown Yohimbe extracts significantly improve losing pounds when on a low energy dietary plan [2], as well as aid the metabolic rate in burning more calories if taken before exercise. [3]
  • Green tea leaves suppress hunger, but past that, studies are still mixed on their efficacy [4].
  • Cayenne pepper - On the other hand, cayenne pepper and its chief ingredient capsaicin is a known appetite suppressant with a proven heat-producing effect that benefits metabolic health. [5]
  • Raspberry ketones - Who knew that eating raspberries could prevent gaining extra pounds? That’s right, the scientists did! Research has proven that raspberry ketones can aid in lipolysis and fatty acids oxidation, making unexpected increases in adipose tissue volume less likely to happen. [6]
  • BioPerine is a trademarked compound derived from back peppercorns and is said to enhance the bioavailability of all the other included ingredients. [7]
  • A completely transparent ingredient list
  • Plant-based ingredients with proven scientific effect
  • Easy to use with only two capsules to be taken at once on a daily basis
  • Easy to swallow vegan capsules
  • It is advised that you take a 1-2 week break after 2 months of use
  • Contains caffeine, which is a stimulant
  • Many of the ingredients cause side effects

Side Effects

stomach ache

The product can cause an upset stomach or a case of the jitters. The company recommends you start with only one pill until you feel comfortable taking two capsules per day.

For some people, even a tiny amount of caffeine found in green tea leaves or the stimulating effect of the yohimbine can be a bit too much, resulting in headaches, sleeplessness, or jitters.

It goes without saying, but if you experience any adverse effects, speak to a doctor immediately.

Other alternatives you can try:

User Reviews

The user reviews are overwhelmingly positive, praising the product for the measurable effect on appetite suppression, as well as the increase in energy levels.


"I LOVE the Vegan Fat Burner! I feel great and I've only been taking it for a week. I have tons of energy without feeling jittery and no crash or issues sleeping later. It also helps a ton with my cravings and appetite. This is the first supplement for weight loss I've taken that I feel works at all." - Christy W


However, not all reviews are praises for NutraLeaf. Most of the negative feedback come from the stimulant ingredients, green tea and yohimbine, which typically cause sleep issues, as reported by this user:


"I did lose a few pounds but gosh I dealt with trouble sleeping for weeks! At first I wasn't sure if it was actually the pill but 2 days after I stopped taking it, I was good." - Liz M.


Is Nutraleaf Thermogenic?

Yes, NutraLeaf has fat-burning qualities that are proven to be thermogenic. This means that the product can boost your core temperature and help turn burned body fat into energy.

Is Nutraleaf Fat Burner the Best for Fat Burning?

NutraLeaf contains some of the most reliable fat burning ingredients. It is considered one of the best fat burners on the market due to its reliance on scientific research and transparency when it comes to choosing the key components.

Does Nutraleaf Fat Burner help to burn belly fat fast?

NutraLeaf will help to melt belly fat fast if taken as intended. It's not a magic pill and is designed to aid in shedding pounds when used alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Does NutraLeaf Really Work?

NutraLeaf can support your body to burn fat more effectively. It features several plant-based ingredients like yohimbine, raspberry ketones, and capsaicin, which have proven weight loss properties.

However, the stimulating effect of this fat burner may cause some undesirable results, such as sleep pattern interruption and crashes or jitters. If you're sensitive to caffeine, you might want to skip this.

Women - I typically recomment Leanbean to female clients who prefer stim-free supplements. Leanbean has quality ingredients for weight loss without the unnecessary caffeine.

Men - If you're comfortable with caffeine, you can also check out PhenQ, which is what most of my male clients use. It has just the right amount of stimulant without causing caffeine crash.

Have you tried NutraLeaf?

How was your experience with it?


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