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The Best Yoga Playlist For Beginners

Last updated: May 20, 2022

Yoga has been a popular practice in parts of the world for hundreds of years. Today, it continues to grow in popularity with people all over the United States, including in cities such as Los Angeles and Austin, as it can help you reduce stress, get stronger, and live a healthy lifestyle. The increasing popularity also increases the demand for more yoga teachers. When going to the best yoga retreats California and other area teachers will learn more about the importance of incorporating quality music into their classes. When taking the best yoga in Austin, there are various songs to include in your playlist. In this article, we will discuss the following when it comes to developing a playlist for your next yoga class:

Introductory Songs

No matter what type of yoga you are going to teach, you will want to have songs that provide a soft and inviting introduction. The introductory music can be played while the classmates gather in the yoga studio and through the first couple of poses. These songs should be calming and familiar to those that are in your class. When taking the best yoga teacher training Los Angeles yoga teachers will find that some top songs to include at this time include songs by Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, and other modern songs that people love to relax to. yoga

Warming Up Songs

Once you are through the introductory phase of your yoga class, it will be time to start warming up with more active poses. This can include going through a downward dog, leg stretches, and child's pose. The focus is going to be to transition and start to move through poses more quickly. Along with the shift in pace, you will want to have music that matches these changes. This will include picking songs that have a higher tempo and get more energetic as the pace moves on. During this time, some punk music, R&B, and other songs that can help improve a classmate's energy. 

Songs to Keep Motivated During Routine

Once you are fully warmed up, the class should be ready to move into the bulk and more challenging part of the session. During this time, you will want to play the music that can help keep people motivated and focused. For a lot of yoga participants, this can mean rap, rock, or alternative music. Having songs that have a positive and upbeat melody to them will keep people moving and feeling motivated throughout the yoga session. 

Cool Down Yoga Playlist

Once the hardest part of the yoga routine is over, it will be time to cool down. This will usually include transitioning into different yoga poses that are focused on stretching and relaxing your muscles. Eventually, the class will end with a Namaste and in a child's pose, or something similar. During the cooldown, you will want to have songs that help to calm the class participants and get them ready to leave the studio. Calming songs and those with a slower rhythm can help with this. 

Other Considerations

As you are looking to create a playlist for your yoga class, there are other factors to consider as well. The type of class is a major factor to consider. If you have one that is upbeat, you will want music that matches it. Those that are hosting calmer classes that are focused on creating a serene environment, having the right music will help create that experience. yoga playlist


What Factors Should I Consider When Making a Yoga Playlist?

Choosing the best yoga playlist is a big choice for any teacher. When you are looking to put one together, it is important to have one that matches your type of class. If you have a class that is focused on relaxation, your playlist should match that mood. On the other hand, if you have a class that is supposed to be upbeat and have more challenging poses, you will want one with more energy.

How Should Song Transitions Work?

While choosing a playlist is important, the order and transition is also important. Ideally, you should have transitions that work along with changes in poses. For example, if your class is in a yoga headstand pose and then transitioning to something different, you will want to switch to the next song at the right time. The use of music can also be a good reminder of how to instruct the class on how to shift into a new energy and pose. 

How Many Songs Should I Play?

As you are building a yoga playlist, it is important that you consider how many songs you need to include. Ideally, you will want to have music playing throughout the session, which can last to an hour or longer. However, as longs can be more than 5 minutes in length, you may not want to play the whole song. In these cases, you will need to cut a song short before transitioning to the next. In many cases, cutting a song after a few minutes is a good option. 

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