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How Much Sleep Do You Need to Support Weight Loss?

Last updated: May 30, 2022

It may shock you to learn that sleep is a necessity for weight loss and exercise, and not just for the reasons you may think. While the obvious benefit of a good night's rest can help restore energy levels that are necessary for a good workout, sleeping benefits extend way beyond that. Sleep can cause you to overindulge in energy-laden substances, such as caffeine and taurine, which are usually mixed in high-calorie drinks. You become uncomfortably full and sluggish from the overindulgence in sugar as well. 

In this article, we'll explore some of the benefits of sleeping and its effect on weight loss, and review some of the best exercises and diet tips and tricks to help you maximize your efforts in the gym. Can't sleep? stick around to the end for an all-natural sleeping remedy guaranteed to make you more calm and drowsy.

Body Weight Transformation - Diet, Exercise, Sleep

While it is no secret that we must sleep every night, it may be a mystery as to why our body needs to get a consistent 7-9 hours of rest per night. Not sleeping, or not getting enough quality sleep, sets your brain up for failure and to have an extremely short reaction time to a certain situation. Sleep refreshes your brain's frontal lobe allowing it to be sharp every night after a good night's sleep. Without it, the dullness of the frontal lobe is akin to being in a drunken state - the more you put off sleeping well, the less mental clarity you have.

Lack of sleep pumps cortisol into the body, the stress hormone that keeps everyone "on edge" that is historically beneficial when we need to plan an escape from looming danger. It also triggers intense cravings for comfort food to make your body feel better and to look for "nutrition" outside of its sleep-deprived state.  If you do not sleep 7-9 hours every night, your insulin levels go down, your metabolism slows, and you are more likely to overeat.

Diet: Once you have had enough rest, the next important step is to eat clean, healthy, and with enough nutrients to satisfy your daily requirements. Sleeping makes sticking to a diet easier, as you will have fewer sugar cravings or a desire to go out and purchase comfort food.  There is also the added benefit that pre-packing your meals and eating at home will be easier on the pocketbook as well. Make sure you are getting enough healthy fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

Exercise: If you've ever had those days where you aren't looking forward to going to the gym, it may be beneficial to look back and ask "why not?". Recall the last time you were well-rested, ate well, and were generally having a great day. Do you still skip the gym or exercise at home? Chances are, the answer will be a resounding "no". Most of the time, exercise not only requires the energy necessary to perform the workout but the mental clarity and motivation to go forward. It is much more simple to be motivated after a good night's rest and a healthy nutrient-rich diet. Below, we'll go over some of the best exercises.

Crossfit Body Weight Exercises

Whether purchasing your CrossFit gear, or using the equipment provided at a professional/ commercial facility, CrossFit is one of the best ways to achieve your fitness goals. Here is an exercise you can add to your workout regimen:

PAB workout: This workout is a superset between 3 well-known movements: push up, air squat, and burpee. Start in a pre-squatting position, with your hands out and feet shoulder-width apart. Perform the squat motion, keeping your head level and your body straight. Immediately drop down to a pushup position, and perform one pushup before springing up in the air and doing a jumping jack, similar to a burpee. After you finish the position, instead of going back to a push-up, resume the squat position. This is one rep. 3 sets of 8 reps.

Body Weight Exercises Results

Bodyweight exercises are so beneficial to your results, that an entire discipline of exercise called calisthenics was created around this very notion. Bodyweight exercises can have the same, or even better results, than working out with equipment or machine-assisted movements. This is because your body weight is ever changing, and is also attached to you, providing you with the optimal weight to work out with at all times. Bodyweight exercises are most beneficial in volume rather than quality, as your muscles will properly break down with continuous reps if no external weight is present.

Health Benefits Of Sleepytime Tea

Sleepytime herbal tea is extremely well-known, especially the one from celestial seasonings (the one with the bear in pajamas) which most are accustomed to. It is gluten-free and caffeine-free, and the blend of chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass and aromas available are natural remedies that are well known for reduction of stress, promoting calmness, and relieving certain anxieties and ruminations that are associated with restlessness. The tea is not just for sleeping, it can also be used to calm yourself before a particularly stressful day.


How can i sleep instantly?

Contrary to what we see in the movies, instant sleep is impossible, as the body must go through the 4 stages of sleep before it achieves the deep rest we all know about. If you have ever seen someone close their eyes and fall asleep quickly, it is because their body needs deep/REM rest at that time, so the body went through the stages quickly. This is a combination of a clear mind and an exhausted body.

What are the 4 stages of sleep?

 NREM1: The first stage of transitioning from wakefulness to sleepiness, only lasting a few minutes. If you are woken up during this time, you may not even have known you were sleeping.

NREM2: This is the "light sleep" stage and usually comprises most of your sleep or nap schedule. It may be easier to be woken up than REM sleep.

NREM3: This is the deep sleep stage and one where most of the health benefits occur. It is difficult to be roused in this stage, and your body produces delta brain waves to clear "mental fog" You also repair tissues and muscles during this stage, which aids in muscle development after a great day of workouts.

REM sleep: REM stands for rapid-eye movement and can occur throughout the other stages of sleep. This is where "dreams" occur and there is increased brain activity. This is usually how the brain tries to figure out things going on in your life when you were awake.

What is the best thing for sleeping?

A cool temperature, deep breathing, sticking to a schedule, keeping your circadian rhythm consistent, eating well, exercising, and calming ruminations.




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