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Are Weight Gainers Safe to Use?

Jason Hughes
Published by Jason Hughes
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Last updated: June 24, 2022

It's not always as easy as 'eating more' for naturally skinny women when trying to gain weight.

Weight gainers (or mass gainers) contain protein powder, carb powder, and some type of flavoring to make it easier to drink.

We will examine whether or not weight gainers are safe and how they may benefit you in your transformation.

  • How to Choose a Weight Gainer Shake Vegan
  • Is soy weight gainer good for weight gain?
  • Best Vegan Weight Gainer Protein
  • What are the benefits of weight gainers?
  • What are the cons of weight gainers?
  • Whey Protein vs Plant-Based Protein
  • FAQs

How to Choose a Weight Gainer Shake Vegan

  1. Ingredient Quality. You want your weight gainer only to contain high-quality protein, carbs, fat, and nutrients. You will also want to check the nutrient label to make sure it is vegan-friendly.
  2. Avoid additives, fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavors. It isn't just that they aren't good for you; they can actually hinder your weight gain.
  3. Look at third-party testingNSF certified for Sport is a recognized program that certifies that the weight gainer has met strict standards for the protection of the public. It also ensures that the product does not contain dangerous levels of contaminants, prohibited substances, or masking ingredients.
  4. Calorie amount. You want a weight gainer shake that suits your needs. Be sure to check its calorie content, so you're maximizing the results. Weight gainers contain anywhere from 350 calories to greater than 1200 calories.
  5. Taste. Weight gainer shakes are pointless if it makes you gag. And, you always have the option of using fresh ingredients to make it palatable.

Is soy weight gainer good for weight gain?

Nutritionists recommend that you shoot for 300–500 calories per day above your maintenance level if you want to gain weight slowly. And adding soy weight gainers between meals is a healthy way to reach your goals.

Bodybuilders and athletes commonly use soy weight gainers to achieve weight gain as lean muscle.

Best Vegan Weight Gainer Protein

Vegan Naked Mass Weight Gainer (1230 calories and 50 grams of protein per serving.) The primary reason that Naked Mass is so popular is that it literally only contains three ingredients - pea protein powder and organic rice protein powder.

What are the benefits of weight gainers?

Energy. Mass gainers are rich in carbohydrates which fuel your body. If you enjoy intense workouts, you want a supplement rich in carbs.

Needed calories for weight gain. Throwing in extra meals and high-calorie snacks simply doesn't work for every woman. Adding a weight gainer protein shake between meals works for many people.

Rich in other nutrients. You can find a formula that meets your needs outside of carbohydrates. For example, most weight gainers contain amino acids.

What are the cons of weight gainers?

Fat gain vs muscle gain. A lot of the time, people confuse fat gain with muscle gain. Weight gainers work great for some people to add pounds. However, the concept of gaining muscle from them is a bit misleading. It is impossible to measure muscle gain from weight gainers.

Caffeine and creatine. Many of your mass gainers contain caffeine, especially if it also has creatine. You want to avoid the combo because it can increase dehydration.

Taste. It is almost impossible to find a weight gainer that tastes good. But, you can probably find one that suits your taste buds, and adding fresh fruit is a healthy way to make it tolerable.

Whey Protein vs Plant-Based Protein

Many weight gainers contain whey protein derived from cow's milk, making it a no-no for vegans. The good news is that a lot of manufacturers make plant-based alternatives.

Plant-based protein is lactose-free and vegan-friendly.


Are weight gainers dangerous?

Medical professionals recommend you check with your physician when changing your diet and exercise. You will want to talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of mass gainers for you.

You may experience gastric pain if you've had an excessive dose. Another risk with weight gainers is kidney damage due to excessive protein intake, making you more likely to develop kidney stones.

Always check your dosage for your safety and health.

Does pea protein powder build muscle?

Pea protein has all nine essential amino acids that you're body just doesn't create on its own. Research shows that pea protein powder is easier to digest than any other plant protein and is super rich in iron.

The only side effect of pea protein is gassiness and bloating because it is low in fiber.

Which fruits increase weight gain?

Weight gainer shakes require a little something to sweeten it up, and you're avoiding artificial flavoring.

  • Bananas - Great source of carbs and calories.
  • Avocados - High in healthy fats and calories.
  • Coconut - Tons of health benefits and high-calorie sources.
  • Mango - Contains copper, B vitamins, and vitamins A and E, along with a healthy source of carbs.

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