Boost Motivation and Stamina With The Best Vegan Pre-Workout Without Creatine

Creatine gained popularity as a sports supplement after the 1992 Olympics. Creatine helped train athletes and continues to do so three decades later. Creatine is one of the most popular training supplements available. 


This supplement has various scientific studies to back up the data with hardly any known side effects. That said, creatine might not work for everyone.


But, what is creatine? Creatine is an amino-acid derivative that helps create and store the molecule phosphocreatine, which generates energy for high-intensity exercise. Additionally, this supplement may help improve memory and brain function, aid people with diabetes, and reverse age-related muscle loss. 


However, the FDA hasn’t approved creatine as a drug, despite being generally recognized as safe to use. This article is for you if you have reservations about intaking a supplement. We’ll dive into the best pre-workout without creatine products that you can use to get an energy boost and intake proper vitamins that fuel your progress. 

Product List

Genius Pre Workout Powder, Grape Limeade - All-Natural Nootropic Pre-workout & Caffeine-Free Nitric

Genius Pre Workout Powder, Grape Limeade - All-Natural Nootropic Pre-workout & Caffeine-Free Nitric

  • Mind-to-muscle pre-workout: genius pre by the genius brand is a stimulant-free, nootropics-based pre
  • Made for pushing your limits: genius pre is packed with efficacious doses of alphasize, l-citrulline
  • Stimulant- and artificial sweetener-free: perform better without the crash, jitters, or disrupted sl
  • How to use: mix 1 scoop in 14 oz of water and drink 15-30 minutes before a workout or engaging in co
  • Supplement smarter: genius brand supplements are a rejection of backwards industry dogma that misled
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Pre Workout Powder; KAGED MUSCLE Preworkout for Men & Pre Workout Women, Delivers Intense Workout En

Pre Workout Powder; KAGED MUSCLE Preworkout for Men & Pre Workout Women, Delivers Intense Workout En

  • New year, new you: never stop evolving with kaged. whether the new years resolution is a total revam
  • Delivers intense energy & laser-like mental focus*: formulated with purcaf organic caffeine from non
  • Triggers bigger, longer-lasting muscle pumps*: every serving of pre-kaged pre-workout for men and wo
  • Award-winning pre-workout formulated to increase muscle, strength & performance*: pre-kaged is an aw
  • The industry largest, most fully dosed scoop: with max dose ingredients, and a massive 32g per servi
  • The kaged muscle difference: we develop our formulas with some of the most premium, patented, and cu
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Honey Badger Pre Workout Powder | Vegan Keto Blue Raspberry Preworkout | Natural Energy for Men & Wo

Honey Badger Pre Workout Powder | Vegan Keto Blue Raspberry Preworkout | Natural Energy for Men & Wo

  • $1.00 per serving - concentrated no fillers pre workout powder for men & women: reach your focus, in
  • Clean & effective energy supplement: honey badger zero sugar pre workout is clean, fast-absorbing, a
  • Zero sugar = zero crash: made with natural stevia leaf extract and noncaloric ingredients meaning it
  • Naturally sweetened: clean flavors with no artificial sweeteners or dyes so you can be confident you
  • Science-backed formulation: vegan, feel good ingredients that help you crush your goals, build muscl
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RARI Nutrition - Infinity 100% Natural Pre Workout Powder - Preworkout Energy, Pump, and Performance

RARI Nutrition - Infinity 100% Natural Pre Workout Powder - Preworkout Energy, Pump, and Performance

  • formulated with the best 100% natural and clinically dosed ingredients - infinity pre-workout conta
  • no shakes, jitters, or crashing - sustainable, clean and natural energy to help you maintain your p
  • energy, pump, and focus - not only does infinity pre-workout drink energize your workouts, but it w
  • good manufacturing process (gmp) lab certified - our labs are gmp certified for safety and all our
  • 100% money-back-guarantee - we are extremely confident in our products so if for any reason you are
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Make the most of every effort with our all-natural Pre-Workout blend, designed to provide a boost of energy before exercise and support endurance throughout your workout.Supports energy before your workout*Promotes increased endurance*Delays fatigue by fighting lactic acid buildup*
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Genius Pre-Workout Powder

The Genius brand wins as the best pre-workout without creatine. Keep reading to learn more about this product and how it can benefit your mind and body during your workouts.

Product Summary

This powder is caffeine-free and acts as a nitric oxide booster with beta-alanine.

This supplement not only gives your energy and focus a kick but acts as a muscle builder with essential nutrients and herbs. Genius never uses artificial colors, flavors, or dyes.

The powder is naturally sweetened and flavored.  

Furthermore, Genius supports amino acid, vitamin, and mineral absorption. In other words, the nutrients go directly into your bloodstream so you can reap the rewards sooner. The powder optimizes muscular power and sharpens your agility.

Genius pre-workout powder decreases discomfort during exertion, delays muscle fatigue, and maximizes your results. The powder increases lean muscle and strength while improving your athletic performance. 

Product Review

Genius doesn’t base its products around cheap stimulants or placebo effects. They enunciate the importance of mind-to-muscle connection, enhancing the powerful raw ingredients that improve your training abilities. They use the best ingredients from branded suppliers for unmatched quality and efficiency. 

Their team tests and studies each bottle for purity and potency. You might experience unexpected side effects like fat gain or inflammation when indulging in artificial supplements. You don’t have to worry about your performance hindering by using formulas with complete and transparent ingredients. 

Genius manages your energy so you can push to new levels of strength. This brand claims to expand your physicality alongside your mental capacity with a nutritious and stimulating formula.

Genius clinically doses their powder, being one of the best pre-workout formulas for everyone, and is supported by scientific evidence. This supplement elevates rapid muscle growth, endurance, and recovery with various ingredients. 

Sports and exercise enthusiasts often use this certified brand to break through their plateaus without the placebo-induced effects of inexpensive and unnatural stimulants.  

Genius has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. A GMP-certified facility manufactures each bottle in the United States with third-party testing. Of course, vegans can enjoy this powder without worrying about any animal-based ingredients.    


  • Size: Approx. 11 ounces 
  • Form: Powder
  • Flavors: Sour apple, blue raspberry, and grape limeade 


  • Not jittery, wired, or anxious from caffeine
  • Noticeable mental clarity
  • Weight loss
  • More reps, more weight
  • Faster recovery
  • Quality ingredients 


  • Relatively high price
  • Flavor could make your stomach hurt
  • Allergic reactions for some users

Kaged Muscle Pre-Workout Powder

Kaged Muscle takes the silver medal for the best pre-workout supplement without creatine.  

Product Summary

Kaged Muscle works for men and women to increase energy, focus, and endurance.

Organic caffeine sources and plant-based formulas enhance your mental clarity and performance while training or competing in any sport.

The vegan, clean, and fully disclosed formula creates energy that optimizes hydration with scientifically tested ingredients. Athletes can safely use this sport-certified, premium powder without hesitation about banned substances. Kaged Muscle backs up its products with third-party testing.

Some ingredients used in the powder include fermented citrulline, taurine, coconut water powder, Himalayan pink sea salt, magnesium, and betaine. With these all-natural enhancers, you can crush your weight-lifting goals with a prime mind and body. Your energy and focus amplify with each dose, increasing your strength without overstimulation.  

Product Review

Kaged Muscle is an award-winning brand, providing ultimate satisfaction for all its consumers with high-grade ingredients. Each bottle uses natural flavors and colors, formulated for clean and effective results from the best sources. The manufacturer enunciates that you don’t want to sacrifice your health when looking for enhancements. 

You get incredible value and patented certified ingredients. They scientifically test each bottle for a key formula that provides the perfect balance of energy, endurance, and focus. The ingredients fight fatigue, so you can finish your exercise energized and hydrated with proper electrolytes.  

The precise combination of organic caffeine plus pure L-tyrosine helps you achieve that peak-performance zone that gives you enough energy and intensity to get through your workouts

You can also use this formula to diminish late afternoon energy slumps without the unnecessary calories in sugary sports drinks. You avoid the symptoms of other caffeinated products like nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and in some cases, rapid heartbeat.  

Kaged Muscle advises taking one scoop with 8 to 12 ounces of water 20 to 30 minutes before your workout. You should bring up this product, and all others on this list, in your next discussion with a physician to confirm it works for your lifestyle.  


  • Size: Approx. 9.6 ounces
  • Form: Powder
  • Flavors: Fruit punch, glacier grape, mango lime


  • Tastes great
  • Elevates endurance
  • Smooth drinking, dissolves properly
  • Muscle-building gains
  • Easy on the stomach
  • Lasting energy 


  • Too sweet for some
  • Terrible aftertaste
  • Itchiness as a side effect

Honey Badger Pre-Workout Powder

The first alternative on this list, Honey Badger is a great option for those looking for a pre-workout powder without creatine.

Product Summary

This vegan-friendly powder works for all genders to provide natural energy through the mixture of beta-alanine, caffeine, and vitamin C to support the immune system.

The mixture is sugar-free and works well for paleo dieters. 

Honey Badger provides more focus, intensity, and endurance in your workouts. You gain better circulation with explosive power that strengthens your efforts in your routines. Key amino acids help maintain your goals, kickstart your metabolism, and burn fat instead of muscle. 

Electrolytes add to increase your power and optimize hydration without the jittery side effects. Honey Badger fuels your mind and body with vitamins and antioxidants. Those who consistently work out or live an active lifestyle will notice less fatigue and stronger cognitive function.  

Product Review

Honey Badger uses clean and natural flavors and colors, so its products are a great option for vegan dieters. Each serving has zero calories and additional herbs that support your mental and physical capacities. 

Additionally, Honey Badger uses natural stevia leaf extract for sweetness. Your body can quickly absorb the ingredients, making this formula easy on digestion. 

Third parties analyze Honey Badger products for the ingredients and microbial and ensure a passing grade with heavy metal content. A GMP-certified lab in the United States manufactures each prescreened and lab-tested bottle. 

This concentrated and clean formula supports your endurance without added fillers or gluten. Your enhanced focus, intensity, and energy help you reach your fitness goals. Additionally, this powder helps you both during and after finishing your exercise. You can use this powder whenever you need a boost of energy during your work day.

You can safely consume this powder without worrying about addiction and keep your momentum going every training day. Each bottle fully discloses the active ingredients so you can rest easy knowing that you don’t put artificial or harmful substances into your body. 

Honey Badger suggests adding one serving into 8 ounces of water 30 minutes before exercise. You shouldn’t exceed two servings in 24 hours. Store in a cool place like the fridge because the powder can sometimes clump. Otherwise, you feel good about indulging in natural ingredients to build muscle and excel in your daily tasks.       


  • Size: Approx. 6.4 ounces
  • Form: Powder
  • Flavors: Peach mango, lemon-lime, wild berry, blue raspberry, pink lemonade, and tropical-punch



  • Harmless tingling sensation 
  • It may cause nausea on an empty stomach
  • Bloat, water weight

RARI Nutrition - Infinity Pre-Workout Powder

Fourthly, we have RARI Nutrition. This alternative is a top pre-workout without creatine. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this all-natural energy supplement. 

Product Summary

Men and women enjoy this powder due to the increased energy and strength with each serving that allows you to put maximum effort into your performance.

Keto and vegan dieters will benefit from the powerful ingredients RARI Nutrition provides without creatine. You can focus better with fewer energy crashes throughout the day.

You achieve rapid sustained energy and focus. A few of the ingredients include tyrosine, citrulline malate, agmatine sulfate, and beta-alanine. Each bottle has the best natural, scientifically, and clinically dosed ingredients to help you reach your weight-lifting goals with better power and muscle volume. 

You gain countless advantages without unnecessary fillers or experiencing negative side effects like shakes, jitters, or crashes. RARI sustainably sources each bottle with clean and natural ingredients that contribute to maintaining your strength while exercising. You can go about the rest of the day without fatigue.

Product Review

RARI Nutrition energizes you through your workouts, ensuring peak performance levels with nitric oxide booster ingredients that maintain your motivation and build lean muscle. You can lose stubborn fat with an extra cardio boost before your workouts. 

A GMP-certified lab tests the powder for purity, and the Food and Drug Administration enforces each bottle. Therefore, you can be confident in the quality and safety of the product. RARI Nutrition offers a money-back guarantee, so you can get a full refund for whatever reason.

Their formula packs a punch with clinical doses of caffeine and other ingredients to fire you up and help power you through the toughest moments of your regimen. RARI Nutrition triggers thermogenesis which increases your energy. The formula enhances focus, making it a great option for athletes. Additionally, there are no calories per serving.

RARI Nutrition aims to give your muscles more time before wearing out, decreasing how quickly you fatigue. Start by taking one dose to experiment with your tolerance level. Then, you can increase your servings to two scoops daily, but don’t exceed that amount.    


  • Size: 8.25 ounces
  • Form: Powder 
  • Flavor: Strawberry lemonade, blue raspberry, candy watermelon, and sour gummy worm


  • You can stack this powder with other products
  • No head or stomach aches
  • Noticeable results
  • Gives you energy
  • Good mindset during workouts


  • Questionable brand consistency 
  • Could affect sleeping habits
  • Queasiness
  • The taste could be better  

TB12 Pre-Workout Powder

Last but not least, we have the TB12 brand. This formula is the best pre-workout without creatine or caffeine despite the limited customer reviews.   

Product Summary

TB12 is stimulant and caffeine-free with low sugar. You get an energy boost from the beetroot, red spinach, arginine, maca, and L-citrulline mixture.TB12 Pre-Workout

Each bottle is GMO-free with nutrient-dense and sustainably sourced ingredients. 

You get additional energy throughout your exercise performance. The formula can also reduce inflammation and improve your recovery time after your workouts. The natural and clean ingredients provide necessary energy before and during your exercise routines. In addition, your endurance and stamina will increase. 

So whether you’re preparing for an event or multiple-mile run, TB12 helps you get the most out of your training.    

Product Review

The oxygenating ingredients in the TB12 formula keep your muscles loose and prepped for workouts. The best part is you can achieve a spike in energy without caffeine. You won’t experience any symptoms afterward, and the formula does well to prevent fatigue, supporting how long you can exercise. 

You can make the most out of every active effort and get a boost before your exercises with this pre-workout. The formula supports your endurance without any ingredients that cause restlessness. You can get through every circuit, interval, and rep with increased blood flow and oxygen uptake. 

Several ingredients not only boost your energy levels but act as adaptogens. In other words, you’ll be able to work out longer with more motivation. TB12 advises mixing one scoop into 8 ounces of water 30 to 40 minutes before exercising to see the best results. 


  • Size: 8 ounces
  • Form: Powder
  • Flavor: Blueberry pomegranate 


  • Fights lactic acid buildup 
  • No jitters or post-workout crash
  • Help you feel fresh during workouts
  • Supports mental and physical energy


  • More expensive
  • Manufactured in a facility that has common allergens 

Vegan Pre-Workout Without Creatine FAQ

This section will answer a few common inquiries regarding the best pre-workout supplements without creatine and establish more about the natural supplement. Keep reading if you want to learn more about creatine and how it affects your workouts. 

Is creatine in pre-workout vegan?

Opting for a vegan lifestyle has its pros and cons. Many of the ingredients used to achieve proper protein levels are off-limits. For example, whey protein doesn’t work since whey is derived from a similar process to cheese-making.

Caffeine and creatine supplements tend to be vegan. Some products use non-vegan additives, but most pre-workout mixes are safe for those avoiding dairy, meat, and eggs. Vegetarians and vegans don’t eat a lot of creatine since it’s often found in animal-based products.

The above products are vegan and use amino acids to build blocks of protein. Amino acids react differently than proteins in the digestive process but end with the same results. They provide the necessary elements you need to exercise, giving steady and consistent energy.  

Specific ingredients could be vegan or not, depending on the origin. Therefore, it’s always worth checking the food label for anything that would contradict your diet, regardless of where the brand sources its basic ingredients. 

Can I work out without creatine?

You can build muscle without creatine. This supplement simply provides more probability of muscle growth potential. But, you can train and eat properly for strength gains through c4 pre-workout supplements without creatine.

The body naturally forms creatine. Creatine is vital to adenosine triphosphate production or the body’s main energy system. ATP powers you when working out hard, such as with weights. Taking a creatine supplement helps supply your muscles with energy, storing the creatine until your body needs to replace the lost molecules. 

In short, creatine supplies the fuel you need to complete your reps. Advisably, you should take five grams daily without experiencing any side effects. 

When you don’t take creatine supplements, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Avoid over-training or working out too much. Rest your body when you don’t use creatine since the supplements accelerate the recovery process. You should only train a muscle group every five days since your muscles undergo stress and resistance they’re not used to handling.

Adjust the weight to frequently challenge your muscles and avoid adapting or reaching a plateau. Increase your caloric intake since your body burns more off. You should intake 500 more calories than usual to give your body nutritional excess to repair and rebuild during weight training.

Finally, you need to eat more protein with vegan-based substitutes for white meat, eggs, and fish. Protein drinks are common alternatives. You must eat five times a day and intake 100 to 150 grams of protein alongside healthy fats and low glycemic carbs to see tangible results. 

Does creatine cause hair loss?

No, the current evidence doesn’t suggest that creatine increases total testosterone, free testosterone, or causes hair loss.

Like any supplement, creatine has misconceptions about its use. As of right now, no studies indicate that creatine causes hair loss. This rumor stemmed from a single study that showed creatine significantly increased the levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in its subjects. 

Creatine could shrink hair follicles, shorten hair growth cycles, and cause hair to thin in high concentrations. But, none of the participants experienced hair loss or baldness. Additionally, their DHT levels were already low at the beginning and stayed low throughout the study. 

Social media spread this rumor quickly, but professionals disproved the claims. No other studies have supported this discovery.

Can you get creatine from a plant-based diet?

You can find creatine in animal-based products. Muscles and the brain concentrate and store creatine. Creatine functions as an easily accessible energy resource for muscles to enhance strength and endurance. It’s not essential in your diet since the liver produces it. As established, vegetarians and vegans have lower amounts of creatine in their muscles.  

Plant foods lack creatine, so vegan dieters can only get this molecule from supplements. Supplements have significant benefits in addition to improvements in physical performance. Specialists suggest that the brain functions better in vegetarians than meat-eaters by taking creatine supplements.

So while creatine is lacking in veggie-based diets, it plays an important role in your daily life by benefiting your physical and mental performance.


Creatine is a popular choice amongst active people worldwide for more energy and to boost motivation and stamina. This supplement helps those participating in strength training, biking, or other activities that require long periods of exertion. Creatine improves athletic performance and reduces recovery time. However, creatine has several drawbacks in large doses. 


Creatine is beneficial in any diet with various qualities that boost your energy and build muscle. However, if you’re hesitant to include this supplement into your diet because some supplements do not have FDA approval, some variations don’t include creatine. 


The above products help you excel in your workout routines and increase your focus. Hopefully, you better understand creatine and with the new knowledge, you can determine if you want to try any of the pre-workouts without beta-alanine and creatine if you want a boost in your appearance and mental clarity. 



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