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Nootropics (see also ‘Performance Lab Mind Review: Is It Really Good For The Brain?‘) are all the rage these days, and for good reason. With bold claims of making you feel more focused or smarter it’s no wonder people have been catching onto this unique supplement trend. “Flex Offers”

The marketing landscape for wellness products is crowded. It can be hard to find natural, effective nootropics (see also ‘Mind Lab Pro Review‘) that don’t come with all the side effects you shouldn’t have to worry about when trying to improve your brain power or just looking for some extra energy.

With a focus on natural supplements (see also our review of 1UP Vegan Greens and Reds), Thesis Nootropic wants to take these supplements in an entirely new direction. They claim that their all-natural blends of cognitive boosting ingredients are rooted deep within science and will deliver you the best possible brain boost (see also ‘Vital Brain Booster Review‘) without any negative side effects like those with prescription medication.

It turns out that this company is based in Canada with some American roots and has been around since 2006! They offer supplements specifically designed to boost your mental performance through smart drugs; but as someone who’s always reserved a healthy level skepticism towards these types things -I decided try them myself so see what all the fuss was surrounding their products and write my own thesis Nootropic Review.

I was curious if Thesis could introduce me to the world of nootropics without all that pesky misinformation. Keep reading and find out what’s inside their supplements, how they work for your brain…and whether or not I noticed any improvements in my cognitive functions.

What are Nootropic Supplements?

Table of Contents

Nootropics are well-known compounds or supplements that enhance the cognitive performance.Artichoke extract ingredient in Thesis Nootropic

They work by increasing mental functions such as memory, creativity and motivation but recent studies have shown a new potential nootropic derived from synthetic products can also treat disorders like Alzheimer’s disease Parkinson’s Huntington’ s which affect pathways similar too those affected in normal aging leading researchers to believe it will be effective at slowing down progression of these illnesses, read more at (The National Library of Medicine).

For those of you that are gym-goers, you are or have likely taken nootropic supplements without knowing it’s considered a nootropic.

Creatine monohydrate is a natural supplement (see also our guide to Ibutamoren) that many people take to build muscle. There have been some studies however, which found this substance could also improve reasoning skills and short term memory in healthy individuals.

The increased levels of molecules called ATP lead you to have more cellular energy – I always keep mine on hand for those days when my brain needs an extra boost too.

How long have nootropics been around?

The use of nootropics was first widespread in the 70s, during which time Piracetam became widely known for its ability to treat motion sickness.

It later turned out that this same drug could also boost cognitive performance and spurred more research into discovering new ones with promise. There is plenty available on brain boosting products without prescription just waiting around online looking convincing but not having much evidence behind them.

With so many options available, choosing a nootropic supplement can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get caught up in the advertising and marketing of these products when there is legitimate research for them all; however, not every brand has been studied thoroughly enough before being promoted as “the best pre formulated nootropics.

Great research with a 100 day money back guarantee begged us to do this Thesis nootropics review.

That’s why we Guinea-Pig ourselves…so you can take from our experience & come up with a decision for yourself. Please tell me you want to know if this stuff really works before you try it? Enough with the brain fog, clinical trials & effective nootropic system analysis…on with the show!

What’s Your Nootropic Thesis?

I’ve been looking for a nootropics company to try out, and I think Thesis is the best of all. With over 500K customers already using their product it’s got some guts behind it! Plus you can bet your bottom dollar that this team knows what they are doing because not only do they have years worth experience but also an impressive data set which dwarfs any other competitors’.

Sabroxy ingredient in Thesis Nootropic

I like real data, like the kind compiled by Thesis nootropics “so I decided to brew up some mushrooms I found in the woods’, just kidding! Don’t eat things you find in the woods!

I actually gave this a real go, read on to find out how I fared.

Thesis – How it Works

Thesis has developed an algorithm to help you find the best nootropic blends for your needs. Their online questionnaire only requires basic information, so there’s no need share lab tests or detailed medical history with them; they’ll process this input and recommend one of three possible combinations (personalized nootropics), that will be shipped straight away.

Caffeine ingredient in Thesis Nootropic

I’m not sure how Thesis does it, but they somehow know what mix of supplements will be perfect for your needs. They recommend a month’s worth (or more) before making any final decisions and many customers opt to continue taking two or three different blends.

Nootropic variety are needed because there are always times when you want variety in your nootropic experiences.

The data derived from your order as well as your personal results are funneled into Thesis’s Algo-Bot that compiles your info for better feedback should you need to change things up.

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How unique is Thesis Nootropics

Whether you’re a seasoned cognitive enhancing Supp Versity reader or just getting started, Thesis is designed to help make your journey as easy and seamless as possible.

Unlike many other companies that sell supplements online without any real assistance from experts in the field of neuro pharmacology (and often at high prices), Thesis has created an algorithm which recommends personalized blends tailored exclusively towards each user’s unique needs.

This avoids spending hours testing out dozens if not hundreds different combinations but also helps save a shilling or two.

Thesis’s unique nootropic blends- What’s in it?

The Thesis Nootropic Formula is a set of formulas that each target specific needs and aims to be the best at what they do. Six different formulations exist, with two more in development as we speak.

Zynamite ingredient in Thesis nootropic

The first four blends were developed internally over time by their A-Team of nutritional scientists. Thesis supplements are broken down as follows:

  • Mental clarity

  • Energy Blend

  • Motivation

  • Confidence

  • Logic

  • Creativity blend

Thesis Energy formula

You can’t get enough of that perfect sense of well-being, and we’ve got the ingredients for you. The Tired-Formula is designed to give your body all it needs in order feel energetic again – no matter how much fatigue has been weighing on you lately!


  • Zynamite®-Next time you feel like your energy is low, try this!  One way to boost it and see if there are any emotional or mental issues going on.

  • Caffeine-Energy and alertness needed for your day.

  • TeaCrine®-For a boost of motivation and energy, try this natural supplement (see also ‘Is Turkesterone Natty?‘) from plants that is both safe for your body as well plant-based.

  • L-Theanine- Helps the body to respond more effectively when it’s under pressure.

  • Choline- We have this one organ that needs more nutrients than it’s given, this ingredient helps with memory & learning.

  • NAC- A natural detoxifier, helps clear the way for Max nutrient absorption.

  • NALT – This is all about the nervous system.

  • Sabroxy®-Dopamine anyone? Boost of energy…this is the stuff?

Thesis Creativity Formula (Cognitive Function)

Thesis’s Creativity formula is meant to spark improved verbal articulation, makes you feel inspired & makes you feel like your best self.

Ginseng ingredient in Thesis nootropic


  • Zembrin®-Better mood, clear brain fog

  • Ginseng-Mental sharpness, memory

  • Agmatine-Manage Stress

  • L-Theanine, for an improved stress response

  • Alpha GPC-Neuroprotection, and neurogenesis for memory

  • Ashwagandha- Handle stress, chill-out

  • Caffeine- Energy

Thesis Clarity formula (Brain Chemistry)

Clarity is a great way to stay calm and focused when you need it most. It’s formulated with calming herbs like lavender, chamomile and lemon balm in order make sure your mind stays at ease while doing challenging tasks.

  • Ingredients:

  • 7,8 DHF-Promotes Neural growth

  • Alpha GPC-Helps memory, thinking & helps dementia caused by reduced blood flow to the brain

  • Epicatechin-Improves insulin sensitivity, regulates blood sugar levels

  • Lion’s Mane-Fights dementia, helps with anxiety & depression

Thesis Logic formula

Logic is a blend of ingredients designed to make you think faster and solve complex problems. It’s perfect for any task that requires deep analysis or just some quick thinking.


  • DHA-Brain Development & function

  • Phosphatidylserine-Covers & protects the cells in your brain

  • Synapsa-Memory support

  • Theobromine-Similar to caffeine, used as a vasodilator & heart stimulant

Magnolia Bark Extract (as DHH-B)DHH-B is a natural derivative of Magnolia Tree Bark and has been used traditionally in medicinal practices throughout much of Southeast Asia.Saffron (as Affron) ingredient in Thesis Nootropic
why we use it
Studies show DHH-B to primarily impact the GABA pathway, promoting feelings of calmness and relaxation. DHH-B modulates the body’s stress response to cortisol, reducing the perception of stress and anxiety.Sage Extractfound in
Salvia Officinalis is an herb native to the Middle East and Mediterranean areas. This herb has a long history of use in traditional medicine.
Studies have shown Sage has been shown to prevent oxidative stress and modulate GABB-12found in
Methylcobalamin is a form of Vitamin B12 that can be man-made or found in high concentrations of animal protein.
Methylcobalamin is used to support energy levels and is essential for nerve health.

Which Thesis Blend Worked Best for Me?

I’m always on the go, I’m a personal trainer, dietician and nutritionist, so I’m constantly meeting new people and trying new things.

I love being the founder & Editor at Vegan Liftz, but it is demanding and takes a lot of time & effort.

I have been taking different supplements for years to help stay focused and energized, but I never found one that really worked well until he tried Thesis.

The Clarity formula in particular helped me focus more clearly and stay energized throughout the day. I felt like he could finally take on anything that came my way. Thanks to Thesis, I was able to achieve all of my goals and live a healthier life.

The funny part is that I was always thinking (more stimulants), not (more brain food)…man was I wrong!

Thesis V.S The best nootropic brands?

Let’s face it, Thesis nootropics is at the top of the food chain in just about every nootropic supplements review. There are a few honorable mentions:

  • Nootropics Depot-Nootropics Depot features an extensive range of dietary supplements and nootropic compounds. Nootropics Depot offers the best nootropics and natural extracts from industry leading manufacturers including Nammex, Verdure Sciences, Embria Health Science, and Ixoreal Biomed.

  • Ginko Biloba ingredient in Thesis Nootropic

    Pure Rawz-Overall, we give Pure Rawz our seal of approval due to their diverse product catalog, supplement purity, and fast shipping. Unlike Thesis nootropics PR provides separate ingredients are made for the Pros.

Why I Know Nootropics are the future

Some of the most popular nootropics you’ve probably already tried, like fish oil or caffeine. Others may be new to your knowledge but they’re worth checking out too! The racetam class includes about 20 drugs with similar effects on brain function and mood–just remember that each substance works differently in terms how much cognitive benefit they provide over other nootropics.

No, nootropics aren’t like the pills in Limitless. They won’t make you super smart instantly (I wish); instead they pose an interesting question: what might happen if I were 10% more productive every day? All throughout your life!

Zembrin Ingredient in Thesis Nootropic

A lot of people think that these supplements give them a short-term boost and then it wears off (which can actually sometimes happen). But my research shows just how mistaken those beliefs really are – because while some users do experience incredible results after starting their daily regimen, others report continuing success long after they stop taking these incredible substances.

pharmacokinetics research has dipped it’s toe into mental health, sleep quality (see also ‘What Is Hug Sleep? Taking Weighted Blankets to the Next Level‘), brain performance, mental stamina & mood improvement. As far as I’m concerned, the sky’s the limit on this new frontier!

Does Thesis really Work?

Yes it works, to what degree & how well depends on your specific needs & uses. What works well for one person may not have much effect on another, that’s why we need to be guided by professionals with experience to help make the best decisions for our bodies & quality of life.

Are Thesis nootropics legit?

  • Based off staff feedback…this companies products have real world benefits, they work.

  • If caffeine is not your deal, choose the blend that doesn’t have caffeine. Many competitors don’t offer (non-caffeinated) versions in their blends as they know the caffeine boost is their main ingredient.

  • Thesis nootropics doesn’t shy away from opening the Kimono so to speak, they show the exact amounts of ingredients. Instead of hiding behind a (Proprietary Blend), as many others do…they spell it out in black & white.

  • The dosages they utilize in their products are within the same ranges shown in scientific studies to have efficacy.

  • Most supplement companies sell product, Thesis nootropics offers personal coaching with their team of dieticians. As a coach myself I can’t convey how much time & money you save by having a coach in any facet of your life.

Thesis nootropic reviews: What are other customers saying?

RealTopTrader@username Read More
I’ve been usings Nootropics for over 10 years. Tested several thousands dollars worth on Amazon to include Genius Consciousness, Neuro Shroom, NooFlow, Tru Focus, Qualia Mind and the original Qualia, Cellucor C4 Smart Sugar Free Energy Drink, Cognisurge, and tons more.
wheeliesserious@username Read More
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NarcolepticGoddess@username Read More
Genius Consciousness was trash

I’m starting my starter pack tomorrow! I’m hoping it helps. I’m trying to ween off of adderall and am trying to find a less aggressive form of ADHD treatment. I love the focus improvements adderall gives me but I’m not a fan of some of the side effects and my pharmacy is a bit gatekeeper-ish about stimulants.

Summary: Are Thesis nootropics worth it?

Value is subjective but I’ll give you my reasons why I feel why the pricier (Thesis nootropics) is ultimately NOT the best deal. Starting off, Thesis nootropics has a personalized approach with access to a personalized coach with experience in this new world of nootropics…experience equals results people!

Thesis’s ingredients label is impressive & is backed by scientific research (not some guy named Bubba that sells stuff from his moms basement). I digress but sadly there are people that buy stuff from Bubba because it’s cheap, which is the absolutely wrong way to make potentially life-changing health decisions.

When companies offer a 30-day risk free, money back guarantee….it says something about their product.

Thesis is the perfect place for anyone interested in nootropics and wants to make real change. With experienced coaches, a wide variety of blends, and an understanding of how people work, Thesis can help you reach your goals.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been using nootropics for a while, Thesis has something to offer that will help you achieve greater focus, energy, motivation, and better moods.Mind Lab Pro

Thesis does have a comprehensive program (But you Pay For It in The End)! What makes the most sense to us is a product that is manufactured under strict guidelines & a product that works!

We recommmend Mind Lab Pro, a Premium Vegan Product that has a proven track record & can be trusted with it’s ingredients. All the benefits without the added costs/time/effort of Thesis!

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