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Vitamineral Green Powder Review – Our Honest Thoughts

Jason Hughes
Published by Jason Hughes
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Last updated: January 4, 2022

Vitamineral Green seems to be marketed straight out of the nineties and by your Grandad's pot dealer no less.

It's got some seriously bold choices in both its font and labeling, but does the product behind the tragically hip hippy facade work?

In this Vitamineral Green review, we're going to break down this Vitamineral Green product and measure it up against its competition.

Read on ​to see why we recommend another greens powder supplement over Vitamineral...

Does Vitamineral Green Work?

Vitamineral Green

A good greens powder should be a one-stop-shop for all your daily vitamin and mineral needs. One sip should have you feeling like you're bursting through your shirt seams like Popeye after he finally gets him his spinach.

Vitamineral Green claims that their green powder is the most potent there is and is one of the “best superfoods on the planet”. According to the brand, it is a green superfood complex, hence the “vitamin mineral green” name.

Even though it's a little hard to take them seriously looking at their website and the aesthetic of the product, it's a lot easier looking at the ingredients list.

Gauging an improvement in your sense of wellbeing and overall health is delicate and can best loosely translate into feeling more vibrant with energy. Lots of reviews make that exact claim.

  • Potent formula made up of nutrient-dense ingredients
  • All vegan and all-natural ingredients
  • Has a good reputation and review from customers
  • Uses ingredients found in ayurvedic medicine but not commonly found in similar products
  • Website and marketing seemingly haven't been updated since 1992
  • A potentially low dosage of all ingredients hidden behind a proprietary blend

​Who Makes Vitamineral Green?

healthforce superfood banner

HealthForce SuperFoods make Vitaminerals Green. The company was founded in 1990 (surprise) by Dr. Jameth Sheridan and his wife and partner Kim Sheridan.

Mother Nature has put miraculous healing plants on this earth for us to benefit from. I am honored and deeply driven to uncover the greatest potential benefits from these elements and to assemble these gifts from Nature into products that help people to heal and to realize their full potential. ​


-​ Dr. Jameth Sheridan, naturopath, and hard-core herbal medicine researcher

The company was founded on the principles of naturopathy and achieving optimum health by giving your body the right ingredients.

What Ingredients Are In Vitamineral Green?

Green Ingredients

The brand takes great pride in its all-natural Vitamineral Green ingredients list, and you'll see with the inclusion of amla berry, nettle leaf, and oat grass, that they're not just using the same green superfood blend as everyone else.

It is a shame that the precise proportions are hiding behind a proprietary blend.

Still, the good thing about the Vitamineral Green ingredients is that there are no filler ingredients in the formula and so the dose should be fair for the elements that matter.

From The Land 3,621mg

  • Nettle Leaf
  • Carob Pod
  • Alfalfa Leaf
  • Barley Grass Leaf
  • Wheat Grass Leaf
  • Horsetail Aerial
  • Parsley Leaf
  • Ginger Root


  • Barley Grass Leaf Juice
  • Basil Leaf
  • Oat Grass Leaf Juice
  • Dandelion Leaf
  • Moringa Leaf
  • Amla Berry Fruit
  • Holy Basil Leaf
  • Chickweed Leaf
  • Yacon Leaf

From The Waters 2,440mg

From The Oceans 384mg

  • ​Kelp Leaf
  • ​Dulse Leaf
  • Nori Leaf

Enzyme Concentrate 55mg

  • ​Protease
  • Alpha-Galactosidase
  • Amylase


  • Cellulase
  • Lipase
  • Bromelain
  • Papain

Who Is Vitamineral Made For?

Vitamineral Green

The Vitaminerals powder is for anyone with a busy lifestyle looking to get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals in their morning shake or smoothie.

It's marketed more towards the spiritual hippie crowd and anyone who takes great care to ensure they buy from ethical sources, using organic and natural ingredients.

It's an all-in-one tonic designed to provide a better sense of wellbeing and overall health.

The strong flavor of this powder could be due to the way that it has been manufactured.

During the manufacturing process, the vegetables it contains were juiced to form the powder so that the nutrients were preserved. This process produces a stronger grassier taste than powders that were left to dry naturally and then ground.

​When Should You Take Vitamineral?

alarm clock

I always have my green powder first thing in the morning as part of my breakfast. It seems like an excellent way to flood your body with nutrients and get a great kick start to the day.

Where you reach for a coffee, I grab my green juice… well, okay, I have a coffee too, but green juice first.

All green powders are water-soluble and a teaspoon per day should easily mix into your desired drink.

​You can increase the serving after 2 weeks to suggested use of up to 2 tablespoons per day. I use almond milk as it helps with the taste.

One of the most appealing aspects of this green powder for those that can't stomach the earthy green taste is that it's also available in easy to swallow vegan capsules.

What Are The Benefits Of Vitamineral Greens?

vitamin c and b12

When it comes to the specific health benefits of a greens powder, it's hard to say.

As you can see from the ingredients list, it's packed full of superfood ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

It's a convenient way to make sure you are getting the recommended amount of a wide range of nutrients. This can impact your life in a real way, such as in cardiovascular health [1] or just in general vitality and increased energy. [2]

Is anyone going to argue that getting more vitamins and minerals is bad for you?

If you're looking for a similar product with a wide range of nutrients, you can test ORAC Energy Greens powder.

Are There Any Side Effects To Taking Vitaminerals?

I have not personally heard of any side effects associated with a green juice or superfood powder. That said, it does contain some ingredients not often found in other products.

Things like horsetail or nettle leaf, which are considered weeds, while fine in small doses, could be potentially harmful in larger quantities. The manufacturer includes them for their anti-inflammatory benefit [3], but we don't know at what amount due to the proprietary blend.

The brand recommends you start at a smaller dose per day and increase gradually over two weeks to suggested dose.

If you do experience side effects, here are some alternatives you can try:

​How Much Does Vitamineral Greens Cost?

vitamineral green

If you are buying Vitamineral Green from anywhere but the official website, its price may vary. But I can say that this brand is relatively cheaper than most greens out there, whether you're getting the vegan capsules or the powder version.

You can net yourself more savings by buying in larger quantities, and if you follow instructions and increase your dose gradually, you'll want to.

The pills are more convenient but much more expensive per serving.

What Are They Saying About Vitaminerals Greens?

hand rating

The Vitamineral Green review and feedback are overwhelmingly positive. Most customers report increased energy and feelings of glowing health. I guess that's what you should expect breathing in the Gaia's breath of all those natural ingredients.

Was that too hippy? I think the labels are getting to me.

I have only been taking the supplement for a few weeks, but feel better and seem to have more energy.


- ​​J. Cruz, 58

​​Best greens on the market! Highly ethical company and very pure product. Organic and top ingredients.


- ​​Liz, 29

​There are far fewer negative reviews than positive ones, but those that get posted seem to be stuck on the taste.

​Couldn't drink it. The taste and smell were horrible. I wasn't even trying to drink it alone. I mixed it in my smoothie with banana and blueberries. I thought the fruit would be enough to cover the taste, but it wasn't! ​


-​​ Mari, 47


​​Is Vitamineral Safe?

It is clear to see that Vitaminerals is safe for consumption by looking over the ingredients list. Everything is natural and organic and with little to no risk for side effects. If you are worried about how you might react to the nettle leaf or horsetail, take a half dose to begin and then gradually increase it.

Does Vitamineral Green Contain Lead?

While Vitamineral Green may not contain lead, there were a few HealthForce SuperFoods products recalled due to the heavy mineral content. Since then, the company has been committed to fixing the issue.

You can find more information on their heavy metal standards and practices on their website.

​​​Is There a Money Back Guarantee for Vitamineral?

The Vitaminerals powder does offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, but you will need to contact their customer service directly.

​​​Do We Recommend Vitamineral​?

Vitamineral is not the best there is, but it is up there.

All jokes aside, I genuinely like their heartfelt and passionate branding and company identity. It comes from a very pure and genuine want to make the world a healthier and more organic place.

The product itself doesn't stand up to any real scrutiny of the formula. It is hiding behind a proprietary blend, and there is no research or study into the ingredients and effect.

Many people swear by the product, but for me, it's not offering anything more than what I get from Organifi

I've been using Organifi for years, and I haven't tried anything that makes me feel better than this mystic and magical green juice.

I hope this Vitamineral Green review helps you decided if this green juice is worth the try or not.

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