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Using Sound to Improve Erectile Dysfunction

Last updated: June 7, 2022

Can sound improve your sex life? For men with erectile dysfunction, the answer may be yes. In this blog post, we will teach you how sound can help to improve your performance in the bedroom.

We will also explain why sound works and how it interacts with your body to produce results. If you are looking for a natural way to improve your erectile dysfunction, using sound may be the solution for you.

What is Sound Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction?

Sound therapy isn't anything new to the scientific world. It has been used for helping to repair and help broken bones, injured tendons, and injured ligaments as well.

There have been many studies done that show sound therapy has the ability to speed up tissue repair and generate cell growth.

Using sound therapy for erectile dysfunction works in very similar ways. Men are treated using sound waves to help repair and heal certain parts of their system that have been clogged or aren't functioning properly.

The treatment is fairly easy and there aren't any long-term recovery issues you have to worry about.

How Does Sound Therapy Work to Improve ED?

Erectile dysfunction is often the cause of low blood circulation to the penis which causes a loss in erection or a lack of enough flow to become fully erect.

Sound therapy works to improve circulation by inducing neovascularization inside of the shaft.

Neovascularization is the ability to form new blood vessels within the body and when these are introduced to the penis area men can experience stronger and longer-lasting erections.

What is more appealing for men when considering sound therapy is that it works to provide more permanent solutions to ED.

Instead of taking a pill or getting injections that only provide short-term solutions, sound therapy works to improve the tissue health, leading to long-term answers for ED problems.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

When you go to a doctor to receive sound treatment for erectile dysfunctions, you will first receive a topical numbing solution around the area of the genitals.

When you think of damaged tissue in this area you have to consider it extending past the penis but into the testicles and up to the perineum.

Different strengths and solutions will be used depending on the doctor and the patient.

An acoustic wave therapy machine for erectile dysfunction will then be aimed at the genital and penis area and about 2000 pulses will be given over the period of 20-25 minutes.

One session will likely not be enough to encounter the results most men are looking for. Typical treatment plans involve six separate sessions that happen over the course of two or three weeks.

Several days will break up each session so your body has a chance to heal and recover.

Sound Therapy Results for Erectile Dysfunction

You can expect sound therapy treatment for ED to have a different onset for each person that uses it. Depending on how severe the arteries are blocked or how well the new blood vessels form.

Some men end up seeing improved results after only one session while others see gradual benefits over the period of several weeks.

What's great about sound therapy for ED is that you can expect the results to last much longer than any pill or injection. You should see almost two years' worth of improvement for one treatment plan.

Overall, most patients experience increased sensitivity and they are able to produce longer and stronger erections.

Benefits of Using Sound Therapy For ED

Sound therapy has a host of benefits that can help any man improve their ED symptoms.

For starters, sound therapy helps to stimulate neovascularization in the penis shaft area. This helps to promote new blood vessels and increases blood circulation to achieve better erections.

Another benefit is that this type of therapy is a completely non-invasive and drug-free solution to ED problems. There are no pills, no chemicals, and no surgeries involved.

All you need is an FDA-approved device and a little topical numbing solution to get through a session.

Patients will also enjoy longer results from sound therapy compared to other forms of ED therapy. The cost associated is much cheaper if you consider the long-term investment in pills or injections.

Risks of Sound Therapy for ED

There have been no significant studies that show any risks of sound therapy for humans as long as proper procedures are being followed.

Some men may experience slight pain in their testicles or genital area following the treatment but typically this goes away shortly.

Sound therapy of any kind has never shown any negative side effects except when volumes reach levels that hurt the ear canal.

These types of levels would never be possible with sound therapy directed at erectile dysfunction.


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