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It always surprises me how many people immediately jump to negative thoughts when it comes to the topic of testosterone boosting supplements.

They usually think of illegal substances, macho behavior, and MMA style aggression in ordinary life situations.

In reality, though, healthy testosterone levels in men play a vital role in ensuring both physical and mental well being.

Centrapeak is a product we saw increasingly often in advertisements, so our team got together with a nutritionist to do some careful analysis.

And here’s what we learned.

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What Is Centrapeak?

Centrapeak is a male vitality supplement that aims to naturally boost testosterone levels.

Unlike many misconceptions about these types of supplements, this is not some sort of banned substance.

Instead, the aim is to provide you with complete natural minerals, enough vitamins, and herbs that have been scientifically proven to support free testosterone production.

We’ll get to the details about the ingredients, chemical reactions, and science behind them shortly.

But why should men consider taking centrapeak testosterone booster?

The answer is actually quite straightforward. This simple sex hormone is needed for physical and mental energy, growing muscle mass, and of course, those bedroom exercises.

Centrapeak claims to provide benefits in 6 key areas.

Centra Peak Product

What Benefits Does Centrapeak Have?

1 – Confidence And Self-Esteem

man smiling

Many men these days who get caught up in busy work and family life, along with the effects of natural aging, could end up in a cycle of low energy, confidence, and self-esteem.

By reversing the impacts on testosterone levels, men in their 30’s may feel more invigorated and energized to become more physically active.

But Centrapeak also delivers ingredients that are claimed to reduce cortisol levels. By reducing these stress hormone levels, you may also improve your overall mood and motivation.

2 – Increased Physical Energy

Increased testosterone levels have also been associated with higher levels of physical energy [1]. This is energy that you may have available throughout the day to get more done.

And as you get through all your tasks more effectively, you might end up with more time for leisure, which could further reenergize you and make you feel better.

3 – Mental Focus

One thing stood out for me in all my research, and that was the number of positive comments about the highly effective increase in cognitive function. Our nutritionist highlighted that a lot of that might be down to the impact on cortisol levels.

By reducing stress, your brain is less likely to be distracted or preoccupied with other things, allowing you to be considerably more focused.

4 – Build Muscle

Low testosterone levels have been scientifically shown to be a contributing factor in muscle wasting [2]. Some believe it may be more important than growth hormone if you’re in a bulking phase trying to gain lean muscle.

Because testosterone naturally starts to drop in men from age 27, it could become quite a barrier to building more lean mass. And this is one area where Centrapeak seems to have become quite a popular supplement.

5 – Increase Stamina

Testosterone boosters are also known to increase endurance and stamina. That’s why many professional athletes often turn to banned substances to increase their free testosterone levels to an unnaturally high level.

Combining increased energy levels with more stamina may be the recipe that will help you train harder at the gym. Or it might just give you enough motivation to get through a busy workday and still have some energy and motivation for family time.

6 – Enhance Sex Drive

​​For some people, this might be the most important factor. And let’s be honest, those bedroom exercises are important. With a sustained increase in sex hormone levels, men should notice that a lack of libido gradually reverses.

And for any couples trying to get pregnant, Centrapeak might just be able to increase sperm count enough to increase your chances [3].

You can know more about vegan sex drive in our article here. You will also get information on how low testosterone levels can affect this.

“Lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction are sexual problems that can result from low testosterone. If low testosterone is the cause, treating it can help.”


– WebMD

Does Centrapeak Have Any Side Effects?

No, Centrapeak doesn’t have common side effects, but there is always a slight chance of allergies or intolerances.

Fortunately, the company has focused on blending known safe ingredients that aim to increase testosterone production naturally. This also means that it’s unlikely to trigger excessively high levels.

My personal experience has been very positive without any negative effects at all. The same has been the case with my clients, even those who have been taking it long term.

How Does It Work?

Testosterone production in the human body is quite a complex process. Even though I’m a complete nerd for this kind of stuff, I’ve promised the team here not to bore with the same level of details they’ve had to put up with.

There’s no need for a physiology degree to understand the basics, though.Man working out

The first thing it does is boost activity in the Leydig cells in your testes. These are the cells that are responsible for your T count. In addition to that, it may also help to lower the production of estrogen, which would otherwise counteract testosterone.

Finally, by providing some important nutrients for muscle function and metabolic rates, you might also notice some improved muscle bulking and fat reduction.

It’s an impressive claim to make, so our next step was to find out about the science behind it all.

Centrapeak also claims that it may optimize serotonin and dopamine production, which should have a positive impact on your overall mood and well being.

What Are The Ingredients In Centrapeak?

Overall, I spent about 8 hours with our favorite nutritionist (shout out to Jenny) to carefully review the ingredients in Centrapeak.

Here is a summary of all of Centrapeak’s ingredients.

1 – Vitamin D3

Centra Peak Product

You’ll often hear this referred to as the sunshine vitamin because your body can produce it in the skin when exposed to UV rays. With valid reasons to ensure you protect your skin from UV rays, a lot of people might end up with low levels of vitamin D3.

For that reason, it’s one of the more important vitamins to consider for supplementation, especially during the darker winter months.

​As far as testosterone is concerned, vitamin D3 is vegan friendly and may function as a precursor with studies showing a direct link [4].

It has also been linked to a reduction in depression and could improve the effects of mood swings and improve your mood.

2 – Zinc

While this mineral is common in meat and shellfish, vegans do need to be a bit more targeted with the greens they eat to get enough of it.

Low testosterone levels are most commonly associated with a lack of zinc, so it’s always good to make it a priority.Zinc

There have been several interesting studies, and one, in particular, found that zinc supplementation may have quite a positive effect on free and total testosterone [5].

There are also links to it playing a role in maintaining healthy sperm count.

​3 – Vitamin B6


​Vitamin B6 is one of those important nutrients that vegans need to focus on along with B12. While it’s less likely to become deficient in vitamin B6, having an extra boost has been shown to have positive effects on T count.

​Some targeted studies have shown that not enough Vitamin B6 may indirectly target testosterone release by increasing the creation of androgens [6].

What was new to me is that it has also been linked to inhibiting the production of estrogen, which could reduce the effective production of T cells.

4 – Boron

This is a mineral that doesn’t seem to get much attention in supplements, even those multivitamin and mineral products you find. But studies have shown that there is a direct link between the available amount of boron and free testosterone [7].

What I also found interesting is that there have been several long term studies conducted that showed a positive effect on memory and the ability to concentrate on tasks.

For anyone with fitness goals in mind, this could be an important factor in building muscle and staying more motivated during training.

5 – Phosphatidylserine

Don’t ask me how to pronounce this. We’re just going to call it PS from here, as that was what my nutritionist was using.

PS is found in all cell membranes but plays a more important role in the brain.

Here it has been linked directly to the release of dopamine, which has been known to counteract stress levels.Phosphatidylserine capsules

With even moderate levels of exercise, causing some release of stress hormones, one study, in particular, was able to show a positive impact of PS supplementation [8].

The overall impact of this is claimed to be a more level mood, as well as improved athletic performance.

6 – Vitamin K2

This is a vitamin that has become increasingly more talked about, and here at the office, we have been recommending it to clients for quite a while. It may be particularly interesting to men over 50 who may be at risk of brittle bone.

Unfortunately, bone density deteriorates with age, but vitamin K2 has been shown to play a key role in bone tissue forming processes [9].

There are also links to mental health boosts, which are currently being extensively researched as well.

7 – Indole-3-Carbinol

If you eat a lot of broccoli, cabbage, and kale, then you may actually be getting plenty of I3C. It is thought to have anticarcinogenic properties which are being extensively tested. In addition, it also acts as an antioxidant.

What I found more interesting, though, is that a study has also linked it to having a lowering effect on estrogen production [10]. Particularly for athletes that may have a positive effect during weight loss and cutting phases to reduce BMI.

“The effect of supplementing with indole-3-carbinol for bodybuilding are said to include improved testosterone levels, increased muscle growth, and supporting fat loss.”


– Nootriment.com

8 – Ashwagandha

ashwagandha leaf

You may have noticed this more often at health food stores, and it has quickly become a more common superfood due to its nutrient density.

One of the more interesting studies I found involved supplementing 300 mg in stressed adults. During a 60 day trial period, overall stress hormones were down by 30% [11]. There are many prescription drugs that are not able to achieve that.

In traditional medicine, it has also been known to have aphrodisiac properties, which would explain why it is found in a testosterone booster like Centrapeak.

If you’re interested to take an ashwagandha elements, we have the list of the best here.

9 – Mucuna Pruriens

Centrapeak also includes mucuna pruriens known as velvet bean, which is an ingredient I had seen on some other health food supplements. But I was never quite sure what it did, except for sound exotic.

What mucuna pruriens actually does is provide a high dose of levodopa, which the body converts into dopamine. This feel-good hormone also may result in a reduction of prolactin, which would otherwise inhibit the release of testosterone [12].

Who would have known that such a simple bean may provide such a potent benefit? It’s also well worth checking out at your local health food store to add some to your meal plans.

“In chronically stressed men, prolonged ingestion of mucuna pruriens appears to be able to reduce cortisol concentrations”


– ​Kamal Patel, ​co-founder of examine.com

10 – Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is another very fancy-sounding ingredient, which is an herb that is believed to have been first used by ancient Vikings.

One of the more interesting studies I found involved Rhodiola Rosea being given to doctors on night duty to see what the impact was on their mental performance [13].

What the results seem to show is that even a low dose may help reduce the impact of stress-related fatigue.

11 – Korean Panax Ginseng

korean ginseng plant

Ginseng has been very widely used throughout Asia in traditional medicine. But what sets this Korean Panax Ginseng apart is that it’s believed to be significantly more potent in its effects.

Among many uses, one has been to combat erectile dysfunction, which is mainly caused by a low T count [14].

You might find this easy enough in a powdered form, or else in some of the Asian specialty markets. But with even the small dose in Centrapeak, you might be getting enough testosterone boosting effects.

12 – Luteolin

Next on the list of Centrapeak ingredients is luteolin, which is believed to be a strong natural male health booster through its antioxidant effects.

One study, in particular, also found that it might be effective at limiting the production of the hormone estrogen [15]. Under normal circumstances, the male body would transform some of the testosterone into estrogen.

In some cases, this natural process might become too severe, which might cause significant hormone imbalances.

13 – Magnesium

As a fitness instructor, I get all my clients to take some magnesium supplements, as it’s known to promote better muscle function. But it has also been shown to have a positive impact on free testosterone [16].

There is also some anecdotal evidence that it may have an indirect impact on stress levels. This is most likely due to the fact that magnesium may provide benefits in the form of muscle relaxation for better sleep.

If you’ve ever suffered from leg and foot cramps at bedtime, then try taking some magnesium for a few weeks. I might just be your ideal solution.


14 – BioPerine

bioperene on wood spoon

This is the only ingredient that doesn’t directly impact testosterone and estrogen levels. As a refined extract from high-quality black pepper, it may play a more relevant role in your body’s ability to absorb all the above ingredients [17].

I’ve actually noticed it more often these days in many different supplements. And studies certainly suggest that there is some relevance to it.

OK, believe it or not, you’re now fully educated about every single one of the Centrapeak ingredients.

Some may help as a natural testosterone booster, while others may have more relevance to reduce stress.

Which leads to one very important question.

Who Should Consider Taking Centrapeak?

Whatever your age, low testosterone levels may have a significantly negative impact on many areas of your life. So, if you’ve had a blood test that revealed a low T count, then a natural product like Centrapeak Male Vitality might be a good starting point.

However, it may also be a good option for men with increased stress due to high cortisol levels.

I don’t think anyone would argue that if you reduce stress, you won’t also notice an improved mood.

For fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders, the increased T count may also help with faster muscle growth. And some extra cognitive benefits could bring about more focus and motivation at the gym.

Another good product you can try is the Primasurge t-booster from Jacked Factory.

How Do You Take Centrapeak?

My general advice with all testosterone boosters is to not take the full dose all in one go. Not because it might cause side effects or make you sick.Centra Peak Product

It’s much more about creating a more stable T count throughout the day.

Centrapeak comes in capsule form, and you simply swallow it with a glass of water.

I haven’t seen any reports for or against it, but I generally suggest taking it before your main meals.

For me, it’s mainly a simple reminder, and once you get into the habit, you’re less likely to forget to take it.

How Often Should You Take It?

To stabilize testosterone production, I would suggest taking 1 capsule 3 times per day. As per my above suggestion, aim to get into the habit of taking it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.clock on wall

That kind of stability may also help level out your mood and stress levels. And you might also be able to enjoy the cognitive benefits throughout the day.

From all the research I’ve done, I couldn’t see any valid reason for taking the full dose in one go and boosting your testosterone higher that way.

If you’ve tried this out, then please let me know on one of our social media pages.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each bottle will contain 90 capsules, which is equivalent to a 1-month supply. You might find a single bottle pricier compared to similar supplements, but based on user reviews, you get better quality, too.

You can also get some significant savings by buying 2 or more bottles. It gets really good when you order 3 bottles with a bonus one for free.

That’s your supply for an entire 4 months for the price of 3. If you compare that to some of the prescription meds out there, you’ll notice some serious possible savings.


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​Is Centrapeak a Steroid?

No, Centrapeak is not a steroid and doesn’t actually contain the hormone testosterone. Such products are only available as prescription medication. What Centrapeak does is provide natural ingredients that boost testosterone.

Where Is Centrapeak Made?

Centrapeak is made in the USA and directly dispatched through USPS. For many athletes, this is an important factor as it may support the claims of providing a superior quality product.

​Can You Take Centrapeak Long-Term?

Yes, you can take Centrapeak long term as all the ingredients are classified as safe. However, some Centrapeak review comments mentioned that the effects might reduce a bit after taking it continuously for 6 months.

It may be best to take some occasional breaks after 3 to 4 months.

Is There a Good Testosterone Booster?

There is depending on your goals. Some are better than others for fueling your workouts, growing muscles, and more.

Do We Recommend Centrapeak?

Yes, we recommend Centrapeak.

If you have any minor symptoms of low testosterone or have been medically tested with such a diagnosis, then ​Centrapeak might be one of the approaches you should try before taking some medication.

For athletes who may want to see some better results during their bulking phases, this could be a safe and perfectly natural way to achieve that.

Just make sure you give it 6 to 8 weeks for the results to fully start showing.

For more testosterone boosters, you can check out this link.

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Vegan Liftz Thoughts On This Product

Best For
#1 Recommended Testerone Booster

Look…we’ve tried so many Test boosters over the years that some of us need to do a full body detox!

Just kidding (but not really), we actually try out these formulations to see if they are legit. Most of the time we can glance at the ingredient profile without becoming Guinnea Pigs, but not with Centra Peak.

I tried it a few years ago & noticed a real positive change in how I felt overall, and I was performing really well in other atreas (if you know what I mean)?

I had the other trainers try it & the same thing was working for them, some with Ok results & some with Life-Changing results! I take this as part of my supplement stack to ensure I’m at the top of my game.

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