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Top 5 SARMs on The Market For Muscle Gain

Jason Hughes
Published by Jason Hughes
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Last updated: June 29, 2022

Ever since steroids were banned from competitive use, and the side effects presented themselves and became public - the race is on to find the next best thing that bodybuilders can use to increase their muscle mass quickly and with minimum impact. While there are multiple differences between steroids and SARMs both aim to achieve similar results: the ability to develop and repair your lean mass at a much quicker level than if done through dieting and training alone. With this being said, not all SARMs are created alike - as they help to specifically target different areas of your body.

In this article, we'll first go through what SARMs actually are and how they are making headlines lately in the mass media. Next, we'll take a look at some of the most popular SARMs available on the market. Finally, we'll link to where to buy SARMs for approved lab and research purposes, as this company has the best SARMs for sale.

What Are SARMs?

SARMs are short for Selective Androgen Reception Modulators. This acronym explains exactly how the products work - they target the androgenic receptors within the body and modulate the information they receive in order to produce results.

SARMs bind to the androgenic receptor in everyone (even females) in order to increase the hormonal contact between cells - simulating the effects of testosterone on the body.

It is important to note the difference between SARMs and anabolic steroids - as steroids are a direct replacement for testosterone and may even stop your body from producing it. SARMs are not steroidal, so they do not interfere with hormone production, but they may suppress its secretion.

SARMs are currently not available for retail use and have only had animal testing. Certain SARMs, which we will name below, have progressed past preliminary clinical trials and there are observable benefits. They are a long way from application towards being approved by the FDA for medical purposes but have already entered the radar of the USADA and WADA. They are not allowed for athletic and competitive use due to the nature of being a performance-enhancing drug, which would give competitors a huge advantage over their competition.


Ostarine has brought the attention of the bodybuilding and scientific community for being a promising introduction to the medical field as a way to decrease muscle loss. Early clinical trials in rats have shown results of increased metabolism and repair of muscles within the body. It also has improved vascularization, meaning that it helps the arterial walls and veins to relax and expand, helping reduce issues that cause high blood pressure. Overall, Ostarine is being studied for its ability to reduce muscle wasting in certain diseases, such as cancer, AIDs, and extreme muscular atrophy. It focuses on muscle and bone tissue and does not target reproductive organs.


Testolone hasn't been around as long as Ostarine but is being researched for a different purpose. Although it is still a SARM, it functions slightly differently and is hopeful to be used for osteoporosis and neurodegenerative disorders. Early research has found that it is extremely helpful in the skeletal structure of animals, and is further being looked into for the same effects on humans. It has demonstrated good bio-availability in animal subjects, meaning the affinity of Testolone works well on androgenic receptors within the skeletal tissues. Testolone also seems to stimulate certain prostate muscles within the body in rats and non-human primates. Testolone also seems to have a positive impact on stabilizing cell death within the brain.


Ligandrol is likely the most popular of the bunch, as it was one of the first to be studied and also the first to attract the attention of the bodybuilding community. This particular SARM helps to increase metabolism and create caloric deficits in animal subjects, even when consuming the same amount of food. Ligandrol is purported to target the androgenic receptors within muscle tissue to increase protein synthesis and to use all available energy within the body more efficiently. Ligandrol needs further research but is extremely popular for its assumed benefits of rapid weight loss and lean muscle gain.


Ibutamoren is a hormone secretagogue that helps to increase healthy cell turnover, meaning it boosts recovery rate and also allows the introduction of more oxygen and nitrogen within the body, helping in the synthesis of nitric oxide within the subjects it was tested on. Nitric oxide is a compound (sometimes also sold as a supplement) to increase blood flow and help oxygenate the cardiovascular system, which helps in muscle recovery and the repair of damaged tissues and platelets. Although it is not a SARM, it is usually grouped in this category for having similar effects.


Cardarine functions much like a SARM, but it actually binds to a different receptor altogether, the PPAR. This stimulation of the receptor helps to metabolize fatty acids within cells and the blood, making weight loss much easier and helping to use all available storage of fat and sugar within the blood. This can lead to lower blood sugar, increased lean body mass, and better muscle development.

SARMs for sale USA

PureRawz has everything you need in regards to SARMs within the USA. Their products are only available for use in the laboratory or for approved research purposes. They list all disclaimers and ingredients pre and post-purchase. Be careful of other websites, as SARMs are not regulated and could contain many fillers and supplements which are bad for the body.


Are sarms prescriptions available?

SARMs are not FDA-approved and cannot be prescribed by a medical professional. Some manufacturers circumvent this by placing it inside supplements, so caution is advised.

How does sarms bodybuilding work?

SARMs bind to androgenic receptors within muscle and bone tissue, which help to both build muscle and reduce recovery time.

Can sarms have side effects?

Yes. SARMs have had observable side effects and are not yet approved to be launched into the public - more research is necessary to see the full effects. Roid rage, irritability, pain, and other such mood-altering effects have been observed thus far.

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