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The Best Pre-Workout For Heart Disease

Last updated: June 23, 2022

If you are an active lifter, you may know about the effectiveness of pre-workout supplements. Pre-workout is well known for its ability to give you a much-needed boost in the gym, primarily for energy and motivation, or even to get over that slump that you may have been affected by during a period of plateau. With this being said, many do fear taking pre-workout supplements as there are many dissuading stories related to various heart diseases or worsening of these conditions as a side effect of taking these kinds of supplements.

In this article, we will address these concerns over pre-workout supplements. Firstly, we will define what a pre-workout supplement is, and what its purported benefits are of their kind. We will also take a look at the primary concerns of taking a pre-workout and its effects on the cardiac disease, if any. Finally, we'll recommend one of the most natural products on the market to be considered for your next routine.

What is Pre-workout?

Pre-workout is usually a term that defines a supplement that is ideally taken before a workout to reap maximum benefits. This is not always the case, as a pre-workout could also refer to a type of food or drink that you can take before your workout to boost energy or muscle reparation methods. For example, coffee or bananas are popular pre-workout snacks as they elevate your energy levels. Also, certain things that are high in complex carbs can give you the slow release of energy needed to be active during your workout. It is also a good idea to be properly hydrated so that the nutrients and active compounds can be more easily integrated into your cells.

The best kinds of pre-workout focus on this exact issue, and will provide benefits that increase your performance in the gym or at your proffered workout location.

A good pre-workout should contain the best ingredients to minimize side effects. Ideally, your pre-workout should provide the stated benefits without needing any additional supplements, not including a proper diet, water intake, and a good workout. Below, we will talk about many of the benefits that a pre-workout can give you, and some things to consider before purchasing the pre-workout supplement.

What are The Benefits of Pre-workout?

Pre-workout supplements can do different things depending on the ingredients listed. Instead of focusing on each stated ingredient that your pre-workout may or may not have, here is a list of the common benefits that it can give you to power a proper workout

Focus. Pre-workouts can increase both body and mental focus, making you able to stay motivated throughout the workout and stay on task. This also decreases the chance of fatigue or suffering from repetitive motion injury risk.

Energy. The chief benefit of pre-workout supplements (and how they are initially marketed) is the reported boost in energy. This is a combination of the aforementioned focus on increasing quality, as well as raising the metabolic burn and energy (ATP) within the cells.

Workload. Pre-workouts increase your ability to endure harder workouts, making it easier to have a higher workload. A high workload is attributed to breaking down your muscles faster and more effectively, which, when combined with a proper period of rest, can develop your muscles to new heights.

Strength. Pre-workouts increase the energy, workload, hydration, and muscle signaling, giving you a temporary boost in strength at the gym. This will allow you to lift heavier and smash personal records, directly contributing to exponential muscle development.

Recovery. Although it is named a pre-workout supplement, a good blend will persist past the workout and keep doling out benefits throughout the day. Of significant importance is the increase in the speed at which your muscles recover, aiding you to return to the gym with renewed strength and vigor to continue a successful workout regimen.

Why are Pre-workout supplements of concern?

Pre-workout supplements are not regulated by the FDA, as they do not fall within their category. This means that some questionable fillers and substances can be added to the pre-workout to make more sales at a reduced cost to the manufacturer. Of chief concern is the caffeine content found in pre-workouts. Although caffeine is an extremely important factor in increasing mental focus and energy and even promoting fat loss, the caffeine content found within pre-workouts to make them effective can have severe long-term effects:

  1.  Increased risk of heartburn and other gastrointestinal diseases or discomfort
  2. Can cause irregular heartbeats or murmurs - this effect is compounded if the person also has cholesterol or metabolism issues.
  3. Elevated caffeine content taken over a prolonged period can increase your blood pressure.
  4. Pre-workout supplements must also contain sugar or other sweeteners which change blood sugar. This is especially detrimental to those with diabetes or other blood-related issues. 

Natural Pre workout

Unfortunately, even natural pre-workouts contain caffeine, which is extremely dangerous for someone with heart disease. We have written an article that compared Athletic Greens vs Green vibrance which are vitamin and mineral shakes that also contain superfood powder. Although it won't give you the sudden burst of energy that a pre-workout may, prolonged use of this supplement will overall increase your energy, mood, and health.



Can you take pre workout with a heart condition?

It is not extremely recommended to do so, and you should consult a healthcare professional if you wish to use these products, as they contain many ingredients which endanger those with heart disease.

What are some pre workout foods?

Oats are one of the best superfoods that are considered great for a pre-workout meal. They contain the energy you need for a powerful workout, are vegan-friendly, and contain fiber and protein necessary for muscle development.

Does pre workout contain sugar?

Many supplements contain sugar or sweetener, so it is extremely important to check the label before purchasing.

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