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The Best Vegan Meat Brands
Meatless Substitutes That Taste Good

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Who said just because you're a vegetarian or vegan, you can't enjoy meats?

The market has come a long way since just offering bean burgers and salad as their plant-based options, and now there is some truly delicious vegan meat that looks and tastes just like the real thing.

In this list, we're going to pick out the best of the bunch; the veggie burgers, meatless meatballs, and meat-free chicken strips that we just can't get enough of.

Our Top Vegan Meat Products (2020 Updated)




Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat

(Editor's Choice)

  • Plant Based Meat Alternative
  • 20g of Protein
  • No-GMO's
  • check
    No Gluten




  • 9g of Protein
  • 90 Calories
  • Ready in 10 mins


MorningStar Farms

MorningStar Farms

  • Low Fat 
  • check
    50 Calories
  • Cholesterol Free


Butler Foods

Butler Foods

  • 100% Natural 
  • check
    No Additives 
  • Non-GMO




  • Plant Based
  • Non-GMO
  • Hickory Smoked Flavor

1. Beyond Meat (Editor's Choice)

Beyond Meat can be found in big chain restaurants and supermarkets up and down the country.

They're even starting to ship overseas to go global. This all American plant-based vegan protein has built a reputation for being the best there is and for a good reason.

The mouthfeel and taste of their vegan burger is almost unbelievably similar to the real thing, it's so juicy but firm, with a flavor profile just like beef.

The company does make other vegan meat products, but the plant-based burger is their crowning achievement.

Beyond Meat Product

2. Gardein

Gardein has perfected the meat-free vegan chicken tender, their entire range of veggie and vegan meat substitutes are utterly delicious, but this product, in particular, stands out.

The seasoning and rich golden crunch of the outer coating gives it a great mouthfeel, and then the juicy and succulent consistency of the meat underneath makes it so that you might have to check the label to be absolutely sure you haven't just been tricked into eating something non vegan.

Pair them with your favorite sweet BBQ sauce or chuck them in a sandwich.

Gardein Product

3. MorningStar Farms

MorningStar Farms is an American brand that has been offering top-quality vegan meat substitutes for a very long time.

With a wide variety of different options to choose from, everyone will pick a different favorite.

Still, no matter which product you choose, you can be assured of delicious flavors and a remarkable meaty feeling in the mouth.

The stand out product for us is the veggie dogs. They taste, feel, and look just like real hot dogs; only they're so much healthier.

MorningStar Farms Product

4. Butler Foods

Textured Soy Protein -- it might not have the most appealing name, but as a vegan product, it's as versatile as it is delicious.

Butler Foods offer one of the best examples on the market for a very reasonable price tag.

You can add it to soups, sauces, stir-frys, or even marinade it and make it into jerky or deli slices in a sandwich. Whatever you do with it, it provides a great chewy form and incredible flavor.

There is the potential for user error if you don't know how to use it, practice makes perfect.

Butler Foods Product

5. Tofurky

If you're looking to make yourself some next level vegan meat sandwich, then Tofurky slices have no equal.

The taste is incredible; rich and smokey.

The composition has just enough bite to make these delicious deli slices a fine vegan meat substitute.

Slap it in some bread with a little sweet mustard, some dill pickles, and vegan mayo, and you've got a New York Deli without the meat.

Check this list of vegan bread you can find so as not to compromise your vegan lifestyle.

Tofurky Product

6. Field Roast

There are a lot of veggie and vegan sausages on the market, but they are far from being all created equal.

These vegan smoked apple sage sausages from Field Roast are one of the best there is; they are a "butcher" quality premium tasting meat substitute with the form to match.

Even carnivores have made the switch as they are so much healthier and don't give you the greasy heartburn common with low-grade meat sausages.

Field Roast Product

7. Primal Spirit

There is nothing that beats the meaty and satisfying chew of a good piece of jerky, at least until now there wasn't.

Primal Spirit has focused on delivering a vegan beef jerky replacement that would confuse even the most avid carnivore.

The flavors are intense and rich, and the texture is just as it should be. If you want your meat replacement very meaty, then give their sample pack a try and find your favorite flavor.

Primal Spirit Product

8. Yves

As with the Tofurky deli slices, it's just so easy to whip slices of chicken or ham into a tasty snack, and so veggie and vegan slices fill a niche like no other.

These vegan bologna slices by Yves are a great alternative to ham, spam, beef, or bacon.

They have a great salty taste and a pleasing smoothness and, again, so much healthier nutritionally than their meaty alternatives.

Yves Product

9. Upton's

Jackfruit has been gaining popularity in vegan crowds as a nutrient-rich superfood alternative to meat[1].

It has a chewy, tough texture similar to pulled pork and absorbs flavor so that every bite is sure to pack a delicious, nutritious treat.

While it is actually fairly easy to prepare yourself if you can source the jackfruit, no one does a prepackaged variant as good as Upton's, and the rich BBQ marinade flavor is a fan favorite.

Uptons Product

10. Quorn

Quorn is the unrivaled Hallmark brand for veggies and vegans alike. They were around before most of their competitors and still have some of the best flagship vegan products for those of us who miss and crave those meaty flavors.

They have perfected the vegan chicken, and their nuggets, strips, and diced chicken substitutes are still among the best you can buy.

Vegan's beware though some of the chicken uses egg whites and sometimes milk, be sure to check the labels.

Quorn Product

11. VegeFarm

VegeFarm is another company that has absolutely perfected the fake vegan chicken nugget. It has that thick and chewy texture, a great flavor, and the perfect amount of seasoning and crunch on the outer shell.

This is a product that you could easily serve to your non-veggie/vegan friends, and they would not be able to tell the difference.

With products this good on the market, it's no surprise that KFC is soon going to be able to offer a vegan range[2].

VegeFarm Product

12. May Wah

May Wah's TVP or textured vegetable protein is another all-purpose meat substitute that gives enough chew to be a satisfying alternative and is perfect for stews, fajitas, pies, or anything else you can think of.

Soaking times and marinades can be tweaked and modded to your own personal tastes, and for me, this is a must-have for any veggie or vegan kitchen.

May Wah Product

13. Lightlife

A lot of the meatless hot dogs are a little skinny when compared to their full meat alternatives.

Lightlife dogs are a lot thicker but still have the taste and texture exactly right.

They're perfect on their own as a snack, chopped up and whipped into a salad, or grilled on the BBQ for a meat-free hot dog.

Lightlife Product

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And Our #1 Recommendation Is ...

When it comes to being the best vegan meat all the meat substitutes on our list can make the transition to a veggie or vegan lifestyle so much easier.

While all of them are delicious treats, Beyond Meat is a kitchen staple that I just can't live without. As someone who went vegan for ethics and not because I didn't like meat (I loved it), it replicates the food that I miss and love so much.

If you haven't tried their burgers, order yourself a box and see what you're missing.

Beyond Meat Product

Beyond Meat 

Our #1 Vegan Meat

  • Plant Based Meat Alternative
  • 20g of Protein
  • No-GMO's
  • check
    No Soy
  • check
    No Gluten
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