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The Best Vegan Blogs & Plant-Based Recipe Websites

The greatest vegan blogs can help both those thinking about going vegan and those that have already gone.

Whether it’s recipes by the best vegan cooks or just some vegan lifestyle tips from a sage guru, these are the blogs that keep us coming back for more.

In no particular order, read on to see the Best Vegan Blogs Top 50. Who knows, you may ​​find your new favorite vegan blog on this list.

​Oh, if you’re not really into reading, then you can check out some of the best vegan podcasts here.

​​Our Favorite Vegan Blogs of [year]

​1. Oh She Glows

When you ask your friends or the internet for some great vegan recipes, then 9 times out of 10, ​Oh She Glows will be the first response.

This blog specializes in vegan food and delicious vegan recipes (see also ‘The Top Vegan Finger Food and Appetizer Recipes For A Party‘) that comfort the soul.

Vegan bloggers should look to this as one of the best there is, striking a good balance between emotive and evocative introductions and truly unforgettable recipes. Angela and her passionate vegan blog are a true inspiration.

​If you’re a new vegan, Oh She Glows is a great vlog to check out if you want to prepare your own vegan meals. ​

Recipe to try: smoky jackfruit “chicken” salad

oh she glows thumb

​2. Post Punk Kitchen

If I were exiled into an apocalyptic future and could only bring the recipes from one veggie blog with me, the Post Punk Kitchen would be it. The plant-based recipes focus on creating vegan comfort food (see also ‘Your Guide to “Healthy” Vegan Junk Food‘) straight from your vegan kitchen.

Its delicious recipes are as naughty as they are nice, and vegan blog queen Isa Chandra makes vegan food that is as colorful as her punk-chic Brooklyn style wardrobe (see also ‘Upcycling vs Recycling Your Clothes‘).

There is no pre-amble on this vegan blog. It just dives straight into the delicious vegan food.

Recipe to try: 5-spice vegan tempeh tacosthe ppk thumb

3. Sweet Potato Soul

Do you love sweet potatoes? Do you like soul food? If you answered yes to either of these questions, let us introduce you to one of your new favorite vegan blogs. Sweet Potato Soul was born from Jenne Claiborne’s upbringing in Atlanta, GA.

As a picky eater, sweet potato was one of the few healthy things she could tolerate, and so its place as the comfort food of her youth was cemented.

Now she gets creative coming up with innovative, delicious recipes that make the most of the wonderful ingredient.

If you’re looking for easy vegan recipes (see also ‘High-Calorie Vegan Recipes‘) that utilizes potatoes, this vegan recipe blog is for you.

Recipe to try: sweet potato breakfast hash

sweet potato soul thumb

4. 101 Cookbooks

101 Cookbooks is one of those vegan blogs filled with recipes (see also ‘The 10 Best Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes‘) that fill your stomach with the same feeling as a long hug from a close friend. It’s warm, cheerful, comforting, simple, but delicious recipes that are easy to cook at home.

The author, Heidi, began working through her copious amount of cookbooks (see also ‘The Best Vegetarian Cookbooks‘) to find the healthy vegan plant-based food recipes she liked and perfected them.

Now with one New York Times bestseller the taste appeal, she continues to make veggie and often vegan recipes that focus on whole foods and healthy ingredients.

Recipe to try: great vegan ramen

101 cookbooks thumb

5. The Full Helping

Not just focusing on food recipes, this blog also serves up a healthy diet (see teens) of other topics and articles to its reader. It’s one of the best established vegan blogs at helping you stay informed and well-fed.

It’s a great vegan food blog to introduce those making the switch to the vegan diet to its benefits and potential for delicious food.

Gena (the author of the blog) is a registered dietician who honestly seems invested in promoting health through delicious plant-based recipes.

​We all know that switching to a vegan lifestyle is not easy, but with this vegan blog, achieving that healthy lifestyle may not be so hard anymore. ​

Favorite post: making an informed transition to veganism

the full helping thumb

6. Tinned Tomatoes

​Going vegan but don’t want to give up your cravings for sweet? This blog here have great recipes for you to finally make vegan pastries (see also ‘Are Pop-Tarts Vegan?’) at your home.

Also known as the Scottish vegetarian, this blog is one that is more suited for those amongst us with a sweet tooth.

Jacqueline Meldrum started the blog after cooking for her son and vegan husband. She also runs the Dundee branch of the Clandestine Cake Club. It isn’t all just sweet treats (see also ‘ Are Twizzlers Vegan?’ ), and there are some yummy pub grub style recipes too; think beer bread and lentil soup or vegan haggis pasties.

Recipe to try: vegan peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread

tinned tomatoes thumb

7. Holistic Vegan Coaching

​The Holistic Vegan Coaching blog formed from the passionate brain of Laura Louise. The site aims to offer help to those looking to dip their toes into the vegan lifestyle.

Whether the new vegan is motivated ethically, environmentally, or for their health, the course is a warm guiding light.

Holistic Vegan Coaching aims to introduce and highlight all the benefits while also giving helpful tips as to how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

holistic vegan coaching thumb

And it couldn’t be easier than with sumptuous and straightforward recipes like the one below.

Recipe to try: 3 ingredient healthy gluten-free vegan pancakes

8. Vegan Richa

If you’ve got a tongue for big flavor, then Vegan Richa is one of the vegan blogs known for serving it. Taking inspiration from her Indian upbringing, Richa is not afraid of the spice.

She brings together exotic recipes with a kick and plates them up next to homey comfort food with a bit of a twist.

This vegan food blog serves up exclusively plant-based recipes that delight the tongue and stick out in the memory. Try just one Vegan Richa recipe, and you’ll see what we mean.

Recipe to try: vegan pumpkin mac and cheese bake

vegan richa thumb

9. Sprouted Kitchen

I have to include this blog on the list because it’s just so nourishing. It’s not all vegan, it’s not even all vegetarian, but the majority is.

The focus here is on whole foods and tasty ingredients. They have a lot of purely plant-based recipes, and even those few that do rely on animal products can easily be adapted with plant-based foods substitute.

The couple behind the blog is living the dream out in California, and his luscious photography complements her passionate and thoughtful writing style.

Recipe to try (replace the honey with agave syrup): shitake mushroom and lentil Asian tacos

sprouted kitchen thumb

10. Pickles ‘N Honey

Can’t cook? Won’t cook? Either way, this is one of the vegan blogs to follow.

The couple behind it specializes in taking their favorite recipes, breaking them down into their most basic and straightforward form, and then adapting them for the plant-based diet. Just like what most food bloggers do.

It has resulted in a collection of great vegan recipes that are simple and easy to make as well as being absolutely delicious. It’s continually updated, and there is always something new to try.

Recipe to try: vegan banh mi pizza

pickles n honey thumb

11. The First Mess

Raised on a farm, matured through cookery school, and now a successfully served restaurateur, even Laura Wright’s biography sounds tasty.

Her recipes are mostly vegan and mostly gluten-free and cruelty-free (see also our article on Nutella), too. ​She has a passion for fresh produce and whole foods.

It’s chunky, hearty, filling food for the soul, and it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to flavor.

It’s one of the vegan blogs that I keep coming back to, and if you try a recipe or two, I’m sure you will too. It’s a great blog, especially for those who are very particular with healthy living.

Recipe to try: spicy vegan sausage calzones with ricotta and broccoli rabe

the first mess thumb

12. Deliciously Ella

Proof that we live in an age where even vegan blogs can break the mainstream, Deliciously Ella is a sensation. She has grown her collection of recipes into what can only be described as a global brand.

There are recipe books, and there is an app, there are also deliciously ready to buy snacks. But at the heart of all of this, there is still the blog that shares a lot of healthy recipes you’re looking for.

The vegan recipes are luxurious, and there are more than a few staples in my kitchen.

Recipe to try: banana pancakes

deliciously ella thumb

13. Keepin’ It Kind

If I’m perfectly honest, I know my way around the kitchen, and I know how to eat healthily, it’s not a brag, I just do. That’s why I adore vegan blogs like Keepin’ It Kind.

They’re not afraid to break rank and just get filthy serving up flavor-forward comfort food that knows it’s a little bit naughty because even naughty isn’t that bad if you follow the healthy vegan recipes from this food blog.

​There’s now no need for you to say no to your cravings. Want cruelty-free comfort foods? Keepin’ it kind got your back!

Recipe to try: buffalo cauliflower wing pizza with tofu blue cheese spread

keepin it kind thumb

14. Healthy Happy Life

​Healthy happy life is one of the few bloggers dedicated to championing and spreading the plant-based lifestyle as much as it is delicious vegan recipes.

​This blog is infectiously positive, and the bright rainbow colors compliment the passionate and heartfelt writing style.

It features blog posts on motherhood, the vegan lifestyle, and great vegan food and recipes.

Health-focused when it comes to dinner, it lets the party animal out for dessert, and it’s a great fix for a sweet tooth.

Recipe to try: fudgy crinkle-topshealthy happy life

15. The Viet Vegan

I love Asian (see also ‘The Best Asian Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes‘) food, and as I mentioned before, the real deal is hard to come by without fish sauce, chicken, and pork aplenty.

I’m always keen to find ways to experiment with traditional and authentic recipes with no animal products.

This blog is authored by Toronto based Lisa, who gives vegan dishes a Vietnamese twist and Vietnamese dishes a vegan makeover.

Recipe to try: vegan steamed buns (banh bao chay)

viet vegan thumb

​It’s been almost 10 years since I started my blog haha, but it started out as me just learning how to cook, and eventually a place where I could document my vegan journey and keep myself accountable through sharing recipes.

Nowadays it’s a place where I share my personal thoughts, my story as a second-generation Vietnamese woman navigating veganism, life, and social justice alongside delicious food 🙂 

– Lisa Le

16. Fresh Is Real

I think it’s easy to say that this is one of the best gluten-free blogs; it just so happens to be all vegan too.

Chantal’s recipe for sourdough is the best there is, and her gluten-free, vegan recipes are without equal, especially as it’s a niche often overlooked by other blogs, much like veganism used to be.

It’s more for the baker than the chef, but it’s an essential resource that I turn to all the time.

Recipe to try: gluten-free sourdough cinnamon bunsfresh is real thumb

​Fresh is Real takes everyday favourites and recreates them from scratch with plant-based ingredients.

Best known as the recipe developer that can veganize her creations without junkie processed ingredients while making everything gluten-free and allergen-friendly!

– Chantal 

17. Vegan Yack Attack

This food blog covers everything from main meals to sweet treats (see also ‘Are Nerds Vegan?‘).

It serves up healthy vegan recipes as well as indulgences, so you’ve got something yummy to look forward to no matter what day of the week it is.

Jackie Sobon wonderfully presents her content. It also features some pretty insightful beer reviews if you fancy another kind of treat.

Recipe to try: grilled buffalo tempeh mozzarella sandwich

vegan yack attack thumb

18. Planted And Picked

Sandra is a nutrition expert who blogs about her plant-based eating journey, which began in her 40s.

The food blog features the vegan recipes that have helped her stick to her healthy eating plan and thrive on it.

Expect to find lots of recipes that champion both the health and the diversity of the vegan diet.

There is also a wellness side to the blog that helps with the spirit and mind as well as the tummy.

Recipe to try: Moroccan chickpea stew

planted and picked thumb

​The Planted and Picked Food and Wellness blog is a joint venture between my partner Scott and I.

Through lots of documentaries, books and studies, it became obvious to us that including as many whole plant foods as possible in our diet contributes positively to our health, the environment, (see clothing) and the animals. 

We wanted to show people that eating plant-based can be not only nutritious, but also delicious, and can be easy with some go-to recipes. 

​- Sandra Spencer, Blogger

19. Rachel Ama

You might be forgiven for thinking, “hey, that food blog’s got a human name!” Rachel Ama is a talented vegan chef and cookbook author.

Her blog is a beautiful example of someone who lives and loves their plant-based lifestyle.

It’s rich with music, beauty, wellness, humor and of course tonnes of tasty recipes.

Named the rising star of food in 2019 by The Observer, it’s a good time to follow.

Recipe to try: Rasta pastarachel ama thumb

20. Fork And Beans

This is another blog that I couldn’t live without. Cara wants to make cooking, eating, and playing fun for those with dietary restrictions. She focuses on gluten-free and vegan recipes that convert niche treats into treats for everyone.

Her copycat treats include things like gluten-free animal crackers or vegan baked Cheetos (see also ‘Are Cheetos Vegan?‘). The other side of the blog has vegan-friendly arts and crafts and games to play with your kids. It’s cute, and it’s creative, it’s one the most unique and perfect vegan blogs.

Recipe to try: homemade animal crackers

fork and beans thumb

21. Bittersweet

There is crochet, there is cake. This blogs all about getting your hands dirty and having fun with vegan recipes and simple plant-based arts and crafts.

There are healthy main meals as well as decadent desserts, and it’s all brought together with flair through emotive writing and beautiful photography.

Try your hand at making yourself a knitted cake and save yourself the calories.

Recipe to try: vegan cookie dough cheesecake

bittersweet thumb

​BitterSweet Blog celebrates food in all forms, at home and abroad, from fancy to fuss-free, all with good humor and always in good taste. Recipes, reviews, and even crafty DIY projects come to life in every post with brilliant photos.

It’s truly a visual feast to behold, as one should expect from cookbook author and professional photographer Hannah Kaminsky. Over 14 years of passion fill the archives with enough material to keep you well-fed, but always be sure to leave room for dessert- There’s still much more to come. 

-​ Hannah Kaminsky, Blogger

22. Naturally Ella

This is another one of those vegan blogs that aren’t even really a vegan blog.

It has a ton of whole food healthy vegan recipes and the author found her way to delicious vegan cooking (see Carrier Oils Recipes) after a lifetime of being a bit of a self-confessed sugar junkie.

Now a seasonal vegan, Erin Alderson shares the best plant-based recipes she comes across. It’s gorgeously presented, and every recipe (See Indian recipes) leaves a lasting memory.

Recipe to try: red cabbage tofu potstickers

naturally ella thumb

23. Oh My Veggies

Another healthy vegan couple so cute it almost makes you want to punch them in their gorgeous smiling faces.

This blog is super sleek and simple and easily navigated, making it easy to showcase the amazing vegan recipes they’ve collected.

The tagline is “meatless made easy,” and there are vegetarian and vegan delights alike. I would say this is one of the vegan blogs perfectly suited to introduce those new to the diet to what delicious treats are still on offer.

Recipe to try: vegan Mexican chocolate chia seed puddingoh my veggies thumb

24. Veggie Runners

I include this blog on the list because even if it’s possibly no longer being updated, it is still one of my favorites.

As a keen runner myself ( Tips for distance runners) and also a student of the kitchen, the mix of a vegan food blog alongside one that promotes the vegan lifestyle and staying fit was a perfect match.

The blog was written by a mother and daughter team, which was so wholesome and perfect. I hope they bring it back soon, but you can still enjoy their running

(track workouts for distance running) tips and excellent vegan recipes.

Recipe to try: vegan savory crumble

veggie runner thumb

25. The Korean Vegan

Having traveled through Asia and sampled as much as I could, I can attest that it’s not that easy to be vegan on most Asian menus. That’s why I love this blog!

Joanne has taken the food that she grew up with and managed to keep its authenticity and heart but offer it up to a vegan audience. It’s one of the most creative and consistently awe-inspiring vegan blogs I follow.

Her photography is gorgeous, and I’m salivating just thinking about the vegan recipes themselves.

Recipe to try: vegan kimchi fried ricethe korean vegan thumb

26. My New Roots

The blog has been going since 2007, and I feel like I’ve been following Sarah Britton since then. This is another one of those vegan blogs that really focuses on the health benefits through vegan recipes that are as healthy as they are delicious.

Sarah is a holistic nutritionist who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty experimenting with new things in the kitchen. I love the amount of passion and heart she pours into introducing the recipes as well as the actual taste and nutritional good they’re packed with.

Recipe to try: the life-changing loaf of breadmy new roots thumb

27. Plant Powered Kitchen

Dreena Burton has been following the vegan diet and designing vegan recipes for 20 years.

With a few best-selling cookbooks under her belt, it’s clear that she’s been doing something right.

The plant powered kitchen is filled with delicious treats made from healthy whole foods for the entire family.

Post to check out: top 10 vegan school lunchesdreena burton thumb

28. Veg Kitchen

The Veg Kitchen has been in full effect since the 1980s… well, the blog wasn’t because the internet wasn’t around yet, but Nava Atlas was already making yummy vegan recipes for her friends and family.

It’s healthy, it’s wholesome, and it’s filled with simple vegan recipes for you to try for yourself. There are few blogs out there with as much experience and dedication to the vegan lifestyle.

Post to check out: nutritarian dietveg kitchen thumb

29. Oh Ladycakes

If you thought baking while following vegan and gluten-free recipes was hard or boring, this is one of the blogs that proves you wrong in a big way.

Filled to the brim with plant-based bakes and gluten-free treats that will have you licking the spoon.

​It’s a great way for those keen bakers before the switch to a plant diet to keep on doing what they love.

Try a few recipes for yourself, or at least get a friend to do it. Yum.

Recipe to try: chocolate chunk snacking cookies

oh ladycakes thumb

30. I Love Vegan

Simple title, simple concept, simple vegan joy. This is another of those blogs curated by a passionate and beautiful couple who want to share their lifestyle, vegan recipe ideas, (see vegan Christmas Dinner) and stunning food photography with the world.

I would say what the blog excels at is taking somewhat basic ingredients and giving them a wholesome and tasty twist. It’s creative ideas that take something simple or plain and make it something more. For someone new to the diet, it’s essential.

Recipe to try: baked sriracha and soy sauce tofu

I love vegan thumb

31. Olives For Dinner

Where do I find a beautiful vegan mega chef partner that I can take gorgeous food photography for?

Yet another one of those vegan blogs that showcase a perfect couples perfect kitchen partnership.

I cannot stress enough how utterly beautiful this blog is. The photography is excellent done and showcased in super sleek and sexy website design.

Every recipe looks tempting, and it’s all you can do to stop yourself from licking the screen.

Recipe to try: buffalo tots

olives for dinner thumb

32. Blissful Basil

A school psychologist by day and vegan blogger extraordinaire by night, at least she used to be. Now she’s one of the full-time bloggers and her vegan food blogs are as beautifully blissful as the name implies.

It’s not all recipes though she offers some spiritual and psychological insights on the blog. Food-wise it’s health-focused recipes that bring a smile to your soul.

Post to check out: are you a stuffer, surrenderer, or sufferer?Ashley Melillo thumb

33. The Conscientious Eater

Faith is a blogger who didn’t find her love for cooking until she discovered her passion for a healthy body.

As a dedicated runner (see also ‘ The Best Running Programs to Help You Get Started’ ), she was researching the best foods for fitness and this led her to a vegan diet filled with fresh whole foods and nutritious ingredients.

​The Conscientious Eater is filled with recipes that are as good for your health as it is your soul. Faith makes eating vegan look easy!

Recipe to try: cilantro lemon quinoa saladthe conscientious thumb

​I started my blog soon after switching to a plant-based diet as a way to document all the new recipes I was trying out in the kitchen. 

We were planning to move overseas to a place where I knew a lot of vegan products wouldn’t be available. So I wanted to learn how to make certain foods from scratch and thought I could share my recipes and passion for a plant-based diet with others along the way! 

– Faith VanderMolen​ 

34. Rainbow Plant Life

One of the blogs on a mission to showcase all the color and vibrancy of vegan recipes.

The amazing content also contains great resources on food photography and is attached to a YouTube channel that works with a food startup.

It’s not just the great recipes that will keep you coming back for more.

Post to check out: photography resources

rainbow plantlife thumb

35. My Whole Food Life

This couple complements each other perfectly. Melissa is the baker of the family while her husband Marcus prefers to dabble with the savory dishes.

They made the vegan switch themselves, and after how good it made them and their two daughters feel, they decided to share their delicious take on the diet with the world.

Recipe to try: vegan slow cooker quinoa chili (gluten free)

my whole food life thumb

36. Fried Dandelions

Sarah is a blogger on a mission to create recipes for those with allergies.

It can be challenging to find tasty dishes if you happen to be allergic to some of the more common ingredients.

So whether vegetarian, vegan, allergic or not, all of her recipes prove just good cooking can conquer any challenge.

Recipe to try: avocado toast with coconut bacon

fried dandelions thumb

37. Pick Up Limes

Sadia has a very successful Youtube channel, and following and her blog is a great place to share and document those recipes.

A Canadian blogger and nutrition expert currently living in the Netherlands, her vegan recipes are perfect for nourishing the cells as well as the soul.

​Check out her amazing desserts and her great-looking content.

Recipe to try: coconut lemon custard tart

pickup limes thumb

38. The Simple Veganista

With over a decade of experience, Julie is a blogger who uses easy to find ingredients to make truly amazing cooking.

She shares these recipes with beautifully designed content and great writing.

She offers advice on all aspects of vegan life, and all of it is useful and practical. It’s just great content inspired by great food.

Recipe to try: lemon pepper tofu

the simple veganista thumb

39. The Vegan 8

I love everything about The Vegan 8, the idea behind it, it’s implementation, and the recipes themselves.

It was started by Brandi as a simple vegan recipe to help heal her husband’s gout (see also ‘Foods to Avoid with Gout‘).

All of the recipes are super simple to cook with eight or fewer ingredients. Proving that even natural plant-based food can still full be of flavor.

Recipe to try: vegan cheesy Mexican tortilla bake

the vegan 8 thumb

​I started my blog because I wanted to reach people and help them to see how transitioning to eating plant-based did not have to be intimidating. I focus on sharing delicious and comforting vegan recipes that are 8 ingredients or less, not counting salt, pepper or water.

– Brandi

40. Brown Vegan

Whether you follow her popular podcast, YouTube channel, or just the blog, Brandi’s family-friendly advice is golden.

She spends a lot of time and passion, offering helpful tips on vegan cooking (see also our favorite vegan cooking shows) and living to make every moment of plant-based life delicious.

The recipes are full of the same warmth and energy as the blog itself, and they prove just how simple quality cooking is.

Post to check out: 11 tips to go vegan this year​

brown vegan thumb

41. Eco Vegan Gal

It’s not just about delicious food, and the Eco Vegan Gal blog shines a spotlight on all aspects of the vegan lifestyle.

There are brilliantly written and easily digested articles about our impact on our bodies, the environment, and life we lead.

It’s a passion-fuelled project that rubs off with infectiously healthy energy.

​There are raw vegan (see also ‘80/10/10/Diet: Meal Plan, Risks & Benefits‘) and gluten-free recipes aplenty, and each is tastier than the last.

Recipe to try: mint chocolate coconut tapioca pudding

eco-vegan gal thumb

42. The Colorful Kitchen

Totally gluten-free and always vegan, The Colorful Kitchen is a welcome home to many.

​It lives up to its name, and every one of the vegan recipes offers up equal beauty to the eye and tongue.

The site itself is just as visually appealing, and the photography and colors reflect the energy that fuels the blog itself.

​Run by NYC based health coach Ilene it has a lot to offer both in tasty food and quality advice. Colorful but not complicated.

Recipe to try: kabocha squash and lentil stew

the colorful kitchen thumb

43. Spabettie

Kristina or Spabettie, as she is more well known, has created a blog that focuses on healthy and wholesome vegan food.

She’s been well recognized by other publications and media outlets due to the simple and delicious food she creates.

Whether she’s making a recipe for a healthier vegan alternative to famous candy or creating a simple but filling delicious dinner, her recipes are well worth trying.

Recipe to try: pumpkin bread french toast

spabettie thumb

44. Simple Vegan Blog

The blog is as wonderfully honest as it’s apt title suggests. Its authors are a Spanish couple who want to share their love of tasty vegan cooking.

It’s full of recipes that are naughty but nice, not shy of big flavor, and perfect for every day of the week.

I like to try lots of different recipes from all over the world, and so some of the authentic veganised Spanish meals are my favorites.

Recipe to try: vegan Spanish paella

simple vegan blog thumb

45. This Rawsome Vegan Life

It should be no surprise that this is one of the blogs focusing on raw food and a healthy whole food fueled vegan diet.

The plant-based recipes make for great eating, and it can be surprising how easy it is to make sweet treats (see also ‘Are Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Vegan?‘) and filling food from raw and straightforward ingredients.

With two successful cookbooks behind them, the author Em has had a journey that they are delighted to share with the world.

Recipe to try: superfood energy bars with cacao

this rawsome vegan life thumb

46.  Connoisseurus Veg

I love this blog from its name to the recipes themselves. It’s clever, creative, and a lot of fun. The amazing and popular posts are introduced with a great deal of humor and insight into the lifestyle.

Whether vegetarian, vegan, or just veg-curious, you can find a lot of great eating, and Alissa is one of the bloggers who is sharing real clean alternatives to old favorites.

Recipe to try: potato leek vegan quiche

connoisseurus veg thumb

47.  VeguKate

If you’re looking to get VeguKated on the health, wellness, and nutritional benefits of vegan eating, this is the blog for you.

With a master’s degree in nutrition, Kate knows what she’s talking about.

The recipes feature lots of whole food and seasonal ingredients, sure to keep your body, tongue, and tummy happy.

Recipe to try: simple shakshukavegukate thumb

48.  The White Chestnut

This is ​also one of those vegen bloggers who focuses on all aspects of vegan life, not just the food.

​That doesn’t mean the foods are any less tasty, though, and her cookbook and online content are filled with amazing recipes to try.

Based out of Spain, this blogger’s goal is to share beauty, travel (see also ‘The Best Vegan Travel Destinations‘), and health tips alongside hearty and healthy vegan meals and cuisine.

Recipe to try: vegan katsu sushi sandwich

the white chestnut thumb

49.  One Arab Vegan

Middle eastern cuisine is, unfortunately, less commonplace on most restaurant menus. This amazing vegan blogger brings more of the flavor and diversity of the world to your kitchen.

Alongside the great eating is also some in-depth and useful travel guides and tips. So whether you’re bringing the middle east into your vegan kitchen, or planning a trip out there yourself, it’s an excellent resource.

Recipe to try: Egyptian green bean stew

one arab vegan thumb

​50.  Namely Marly

The matriarch of an all-vegan family, you’d be foolhardy to think that Marly doesn’t have time to share her insights.

The blogger has little helpful hacks and hints for the general vegans life as well as some delectable creations worth sharing.

The recipes are easy to follow and full of warming, cruelty-free ingredients.

Recipe to try: vegan tacosnamely marly thumb

​Now, there’s no need for you to travel (see also ‘Traveling As A Vegan‘) around the world to discover vegan recipes from different countries. We have vegan blogs from Asia, New York, Arab, Spain, and many more that shares their own delicious vegan recipes for you to try at home.

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