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The Best Vegan Podcasts for Anyone Living Plant-Based

In this article, I’m going to list some of my favorite vegan podcasts that may help you find encouragement and practical tips on vegan living.

I chuck these on when I’m cooking, driving, or just straight relaxing.

Listen and learn from these podcasts especially if you’re new to following a plant-based diet.

​1. ​​Ordinary Vegan

She may claim to be ordinary, but we’re here to tell you Nancy Montuori and her vegan website are anything but ordinary.

When she was younger, Nancy contracted a disease that left her in an iron lung for six months and meant she had to go through rigorous physical therapy for years after that.

Since then, she has always paid close attention to her health and body and claims the plant-based diet is the best medicine in the world.

Her vegan podcast feels like a warm hand on your shoulder with great tips on keeping in shape, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

ordinary vegan thumb

From vegan food recipes (see vegan Christmas Recipes) to good meditation practices, she curates great content with fantastic guests episode after episode.

​2. ​Balanced Living For Busy Professionals

Diane Randall does it all from vegan consulting and workshops to vegan e-books and podcasts. Her treasure trove of collected resources can help anyone to live a healthier and more wholesome life.

The episodes themselves feature practical tips for balancing your life through the vegan lifestyle and whole-foods.

The podcast is filled with easy to implement changes that can help those looking to adapt their diet.

She also interviews other professionals juggling their careers and caring for themselves on how the smallest changes can have a considerable impact.

diane randal thumb

As a former unhealthy, unbalanced busy professional, I was inspired to host a podcast to teach the whole living inner tools and strategies I’ve learned over the years that help men and women create healthy, balanced lives no matter how busy their schedule.

​-​​Diane Randall, Balanced Living For Busy Professionals

3. ​​The No Bullshit Vegan Podcast

​I love Karina’s attitude and the whole ethos behind the podcast.

As someone who made a move to the vegan diet at first for the health benefits (see also ‘ The Health Benefits of Eating Vegan’ ), it was a struggle figuring out the fact from the fiction.

Fact-checking both sides of the vegan debate and making sure you’re equipped with the best knowledge possible arms you to share your plant-based lifestyle responsibly and effectively.

This is vegan nutrition for the brain, and Karina is a kickass podcast host.​

karina inkster thumb

I started this podcast to address what I think is a major problem within the vegan movement: the prevalence of unscientific information (a.k.a. pseudoscience, a.k.a. B.S.). I wanted to create a hub of evidence-based information, so my guests and I could bust myths and help our listeners kick butt while building their Butts with their health and fitness—on a vegan diet.

​-​Karina, No Bullshit Vegan Podcast

4. ​​​No Bull With Anna Wildman

Going meat-free is hard, but staying plant-based while abroad is even harder.

This best vegan podcast is an eye-opening account of what the vegan lifestyle looks like in other countries. It’s not just another one of many vegan podcasts about living in Japan.

Anna is also an avid runner (see also ‘ The Best Running Programs’ ), and there are tips and advice from her and her guests on a broad spectrum of issues, from animal rights to plant-based nutrition.

​As well as the podcast, she also has incredibly interesting content that she shares through social media.

anna wildman

​Initially, No Bull was about the vegan scene in New York, but as I traveled abroad, the podcast evolved as well. I moved to Japan in 2018 after several months of backpacking (see also ‘The Best Hydration Bladders And Backpacks – Our Guide‘) in Southeast Asia, thus No Bull is about living as a vegan in Japan.

​-​​Anna Wildman, No Bull

5. ​​​The Ian Cramer Podcast

Ian Cramer became interested in lifestyle medicine and becoming plant-based in much the same way I did.

I find the best vegan podcasts are the ones that don’t preach but teach through practice, and that’s precisely what this vegan does.

I want to use this podcast as a way to move science forward, encourage civil discourse, and expose people to new ideas and theories potentially counter to their beliefs.”

Ian Cramer is an amazing athlete (see also our article on Alex Morgan) in his own right, and his podcast is full of useful nutritional and performance tips, whether you’re a devout vegan or new to the concept.

ian cramer thumb

A central tenant of the podcast is broadening people’s horizons and exposing them to diversity of thought. Especially within the diet and lifestyle realm, many of us are siloed in echo chambers, hearing the same things and the same talking points over and over

6. ​Desert Sanctuary

The vegan diet isn’t just about your health and animal rights. It’s also about the world and our connection to it.

Karl Forehand has created one of the vegan podcasts that act as nourishment for mind and spirit.

There is so much love and thought that goes into each podcast episode, and if you’re new to the lifestyle, it is a welcome friend.

the desert sanctuary thumb

I started the Desert Sanctuary because when people do courageous things like change their lifestyle or examine their beliefs, sometimes this alienates them. It can feel like wandering out into the desert. That’s why we created the Desert Sanctuary. It is a safe place for the wanderer. And as Tolkien said, “All who wander are not lost.

​-​​Karl Forehand

7. ​Yoga Is Veg​​​​an

Yoga is a form of exercise and meditation that has become commonplace among people from all walks of life.

But at its heart are some essential concepts that seem to have gotten left behind.

This podcast hopes to not just shine a light on this essential compassion for animal rights, but introduce veganism to yoga, and yoga to vegans (See babies).


I felt that the podcast would allow me to share each yogi’s different perspective and experience as to how yoga and veganism are intrinsically connected. As yogis, we should all strive to be in alignment with Ahimsa, ultimately showing compassion towards all beings.

Keeping the podcast under the umbrella of Ahimsa allows us to explore veganism in a non-judgmental way. It is my hope that non-vegans can listen in and hopefully become inspired in a connected and loving space.

– Holly, Yoga Is Vegan

8. ​The Everyday Vegan Mum

As it stands, the metaphorical world’s table is not laid out for vegans.

The Everyday Vegan Mum is a parenting podcast and is one of the best vegan podcasts for those looking for a little help adjusting to a world that will often overlook them.

​Bryony shares fantastic advice for keeping your own home happy, healthy, and vegan, and in sharing that passion for animal rights with others.

vegan possum thumb

​I started the podcast to support parents raising vegan kids in a non-vegan world. We are raising our two young sons vegan and found resources to be limited, and I wanted to add an extra voice for the animals

​-​ Bryony

9. ​The Exam Room By The Physicians Committee

The Exam Room is one of the foremost and most respected vegan podcasts when it comes to the health and nutritional benefits of the diet.

Each episode focuses on a particular topic and examines the science behind it, providing helpful and healthful advice.

Run by a group of physicians who are passionate about compassion, the movement behind the podcast is genuinely changing lives.

They have made massive progress in ending animal testing in medicine and in using diet as preventative medicine to treat chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer.

physicians committee thumb

​Supporting this podcast helps to support The Physicians Committee’s continued efforts in educating the world, and you’ll become more educated yourself in the process.

10. ​Plantriotic Podcast

Jackson is an inspiration. His journey around the globe is well documented on his YouTube channel and through the podcast itself.

​It’s one of few vegan podcasts that features advice on all things vegan, from his fitness (Best running watches 2022) and avid cycling adventures to spirituality and nutrition.

The podcast vegan message is always informative with plant based guests and topics that are as honest and passionate as the host.

plantriotic thumb

I found that if you speak and listen from the heart and pretend there is no one listening but you and the guest, you and can be vulnerable and take risks in your ideas, which provides really valuable and educational content to people seeking answers to our biggest existential questions

​-​​Jackson, Plantriotic Podcast

11. ​Awesome Vegans With ​Elysabeth Alfano

Podcasts, vegan or otherwise, should be relatable and entertaining.

This vegan podcast aims to shine a spotlight on the influencers from all walks of life that practice veganism.

It’s an excellent resource for those unsure if they could make the change to going vegan on their own.

Holding up shining examples and advice on how they have made the switch.

elysabeth alfano thumb

I started the Awesome Vegans Influencer Series because I wanted to highlight the people who are known in the mainstream but aren’t known for veganism. These movers and shakers connect veganism to the mainstream, and the series helps open up a vegan diet and lifestyle to flexitarians and reducetarians. The Awesome Vegans Influencer Series was recently picked up by WCGO Radio and the Smart Talk Radio Network and is now, in addition, the only plant-based radio show in the nation.

​-​​Elysabeth Alfano, Awesome Vegans

12. ​Lean Green Dad Radio

The story behind the weekly podcast is as inspiring and educational as the healthy vegan nutrition, tips, guests, and topics it features.

Cory Warren is the kind of husband and dad I would aspire to be, and I love tuning in to each of the podcast episodes.

The Lean Green Dad Radio started with the goal of making plant foods more accessible (and enticing) for families.

It was his wife’s ulcerative colitis diagnosis that pushed the family to slowly transition into veganism.

lean green dad thumb

I felt by having a podcast for busy parents to listen to in the car with their kids that it would be a great way to provide some inspiration, hope, and positivity for anyone looking to transition to a plant-based diet.

​-​​Cory Warren, Lean Green Dad Radio

13. ​Vegetarian Zen

There is no such thing as a level 5 vegan. We all have our routes to and through living a healthy plant-based life.

The Vegetarian Zen podcast focuses on proper nutrition and building a relationship with the diet that will be sustainable.

Whether vegan, vegetarian, or anything in between or on the path to, the podcast episodes offer valuable insight and information that will aid you on the journey.

vegetarian zen logo

We started our podcast in 2013 just a few months after becoming vegetarian ourselves. We were struggling with junk food (see also ‘Does McDonald’s Have Vegan Or Vegetarian Options?‘) vegetarianism and also with feeling the pressure of being a “perfect” vegetarian. We are welcoming of all vegetarians, vegans, and even those who are simply veg-curious

​-​Vickie, Vegetarian Zen

14. ​That Vegan Couple

That vegan couple is the picture-perfect vegan ideal, they walk the walk, talk the talk, travel the world, and look beautiful doing it.

​But it hasn’t always been that way. Their journey started with corporate careers, animal products aplenty, and a litany of health problems to go with it.

Now they are informed, happier, and healthier, and they share their knowledge and lives with us through their website and podcast.

that vegan couple

One day in 2017, we were standing in a long queue to renew our visas in Thailand. Behind us was another couple who read the vegan t.shirts we were wearing and introduced themselves as fellow vegans. As it turns out, they were incredibly successful online content creators and entrepreneurs. That chance meeting and discussion inspired us to start our Podcast show right away.

​-​​ Natasha and Luca, That Vegan Couple

15. Vegan Danielle

Danielle’s interesting story involves serving burgers and pizza to animal activism and everything in between.

She talks about everything vegan on her podcast — food, fitness, and animal rights.

She’s a trained chef (by none other than Angelo Sosa of Top Chef), an animal rights activist, and a fitness enthusiast.

vegan danielle

Most people these days know me as “Vegan Danielle”. This name was adopted when I decided to switch my principles, and thus my life, over to one of higher compassion. I decided to become vegan in 2015 due to a combination of two main things that happened around the same time; I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and I learned about factory farming (see also our article on organic farming).

​-​​Danielle, Vegan Danielle

And while her physique is a proof that female vegans (see also ‘The Effects of Veganism on the Female Body‘) can lift, she doesn’t want to be called a trainer or fitness guru. She’s “just a chick who lifts heavy shit.”

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16. Morality is Hard by Michael Dello-Iacovo 

Vegan podcasts don’t necessarily have to talk about plant foods. Some valuable ones talk about the ethics behind it — that’s what actually got me hooked in Michael Dello’s podcast, Morality is Hard.

Michael is a huge animal rights advocate. And while his podcast doesn’t specifically dwell on vegan fitness, he talks about how veganism contributes to a better world for all animals.

He does this effectively by discussing these animal rights issues through interviews.

morality is hard

17. The ChickPeeps Vegan Podcast  

The ChickPeeps is one of my go-to podcasts when I want something light and easy to listen to. It’s hosted by Evanna Lynch (yes, Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter) so expect a lot of funny Harry Potter references. So if you’re a fan, you would enjoy The ChickPeeps.

Evanna, together with her co-hosts Momoko Hill, Robbie Jarvis, and Tylor Starr, share stories and opinions about many timely issues concerning animal rights, raising kids as vegan, plant foods and recipes, and plant-based wizardry.

They’re such a fun bunch and I think they’re effective in bringing the vegan message to the Gen Z.

The chickpeeps

18. The Vegan Vanguard  

The Vegan Vanguard started with two vegan Youtube influencers, Marine and Mexie, who shared the same passion about educating people about veganism and its effect on the world.

Both Marine and Mexie are huge on intersectional veganism, which means that living the lifestyle doesn’t end not consuming animal-based food.

​The Vegan Vanguard talks about veganism in terms of its environmental, social, and economical repercussions.

 Vegan Vanguard

19. The Brownble Podcast  

What I like about the Brownble Podcast is that it provides an authentic and positive attitude when it comes to veganism. Not to mention the informative content and recipes they have for their audience.

With her passion for cooking, Kim, together with her husband, Carlos, has successfully launched a blog site and a series of podcasts, full of insights from their journey towards veganism. It’s a podcast worth listening to especially when you’re in the kitchen, preparing your meal.

The Brownble Podcast roots from the story of the host herself as she firmly believes that our body must not be taken for granted. Incorporating this story to her passion, she’s converted it into a comprehensive podcast series.


​20. ​Planthropology Podcast  

The Planthropology Podcast is like an auditory paradise for green thumbs and other plant people.

It provides and delivers reliable content that is loaded with information from highly educated professionals and very passionate plant people. Also, their conversations have a casual and entertaining tone, making their lessons very easy to grasp and follow.

I must say that this podcast is one you should listen to if you’re looking to learn more about plants (of course!), agriculture, soil, and water. Their interest and love for Earth will surely inspire you to also join the advocacy of creating a healthier and greener home for all of us


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