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Best Running Watches in 2022

Last updated: May 25, 2022

Running is one of the best forms of physical exercise. It burns and lowers body fat percentage, reduces blood pressure, triglycerides, and the resting heart rate while simultaneously enhancing blood sugar control. And these are just a few of its benefits, which is why it's worth investing in accessories that make you better at it such as the best running watch for 2022.

Running watches often track metrics relevant to your health, such as heart rate and pack features designed to improve your running performance further. We've rounded up the best running watches for 2022 to save you the legwork.

Whether you're a casual runner or a professional triathlon marathon runner, the offerings below come with features guaranteed to improve your athletic performance significantly.

Running is one of the best forms of physical exercise. It burns and lowers body fat percentage, reduces blood pressure, triglycerides, and the resting heart rate while simultaneously enhancing blood sugar control. And these are just a few of its benefits, which is why it's worth investing in accessories that make you better at it such as the best running watch for 2022.

Best Overall: Garmin Forerunner 245

The Garmin Forerunner 245 is one of Garmin’s most innovative products and, ultimately, the best running watch on the market.

It has one of the most feature-packed running modes on the market. It includes GPS, Glonass and Galileo sensors for navigation tracking and a pulse, oxygen, and saturation monitor. Garmin 245 tracks distance and a string of other important running dynamics that’ll help improve your running performance in future, such as the ground contact time, cadence, stride length, vertical oscillation and ratio, running power, and stride length.

You may even set up alerts for when you hit a certain distance or set targets on time, pace, and distance when looking to achieve a specific running feat. It keeps you on top of your fitness goals thanks to metrics like training status, a mode designed to analyze and offer exercise progress insights, and the anaerobic and aerobic training effect, a metric designed to specifically track, analyze and provide insights on the efficacy of individual workouts.

Like most Garmin watches, it also features a built-in coach, perfect if you're getting into running and require professional assistance and tips.

Besides the slew of run-friendly features it packs, we consider it one of the best running watches for women for the bunch of safety and female-friendly features it offers. It has real-time, live tracking to keep your loved ones in the loop about your location and an assistance and incident detection feature so users can seamlessly notify their emergency contacts in case anything comes up. Note, the incident detection feature is enabled by default to automatically alert emergency contacts if anything is amiss. Female users may log and track their menstrual or pregnancy cycle, and receive handy exercise and nutrition tips.

As for the design, the Garmin 245 is as compact as they come. It weighs 38.5g and has a small 42mm watchcase guaranteed to fit perfectly, even on females with small wrists. It has a 240x240 resolution to ensure high visibility regardless of the small watch face size.

Like most Garmin watches, it features a five-button design making it incredibly easy to use even in the middle of a spirited run. The battery lasts seven days but may last longer or shorter depending on your usage.

The best part? This is among the best running watches with music. You can download up to 500 songs or sync Spotify and Deezer apps to listen to your favorite tunes since the Garmin 245 is specifically named a music watch for this functionality. The watch packs a slew of other impressive features we couldn't mention here, but be sure to check them out.

Best Watch Under $200: COROS Pace 2 GPS Sports Watch

In the market for a watch with comprehensive running features but don't want to splurge on expensive models? Interested in the best running watch for strava? If your answer is yes to either or both questions, you might want to check out the Coros Pace 2 watch.

It supports strava and includes GPS, Glonass, and even the Chinese GPS equivalent, Beidu, guaranteeing seamless navigation when you’re out on the trail. It also features a heart rate sensor, ABC sensors, and you may even connect external sensors.

Besides the sensors, Coros Pace 2 has running features rarely found in models within its price range. It offers performance scores for users to track their running performance and includes stride length detection to calculate the length of your strides automatically. The model also features a race predictor designed to predict your upcoming races and marathons accurately and track mode to track the distance you’ve run.

Coros Pace 2 running mode can also track power, a metric that lets you keep up with your running power without having to bring any accessories to your runs. The AI Trainer function keeps track of your previous workouts for easy progress tracking, while the muscle heat map displays muscle groups affected most by your daily runs. Prefer more detailed stats? The Coros Evo Lab is free to access for all users and includes detailed and advanced data on your exercises and recovery.

At only 35grams and with a 50% weight reduced band, the Coros Pace 2 is also one of the lightest models on the market, making it even better suited to running endeavors. The watch band spots silicone or nylon material leather bands to provide a comfortable, snug fit and ensure breathability.

Coros Pace 2 has a dial for navigation and comes in black, white, and navy shades. The deal-breaker? Well, it cannot sync your workout data with Apple Health or Google Fit and lacks music storage. But for the price and the comprehensive running features, it's an option worth considering, and undoubtedly, the best running watch under $200.

Best Watch With Spotify: Garmin Fenix 7s Solar Edition

Want the best running watch with Spotify? Check out the Garmin Fenix 7s Solar Edition. The model is compatible with Spotify and has music storage, meaning you can also download your favourite tunes for offline listening. But there's more to it than just music. It features multiple navigation sensors, including GPS and Glonass, and can last 11 days in smartwatch mode or up to two weeks when paired with solar charging.

It weighs only 58grams, meaning it's pretty lightweight and features stainless steel parts, guaranteeing durability. The 42mm watch face fits snugly even on a smaller wrist, allowing more accurate heart rate tracking.

The Fenix 7S features both touchscreen and buttons, allowing runners more navigation options during runs. It has real-time live tracking, so your contacts are always aware of your location. It also includes an incident detection feature and an emergency button, facilitating your safety while you're out on your early morning or evening run.

It includes real-time stamina tracking, preloaded maps, a visual race predictor, daily workout suggestions, and a raft of features designed to improve your running exercises and over 30 other sports. However, you might experience issues with the usability of the maps and wellness features.

Most Affordable Running Watch: Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness tracker is one of the most affordable and best women's running watches. The watch comes in black, white, and lilac.

It sports a sleek, rectangular watch face with a flexible, breathable, durable elastomer watch band.

The watch’s physical design mimics the Ace 2, Fitbit’s child-sized watch, so it fits perfectly, even on small wrists. It has a vivid OLED touchscreen and boasts button functionality for ease of use during exercise.

Physical design aside, the Fitbit Inspire HR might be the most affordable option on our list, but it doesn’t skimp on functionality. It has a 24/7 heart rate monitor and GPS functionality and besides running, the Fitbit Inspire HR fitness tracker tracks over 15 other indoor and outdoor exercises, including swimming, walks, and weightlifting. It tracks important stats like steps taken, active minutes, hourly activity, cardio fitness levels, and even sleep. The watch is waterproof and offers up to five days of battery runtime.

The catch? Its child-sized watch face means you might find the display too small. The Fitbit Inspire HR packs all the basic features you need on your run, and for the price, it sure offers the best bang for your bucks.

FAQS on the Best Running Watches for 2022

Here are some commonly asked questions about the best running watches for women:

1. What should I look for in a running watch?

Although preferences vary, you should prioritize factors like:

  • Maps and navigation tools
  • Battery life
  • Watch navigation; is it button, touchscreen or both?
  • Safety features
  • Phone call and text alert capability

2. What makes the best women’s running watch?

The best womens running watch typically includes maps and navigation tools, a long battery life, and all the features listed above. They should also include safety features like live tracking, assistance, and incident detection. Since women typically have smaller wrists, a running watch designed for this audience should be a tad smaller to ensure seamless maneuverability when worn.

3. Can you wear a running watch daily?

Yes. In fact, you should wear the best running watches for 2022  24/7 because they feature heart rate tracking and can monitor important health stats such as your VO2 max when you're awake and asleep.


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