18 Vegan Resorts Around the World

Nothing spoils a beautiful vacation than not being sure if you will be able to access the food you need, which is something vegans experience from time to time. Luckily several resorts and hotels hold veganism among their core values, or at the very least, offer vegan dining options. Several of these spots prioritize sustainability in other amenities. Read on to discover some of the best vegan and vegan-friendly resorts worldwide.

Fully Vegan Resorts

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The food at these resorts is entirely vegan. In addition to providing vegan meals, many resorts also engage in eco-friendly practices. These resorts and hotels do not serve any form of animal-derived products.

Agrivilla i Pini, Italy

Agrivilla I Pini

If you are looking for an excellent vegan vacation in Italy, consider Agrivilla i Pini. Vineyards, olive groves, and permaculture gardens surround the villa. Slow living is a big priority at this hideaway, and sitting back and enjoying nature is very easy. If you want to explore, there are many nearby places to hike and explore, including local medieval villages.


Agrivilla’s goal is to approach everything through a sustainable lens. The villa received a recent environmentally friendly renovation. Furniture throughout the hotel is made out of environmentally friendly materials. The villa offers vegan food, including vegan olive oils and wines. Rooms cost between 350 and 500 euros per night. 


Casa Albets, Spain

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Nestled between Barcelona and Andorra, Casa Albets is a luxurious spot in rural Spain. You can engage with nature and the nearby cities on your visits. There are plenty of great spots for hiking, skiing, and biking. While the price of each room includes breakfast, other meals cost extra. You are welcome to bring your dog along to this hotel.

This resort is entirely vegan, thanks to the on-site vegan restaurant. It consists of a farmhouse that was converted into an eco-friendly manner. The bedding and other linens at the hotel are all eco-friendly. Rooms cost between 100 and 300 euros per night.




Finca Victoria, Puerto Rico

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Finca Victoria is an adults-only vegan bed and breakfast style hotel and Ayurvedic wellness center that offers complimentary yoga classes, complimentary vegan breakfast, and Friday night vegan dinners with guest chefs. This location is not all-inclusive and does not serve food beyond what was previously mentioned; however, there is a 24-hour snack bar with vegan food.

You can bring your pup along to this dog-friendly property. Beyond the all-vegan food, the resort also has permaculture-focused spaces. These areas include an herb garden, a medicinal garden, and an edible garden. The plants sourced from these areas find use in the hotel’s kitchen and shop. Rooms and cabins cost between $230 and $550 per night.



Hotel Holistika, Tulum, Mexico


This boutique hotel deep in the jungle focuses on health and wellness.

Hotel Holistika

in Tulum includes a restaurant and community center where you can take classes and enjoy wellness services. Amenities include a fireplace, a co-working space, a tree house, and a boutique. There is also a jungle walk and several areas for yoga.

Tierra, the resort’s vegan/vegetarian restaurant offers delicious cruelty-free dining options. You can also pick up vegan snacks from the on-site Yom Yom Store. Shared rooms are $35, and individual rooms cost $130.


Koukoumi Hotel, Mykonos, Greece

Come to the Koukoumi Hotel in Greece if you want a vegan home away from home. If you like, you can even take advantage of the boutique hotel’s all-inclusive option. Besides a commitment to veganism, this resort offers spa services and a fabulous gym.

The Koukoumi Hotel works to protect the environment and the animals in it in all areas. Thanks to its commitment to sustainability, this hideaway uses solar water heaters, composting, and biological wastewater purification systems. The on-site restaurant and spa are entirely vegan. Rooms cost between $450 and $700 a night. Some of those prices include breakfast or a full board.


Stanford Inn, Mendocino, CA, USA


This resort and wellness center hosts retreats and provides a lovely place to relax. Stanford Inn also offers cooking, tai chi, yoga, and gardening classes that cost extra. The rooms have beautiful fireplaces. There are also indoor pools and complimentary bikes on site.

The Stanford Inn is a truly all-vegan experience. All meals are fully vegan, and the resort allows pets. The price of the resort includes a vegan breakfast, but other meals cost extra. Rooms cost between $350 and $670 per night.



Tosa Blue Mountain, Ecuador

Tosa is an all-inclusive resort that focuses on wellness. It offers plenty of wellness experiences, including a water therapy center, an ancient archeological site, a spa, and meditation caves. The resort is a fully restored over 200 years old Hacienda in the Andes Mountains.

The all-inclusive resort offers vegan cuisine made from locally grown produce. Reservations include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Cottages cost between $145 and $300 a night. A bed in the community house costs $85 per night. Additional therapies and spa services cost extra.







Volcano Eco Resort, Hawaii, USA

Volcano Eco Resort is a getaway nestled in a Hawaiian forest. When you visit the resort, you can enjoy the jungle, the outdoor spa, yoga, and a zen garden. All the food served by the resort is plant-based and locally grown.

The resort is constructed of LEED-certified materials as part of the resort’s sustainability mission. Sustainable practices are used by the Eco resort to protect the Hawaiian environment. Some of these practices include recycling rainwater, eliminating single-use plastics, using natural ventilation, and using biodegradable cleaning products. The garden view bungalows cost $389 a night.


Waterfall Villas, Costa Rica

Waterfall Villas is a wellness retreat that prioritizes living in harmony with nature. This resort also offers several seasonal specials and other packages. You can try adventure tours, nature tours, and workshops, or explore the beaches and national parks.

The vegan food offered by the retreat is grown by local farmers. Eco-consciousness is a major priority for the retreat. Waterfall villas provide care for the waterfall system, including protecting the water, animals, and plants within the ecosystem. The Villas also prioritize local people to support the local villages. Suites and villas cost between $150 and $500 per night.



Wonderland, Koh Phngan, Thailand

Wonderland is a healing center that offers yoga retreats and meditation classes. You can also access the swimming pool, herbal steam sauna, Thai massages, and other features. Several retreats take place at the center, including a meditation retreat, vegan retreat, yoga retreat, and more.

This retreat offers three vegan buffet meals each day. Guests can also participate in the detox program, which includes a meal plan. Dorm rooms cost about $40 per bed per night, while private rooms cost about $100 per night.

Resorts and Hotels With Vegan Options

While there are several fully vegan resorts and hotels around the world, unfortunately, you can’t always find an entirely vegan option. Luckily, there are plenty of resorts and hotels that have vegan-friendly options even if they do not fully commit to a vegan lifestyle.

Being Sattvaa, Bali, Indonesia

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Being Sattvaa is an Indonesian retreat designed to melt away the stresses of daily life. When you come to this resort, you will be immersed in a wellness experience. The wellness retreat offers gardens, yoga, and different wellness packages.

This resort is fully vegetarian. However, you can get vegan options within the existing menus or upon request. Environmentally friendly principles were applied to the construction of the resort. The water and vegetation are strategically used in sustainable ways. The materials and labor used in construction on the site are local. Rooms cost between $100 and $1,000 per night.

Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat, Mallorca, Spain

Nestled in the Mediterranean countryside, Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat puts holistic living at the center of everything it does. You can enjoy spaces for yoga and meditation or take vegan, vegetarian, and raw culinary workshops. The center also offers beauty treatments and open-air massages.

The food at the retreat is all organic and locally sourced. Some of it even comes from the resort’s kitchen garden. The on-site restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan food inspired by cuisines from around the world. There is also a cleanse plant-based menu. Rooms cost between $450 and $1,200 per night.



Finest Playa Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico

Finest Playa Mujeres in Cancun is all-inclusive and family-friendly. It has ten outdoor pools and kids clubs. Plus it features options such as swim-up suites and a private beach. It is near several beach walks, a ferry terminal, a golf club, and an archeological site.

You will find twelve restaurants and two poolside bars at this beautiful resort. Finest is not an entirely vegan or vegetarian resort. However, it has vegan items available on its dedicated vegetarian menus. Rooms cost between $350 and $930.





Hilton London Bankside, UK


While this spot is not a resort, it has plenty of luxury and vegan options worth noting.

The Hilton London Bankside is a luxury hotel that gets you close to plenty of attractions. It has an on-site restaurant, an indoor pool, and a fitness center.

Even though this restaurant is not vegan, it is vegetarian and vegan options are available. The hotel also offers a vegan suite in which only vegan materials are used. When you go to dine in the restaurant, you can also opt to eat at the vegan table. There is no spa on-site at this hotel. However, there are plenty of vegan spas nearby. Rooms cost between $350 and $950 per night.



Laguna Lodge, Guatemala

Laguna Lodge takes pride in Mayan cultural roots in all aspects of the experience it offers. During the day, visitors enjoy tours, visits to the spa, and other experiences. You can go boating, horseback riding, zip-lining, golfing, and paragliding.

Laguna Lodge’s restaurant is vegetarian rather than vegan. However, you can still access vegan options here. Laguna follows eco-friendly practices and part of the property is an eco-reserve. The area is known for its beautiful sunsets, impressive mountains, and tropical dry forest. The rooms cost between $195 and $895.





Palmaia, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Palmaia is an all-inclusive luxury resort that offers plenty of amenities. Food, drink, minibars, classes, and yoga are all included in the price. There are adults-only buildings and family-friendly buildings. So, you can get exactly the vacation you want. Spa services will cost extra.

All of the food is plant-based. However, any meat-eaters at the party can opt to add meat if they want. As a result, this resort is not fully vegan. Beyond food, this resort also has cruelty-free furnishings and amenities. Suites cost between $930 and $1,400 a night.  

  1. Sandals Resorts, Caribbean

Sandals is an adults-only escape that has fifteen locations throughout the Caribbean. The resorts are all-inclusive, including food and drinks. You can also enjoy your time in spas and adventures at each resort.

This resort serves animal-derived products and does not porcelain to have vegan-friendly options in its decor or activities. However, if you go to Sandals, you can find vegan options or request vegan options from the chef. Pricing for rooms varies greatly across different resorts. All-inclusive rooms can cost between $1,000 and $7,000 per night.

  1. Xinalani Retreat, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Xinalani is a retreat in Mexico that offers yoga classes, eco-tours, excursions, and other experiences. You can also get massages, and other spa treatments, and participate in water sports and other forms of entertainment. This resort prioritizes its interconnectedness with nature. There are plenty of dolphins, iguanas, whales, and birds nearby.

The food at Xinalani is vegetarian with vegan options. This retreat was built with local materials and it strives to support the local community. Water and energy usage are approached carefully to protect the environment.

Final Thoughts

So, the next time you lament a lack of available resorts with vegan options, take a look at this list. Whether you want a fully vegan experience or you want to have options as you join others on their omnivorous vacation, there is no shortage of resorts and hotels that you can try.

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