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Mac and Cheese Made for Wonder Woman

Jason Hughes
Published by Jason Hughes
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Last updated: June 20, 2022

Let's face it, kids are extremely picky, especially when it comes to food. There isn't anything more iconic for a kid than macaroni and cheese and maybe some juice to go with it. Many stay away from brands such as Kraft Dinner - while the price may be affordable, it contains a hefty amount of sodium per serving and some unhealthy additives that may be going into your child's body. Goodles was created with a sustainable and healthy ideal in mind. Goodles is a naturally healthy alternative to traditional mac and cheese that contains more of the good stuff that is necessary for the proper growth and nutrition of your child.

In this article, we will introduce a new line of kids healthy foods: Goodles. A California-based company, we will talk about the nutrition facts and mission of Goodles from assembly to the pantry, and how wonder woman is involved in this very project. Finally, we'll talk about a great recipe to add to your cookbook to spice up your mac and cheese routine.

Kid Friendly Healthy Food

Goodles is a brand centered around changing the world, one bowl of mac and cheese at a time. With such clever names as "Twist My Parm" and "Shella Good" Goodles aim to be the number one choice when thinking of macaroni and cheese in the near future. Traditionally, mac and cheese were just that: a bowl of macaroni and some melted cheese on top of it. A classic American icon, it is usually served with other sides such as tomato soup, and who could forget chopping up those little hot dogs?

Goodles was co-created by Israeli model and actress, Gal Gadot. Widely known for her starring role in the wonder woman movie, Gal Gadot has had many business ventures and endorsement deals that come directly from the heart. Using her earnings from other hit shows and movies, such as Red Notice, Gal Gadot has taken a philanthropic approach to life - using her powerful position to drive sustainable change into the future. Gadot has shared values with the company's chief executive officer and handles the retail/media relations, is a huge part of the brand and business development, and is one who taste-tests everything.

Vegan Mac and Cheese

The CEO of Goodles, Jen Zeszut, is a serial entrepreneur, founding 3 other companies and leading at least four enterprises throughout her career. She loves this brand and centers it around a few key missions: sustainability, healthy choice, and alternative choices.

Sustainability: Goodles is centered around doing "gooder" for the environment and community. This means that the brand advocates making choices in day-to-day life that place sustainability as a chief priority. Goodles sources their ingredients from sustainable agricultural farming, and their methods of cooking and making recipes are perfected so as to reduce food waste during the production and manufacturing stage. Their packaging is made to be recycled easily and their blog centers around a healthy diet, sustainable environment, education, and placing children at the forefront of the decisions of each generation.

Healthy Choice: Aiming to be the number one choice of mac and cheese lovers everywhere (young, old, and anything in between), Goodles isn't afraid to say how they stack up in the competition. Firstly, Goodles employs over 21 micronutrients in their ingredients, which is more than 5x the next leading competitors, Kraft and Annie's Shells. Goodles doesn't stop there as they contain 15 grams of protein per serving, compared with only 7-12 grams per box of the other two big names in the industry. Finally, Goodles is a non-stop spokesperson for fiber. With over triple the amount of fiber per serving (6g), you can be sure that you are feeling more full, absorbing more nutrients, and keeping yourself regular with each box of mac and cheese.

Alternatives: Adding to their already winning lineup of over 400 independent taste tests - Goodles will be releasing their first-ever mac and cheese flavor: "Vegan is Believin'". Goodles is an advocate for providing a healthy alternative to mac and cheese, and that shouldn't be any different for those with dietary restrictions. Although mac and cheese may seem non-vegan, no one should be stopped from experiencing the flavor of cheese (or even cut-up little hot dogs). This new flavor will contain all the great flavors like the traditional ones we've come to know and love, with all the great benefits of the protein to offer that meat alternative's nutritional value. 

Gal Gadot Mac and Cheese Recipe

On June 29th, Goodles will be releasing their 'Vegan is Believin" flavor to be available for purchase at Goodles.com. Wonder woman actress Gal Gadot has responded that she loves everything that the mac and cheese boxes from Goodles embody: the flavor, the saltiness, the sweetness, the comfort, and the nostalgia from her younger years. There is no need to add anything to the recipe, as most of the ingredients are already delicious, healthy, and pack a huge burst of flavor.

Some of the great things inside are chickpea protein, organic broccoli, organic kale, organic spinach, organic pumpkin, and organic shiitake mushroom.


What is the goodle brand?

Goodle is a recently introduced company headquartered in Santa Cruz, California. It is much more than a mac and cheese brand, but one that stands by the word "gooder". Community love, random acts of kindness, and sustainability are some of the values dear to this company.

How is goodle healthier?

Goodle packages of mac and cheese are available for both kids and adults, who want to feel the comfort of being a kid again without the guilt of eating something considered a "snack" or "comfort food". Goodle contains more nutrients, more fiber, and more protein per serving than any other competitive mac and cheese brand.

Does gal gadot own goodle?

Gal Gadot was approached with a business idea by the CEO of Goodle, which allegedly was not a great venture to start off on. After discussing their favorite foods, Gal Gadot was asked to co-found Goodle after the beginning of 2020. Wonder Woman really loves her mac and cheese memories!

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