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Can You Eat Healthy At IHop?

Jason Hughes
Published by Jason Hughes
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Last updated: May 27, 2022

IHOP has been delighted devoted fans for more than 58 years. The restaurant chain is famous for its pancakes, but IHOP also has many other delicious menu items, and many offer healthy options.

Can you eat healthy at IHOP? Absolutely!

How to Order at IHOP for Healthy Eating

Follow these tips to make almost any IHOP meal healthier.

Search the menu for Simple & Fit choices

In 2010, IHOP started offering dishes that were hand-selected and approved by dieticians. The Simple & Fit menu offerings are lower in fat and calories, and they are just healthier overall.

All Simple & Fit menu items have less than 600 calories.

Be careful with toppings

Do you really need butter on your pancakes? When you add a dollop of creamy butter to your short stack, you're adding an extra eight grams of fat and 70 additional calories.

The fact is, you may find that you enjoy your pancakes just as much without butter. You can also opt for sugar-free syrup or jam instead of regular syrup.

Understand how to use substitutions

For most menu items, you can easily make substitutions. For example, scrambled eggs or omelets can be made with egg whites instead of whole eggs.

You can also opt to enjoy turkey bacon instead of pork bacon.

Go with the a la carte menu

Instead of ordering a full meal, consider going with options on the a la carte menu.  You can choose eggs, turkey bacon, and whole-wheat toast.

Remember portion control

Can you enjoy that yummy free stack of pancakes on National Pancake Day? Sure you can. It's all about moderation.

You can also choose a meal from the kid's menu to make sure you're eating less.

Be sure to check out the official IHOP nutrition calculator.

Healthiest IHOP Foods

Here are the healthiest things you can order at IHOP. 

1. Egg White Vegetable Omelette

The Egg White Vegetable Omelette is so delicious you won't even mix the yolks. This omelette is stuffed with onions and spinach.

For toppings, you get Pepper Jack cheese, avocado, and tomatoes.

This omelette is also served with fruit. 

2. Simple & Fit 2-Egg Breakfast

This signature dish comes with two slices of turkey bacon, scrambled egg whites, whole-wheat toast, and seasonal mixed fruit. 

3. IHOP House Salad

The heavier salads at IHOP can be loaded with calories. However, the house salad is perfect for a light brunch or as a side dish with dinner. 

This salad comes with greens, red onion, and tomatoes. 

4. IHOP Soups

IHOP has a delicious soup selection, but you can expect to find different soups at different locations.

Some of their signature soups include Loaded Potato with Bacon, Roasted Chicken Noodle, and Minestrone. 

5. Tilapia Florentine

If you happen to visit IHOP for lunch or dinner, try the Tilapia Florentine. This dish includes two tilapia fillets served over spinach. The whole mixture is tossed in a creamy Alfredo sauce. 

For a side dish, you can enjoy the mashed potatoes that come with it or substitute a side salad. 

6. 3-Stack Original Buttermilk Pancakes

While pancakes aren't something you want to indulge in every day, a short stack of IHOP pancakes can be an occasional treat. 

Be sure to limit yourself to only three pancakes, and you're intaking just 430 calories. 

7. Grilled Chicken, Ranch, and Avocado Club Sandwich

If you skip the ranch dressing and substitute turkey bacon on this sandwich, it clocks in at just 350 calories. 

The grilled chicken sandwich has lettuce and avocado. 

8. Create Your Own Omelet

You can customize an omelet at IHOP and load up whole eggs or egg whites with delicious ingredients. Consider spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and more. 

What to Avoid at IHOP

There are several delicious and decadent IHOP menu items that should be avoided by people who are trying to eat healthy food. This list is not complete, but it will give you an idea of what to avoid at IHOP.

  • Ultimate Waffle Sandwich
  • Mega Monster Cheeseburger
  • Belgian Chocolate Pancakes
  • Cheeseburger Omelet
  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Philly Cheese Steak Stacker
  • Stuffed French Toast with Fruit Topping
  • Banana Crepe with Nutella
  • Cupcake Pancake Combo
  • Country Fried Steak and Eggs with Sausage Gravy


Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about eating healthy at IHOP.

Are IHOP eggs healthy?

All eggs are healthy. When you order your eggs, be sure you specify how you want them cooked. Poached eggs, boiled eggs, and scrambled eggs generally have less fat than fried eggs.

What's the healthiest thing to eat at IHOP?

There are a number of healthy menu options at IHOP, and it's difficult to say which IHOP food is healthiest. It depends on your individual dietary needs.

What can you eat at IHOP on keto?

You can enjoy several different meal options at IHOP if you're following a keto diet. These include the following menu items. For all of these, skip hash browns, toast, buns, bread, salsa, queso, and pancakes.

  • Big Steak Omelet
  • Bacon Temptation Omelet
  • T-Bone Steak and Eggs Combo
  • Smokehouse Combo
  • Ham and Egg Melt
  • Classic Steakburger with Bacon
  • Grilled Chicken and Veggie Salad
  • Grilled Tilapia Dinner

Are IHOP pancakes good for you?

Pancakes are not one of the healthiest foods you can choose. However, if you limit yourself to a short stack of two or three pancakes, you can enjoy an occasional treat. Consider opting for sugar-free syrup or using fresh fruit instead of syrup.

Are IHOP omelettes healthy?

Eggs are very nutritious and healthy because they are low in saturated fat and offer loads of protein. For omelettes, it depends on what you choose as fillings.

Are IHOP pancakes vegan?

No. IHOP pancakes have milk and egg in them, so they are not vegan.

Is there an IHOP vegetarian menu?

IHOP does not have an official vegetarian menu. However, IHOP has several vegetarian options, including pancakes, French toast, crepes, egg dishes, omelets, burrito bowls, and more. For IHOP vegan options, consider salads without meat or Minestrone soup.

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