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As a trainer of woman of all ages I’ve discovered that healthy weight loss & weight management is impossible without a good exercise plan and a healthy diet.

Since Provitalize promises to do this, my team spent many weeks researching and testing products for clients to determine the potential benefits and/or cons of this natural, weight loss supplement and management product. We will detail its essential ingredients, advantages, or adverse effects.

Spoiler Alert: “Yes…This product does help you lose weight, but there’s a catch”.

Does it really work?

Provitalize is advertised as offering good results according to Provitalize reviewers. Thousand report significant weight loss as well as a way to manage body mass index.

Better Body Co. Original Provitalize | Natural Menopause Probiotics for Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Low Energy, Mood Swings, Gut Health. Unique Probiotics Formula (3 Pack)

The manufacturer claims that it is a thermogenic and probiotic blend that improves health a healthy body by increasing its ability to retrain the brain and improving digestion, while decreasing the likelyhood of menopausal weight gain.

The body fat reductions occur by utilizing what Provitalize calls their (thermogenic probiotic supplement).

It is praised as one of the greatest menopause supplements as it promotes significant weight loss through an innovative approach (Magic Pill). Increasing metabolism in obese adults helps burn stubborn belly fat, reduce inflammation & regulate blood sugar levels.

Provitalize promotes healthy digestion which in and of itself is a form of digestive system support & it’s a thermogenic probiotic supplement. Instead of restricting calories as a means to an end, this supplement regulates blood sugar levels thus creating a healthy metabolism immune system that in theory can support fat loss.

Cost and Where to Buy Provitalize

Provitalizers can be found online at the company’s official website here. Alternatively, this product can be purchased on other websites like Amazon or Walmart. The price of a reusable bottle varies depending on vendor.

Signing up for an automated supply is cheaper although we have heard of complaints regarding ease of cancellation!

A third feature is the possibility of increasing your monthly shipments by two, three or six bottles at a higher discount.

Provitalize Consumption Experience

The female side of my family has a history of menopause & becoming overweight, obese adults. Knowing what I know about weight & losing weight loss supplements I was eager to see if this could help the women in my life with their weight loss journey.

So yes…I tapped into my familial ties in hopes my test subjects could ease their menopausal symptoms while experiencing healthy weight loss. To provide some anonymity I’ll share what they said without their names (You Know Who You Are)!!

Ok , so I was a bit skeptical as I’ve tried a few different pills before. I hate being one of the “menapausal women” in the family that was overweight so I tried it. Long storry short, I have lost weight & I’m going to stay on it.


As I got Uhmm…older, i experienced unintended weight gain which is common in my family. I always wanted to be in a double blind clinical trial…not! My body mass index did go down however I feel that I look the same.

#1 Auntie

Are there any alternatives to Provitalize?

PhenQ is a popular weight loss supplement which inhibits the accumulation of fat in the body, it also increases the metabolic rate & increases fat burning. LeanBean & Powher are another set of Vegan weight loss supplements that are specifically formulated for a woman’s body chemistry.

Overweight and obese adults are looking for a healthy diet & ways to consume a balanced diet & rid themselves of stubborn fat. There’s more than one way to treat obesity for menopausal women, the act of regular exercise & the will to consume the correct foods works!

#1 Weight Loss For Women
#2 Best Weight Loss For Women

Provitalize Ingredients Review 2022 – Does It Work?

Provitalize has a unique ingredient that makes it the most effective and successful weight loss supplement available today. It contains compounds which have antibacterial strains that help to promote good health.

These components include three probiotics in this formulation. In total they generate 67 billion CFU. The supplement also contains 250 mg of turmeric root, 500 mg of moringa leaf extract, 200 mg of Curry leaves extract, 3 mg BioPERINE and 50 mg of sunflower lecithin boost.

side benefit of utilizing the Gut-Axis as the delivery method for increasing metabolism also helps with other issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, lower blood sugar levels & all that helps regulate cholesterol levels!

How can I take Provitalize?

Take 2 capsules each day on an empty stomach or after a meal works too. The instructions say to take it upon waking for best results.

Possible side effects

Always seek the advice of a medical professional before taking supplements. Provitalized doesn’t cause any health problems but users have reported mild constipation & diarrhoea.

Changing your gut flora has a way of causing the stomach to be off until it gets used to the new energy levels because of gut bacteria.

What the users are saying

Our team looked at user feedback to find the Provitalize reviews on the favorable side. We did test other woman in addition to my family members & their reults were very similar. One of our training clients did stop taking the supplement as she said “It made me feel weird”.

We are all slightly different & not all supplements feel or work the same, nonetheless this could be the way you feel as well. Good thing there is a 30 day money back guarantee!

Provitalize side effects

It is critical for anyone undergoing weight-loss treatment to understand the potential side effects. The symptoms can be mild like constipation, gas, or a sluggish stomach.

In addition, you may be prone to urination or diarrhoea frequently. Please keep in mind that the effect disappears after you’ve adjusted.

Performance of Provitalize Fat Burner

Provitalize treats the root cause of fat and unintended weight gain, not just the symptoms of fat gain. It helps reduce the risk for heart disease and weight loss through scientific studies.

Probiotic supplements combined with herbs and supplements are effective in improving metabolism and burning calories. In addition, it may help decrease food cravings, and it also reduces unwanted weight gain. Several issues for menopause sufferers have to do with probiotics and herb therapy so this is like killing two birds with one stone.

Benefits and Highlights

    • Uses Turmeric Root extract

    • Helps with other menopause symptoms

    • Has anti inflammatory properties

    • helps with immune system support

    • Increases dietary lecithin supplementation

    • Supports gut health

    • Considered a menopause supplements

What is Provitalize?

Weight gain has been a part of various menopause symptoms, partly as a result of low estrogen levels & bad gut health. The use of a diet to manage weight loss is sometimes difficult, which is why Provitalize helps to improve gut health and reduce excess fatty tissue and toxins in your body.

How Did I decide On Provitalize?

In addition it claims that it may help with fat loss and can help to prevent excess body fat. It is believed the ingredients present in the supplement are effective at helping you look younger and reduce your skin droopiness.

There are no guarantees regarding the secondary advantages obtained by this supplement. What is the purpose of supplementation? Provitalize claims its products use scientifically validated and natural ingredients to prevent menopause symptoms.

Is there a problem?

Some shortfalls reported include slower results with fat reduction or reduced appetite or lost weight after one week of usage. Obviously the rate differs by user, other factors may also be at play. So, the provitalize pill doesn’t work well for losing weight immediately but over our 4 week test, it did show weight and fat loss supplement supplements like this do work.

Provitalize Ingredients

Each Provitalizer capsule contains two probiotics, herbs infused with plant-based nutrients and nutrients that have been clinically demonstrated to improve digestive health. Lactobacillus gasserus (SBT 22051) – This probiotic strain can inhibit fat metabolism and increase weight loss if it promotes fatty adsorption. The Bifidobacterium breve strain has an enzyme that helps reduce blood sugar levels by reducing the amount that is in the stomach.

Health Benefits of Provitalize

All Provitalize products have shown results. It provides some health benefits including fat loss and cholesterol reduction.

The drug helps regulate your blood glucose levels as well as cholesterol levels. For some users, side effects of Provitalize is viewed with other benefits like less hot flashes and other symptoms that make it considered a great supplement

What results can you expect (based on science)?

Provitalize provides good probiotic strains including some Curry Leaf Extract that may be helpful in helping weight-loss. According to studies published in the journal Applied & Clinical Medicine, the bacterial compounds burns fat by increasing your base metabolic rate.

About the brand

Better Body Company is a Las Vegas Based business & they are the direct manufacturer which gives them quality control. The manufacturing facility is GMP Certified as well as meets Good Manufacturing Certified Facility standards.

How to use Provitalize: Supplement Directions

Provitalize recommends taking two capsules in the morning on an empty stomach, Provitalize comes in delayed release capsules which are intended to release the contents gradually as apposed to an instant release. Most weight loss supplement products utilize this delivery mechanism, which can also help with consistent energy levels.

List Of Additional Benefits

  1. Promtes fecal fat excretion

  2. increase in weight reduction

  3. May relieve joint pain

  4. Will support weight loss

  5. Contains thermogenic probiotics

  6. Decreases excess fat

  7. Helps to reduce menopause symptoms

  8. Contains probiotic bacteria

  9. Lowers Blood cholesterol

  10. Decreases night sweats

  11. Great at improving gut health

  12. Contains black pepper fruit extract

  13. Lowers visceral fat accumulation

  14. Will reduce body fat, promote weight loss & fat mass

Q&A With Provitalize Users

Veganliftz: Good afternoon, everyone. Today we’re here to discuss the dietary supplement, Provitalize. We have three users of the product with us. Let’s start with introductions.

Amy: Hi, I’m Amy. I started using Provitalize probiotics to support weight management.

Grace: I’m Grace. I tried Provitalize to help with reducing menopause symptoms and to lose weight.

Nina: Hi, I’m Nina. I began taking Provitalize capsules to improve gut health and nutrient absorption.

Veganliftz: Thanks for joining us today. Let’s dive right in. Amy, how was your experience?

Amy: For me, Provitalize was helpful in facilitating nutrient absorption. I’ve always had issues with stomach acid affecting how I absorb essential nutrients, but with Provitalize, I noticed my digestive function improving. Plus, the probiotic formula contains different probiotic strains that support a healthy gut, and I felt that!

Veganliftz: That’s great to hear. Grace, what about you?

Grace: My experience was slightly different. I tried it primarily for reducing menopause symptoms. While I did notice a slight relief in symptoms of menopause like mood swings and vaginal health, when it came to curbing weight gain, I didn’t see much difference. However, I appreciate that Provitalize uses clinically proven ingredients and follows good manufacturing practices.

Veganliftz: Thank you for sharing. Nina, tell us about your journey.

Nina: I loved it! I was initially gaining weight and dealing with hormonal balance issues. When I incorporated Provitalize into my routine, I noticed a change. It definitely helped me in losing weight, especially abdominal fat. The healthy bacteria promoted overall gut health, and I even observed better digestion. Plus, knowing that it contains dietary fiber made me confident in my choice.

Veganliftz: Interesting. There’s often debate about the efficacy of health supplements, especially when it comes to fat burners and weight loss. Were you combining Provitalize with other dietary supplements?

Nina: No, just Provitalize. I did focus on my eating habits, though, consuming fewer calories and making sure I got all the essential nutrients.

Grace: Same for me. I believe that not all probiotics are created equal. But with Provitalize, I at least found some relief in alleviating menopausal symptoms. It may not have drastically changed my body weight, but it did help with brain health and reducing blood pressure.

Amy: For me, the support in hormonal balance was key. Plus, knowing that the probiotics were geared towards improving gut health and even supporting healthy cholesterol was reassuring.

Veganliftz: It’s clear that Provitalize offers a range of benefits, from supporting gut health to relieving menopause symptoms. It’s also worth noting that everyone’s body reacts differently to dietary supplements, so individual experiences might vary. Any closing thoughts?

Nina: I’d say give it a try. The plant extracts and different probiotic strains could be what your body needs.

Grace: Agree. Just remember, it’s not a magic pill. Working on your eating habits and understanding that it’s aimed more at supporting weight management than being a miracle weight loss solution is essential.

Amy: And always do your research! It’s crucial to know what you’re putting into your body, even if it’s something as beneficial as Provitalize.

Veganliftz: Thank you all for this enlightening discussion. It’s always helpful to hear firsthand experiences about products like Provitalize.

Our Take

As a fitness trainer & registered dietition I can say that theoretcically the concept of this product does help with weight loss. Our own impromptu study showed that our test subjects lost a few Lbs.

Because our study was short it’s hard to tell if those that continue to consume provitalize will continue to benefit. As with most diet pills the body adjusts to the new “normal” & efficacy tends to weign.

As always, we recommend you speak with your doctor, get on a sensible diet, use well researched weight loss supplements and you will see body fat reductions.


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