Paradise Herbs ORAC Energy Greens Review
Should You Buy It?

A massive daily serving of fruit and vegetable extracts is a great way to keep our health in check. However, not all super greens will provide you with sufficient nutrients to satisfy your dietary needs, especially if you are vegan.

Like most super greens powders, ORAC Energy is one such brand, which claims to provide the antioxidant protection. But the thing that makes this product stand out is that manufacturers measure and quantify their ingredients using the so-called Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, or ORAC scale for short.

So what is the ORAC scale, and does it make for a better product?

Read on our Orac Energy Greens review, and we’ll tell you all about it.

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What Are Orac Energy Greens?

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ORAC Energy Greens is made by Paradise Herbs, a company that prides itself on being completely transparent and wholly organic.

They have put years of research into developing formulas that retain the natural benefits of their herbs, fruits, and vegetables as possible.

ORAC Energy Greens provides the same amount of antioxidants and nutrients in every scoop, totalling to 24 servings of fruits and vegetables per bottle.

Paradise Herbs’ ORAC Energy Greens use organic and pesticide-free ingredients to promote fair trade while keeping the environment pure.

“I have been using your ORAC-Energy Greens formula and it is fantastic. I have incorporated it into my marathon regime. I like the fact that the protein source is clean and how all the ingredients are either organic or wildcrafted and pesticide and GMO-free. The vast spectrum of nutrition I maintain from a two-scoop serving I believe is unsurpassed in any other supplement available. It is a magical product.”

– David Tait, Scottish Marathon Runner

If we look at the information label of their Paradise Herbs and Essentials’ Certified Organic Ayurvedic, we’ll see that their ingredients are naturally grown on the base of the Himalayan Mountains, thus providing the indigenous people a fair pay and way to make a living.

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What Is The Orac Scale?


Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC is a lab test measurement that attempts to measure the “total antioxidant capacity” of food.

It is placed into a test tube with certain molecules that generate free radical activity and other molecules that are vulnerable to oxidation.

In short, while other products claim they are filled to the brim with antioxidants, the ORAC scale attempts to quantify how effective and how well absorbed its antioxidants are.

Paradise Herbs is reputed to provide a total of 40,000 ORAC per serving, which is a lot of antioxidant power with 24 servings of vegetables in every scoop.


Orac Energy Greens Ingredients


Organic Alkalizing Green Juice Powders (1560 Mg)

Organic Wheat grass (young leaf) 312 mg, Organic Egyptian Wheat grass (Triticum polonicum) 312 mg, Organic Alfalfa grass (young leaf) 312 mg, Organic Barley grass, (young leaf) 312 mg, Organic Oat grass (young leaf) 312 mg

Organic Vegetables (830 Mg)

Organic Spinach (freeze-dried) 125 mg, Organic Broccoli sprout (freeze-dried) 125 mg, Organic Parsley (freeze-dried) 170 mg, Organic Kale (freeze-dried) 125 mg, Organic Tomato (natural source of lycopene) 285 mg

Nature’s C With Qpower 812 Mg

Quercetin (Qpower), Acerola berry extract, Organic Camu Camu berry extract, Organic Amla berry extract, Organic Acai berry juice powder, Organic Goji/Lycium berry extract

Organic Nutrim Oat Bran 500 Mg

Super Beta-Glucan Mushrooms 250 Mg

Agaricus fruiting body extract 50 mg, Cordyceps mycelia CS-4 extract 50 mg, Maitake fruiting body extract 50 mg, Reishi fruiting body extract 50 mg, Shiitake fruiting body extract 50mg

Prebiotic & Probiotic Blend 250 Mg

(dairy-free-1.2 billion at the time of mfg.) L. Acidophilus, L. Casei Rhamnosus, B. Longum, S. Thermophilus, L. Plantarum. Prebiotics-Oat beta-glucan fiber, Beet fiber, Inulin FOS (Chicory)

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Organic Berry Blend 125 Mg

Freeze dried berries, such as Organic Strawberry, Organic Raspberry, Organic Blueberry, Organic Tart Cherry, Organic Pomegranate, Organic Cranberry

Organic Energy Blend 125 Mg

Organic Acai berry juice powder 62.5 mg, Organic Gelatinized Maca root 62.5 mg

Super Antioxidants 125 Mg

Organic White & Green Tea extract 62.5 mg, Grape seed extract 62.5 mg

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Cleansing & Tonic Support 125 Mg

Milk Thistle seed extract 62.5 mg, Artichoke leaf extract 62.5 mg


Imperial Adaptogen Extracts 125 Mg

Eleuthero root bark, Rhodiola root, Jiaogulan/Gynostemma-aerial part, Reishi fruiting body, Holy Basil leaf, Ashwagandha root, Astragalus root, Schisandra berry, GoJi/Lycium berry, Cordyceps mycelia Cs-4, American Ginseng root, Suma root, Licorice root, Ginger rhizome, Tangerine Peel

GingerZyme 125 Mg

Ginger rhizome extract, Turmeric rhizome extract, Cinnamon bark extract

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How Does Orac Energy Greens Taste

Some claim the Orac Energy Greens juice powders got a horrible taste, while others claim it has none.

The truth is the company has added no sugar or flavorings at all to the formula, ensuring it tastes natural.

For me, it boasts a very mild flavor with a slightly peppery finish. I quite enjoy the earthy green and very healthy flavor it has.

If the taste is something that puts you off, though, it is also available in an easy-to-swallow capsule form.


  • Very high in antioxidants with measurable efficacy in the ORAC scale
  • Excellent value for money and possible to purchase at $1 per serving
  • Over 50 different ingredients included in every serving


  • A sub-optimal serving of probiotics which makes you question other ingredient servings
  • Lots of ingredients but possibly all at inefficient serving sizes
  • Little information about the mineral content

Side Effects

In some studies, wheatgrass has been shown to cause minor gastrointestinal issues [1] and nausea.

However, this usually clears up after an adjustment period.

The same is true of probiotics as your body gets used to the new balance. [2]

Other than this, there are no ingredients in Orac Energy Greens that cause much concern, and as long as you ease into the per serving recommended amount, you should have no problem.


Where To Buy Orac Energy Greens

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Paradise Orac Energy Greens are available online through trusted third-party retailers.

You can find information and your nearest supplier through the Paradise Herbs website but it is not a storefront itself.

It is recommended that you check the returns policy and price comparison of the different stores before committing to a purchase.


User Reviews

Interestingly enough, a large majority of the ORAC green energy feedback is positive – with 77% of users leaving a 5-star review. The big positive is the sheer amount of ingredients that this greens energy powder serves per serving.

“A great product, I will be buying again. Certainly puts a spring in your step.”

– Tim McCarthy, 5-Star Review.

“I take one scoop every morning and I gulp it down like a college drinking content. No one buys greens powders for the taste and people complaining about it are stupid. The benefits are huge, my hair is thicker, my nails and skin are healthier and I don’t get sick anymore”

– Scott, 5-Star Review

Of course, not all Orac Energy Greens reviews are positive. Here are some examples of dissatisfied customers:

“I’ve been buying this for a while now and I feel I’ve been physically abused. They started charging more but at the same time they also seem to be filling the container with less and giving you a smaller scooper so you’re getting a smaller serving.”

– Michael P, 1-Star Review

“I couldn’t use it. Strange side effect of hot flashes. Gave it to a friend who couldn’t stomach the taste.”

– JKing, 1-Star Review



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Should You Buy ORAC Energy Greens?

If we consider the sheer amount of ingredients, Orac Energy Greens is a great product. But I have concerns about the effectiveness of the formula and the results it provides.

It’s such a difficult thing to quantify which blend of ingredients works best and why. What works for you might not work for me and vice versa. There’s nothing wrong in giving Orac Energy Greens a try but I have to note – it’s price has gone up, and the taste hasn’t improved much either.

If you want my top pick for the best greens powder on the market – it would have to be Organfi.

It provides the same commitment to many organic and natural ingredients, but there’s more science behind their effect and the formulation.

This supplement helps you kick-start the body’s processes of daily detoxing, producing natural energy, and managing stress. Considering that more than half of Americans are over-stressed, Organifi Green Juice is a godsend.

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