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Our Honest Thoughts on These Plant-Based Meals

Last updated: January 8, 2021

Eating plant-based doesn’t always mean eating more healthily. There is a tonne of ways a vegan can still be overly reliant on processed and oily foods. With the popularity of ready-made meal delivery services, we see a positive trend in healthy plant-based eating.

Whether you lack time to cook for yourself or you want to try good examples of what excellent plant-based meals look like, a vegan meal delivery service can be a good idea.

So how does Mamesezz measure up?

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What Is Mamasezz?

Mamasezz was born out of one family’s switch to the plant-based diet and the positive impact on their health.

The family-run business began offering their plant-based meals to the masses after the genuinely miraculous effect healthy vegan eating had on co-founder Meg Donahue’s poor Mama’s health.

“We believe the miraculous thing may be that so much illness could be avoided if people could only move from foods that hurt to foods that heal,” – Meg Donahue, Co-founder of Mamasezz.

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, offering oil-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, preservative-free, peanut-free, sesame-free, and some are salt-free and soy-free meals.

The emphasis is on simple healthy eating, and you can order packages or a la carte.

In-Depth Review

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1. Cost

Comparatively, with other similar services, Mamasezz offers cost-effective, healthy plant-based diet options. You can order individually or set up larger bundle orders for weeks or even months’ worth of food. They come frozen and can be saved for when you need them most.

If ordering a bundle or smaller packages, they offer free shipping on orders over $89 and deliver to all 50 states. Typically a meal works out to be around $5.99 a serving, and they also offer family and kid-friendly bundles, which can work out cheaper.

2. Flexibility

With the ability to order the meals per serving, you can put together a package entirely of your choosing. However, this is at a higher cost than if you go for one of their pre-packaged bundles.

If you want to make substitutions to the bundles, they offer that service, but some reviewers have had mixed results in actually making that a reality. For my order, I was happy to try the bundle as is and didn’t need to make any edits.

3. Taste

As mentioned above, I don’t know what you’re expecting from oil, salt, and sugar-free food, but if the prominent flavor is one, you may be disappointed. Overall I did enjoy the majority of the meals, but there were undoubtedly a few that were quite bland.

I think they give you a good idea of what healthy vegan meals can taste like, but nothing that I tried was game-changing or something that I have since tried to emulate again for myself. The Moroccan stew and the quinoa stack were two of my favorite meals, but even they needed a little extra spice for my taste.


4. Variety

Mamasezz delivers when it comes to variety, and in all the bundles, you get a great variety of choices from one day to the next. From the veggie loaf and the gardener’s pie, to Millie’s chili and the lazy lasagna, every meal is different from the last.

I think these meals can help those new to the plant-based diet to appreciate how vast and varied vegan cuisine can be. They also go to show just how much variety you can have when you choose to eat healthily.

5. Choice

There is a massive amount of choice through Mamasezz with distinct bundles geared around losing weight, getting the most out of your body down the gym, and even immunity-boosting superfoods.

All of their meals have their nutritional value very clearly labeled on a per-serving basis both on the packaging and on the website, meaning you can make informed choices about what is best for you, and there is something for everyone.

6. Impact

In terms of impact on your lifestyle, the meals can help to open your body and mind to the benefits of healthy plant-based eating. Even if you try a bundle and then use the portioning and nutritional values as a benchmark, it can be a great experience.

Regarding the impact on the environment, Mamasezz is one of very few companies to offer a free returns label and promise to recycle all their materials wherever possible. This is a considerable commitment and one of the best we’ve seen in the industry.

7. Availability

Mamasezz is available in all 50 states, and they also offer free shipping on their larger orders. In terms of availability, the entire nation is free to enjoy these healthy meals wherever they live. They provide meals for the whole family and even have kid-friendly options available.

In my order and the other reviews online, we’ve not seen or read any problems with the availability of specific bundles or in getting precisely what you want from Mamasezz. So it’s another top score in this category.


Benefits And Highlights

One of the Mamasezz meal delivery services’ significant benefits is the focus on whole food meals that avoid all the nasties so common in similar services.

Not content to be gluten-free and vegan, they go the entire way, avoiding oils, sugars, and salt too. For the health-conscious amongst us, it’s incredibly impressive.

Another big plus for the Mamasezz meals is that they can be ordered either a la carte or in meal bundles. This is not something most other companies offer, forcing you into a subscription if at all possible.

The final big highlight of their meal plan and meal bundles is that they come with a free shipping return label. This means you can recycle the packaging and freezer packs, ensuring the company has the lowest carbon footprint possible and is one of the most eco-friendly I’ve personally tried.


Mamasezz Shortfalls

If you are looking to try a meal plan or family bundle like this, it’s often because you’re not confident in the kitchen yourself or don’t have the time.

A drawback to the Mamasezz delivery services is that the Mamasezz meals themselves can be a little bland with the lack of oils, salts, and sugars, and so personally, I found myself having to jazz them up a little, which added prep time.

Another shortfall specifically with the Get Me Started Bundle that I tried was that even though they don’t use oils, some of the meals like burgers, granola, or veggie sausage are still very high in fat.

They were coming in at around 360 calories and 28 grams of fat per serving.


What Other People Are Saying About MamaSezz

The majority of the top review sources for Mamasezz openly admit that they are affiliates. This means getting a truly unbiased opinion is difficult. Although, even amongst these, there are a few negatives amongst the positive praise.

One reviewer claims that the customer service is incredible, and the program helped them switch to a healthy vegan diet.

“We just got our 1st order and we love it! The customer service is top notch! The food is beyond fantastic!!! Makes going vegan so easy. The recycling is awesome and makes you feel good about ordering.”


– Dianne Elizabeth Hudson, Facebook Review

As a counterbalance, another review claimed that when ordering the Get Me Started Bundle, they asked for some substitutions for the higher calorie meals, and the request was ignored.

The email she sent them asking them why also went unanswered, which isn’t a glowing review of the company’s customer service.


Would I Use MamaSezz Again?

Mamasezz offers ready to eat meals with a big emphasis on not used refined sugars or oils and is excellent for your health. I don’t think I would get an entire bundle again, as most of the meals left me feeling a little bored. But individual items like the Moroccan stew I would keep in the freezer for a quick eat when I needed it.

I think Mamasezz is an excellent company that is doing a lot of things right. If you’re looking for a soy-free, nut-free, oil-free, everything free, super healthy ready to eat meal bundle, then I think you should give them a try.

That said, in terms of providing great taste and excitement for healthy eating and the plant-based diet in the future, I’ve had much better.

I’m still a big fan of Trifecta, and it is my go-to meal delivery provider, and I would recommend them over Mamasezz for a few reasons.

Trifecta is just as focused on providing nutritionally dense meals, but in my opinion, they do so with a much bigger emphasis on flavor and effect. If you are looking to eat healthy to improve your body and performance down the gym, the Trifecta vegan bundle is perfect for that.


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