Discover the Best Vegan Lip Balm for Healthy Lips

There are so many lip balms in the world that it can be hard to find your holy grail product. It’s even harder trying to find vegan cruelty-free lip balms as most cosmetics and makeup products contain animal-based ingredients. Occasionally, lip balms claim to be vegan, but are tested on animals. 


When looking for amazing vegan lip balm, consider several factors. Of course, the most important thing to consider is the ingredients in the lip balm. The other top priority is how your lips feel when using the product. A quality lip balm should help moisturize your lips and should be comfortable to have on.


You may also be looking for a product that avoids irritating ingredients or is eco-friendly. Paying attention to packaging, the company behind the lip balm, and the use of fragrances is essential to finding the perfect product for you.


The ideal lip balm should be one you can use throughout the day and will also moisturize your lips at night. Read on to find our top picks for the best vegan lip balms out there. 

#1. Soothing Touch Unscented Vegan Lip

Product Summary

This vegan lip balm is an unscented and moisturizing tube that doesn’t contain any synthetic flavors, petroleum, and parabens. It’s .25 ounces, which is about .10 oz larger than most other lip balms.

This product is an 85% organic vegan lip balm. Soothing Touch Unscented Lip Balm is free of animal-based ingredients, such as lanolin and beeswax.

The various oils used in this product make it the best lip balm for dry lips and sensitive skin. Some of the ingredients include:

  • Olive oil 
  • Cocoa butter
  • Castor oil 
  • Shea butter 
  • Calendula flower

With these high-quality ingredients, you know your lips will feel smooth and chap-free.

Product review

If you’re looking for the best vegan lip balm, you don’t need to look any further. The Soothing Touch Unscented Lip Balm comes in a tube larger than other lip balms. The balm provides plenty of moisturization without the use of animal-based ingredients, such as lanolin. 

As a result, the product is ideal for anyone who is sensitive to certain ingredients or simply wants to avoid animal-based ingredients. Since this lip balm is unscented, it’s also free of any smells that may be unappealing. 

The lip balm is great at moisturizing and healing the lips. It’s perfect for use during the day or night. The best part? It’s long-lasting and stands up well when eating and drinking. 


  • Flavor: Unscented
  • Volume: .25 ounces
  • Product Benefits: Vegan, cruelty-free, moisturizing, healing, convenient, good for sensitive skin


  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Doesn’t contain lanolin or beeswax
  • Provides moisture
  • No parabens
  • Long-lasting
  • Great value


  • Some users may react to the castor oil
  • The large size can take up more space than other lip balms

RUNNER UP: Soothing Touch Lemon Cardamom Vegan Lip Balm

Product summary

This Soothing Touch Lemon Cardamom Vegan Lip Balm restores moisture and heals lips.

The delicate scent and flavor are enticing, but not overwhelming. This lip balm doesn’t contain animal products that are commonly in beauty products. As a result, this lip balm is gentle on sensitive lips.

Some standout ingredients in the product include:

  • Cardamom essential oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • Vitamin E
  • Olive oil 
  • Apricot kernel oil

Vitamin E is a popular cosmetic ingredient as it is a fat-soluble antioxidant that helps your lips retain moisture and protects them from environmental damage.

The subtle flavoring and high-quality ingredients make it the best lip balm for men who want something neutral and cruelty-free.

Product review

This lip balm has everything you could want from a moisturizing lip product. The balm has a good consistency, flavor, and scent. It’s a great option if you like the unscented version but want a bit more flavor.

You may also enjoy this lip balm since it is about twice as large as other lip balms. Plus, a small amount of lip balm makes a big difference. As a result, a single container of this lip balm will last you a long time, even if you’re a frequent user. 

It’s great to have to simply swipe onto your lips throughout the day. You can also keep your lips beautifully moisturized throughout the night. This lip balm works well in all seasons and types of weather. So, you don’t need to think about switching it out seasonally or based on weather. 


  • Flavor: Lemon cardamom 
  • Volume: .25 ounces
  • Product Benefits: Moisturizing, appealing smell, smooth consistency


  • Large size
  • Lovely subtle scent
  • Moisturizing


  • It can be too large to carry around
  • Some users say it requires frequent reapplication 

ALTERNATIVE: Soothing Touch Vegan Lip Balm

Product summary

This set of four vegan lip balms offers beautiful moisturization and a tasty flavor with every swipe. While Smoothing Touch offers an unscented version, this set provides plenty of unique scents for you to try.

The four incredible flavors that come in this value pack include:

  • Coconut lavender
  • Coconut lime
  • Vanilla rose
  • Vanilla chai

Each balm from the set has natural flavoring agents, such as essential oils. In addition to these high-quality essential oils, the balms contain a combination of moisturizing ingredients, such as:

  • Fairtrade palm wax
  • High oleic expeller pressed sunflower seed oil
  • Expeller pressed apricot kernel oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Candelilla wax

Each one of the balms is 85% organic, cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, and vegan.

Product review

These lip balms are ideal if you need plenty of moisturization and you want a product that will last a long time. Since this is a pack of four, you can have a different flavor in several rooms of the house. Plus, you can try several different flavors at once. Alternatively, these are fantastic little gifts for all your vegan friends.

A benefit of these balms is that they do more than sit on top of your lips. They moisturize your lips deeply. They also glide on smoothly compared to other lip balms. Rather than clumping or tugging at your lips, these lip balms spread evenly along your skin. 

The scents are also a major selling point since they don’t taste artificial like many other lip balms. Instead, they taste and smell just like the flavors on the labels. While these scents and flavors are delectable, they aren’t overpowering. As a result, these are all lip balms you can apply over and over, even if you’re sensitive to smells. 


  • Flavor: Lavender Coconut, Coconut Lime, Vanilla Rose, Vanilla Chai
  • Volume: .25 ounces each
  • Product Benefits: Moisturizing, incredible scents, vegan, healing, great for sensitive skin


  • Gorgeous flavors
  • Smooth application
  • Cruelty-free
  • Large size
  • Great value for money 
  • Highly-rated


  • Due to its large size, it can take up more space than other lip balms

ALTERNATIVE: Hurraw! Coconut, Mint, Vanilla Lip Balm Slim Slider Tins

Product summary

These three slider tins of vegan lip balm include coconut, mint, and vanilla bean flavored lip products. This product is a certified vegan organic lip balm and free of products from beeswax, shea, soy, and palm. The packaging is free of plastic, and the product is Ecocert COSMOS certified. 

The powerful moisturizing agents in this product include:

  • Coconut oil
  • Safflower seed oil 
  • Jojoba seed oil 
  • Natural flavoring agents 
  • Cacao seed butter
  • Olive oil
  • Candelilla wax

If you like the basic formula but want to try different flavors, you can get other flavors with the same overall ingredients from this company. They also have fantastic vegan tinted lip balms.

Product review

You’ll love these three vegan lip balms if you enjoy a balanced texture that falls perfectly between hard and soft. You can easily use your finger to apply this lip balm to your lips.

These balms have lovely scents and flavors that are appealing, but not overpowering. The scents and flavors of these balms are simple enough that you won’t get bored of them. Coconut, mint, and vanilla flavors all work well no matter the time of year in which you use them. 

While the balms themselves are delightful, the tins that contain them are also adorable and easy to transport. You can toss the tin into your purse or throughout your home. It also fits very well in small pockets. So, you can bring it along on your job or out to dinner if you don’t have a purse or large pockets. 


  • Flavor: Coconut, Vanilla Bean, Mint
  • Volume: .17 ounces
  • Product Benefits: Moisturizing, healing, certified vegan, organic, all-natural


  • A balanced texture that goes on smoothly
  • Compact
  • Bold but palatable fragrances
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Eco-friendly
  • Organic


  • The mint flavor can be strong, compared to the other flavors
  • The balm can melt in hot weather

ALTERNATIVE: Vegan Kombucha Tea Lip Balm

Product summary 

Thanks to its ability to strengthen the lip moisture barrier, this Vegan Kombucha Tea Lip Balm provides your lips with deep hydration. It comes from the leegeehaam Dr. Ceuracle line of cosmetics. The balm includes a tea complex and fermented oil. 

This product works well on all skin types and is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin or people with allergies. 

The texture of this balm is smooth and not sticky. It works wonderfully throughout all seasons of the year. Ingredients include:

  • Botanical squalene from olives
  • Kombucha extract
  • Shea butter
  • Ceramide Np

The star ingredient in this product is the ceramide Np. Ceramides are vital for repairing your lip’s damaged moisture barrier due to their water retention properties.

Despite the presence of kombucha tea, this balm is unscented.

Product review

This lip balm is ideal for anyone who wants to moisturize their lips but doesn’t like strong scents. The flavor of the lip balm is unobtrusive, and the texture is buttery and balanced without being too greasy or waxy. As a result, you can easily roll the lip balm onto your lips. 

You may want this lip balm if you want a simple product that doesn’t contain any potentially irritating or complicating ingredients. The only downside of this product is that it doesn’t have any SPF or scents. 

While this lip balm is not ideal for healing severely damaged lips, it’s fantastic for everyday use and can help your lips over time. The balm is moisturizing and light, absorbing well into your lips rather than sitting on the surface. 


  • Flavor: Unscented
  • Volume: .13 ounces
  • Product Benefits: Hydrating, nourishing, improves lip moisture barrier


  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Perfect for people who don’t like scents
  • Moisturizing
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Lightweight texture
  • A little goes a long way


  • Some users say that this balm requires frequent reapplication
  • Lighter than other lip balms
  • It may not do much for severely chapped lips

Vegan Lip Balm FAQ

Still have questions about the best vegan lip balms? Check out these answers to frequently asked questions.

Is it okay to use lip balm every day?

You can use lip balm every day. Yet, you may want to use it in moderation since using it too frequently can cause your lips to produce less of their natural oils. As a result, your lips may feel drier. 


In some cases, using lip balm all day, every day can make you too used to that level of moisture. So, if you take a break, you may perceive your lips as feeling too dry, whether or not your lips are actually in need of moisturization. 


If you do apply lip balm every day, there are a few times when you should focus on putting on lip balm. It’s best to apply your lip balm before you go to bed or after waking up. You will likely also want to reapply lip balm after eating or drinking. 


When you’re unsure if you want to apply lip balm, there are a few measures you can take to improve the hydration level of your lips. The easiest way to hydrate your lips is by drinking water so the rest of your body is hydrated. Aim for at least eight glasses of water each day.

Can I use lip balm overnight?

Using lip balm overnight is a fantastic way to keep your lips moisturized while sleeping. It’s a particularly great idea if you sleep with your mouth open or wake up feeling like your lips or mouth are dry. If that sounds like you, it may also be a good idea to apply lip balm after you wake up. 


The reason using lip balm at night works is your lip skin cells regenerate while you sleep. As a result, lip balm provides a layer of nourishment and safety. The product should make your lips smooth and moisturized. 


When applying, do so at the end of your nighttime routine. For example, brushing your teeth after applying lip balm will reduce the product’s effectiveness. To improve your lip moisture, it’s also a good idea to drink water before applying your lip balm. 


The exact balm you use at night can be your regular day-to-day lip balm. Yet, it can also be a heavier ointment or moisturizer that you keep specifically to wear at night. You may also want to change the varieties of lip balm you apply at night throughout the seasons. For example, in the winter the air is often drier, so you may want a thicker balm during the cold months. 


With vegan lip balm, look for ingredients such as castor seed oil, shea butter, hemp seed oil, and mineral oils. These ingredients will help your lips stay moisturized overnight. 

Can you overuse lip balm?

It’s possible to overuse lip balm. Using too much lip balm won’t necessarily be bad for your health, but using lip balm too often can make your lips drier. There are a few reasons that overusing lip balm can make your lips dry. 


In some cases, you may just be using a lip balm with ingredients that aren’t moisturizing your lips. Applying those ingredients to your lips over and over can understandably keep your lips dry. Some ingredients to look out for include fragrances, menthol, salicylic acid, and camphor. 


Another reason that using lip balm too often can make your lips dry is that the lip balms are too effective. Certain ingredients, such as shea butter and petroleum, can sometimes moisturize your lips so well that your lips stop producing natural oils. When looking at lip balms with humectants, ensure the balms also have a protectant ingredient.


To avoid overusing lip balm, only apply it when necessary. Stick to applying before bed, after you wake up, and after meals. Ideally, you should be using lip balm between two and five times each day. If you’re using a lip balm more than this, it may be a good idea to ween yourself off it.


There are a few ways that you can supplement your lip balm use so that you feel moisturized. The best way to improve your hydration is to drink plenty of water. Each person varies when it comes to their hydration needs, but eight glasses of water a day is a solid general guideline to go by. 


Besides drinking water, you can also try to eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, eat antioxidants, and drink green tea.

Why are my lips always dry even when I moisturize?

Dry lips can result from several issues, including dry air inside or outside, dehydration, wearing harsh cosmetics, too much sun, and excessive lip picking. Your lips also don’t have the oil glands that the rest of your skin has. As a result, they’re more sensitive to weather and other elements. 


When assessing the dryness of your lips, it’s vital to consider all the different contributing causes. In some cases, helping your dry lips could be as simple as changing your moisturizing product, protecting your lips in weather conditions, using a humidifier, drinking more water, or avoiding licking your lips. 


Remember that any improvement in your lips’ moisture will likely take some time. So, be patient as you test out various possibilities. First, try drinking more water and changing your products. You may also need to adjust the frequency of when you apply your lip balm or moisturizer. 


The most important thing you can do to keep your lips hydrated is to pay attention to how your lips respond to different products. Take some time to keep an eye on what your lips react to negatively and positively. 


In some cases, persistently dry lips may be a side effect of a health concern. Talk to your doctor or dermatologist if nothing is making a difference with lip dryness. Both physical and psychological health issues can lead to persistent lip dryness. 


For example, lip picking, licking, and biting are habits that people develop, especially with anxiety. The right doctor can help you work through psychological concerns that may contribute to dry lips. 


Now that you know the best vegan lip balms around, you’re ready to pick out the right option for you. Whether you want an unscented option, rose vegan lip balm, or balms with coconut or vanilla, these are the best lip balm for dry lips. 


It’s important to remember that every lip balm will work differently for each person. You may need to try a few different options before finding your perfect vegan lip balm. When determining your best option, there are a few things you should look for in a lip balm.


The perfect lip balm should be comfortable to put on and wear throughout the day. It should also have the right scent balance. If you prefer no scent, look for an unscented lip balm, and if you like a scent, you should find a lip balm that fits your preferred scent profile. 


Luckily, there are several different scents and flavors to choose from. These balms are full of fantastic plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients that can give your lips the moisturization and nourishment they need. 


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