What’s the Best Detox Tea for Weight Loss?
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What surprised me about detox teas was how many dietitians recommend them as part of a healthy diet for weight loss. But when I added some to my own detox program, I was convinced.As I learned the hard way, your body can build up dangerous levels of all types of toxins, especially from highly processed and animal-based foods. However, by regularly taking detox teas, you may help your body to detoxify and bring you back to health naturally.One thing you need to avoid, though, is detox products that may contain harmful elements for your body and organs.So, I went on a mission to find the best teas to boost your health and help with weight loss.

Our Detox Tea Recommendations

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1 – I.E. Green Tea – Pure Green Tea Flavor

I.E. Green Tea Organic Pure Green Tea, Caffeinated — Pure, Instant, Liquid Tea Concentrate (1 Box of 8 Packets)

I.E. Green Tea is widely accepted among people who are constantly on the go. Reviews usually highlight how this plant-based product is super convenient to carry, instantly mixes in water, and provides between 300mg of antioxidants per serving.

Each pack contains 8 packets of concentrated, pre-brewed green tea that tastes fresh and delicious. It’s also available in caffeinated (45 mg) and decaffeinated options.

Interestingly enough, this detox tea is highly praised by people who are regularly in and out of airplanes.


  • ​Easy to mix with water
  • ​Organic tea leaves
  • ​Contains no chemicals, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners
  • ​Diabetic-friendly, keto-friendly, vegetarian and vegan


  • ​Contains some sugar
  • Price


2. Detox Tea 14 Day Teatox

If you’ve been feeling sluggish and bloated, especially after eating food, then an intense 14-day weight loss tea may be the better option for you.Detox Tea 14 Day Teatox Herbal Tea for Body Detox, Colon Cleanse, Metabolism Increase - 1 Morning Boost Tea (14 Bags) & 1 Night Cleanse Tea (7 Bags)

The natural ingredients in 14 day may help reduce inflammation in your digestive system that could be a cause of many diet problems.

Reviews are very positive about the benefits, but I prefer knowing the exact amounts of herbs so that I can mix with other diet supplements.


  • A broad blend of green tea, ginger, and many other herbs
  • Contains a small amount of caffeine
  • Some positive comments that it may help with weight loss
  • Has a subtle lemon flavor to it


  • Exact amounts of herbs are kept proprietary
  • Price


3 - Zero Tea 14 Day Detox Tea

Zero Tea has a lot of positive comments online about its ability to help with reducing body fat.Zero Tea 14 Day Detox Tea, Teatox Herbal Tea for Cleanse

One of the reasons it’s so popular is that it doesn’t have a laxative effect, which may be a bit unpleasant.

The only thing I would point out is to avoid steeping it for too long when you first start taking it, as it can cause some cramping.

  • ZeroTea helps the body by charging the metabolism- promoting proper digestion, and aiding in the optimization of the digestive tract. ZeroTea’s ingredients are designed to stimulate the body’s ability to process excess fats, stimulate blood circulation, and provides essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • Detox cleanse and metabolism booster- Our 14 and 28 day detox aids your body in cleansing and purifying itself of toxins and waste; boosts your metabolism and energy level, helps get rid of excess water, and reduces stress while still tasting great. Zero Tea consists of only the finest organic green tea, spices and herbs.
  • A better way to cleanse- Our blend doesn’t include the natural laxative Senna Leaf. Zerotea is a gentle detox that supports the positive bacteria in the gut; aiding the body in attaining an optimized efficiently running metabolic process.


  • Claims to be supportive of excess fat processing
  • Doesn’t contain a laxative to avoid unpleasant experiences
  • Has some caffeine for a mental boost in the morning
  • Many positive reviews about the flavor being refreshing


  • Don’t steep it for too long as it may cause some upset stomach
  • Price


4.TotalTea Caffeine Free Detox Tea

If bloating is a real issue for you, then you may want to consider ingredients like Senna to unblock you a bit.TotalTea Caffeine Free Detox Tea, K-Cup Slimming Tea with Senng, Chamomile, Ginger Root and Hibiscus for Colon Cleanse and Weight L0SS – Natural Citrus Cinnamon Herbal Tea for Digestive Health (12 Pods)

Studies have shown that it may be effective to stimulate colon activity [1].

Based on a few reviews, you may need to wait several weeks to notice the full benefits


  • Claims to help reduce inflammation in the digestive system
  • Includes the laxative Senna to help reduce bloating
  • Contains no caffeine which helps if you’re sensitive to stimulants
  • Natural orange flavors make it refreshing


  • may take several weeks to start seeing results
  • Price point


5 - Yogi Tea Detox Tea

This is a very popular organic blend from one of the most trusted makers of herbal teas.

What I like about this one is that you can order it in many different flavors.Yogi Tea - Herbal Detox Tea Variety Pack Sampler (3 Pack) - Includes DeTox, Peach DeTox, and Roasted Dandelion Spice Detox Teas - Caffeine Free - 48 Organic Herbal Tea Bags

And because it doesn’t have stimulants, it might be suitable for nighttime.

Don’t overdo it with this one, as some people have reported sensitivity to the laxatives.

Variety Pack Sampler: Try our most popular DeTox flavors!

This Herbal Detox Yogi Tea Variety Pack Sampler includes Yogi DeTox tea, Yogi Peach DeTox tea, and Yogi Roasted Dandelion Spice DeTox tea.


  • Blend of 17 different herbal ingredients
  • Certified organic and vegan
  • Available in a wide range of flavors
  • Caffeine-free option suitable for later in the day


  • Beware of the laxative effects
  • Price

6 - Teami 30 Day Detox Tea

What made me try out this product was the positive reports that it may help with hunger cravings.Teami® 30-Day Detox Tea Pack: All-Natural Teatox Kit with Teami Skinny & Teami Colon Cleanse Loose Leaf Herbal Teas (Lemon)

If you’re planning some extended fasting periods, then this could be one of the health benefits your body needs.

The two separate blends mean that you do need to remember to take them at different times of day to get the full effects.


  • Two separate blends claim to support weight loss and colon cleanse
  • Some positive reports that it can help with hunger cravings
  • May help with healthy full body detox including acne
  • A small amount of caffeine boost in the morning may help with energy leve


  • Make sure you set a reminder for morning and evening
  • Prep Time



7 - Twinings London Herbal Lemon and Ginger Tea

You can’t have a recommended tea list without some English tea, right?Twinings of London Lemon & Ginger Herbal Tea, 20 Count

Twinings is one of the more simple herbal teas with just lemon and ginger.

But there are positive reviews that it may help with inflammation, which is backed by clinical studies [2].

One thing I noticed is that some users commented that in the last year, the flavor had changed a bit, and you may need to steep it for longer.


  • Based on natural lemon and ginger which may help with detox and inflammation
  • Many positive reviews about the refreshing and spicy taste
  • Caffeine-free so you may drink it throughout the day
  • Available in good bulk-order packs


  • You may need to steep it for longer to get the full flavor
  • Steep longer


8 - Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Herbal Tea

Between probiotic ingredients and some chamomile that may help with better sleep, Traditional Medicinals claims to have a healthy balance that could help with weight loss diets.Traditional Medicinals Organic Dandelion Chai Probiotic (16 Count, Pack of 6)

Personally, I found the taste to be a little bit on the weak side.


  • Some reviews highlight the chamomile may be helping with improved sleep
  • Contains dandelion chai which may act as a probiotic
  • Reports that it may help with lowering blood pressure
  • Reviews include success stories for weight loss


  • The taste might be a bit weak for some people
  • Taste


9.SkinnyBoost 28 Day Detox Tea Kit-1

Another one of the more intense detox teas comes from 28 Day DFetox.SkinnyBoost 28 Day Detox Tea Kit-1 Daytime Tea (28 Bags) 1 Evening Detox Tea (14 Bags) Non GMO, Vegan, Reduce Bloating, All Natural Detox and Cleanse

With added milk thistle, it may help to boost liver functionality that could reduce the amount of toxins in your body [3].

Before you order, make sure you have an infuser at home, as this is a loose-leaf product.


  • Includes only natural ingredients and flavors
  • Contains milk thistle for improved liver function
  • Has no caffeine making it suitable as a bedtime drink
  • Positive comments about feeling less bloated


  • Be Careful measuring
  • Some don’t like the packaging

10 - Hey Girl Cleanse Herbal Teatox

I found a lot of positive comments from people who said that this might help with bloating, especially after eating a heavy meal.Detox Tea - Mint Chocolate Flavored - Not Your Usual Slim Tea - Cleanse for Women with a Sweet Tooth - Cleanse Colon, Reduce Bloating & Move Toxins Without The Caffeine

It also claims to cleanse the colon of toxins, which may make a difference for losing some pounds.

It’s a good idea to steep it less to start with, as it may have a laxative effect.


  • A mix of 13 different herbs to help boost your metabolism
  • Positive reviews of effects after dinner or before bedtime
  • Claims to remove toxins from the colon
  • Has a refreshing orange and grapefruit taste


  • With a mild natural laxative, your bowels will be more active
  • Careful with dosing


11.Tease Tea Organic Detox Treatment

Tease Tea is proud to offer our Triple Teatox Pack! It is uniquely blended and designed in small batches by our Certified Tea Sommelier to help you feel and look better from the inside out.Tease Tea Organic Detox Treatment – 30 Day Triple Teatox Cleanse and Detox Kit

Get rid of toxins lingering in your body, burn calories faster (flat tummy), and have high natural energy levels every day!

  • 30 day supply of our “daytime” blend designed to increase metabolism, energy, and immunity
  • 30 day supply of our Triple Teatox “evening” tea, to cleanse and detox
  • Free signature infuser!
  • Detailed program guide
  • Digital goal setting checklist (new!)

Ingredients: Daytime Tea: Lemongrass & Yerba Mate

Evening Tea: Decaf green tea, senna, ginger, lemongrass, ro


  • Daytime & Nightime blends
  • Loose leaf Yerba Mata
  • All Natural Organic


  • Price
  • Loose tea needs diffuser

12. SkinnyFit Detox and ZzzTox 24/7 Bundle

DETOX 24/7. Calm bloating and achieve healthy weight with our highly-effective detox duo!SkinnyFit Detox and ZzzTox 24/7 Bundle, 56 Servings, Supports Weight Loss, Helps Calm Bloating, All-Natural, Laxative-Free, Green Tea Leaves, Help Fight Toxins and Relieve Stress

This premium blends of whole tea leaves, herbs, and flowers are gluten-free, non-GMO and dairy-free. Their all-natural ingredients and antioxidants promote healthy digestion, help reduce stress-induced weight gain and help you get quality rest so you wake up energized.

IMPROVED ENERGY & FOCUS. Detox tea is packed with naturally energizing, mood & focus enhancing superfoods. Feel all of the amazing long-lasting boosts, without any crash or jitters.

BETTER REST & LESS STRESS. Rest is one of the major keys to looking and feeling your best. ZzzTox calming tea includes Rooibos Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Valerian Root and more to promote restful sleep and ease stres


  • Uses only organic ingredients
  • Claims to support weight loss diets and reduce allergies
  • With a small amount of stimulants, it’s not the best for evening times
  • A pleasant taste that isn’t too overpowering


  • Doesn’t include an infuser
  • Cost


13 - Everlong 28 Day Ultimate Teatox

This is another longer-term detox program, and Everlong claims that their formula may give you a healthy metabolic response to burn more fat.Detox Tea 28 Day Teatox Kit For Body Cleanse Metabolism Increase-2 Step Detox Plan: Morning Boost Tea (28 Tea Bags) & Night Cleanse Tea (14 Tea Bags), All-Natural, Non GMO, Vegan

This seems to be backed up by the many positive reviews that also note increased energy levels.

With a slight laxative effect, you may want to take it easy for a few days.


  • Claims to boost your metabolism to burn more fat
  • The nighttime blend helps to cleanse the digestive system
  • May improve your ability to absorb nutrients from food
  • Many positive reviews about healthy energy increase


  • It does have a slight laxative effect
  • Watch dosing


What Do Detox Teas Do?

Digestion Bloting & Stress

Detox teas are herbal teas that aim to help remove toxins from various parts of your body. By introducing antioxidants, your body will receive more support in dealing with toxins that we are exposed to through our diet and environment.

But they may also benefit you in more ways.

Digestion – By removing toxins from your digestive system, you may be enabling a faster nutrient absorption rate. This may help boost your immune system, and overall organ functions as vital minerals and vitamins become available.

Bloating – If you regularly feel like your bowels are blocked up after a meal, then bloating may be your problem.

Some detox teas include laxatives like natural Senna [4], and these may help you to deal with large meals more effectively.

Stress – A buildup of toxins over time may lead to hormonal imbalances, and research has proven this through numerous studies [5] . As a result, you may end up with higher levels of stress hormones that could be disruptive and unhealthy in the long-term.


“Green tea is one source of antioxidants. According to Dr. Lam, antioxidants can fix cellular damage caused by free radicals, or environmental toxins, and reduce your risk of suffering a blood clot. The amount of antioxidants present in 1 cup of green tea that has been steeped for five minutes is relative to the amount found in one serving of vegetables.”


– Susanne Preble, health and fitness writer

How Do Detox Teas Help You Lose Weight?

Appetite Suppression & Fat Metabolism

Detox teas help you lose weight by reducing the amount of water retention and bloating in your stomach. However, they may also provide benefits in the following ways.

Appetite Suppression – Some herbal teas contain ingredients that are known to be helpful when it comes to dealing with hunger. By making it just a little bit easier to get through a fasting period or reduced food intake diet, it could help improve your success rate.

Fat Metabolism – Many detox teas include green tea and other sources of caffeine. And this simple stimulant has been shown in numerous studies to provide an increase in fat metabolic rates [6].
Personally, I was pleasantly surprised by how well these teas work on supporting my fasting times.

Related: Check out my list of the best vegan fat burners here for more weight loss solutions. Heard about green tea fat burners? You might also like this article on how green tea fat burners work.

What Is The Difference Between Cleanse And Detox?

The main difference between a cleanse and detox lies in the nature of how they remove toxins from your body.

During a cleansing process, certain substances aim to clean out your digestive tract. As a lot of toxins may build up over time that harm your gut flora, this is one of the best ways to eliminate the problem at its source.

A detox, on the other hand, aims to support your liver and kidney functions to help improve how much toxic stuff is filtered out of your system.

While they are separate processes, many people plan to target both as they may complement each other for better results.

And they sure as hell beat the idea of going for a medical colon cleanout!

When Should You Take Detox Teas?


Most of the time, you should take detox teas first thing in the morning.Detox Tea In Cup

As your body becomes more active throughout the day, your metabolism will naturally increase as well.

By providing some herbal support, you may be able to boost those processes.

However, there are some products available that provide two different blends of tea.

One is designed for drinking in the morning, while the second one should be taken at nighttime.

In this case, it’s important not to get them mixed up.

I’ve had the experience of a caffeine rush at 2 am.

How Long Do Detox Teas Last?

Most detox teas will last for several months, but this is entirely dependent on how many toxins you’re exposed to.

While a plant-based diet may significantly reduce how much toxic stuff makes it into your system, living in a city can still expose you to a lot of harmful environmental factors.

The best thing you can do is find a delicious detox tea that is suitable for long-term use. That way, you could stay on top of any possible toxin-buildup and avoid some of the more unpleasant negative effects.

“Detox teas are not a cure-all, and it’s important to choose wisely when shopping for one. Some products claim amazing benefits or spectacular results, and these statements should be taken with a grain of salt for the marketing pitch that they often are.”


– Lindsey Goodwin, Food writer


best detox tea for weight loss FAQ

Does Detox Tea Reduce Belly Fat?

Yes, some detox tea may reduce belly fat, dependent on the chosen herbs. Some teas may help with hunger cravings and metabolic rates that have the potential to support some fat loss. This can be a great part of your vegan weight loss diet plan too.

What Tea Is Good for a Flat Stomach?

Any blend of green tea is good for a flat stomach. The reason is that it may improve your metabolic rates, as well as the possible reduction of bloating.

What Is the Best Natural Detox Tea?

The best natural detox tea is any blend that includes green tea. This simple tea leaf has been shown to contain large amounts of antioxidants that may help to remove toxins from your body.

How Often Should You Drink Detox Tea?

You should drink detox tea on a weekly basis to help maintain a low level of toxins. However, some of these teas are designed to be taken for only a couple of weeks. So, it’s best to avoid drinking too much of them.

Does Detox Tea Make You Poop?

Yes, some detox tea may make you poop more. The reason for this is down to them containing laxatives that are added to clean out your colon. It’s best to avoid taking too much of these teas, as this may lead to some dehydration.

How Many Cups of Detox Tea Should You Drink a Day?

You should aim to drink 1 to 2 cups of detox tea per day, as long as they are not the stronger ones for intense detox periods. It’s also best to start with just 1 cup per day to make sure you don’t have any reactions.

Which Detox Tea Should You Choose?

Based on all the online reviews, feedback from my dietitian, and our own team’s experience, we all found that I.E. Green Tea was the best product we tried.

It ticks the right boxes when it comes to taste, all-natural ingredients, and the potential to support losing a few pounds as well.

And if you are traveling or regularly on the go, I.E. Green Tea is believed to be the most convenient solution to pouring yourself a healthy cup of tea miles away from home.

Order yours today and make sure you let us know how it worked for you on social media.

If you’re interested in taking fat burners, then you may want to check out this review on LeanBean Fat Burner.

I.E. Green Tea Organic Pure Green Tea, Caffeinated — Pure, Instant, Liquid Tea Concentrate (1 Box
I.E. Green Tea Organic Pure Green Tea, Caffeinated — Pure, Instant, Liquid Tea Concentrate (1 Box
I.E. Green Tea Organic Pure Green Tea, Caffeinated — Pure, Instant, Liquid Tea Concentrate (1 Box
Our Score
  • Healthy tea for plant-based energy: our price is reflective of our serving size as each pack contain
  • Pure, delicious & antioxidant-rich tea: i.e. green tea has created a convenient tea that provides pl
  • Mix with water to your preferred strength: no hassle or mess, i.e. green tea is concentrated and sim
  • Organic & natural: i.e. green tea uses usda-certified, organic green tea leaves that are picked at t
  • All the good stuff, none of the bad: i.e. green tea contains no chemicals, artificial flavors, or ar
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