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Advice to Help You Beat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Last updated: May 26, 2022

There's nothing like working hard to achieve your ideal body only to realize that it fails you right when you're trying to have an intimate moment. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of those men's health issues that people don't tend to talk about. In fact, you might've heard more than just a little lockerroom talk that involved your buddies talking about their bedroom prowess.

While people might not be advertising the fact that they're having difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, the truth is that it happens to just about every man at some point in his life. In fact, failing to get an erection 20% of the time or less is considered to be fairly normal, especially if you're at risk for ED.

Hearing that your challenges with getting or keeping an erection is normal might not give you much relief. After all, being able to stay erect is important for having a healthy sex life. Fortunately, you've got some options to help you start improving your sexual relationships, and trying these natural methods first can help you to find solutions that fit your goals for a healthy lifestyle.

There are quite a few essential oils for impotence that you can use for a natural boost to your sexual desire. Studies have even shown that certain essential oils generate scents that stimulate physical reactions within your body. For example, the combined scents of pumpkin and lavender increased penile blood flow by 40% in one study's participants.

Improve Blood Circulation With CBD Oil

CBD oil is known for providing many benefits for people who enjoy living a natural lifestyle. When it comes to correcting impotence, CBD provides several important benefits that correct the most common reasons why you might struggle with achieving an erection.

Erectile dysfunction is often linked to problems with the circulatory system. Without proper blood flow going through the penis, it is hard for it to stay erect. Figuring out how to maintain an erection without pills works best when you start focusing on ways to improve blood circulation throughout your body.

CBD is known for helping to reduce inflammation in the body that can constrict blood vessels. You'll also find that CBD's relaxing properties can help you figure out how to beat psychological erectile dysfunction that is linked to stress in your life.

Many couples find that CBD oil works well as a massage lubricant that they can use together as a part of foreplay, or you might enjoy using it yourself before you plan to get intimate with a partner. When you are working on figuring out how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction, you might also experiment with other forms such as edibles.

As you try out this strategy for improving your sexual relationships, keep in mind that the various forms of CBD products deliver results in different timelines. For instance, a massage oil with CBD could provide immediate effects, while an edible will take longer since it has to go through your digestive system.

Drink a Ginger, Honey, and Garlic Tea

You might not think about using garlic, and honey for erectile dysfunction, but this combo works surprisingly well. You can also add some ginger to the mix to fully bring out the best qualities in each of the ingredients for improving your ability to get an erection.

To make ginger, honey and garlic tea, you'll simply need to grate some ginger root and crush up several garlic cloves. You can then puree these ingredients with lemon juice or water to create a drinkable concoction. Adding honey to the mix makes it taste better, and the honey has anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in achieving an erection.

Ginger is known to help increase blood circulation in the body, and garlic is effective for dilating blood vessels. This makes them the perfect duo for improving your sexual abilities. You might also enjoy knowing that honey is known to be an aphrodisiac, which can further help you to get in the mood for romance.

Switch to Natural Body Building Supplements

Erectile dysfunction is linked to the use of steroids, and changing your health regimen could help you to stave off the undesirable effects of using synthetic supplements.

For example, you can find vegan-friendly testosterone boosters that help your body to produce the hormones it needs for stronger muscles and a healthy sex drive naturally. If you noticed that your ED began after you started using steroids, then experimenting with natural supplements is a safer way to meet your goals without sacrificing your desire to enjoy physical affection.

Use Essential Oils for Erectile Dysfunction

There are quite a few essential oils for impotence that you can use for a natural boost to your sexual desire. Studies have even shown that certain essential oils generate scents that stimulate physical reactions within your body. For example, the combined scents of pumpkin and lavender increased penile blood flow by 40% in one study's participants.

Similar to CBD products, you can find essential oils in multiple forms that give you some choice over how you use them. Some couples enjoy incorporating essential oils into a sensual massage. Or, you can use diffusers and candles to set the mood in your bedroom.

Seek Professional Psychological Support

Impotence can sometimes become a self-defeating cycle. After struggling to get an erection one time, you may find that you fear failure again. This can lead to a need to learn how to overcome psychological erectile dysfunction. Talk therapy is an option that can help you find ways to reduce the effects of stress on your sex life.

Some men also choose to work with a sex therapist. A professional therapist can help you figure out how to overcome mental erectile dysfunction by addressing issues such as low self-esteem and depression.


What are the main causes of erectile dysfunction?

Anything that interferes with blood flow to your penis can cause erectile dysfunction. For example, smoking, obesity and heart disease are common causes of ED. You'll also want to consider the impact of stress on your body when you explore solutions for ED.

How does erectile dysfunction affect relationships?

The answer to this question varies from one couple to another. In some cases, your partner might fear that you don't find them attractive, or you may feel like you aren't able to provide your partner with the pleasure that they deserve. This is one of the reasons why figuring out how to overcome psychological erectile dysfunction is so important.

How long does erectile dysfunction last after steroids?

There isn't an absolute timeline for when your ability to achieve an erection will be restored. Recent studies have shown that the symptoms of hypogonadism that are caused by steroids tend to slowly wane over a period of several weeks or months after men stop using the drugs.

However, some men have challenges with impotence for longer. Your risk of having steroid-related ED continue after you cease using the medication increases if you have other risk factors for long-term impotence such as having heart disease or being obese.

Can erectile dysfunction be cured?

Technically, you could experience a temporary case of ED at any point in your life. Yet, you can stop this from happening on a regular basis. For the best results, you'll want to combine several natural methods that work best for you. Combining talk therapy with the use of natural supplements and essential oils can give you a multi-point line of attack for ensuring that you don't have to deal with this frustrating health issue in the future.





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