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September 21, 2020

Pulsin Review:
Snack Bars, Protein Powders, & More

Rafid Nassir
Published by Rafid Nassir
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Healthy and tasty are not two words that you can often put together, especially when it comes to snacks and treats that aim to work as dietary supplements as well. And yet, that’s a gap that UK based Pulsin seems to have done a pretty good job at filling.

Or at least that’s what a few friends told me when I heard them raving about supplements Pulsin have created for the whole family.

Usually, when I see lots of fancy advertising and packaging with lofty claims, I’m a bit suspicious, but I just had to find out what it was all about. With lots of my clients being parents and needing supplements to suit adults and kids, I decided to do some research and testing.

What is Pulsin?

Pulsin Bars Montage

Pulsin is a UK based company that was founded in 2007 with the specific goal of creating healthy supplements and snacks that didn’t compromise on taste.

If you’ve ever picked up some cheap protein bars at a gas station, then you know what this is about.

It often seems like you’re eating some cardboard packaging rather than a healthy snack.

And then there is the problem of ingredients, where so many protein bars compensate for bad taste with added sugar and artificial flavors.

None of those additives are healthy and should best be avoided.

But Pulsin has put a lot of effort into creating a range of snack bars, and protein shakes that actually taste like you’re having a treat, and that’s ideal for keeping kids happy and helping adults avoid sugar cravings.

Let’s take a closer look at the product range.

What Products Does Pulsin Offer?

What I like about this brand is that they are not trying to cover every possible supplement imaginable. They have picked three areas to focus on to maximize the impact of making healthy and tasty products. In theory, fewer distractions should result in a better product.

1. Snack Bars

Pulsin Snack Bars

There are 3 main types of snack bars on offer:

  • traditional protein bar
  • fruit and nut energy booster
  • brownie bar

With all of these bars, there is a heavy focus on making them allergen-free, which means there is no dairy, soy, or gluten, and they are all certified GMO free.

From the reviews I’ve read, these bars are quite popular with young kids, and for athletic parents, the protein boosters are a good snack for after training or see this page for more vegan bar options.

2. Protein Powders and Supershakes

Pulsin Vegan Protein Powders

This range was of particular interest to me because I’m always looking for new high-quality vegan protein shakes.

The Pulsin range includes vegan options in the form of pea, soy, and rice protein, as well as the usual whey products with an organic option.

My personal experience with these protein shakes has been very positive, and the flavors I had picked were indeed quite tasty.

And as many online reviews stated, it has a nice and smooth texture, rather than the clumpy and chalky effect that is so common.

Watch Sarah Irving's review to learn more about here thoughts about Pulsin vegan protein.


3. Fruity Oat Bar


This is probably going to be of particular interest to parents who find it difficult to get enough healthy greens and superfoods into their kids.

And I’ll be honest, I probably don’t eat enough superfoods either, despite being lectured by dietitians all the time.

The range of oat bars covers a wide variety of ingredients that aim at providing digestive and immune health.

These oat bars are full of vitamins and minerals, making them great vegan friendly snacks and it's a tasty way to liven up lunch boxes!

Based on all the online reviews, one of the reasons Pulsin has gained so much popularity is that they really have managed to create something that is naturally tasty and healthy at the same time.

There are options for all types of diet from vegan to vegetarian, with some of the shakes being suitable for keto as well.

What has made me go back for more is that every time I try a new flavor option, I’m totally surprised by how natural it tastes. I’ve lost count how many of the dozens of flavors of bars and shakes I have tried, but I’ve yet to find one that I’d offer to unwanted guests 😉


Healthy Options For All Dietary Needs

When you first check out the product range and nutritional information for their individual products, it can seem a bit difficult to find suitable options if you have certain allergies or intolerances (1).

However, Pulsin has very cleverly solved for this by allowing you to shop specifically based on dietary needs. Whether you need gluten, dairy, or lactose-free, or you simply want something to support your vegan or keto diet, it really is an easy to use solution.


Are Pulsin Products Worth Your Investment?

From a health and diet conscious athletes perspective, I have to give two thumbs up to Pulsin.

In a world where supplement shakes and snacks leave a lot to wish for when it comes to taste, these guys have nicely filled a gap in the market.

A lot of my clients are parents, and since I’ve introduced them to this company, they have found it a lot easier to get vital nutrition into their kids.

Having that family approach to creating supplements is definitely a smart move.

Give them a try and let us know how you and your family enjoy them.

You can read this article for some vegan junk food options.

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