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Does Jimmy John’s Offer Vegan And Vegetarian Options?

Jason Hughes
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Last updated: June 14, 2022

Jimmy John’s features a variety of sandwiches and side items among their menu options. Take a glance at their menu and you will likely notice a list of sandwiches, wraps and combo options loaded with meats and cheeses.  

What about food for hungry vegans and vegetarians? What are Jimmy John's vegetarian options? Is Jimmy John's bread vegan? These are questions that you are likely to want to know before you visit a Jimmy John’s location or before placing a delivery or online order. Let’s check out the menu at Jimmy John’s and explore the vegetarian and vegan options. 

Jimmy John's History 

Jimmy John Liautaud opted to open a sandwich shop when given the alternative of opening a business or joining the military after he graduated from high school.

He opened the first Jimmy John’s in 1983 in the city of Charleston, Illinois.   

The company added additional stores throughout Illinois over the next several years. The company opened its first franchise location in 1994 in Wisconsin and from there, the company branched out to open locations in other states. The company added delivery and online ordering options over the next few years. Today, many people are likely to choose to place their order through the convenient app.

What’s on the Menu at Jimmy John's? 

The original menu consisted of just four sandwiches, none of which were vegan options. The company still makes the original four sandwiches today. They consisted of meats and cheeses such as smoked ham and provolone, homemade tuna salad, capocollo and salami, and hand-sliced turkey. These options, the Pepe, Totally Tuna, the Vito, and the Turkey Tom are still favorite menu items.  

The Gargantuan, a sandwich that consists of five meats and one cheese on the same fresh-baked bread as other menu choices, became an option in 1993. The sub shops added other options, such as the Billy Club, which has roast beef, ham, provolone, and toppings. The Jimmy Cubano has smoked ham and provolone, bacon, sliced pickles, mayo and Dijon mustard. The company also offers wraps.  

Jimmy John’s Vegetarian and Vegan Options 

Jimmy John’s has a few options for vegans and vegetarians. You can join friends and family and find something on the menu for an enjoyable meal. There is one sandwich that you may enjoy, which is The Veggie, the #6 menu choice. The company advertises The Veggie with provolone and mayo added, so make sure that you order it without these two items.  

The Veggie has avocado spread, fresh-sliced lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. Make it a combo by adding a drink, a crisp pickle and your choice of chips. Skip the salt and vinegar chips because they contain milk. The other choices are the BBQ chips, Thinny Chips, Regular Chips or the Jalapeno Chips. 

Jimmy John’s offers several wraps, including lettuce wraps. Order an Unwich veggie lettuce wrap for something different for vegetarians and vegans. 

Make your own Jimmy John’s vegan sandwich option by choosing fresh veggies and toppings from choices which include: 

  • Lettuce and Tomatoes 
  • Cucumbers and sprouts 
  • Jimmy Peppers and onions 
  • Oregano-basil 
  • Avocado spread 
  • Mustard options such as Grey Poupon or Jimmy Mustard 

There are no vegan cheeses offered at Jimmy John's.

What Do Vegans Think of Jimmy John's? 

Some vegans do not like to eat at Jimmy John’s because of some choices made by the founder of the company. Jimmy John Liautaud hunts big game.  

The site I Am Going Vegan reveals that he also hunts endangered animals, including the Black Rhino. There are apparently pictures of Jimmy John Liautaud posing with dead giraffes, dead bears, dead leopards and other large dead animals. 

Is Jimmy John’s Bread Vegan? 

Is jimmy johns bread vegan? The bread is vegan but it may not be advertised as vegan. The reason is that it is made at a facility that uses eggs. There are no eggs used in making any of the breads used at Jimmy John's. 

Jimmy John’s offers French bread, a 9-grain baguette, or thick-sliced wheat bread. Consider asking for The Veggie Sub as a Leave Bread In (LBI) choice. The person making your sandwich does not remove the middle of the bread when making your sub. 


Are Jimmy John’s Cookies vegan? 

No, the cookies at Jimmy John’s are not vegan. The raisin oatmeal cookies and the chocolate chip cookies are both advertised as being "made with real butter, real eggs, and real vanilla.” 

Are there other condiment options available at Jimmy John’s? 

Yes, just because you leave off the mayo does not mean that you have to eat a dry sandwich. Consider the Italian Vinaigrette or the regular yellow mustard. 

Was Jimmy John’s recently acquired by another company? 

Yes, Inspire Brands acquired Jimmy John’s in 2019. Jimmy John Liautaud resigned his position as chairman, but remains an advisor on the board. 


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