protein shake

Free Soul Vegan Protein Blend Review:
Is This Good For Women?

When new clients ask me what the most important supplement for them should be, I always say a high-quality post workout protein. The most common thing you’ll find in sports nutrition stores and at the gym is whey protein.However, as a vegan, this dairy-based protein is out of the question. …

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Pulsin Review:
Snack Bars, Protein Powders, & More

Healthy and tasty are not two words that you can often put together, especially when it comes to snacks and treats that aim to work as dietary supplements as well. And yet, that’s a gap that UK based Pulsin seems to have done a pretty good job at filling.Or at …

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plant protein

ZEGO Foods Pure Protein Review:
Is This the Superfood That You Need?

I’m always preaching to friends, family, and clients that diet and exercise are two sides of the same coin and that the quality of nutrients is one of the things people just don’t pay enough attention to.And that is most evident when I look at the cheap and nasty supermarket …

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Mighty Maca

Mighty Maca Plus Review
A Superfood Green Drink by Dr. Anna Cabeca

A lot of superfoods are easy to find and add to your diet plans and recipes, but there are some like seaweed and kelp that are just that little bit too much of an acquired taste. It’s possibly why so many supplements with healthy super greens have flooded the market. …

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