All About Doja Cat’s Weight Loss

Doja Cat is arguably one of the top pop stars of the decade, and she’s only just getting started. Being in the spotlight means she’s always in the public eye, so she must look her best at all times.

The ‘Juicy’ singer has had her curvy body being a topic of discussion ever since she went viral for her single ‘Mooo!’. However, in her latest single, ‘Hound Dog,’ the star showed off her transformation, looking slimmer and healthier than ever.

In this article, we break down Doja’s weight loss journey, from diet to workout routine.

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Doja Cat’s Weight Loss Journey

When Doja Cat first hit the pop scene, she was renowned for her curvy body. That’s why her body transformation came as a shock to all her fans, everyone was talking about Doja cat weight loss.

In her 2019 interview with Genius, Doja shared the special healthy diet she used to follow to keep her curvy figure: she didn’t eat fruit!

Instead, she ate lobsters, Chick-Fil-A, chickens, Oreos, and Capri Suns. All this junk food is high in sugar, calories, and fat, making them the perfect recipe for staying curvy.

However, those days are long done for Doja Cat. The singer now frequently visits the gym for (weight training exercises) and eats as healthy as possible. This new lifestyle is now more important than ever since she has to maintain high stamina to always be on top of her energetic performances!

It’s safe to say that, since Doja Cat started her weight loss journey, she’s overcome tremendous hurdles. Yet, it’s paid off thanks to her hard work and effort and a surefire way to lose body fat.

How Did Doja Cat Lose Weight?

Fans were apprehensive about Doja Cat after her weight loss, especially since she’d suffered several health issues in mid-2022. Yet even though they weren’t the reason for her weight loss, they motivated Doja Cat to start losing weight and eating better & choosing more options.

” I eat healthy foods & cut out the junk food, green leafy vegetables, protein rich foods…basically I live a healthy lifestyle”

Here’s a quick overview of how she managed to follow through.

Workout Routine

The ‘Kiss Me More’ singer shared her workout routine live on Instagram. Since embarking on her journey to good health, she’s become a “meat-head.” She makes it a point to work out despite her busy schedule and hits the gym more regularly than ever before.

Doja Cat has a personal trainer who sets an extensive routine (see also our favorite stretching routine for runners) for the star. This routine includes full-body workouts and targeting a different muscle group each day. Doja Cat also makes it a point to do weight-lifting and cardio exercises (see also our favorite hand exercises) to stay fit. 

“The more options I have to eat & workout, the better I feel”

However, the gym isn’t the only place where Doja Cat keeps her body moving! The singer stays busy with world tours, award show performances, and even headlining Coachella.

Naturally, Doja Cat spends a lot of time rehearsing for her performances. After all, she’s not just a singer, but a dancer and a talented performer as well. So, since a lot goes into Doja’s insane dances, it’s only natural that she sheds some pounds while performing.

“I used to live an unhealthy lifestyle & I had my fair share of body shamers which actually made me want to hit my weight loss goals”


As we all know, you can’t lose weight by only working out. It all starts in the kitchen.

During lockdown, Doja Cat decided to ditch her takeout lifestyle and started cooking more. In addition, she now follows a low-carb, high-protein diet.

The singer also shared a fridge tour to give us a glimpse of her diet. Doja Cat , who used to avoid fruit at all costs, now has a fridge full of fruits and smoothie bowls & more options of healthy snacks. She also shared some of her favorite meals, which include quinoa, tuna, and kale salads.

Staying hydrated is essential for the success of any diet, which is why Doja Cat’s fridge is stocked with bottled water. Plus, to help keep up her energy and maintain her stamina, Doja Cat takes energy shots.

Doja Cat’s slim figure has been a topic of conversation among fans and critics alike, with many wondering how she managed to shed the extra weight. It turns out that the singer and rapper’s transformation was the result of a combination of physical exercise and a well-planned diet plan. Doja Cat reportedly worked closely with a gym instructor to develop a personalized workout regimen that included a variety of activities, such as cardio and strength training, to help her burn fat and build muscle. Her active lifestyle also played a significant role in her weight loss journey, as she made an effort to stay physically active throughout the day, even outside of the gym.

In addition to her physical exercise routine, Doja Cat also followed a strict diet plan that helped her shed the extra pounds. She reportedly cut out processed foods and focused on eating a balanced diet consisting of whole foods and plenty of protein.

Her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying consistent with her workout regimen paid off, as she successfully achieved her goal of losing weight and achieving a slimmer, more toned physique.

Her weight loss journey serves as an inspiration to many fans who are also looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals.

Doja Cat’s Body Image

Being constantly in the public eye, Doja Cat definitely has her struggles. Unfortunately, there are trolls out there who call out celebrities for being unhealthy if they put on weight but refer to others as unattractive if they shed a few extra pounds. There’s just no winning with them.

That said, it’s no secret that Doja Cat’s body and eating habits have been topics of discussion for years. It all started when she first went viral in 2018 through her single ‘Mooo!’.

In the homemade music video, Doja shows off her body while eating burgers, fries, and drinking milkshakes. She even compares herself to a cow!

Soon after, Doja released the lead single from her hit album ‘Hot Pink’ followed by the highly successful single, ‘Juicy.’ Again, it featured lines about the artist’s body with a music video to match.

This is enough to make anyone insanely aware of their body, though this stress is magnified for Doja. In an interview with Cosmopolitan Middle East, the star opened up about her struggles with body dysmorphia, which started when she was only a teenager.

Thankfully, Doja is now working on her mental health, which is the whole reason she started this health journey. She’s also working on accepting her body, with the lyrics of ‘Juicy’ being almost a self-love anthem to herself.

When asked about it, she remarks, “Growing up, I definitely had body dysmorphia. Without a doubt. And I’ve had it since. It started during my teens, which I think is where it begins for most people.”

Still, Doja’s struggles are far from over. Always being in the limelight, haggling with paparazzi, and constantly dealing with false rumors from the press makes it hard to battle body dysmorphia.  Yet, the pop star is determined to keep at it.

In Conclusion

Whether she puts on weight or loses it, Doja Cat is still a very beautiful woman. Nevertheless, her transformation came as a surprise, particularly after being constantly praised for her curves.

“Look at my curves & consider them more options, like A Exotic Car”

Doja Cat’s weight loss came as a result of her dedication and hard work. The artist first shared that her goal was to lose weight in 2021. This weight loss not only raised her stamina, but also helped with her mental health issues and body dysmorphia.

Now, the artist is constantly hitting the gym despite her busy schedule and rehearsing extensive dance routines to stay fit. She also makes a point to eat a balanced diet low in carbs and high in protein to help her stay strong on and off the stage.

A Day In The Life Of DojaCat

We interviewed Doja’s support team about the services relevant to the Iconic artist & here are a list of quotes that reveal what things really look like behind the scenes.


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Family support is importantas the performance coach I choose healthy food options based off what Dojas response is to the meals I prepare. You can't continue eating cookies & have a rocking body like Ms. Doja!

Fans raised concerns when Doj started losing weight, viewed from the ouside people either didn't care or they needed to learn why she needed to shed some weight. After Doj covers of her new shape were seen on covers for Spotify & Soundcloud people started to like her new look!

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