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The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Jason Hughes
Published by Jason Hughes
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Last updated: May 25, 2022

The vegan lifestyle puts you more in tune with your body, and you’ll naturally notice that you want to make healthier choices as you begin to feel a greater sense of wellbeing and vitality. Switching to only plant-based foods also means that you’ll need to replace milk and non-natural beverages such as soda with ones that promote your commitment to healthy living.

Tea has long been a favorite drink among vegans, and you’ll enjoy knowing that enjoying a cup of your favorite type brings you a wealth of benefits that will make you feel good about brewing a tasty beverage.

Boost Your Immunity With Antioxidants

Going on a plant-based diet helps you to get more antioxidants into your body that help to combat free radicals that lead to premature aging and health conditions such as cancer.

Although all types of tea contain antioxidants, you’ll find that you can get more out of certain varieties. For example, one of the health benefits of red tea is infusing your body with polyphenols, such as aspalathin, that are known for giving your immune system a big boost.

When your body is not so focused on trying to fight off bacteria and viruses, you’ll also find that it is better able to keep your metabolism running smoothly so that your efforts at bodybuilding are more effective.

Reduce Your Intake of Fat

Most types of tea contain only trace amounts of fat, if they contain any amount at all. They are also a low-calorie option that you can enjoy when you want more flavor than you’ll get from just drinking water. Keep in mind, however, that adding plant-based creamers can increase the fat content. The good news is that this should still be minimal compared to using regular whole fat milk. For instance, almond milk contains only 3g of fat per one-cup serving, which is more than you’ll likely need for a cup of tea.

Green tea gives you more nutrients than you get from a bottle of soda, and you can add a touch of honey to enjoy its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects on your body. If you prefer to mix things up, then you can also add stevia as a plant-based source of sweetness that won’t wreak havoc on your calorie count.

Enjoy a Low Sugar Beverage

Sugary sodas and energy drinks won’t get you very far when you are trying to improve your health and appearance. One of the health benefits of green tea and honey is that you can control how much sugar goes into your drink.

Green tea gives you more nutrients than you get from a bottle of soda, and you can add a touch of honey to enjoy its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects on your body. If you prefer to mix things up, then you can also add stevia as a plant-based source of sweetness that won’t wreak havoc on your calorie count.

Plus, natural forms of sugar are processed better by your body, which helps you to avoid insulin spikes that impact your mood and weight management plan.

Feel More Rested

After a hardcore workout, you might find it hard to tame your body’s energy enough to get proper sleep. Or, you might be one of the many people in the world that struggle with insomnia or late night anxiety.

The health benefits of Sleepytime Tea include helping to induce a deep state of relaxation that makes it easier to fall and stay asleep. If you are drinking tea to help you sleep, then make sure to choose a type that doesn’t contain caffeine.

While you might have heard to avoid caffeine for two hours before bedtime in the past, you might need to be even more cautious.

Recent studies have shown that consuming caffeine within six hours of your bedtime can still impact your ability to sleep well. If you love that cup of coffee, then make sure to enjoy a small amount in the morning and skip that mid-afternoon cup.

Tea serves as an excellent substitute that you can enjoy warm just like your coffee, but you can also choose from ones with zero to low caffeine levels so that you don’t miss a wink of sleep.tea

Improve Your Digestion

People tend to have few complaints once they start enjoying the benefits of a plant-based diet, but there is a small learning curve for your body. During your first few weeks after going vegan, your body might react to the extra fiber by producing more gas. This excess gas is typically temporary since your digestive system will eventually figure it out.

You also might also find that this mild digestive distress is milder than what you experienced when you were consuming animal-based products, but it is still worth doing what you can to soothe any discomfort. Easing nausea, abdominal pain and bloating are some of the health benefits of mint green tea that you can enjoy for aiding in the digestive process. Mint has natural anti-inflammatory properties, and this herb also gives you a mood boost. You’ll feel mentally perkier and more energetic so that you can stay on track with your workouts.

Gain a Greater Sense of Relaxation

There is just something primal about using nature’s wonderful bounty to improve your wellbeing. Enjoying a warm beverage soothes your soul just as much as it does your body, and you can make drinking tea a ritual that brings a sense of stability to your daily routine.

Many vegans invite a friend over for a cup of tea instead of an alcoholic beverage to further add a social connection to their preference for a healthy lifestyle.

Brewing a Cup of Tea is An Easy Way to Boost Your Health

You can enjoy benefits from drinking just one cup a day of green tea, but having three to five cups is optimal for achieving more health benefits.

Try mixing up the types that you drink to suit the time of day. You might enjoy an invigorating cup of mint green tea in the morning to help you wake up and then some Sleepytime tea at night.

Adding in some red tea with honey can also help you to pack in some antioxidants during your mid-day lunch.


What Is the Best Tea for Vegans?

After comparing the health benefits of red tea to those offered by chamomile, people often wonder about which one is the best. The truth is that there isn’t technically a type of tea that is better than the rest. Instead, it is better for you to explore the different ingredients in tea and learn about how they work in your body to choose the kind that you want at that particular time.

As you learn more about the different types of teas, you’ll find that you’ll develop a stockpile of several different ones that you’ll crave just as much as you once did other types of beverages. Listening to your body when it sends signals that it needs some mint, chamomile or even hibiscus can help you to maximize the benefits that you enjoy for your health.

How Do You Make Tea As a Vegan?

There are several types of tea that include loose leave varieties that you’ll need to put into a special strainer that helps to infuse the water without leaving unsavory bits of leaves behind. Pre-made tea bags are another option that you can use if you prefer to keep your tea-making routine simpler.

With both options, you can choose to do a hot or cold water infusion. However, you’ll want to remember that using hot water helps to make a stronger brew. If you prefer to use cold water, then choose a type that allows for that brewing method. Then, all you have to do is place the filled tea strainer or teabag in the water and allow it to brew until the liquid reaches your desired level of strength. You can then enjoy the tea without any additives, or you can add plant-based creamer and natural sweeteners. Just remember that these can change the calorie, fat, and sugar counts.

Is Tea Better Than Sparkling Water?

The health benefits of sparkling water are something that you’ll notice from the first moment that you quench your thirst with a refreshing drink. Water has instant hydrating effects that are important to enjoy throughout the day.

Tea, however, also contains antioxidants that give it a slight boost over water, and some teas like green tea have amazing health benefits. You’ll just want to counteract any dehydrating effects of caffeinated tea by drinking more water during and after your workouts.

What Else Should Vegans Drink?

As with any good thing, you don’t want to overdo it. Between your tea times, you might also be looking for a few other refreshing beverages.

Fruit juices are another great option for times when you aren’t ready for tea just yet. For example, the health benefits of pure cranberry juice include promoting good urinary health while infusing your body with polyphenols that help to keep your immune system strong. Making sure to include a wide range of healthy juices, water, and tea gives you a well-rounded plan for staying hydrated and fueled for success on your vegan diet.

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