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Benefits Of Eating A Diet High In Carbs

Jason Hughes
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Last updated: May 14, 2022

Carbs have gotten a bad rap over the years. With the popularity of the ketogenic diet and the prevalence of intermittent fasting, most meals and recipes are centered around low-carb or no-carb diets as there is a negative stigma around consuming carbs of any kind. In this article, we'll aim to dispel this stigma by going over the benefits of eating a high-carb diet, and the superfoods that come with it. Whether this changes your dietary habits or not, we hope to un-vilify carbs and their negative effects on health:

Why Carbs Are Not The Enemy

Over the years, carbs have been targeted by diets and the media as being the antithesis of weight loss. While eating many low-quality carbohydrate-laden foods may contribute to health issues and weight gain, carbohydrates as a whole are one of the three macronutrients, making it impossible not to eat any carbs.

Carbohydrates act as the food's main source of energy and eating too many calories results in storing this extra energy in fat deposits. As long as carbs are part of a healthy diet and are used in tandem with exercise and energy for daily activities, they will not have the magnitude of adverse effects that you are led to believe.


How Your Body Changes When Eating A High Carb Diet

Vegan Bodybuilding Meal Plan CarbsCarbs are extremely important in your diet, as they help to promote natural body functions. First of all, carbs are the fuel that keeps your brain and body going every day, and having a carb-laden meal is recommended, especially if your work is strenuous or if you've got a poor night's sleep. Carbs assist in inhibiting blood clot formation, which lowers the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Carbohydrates may also make you happier as they contain amino acids that produce serotonin in your body, and serotonin is the so-called "happy hormone". Carbs may also help in weight loss as consuming high amounts of fiber helps eliminate waste and keep you full longer.

How Carbohydrates Work

Carbohydrates can be split into two different categories and three different groups. Carbs come in a complex and simple form, and it is usually the latter that is associated with negative health issues when consumed in large quantities. Simple carbs cause immediate energy, while complex carbs slowly release energy, nutrients, and minerals into your system. Below are the three carbs explained.

Starch: Starches are considered complex carbs. Most carbs fit this category as they provide vitamins and minerals for your system and take longer to break down. These carbs help in regulating blood sugar and increasing your fullness. Common examples of starches are legumes, beans, fruits, rice, potatoes, peas, and corn. Root vegetables and whole grains are usually classified as starches.

Fiber: Fiber is something that can only be found in plant-based foods, as their animal by-products do not produce any fiber. Fiber is considered an extremely complex and healthy carbohydrate as the body cannot break it down. Most of your fiber will pass through the intestines when consumed, so eating it with every meal helps in making your food more "safe" to eat, as it drastically improves your digestion. Finally, it contributes to a heavy "fullness" feeling, lowers cholesterol, and helps eliminate waste. Nuts, legumes, beans, and most vegetables and whole grains contain fiber.

Sugars: Sugar is the "simple" carb that is usually the culprit causing health issues if not eaten in moderation. Your body breaks down sugars quickly as it provides quick energy for activities and emergencies. Your body can't tell the difference between natural and added sugars, so it should be eaten in moderation or if you need readily accessible energy before a large workout session, operating heavy machinery, or an athletic tournament. Added sugar can be found in sweets, soda, and candy, while natural sugar is usually found in fruit.

Superfoods To Add To Your Carb-Heavy Diet

Health benefits of pickled beets: pickled beets and beetroot juice are rich in nitrates, which protect against high blood pressure by allowing your blood vessels to dilate. Pickled beets are also a product of natural fermentation, which provides the body with probiotics - allowing you to break down food more easily and absorb its nutrients. Furthermore, beets have been shown to regulate glycogen levels, and help in the performance of muscle strength and intensity exercises.

Health benefits of green plantain: Green plantains are an amazing addition to your diet as they provide a myriad of benefits. Firstly, they are extremely rich in fiber, which helps you feel full longer, helps keep more water in your system, and aids immensely in the elimination of waste. Plantains are also high in potassium, which is used to reduce high blood pressure and aid in various chemical reactions, which may help to alleviate some chronic anxiety and depression. Finally, Plantains are high in vitamin B6, which is good for a healthy immune system, mind, and cardiovascular functions.

Health benefits of horsetail: Horsetail dates back to ancient times, with some recorded uses in the Greek and Roman empires. Horsetail is believed to be a herbal remedy to treat maladies of the hair, bones, and skin. Of chief importance are its silica and antioxidant compounds, which help your body in different ways. Horsetail has been proven to increase the formation, consistency, and density of your bones by improving collagen synthesis and aids in preventing the buildup of calcium. Horsetail is also a natural diuretic, promotes faster healing of your wounds, and has an anti-diabetic effect.


Does a high-carb diet cause diabetes?

This is a myth. Carbs are an important part of every diet. Non-hereditary diabetes is caused by prolonged unhealthy processed food and sugar consumption.

Does a high-carb diet make you fat?

Simple sugar and complex carbs are readily available energy sources when you need to perform an activity. As long as you don't surpass your needed calories, weight gain should not occur.

Can a high-carb diet cause high blood pressure?

Another myth. Carbs are an important staple in any diet. The culprit has usually processed foods and simple sugars.

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