SOTA Weight Loss: A Fast and Healthy Slimming Program

SOTA is a unique weight loss program that can significantly decrease your weight over a very short period an is the Chosen Weight Loss Program for The Dallas Cowboys Organization & Fans

SOTA can also help you monitor what exactly goes into your body, with weekly reports of your progress.

But here lies some questions. Is SOTA safe? How much does it cost? And what to expect when following SOTA plans.

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What Is SOTA Weight Loss?

SOTA, short for state-of-the-art weight loss, is a program that helps overweight and obese individuals lose weight.

SOTA replaces the confusing and complicated challenges of weight loss (see also ‘Weight Loss Tips For Vegans‘) and makes slimming down easier. The program offers a healthy way of rapidly losing weight, without feeling depleted, unsatisfied, or starved.

Their secret weapon is their effective dietary protocol. This protocol targets stubborn fat weight while maintaining a balanced blood sugar ratio and keeping appetite under control.

SOTA is the only weight loss program to be chosen by two major sporting franchise organizations, Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks.

How Does Sota Weight Loss Work?

The first advice you’ll get from SOTA before choosing any diet plan is to exercise. A 30-minute morning walk (see also ‘The Benefits of Walking Vs. Running 5KM‘) is a core they build their diet plan upon.

There may be individuals with hip, knee, back, calf, and ankle pain who are only advised to do a little morning activity at their homes.

Upon subscribing to the SOTA weight loss program, you receive a full body assessment. This includes your current weight, height, fat ratio, muscle ratio, and an overall assessment by SOTA professional staff.

The assessment is necessary for SOTA staff to create the most suitable diet plan that is made specifically for you, your necessities, and your inclinations.

The assessment is later on used to track how your body is doing right now, compared to how it was a couple of weeks ago.

After completing the assessment, you’ll be handed a dietary plan that is most suitable for your body type and weight.

The plan will include what food you’ll be eating throughout the diet period and also recipes for healthy meals that are intended to stop you from eating junk food.

SOTA offers ongoing calorie-controlled meal plans, snacks, and continuous assistance on whether or not you should eat this or that.

SOTA also offers shakes that substitute for your dinner. This helps individuals isolate their calorie consumption, to better track what exactly goes into their bodies.


Another way SOTA helps lose weight is through their SOTA-AT-HOME program. This is a special program designed for outbound clients and local clients as well.

From the comfort of your home, you can call a SOTA-AT-HOME coach and have your diet plan ready in no time. The SOTA coach will ask for your weight, height, and fat ratio to create the best plan for you.

The process is just like the regular assessment they follow in their physical locations, but the only difference is everything is done through the phone.

What to Expect When Following SOTA Weight Loss

Let’s get this straight, dieting is not easy. To properly lose weight, you have to keep your overall body shape into consideration.

You may be able to lose belly fat while your hip area remains untouched, or maybe go slimmer around the hips, while your face still looks chubby.

To lose weight equally all over your body is not easy, and adjusting the fat loss ratio is key. This is what you should expect when enrolling in the SOTA weight loss program (see also ‘Weight Loss Tips For Vegans‘).

Overall Body Fat

If your goal is to lose fat all over your body, SOTA will gladly help you slim down in only two weeks. There are clients who lost about 10 pounds in a week after sticking to the SOTA plan.

Flat Belly

A considerable portion of overweight individuals struggle with stubborn belly fat. SOTA will help transform the shape of your belly from a fat belly to a flat belly, as long as you adhere to their program and exercises.

Face Slimming

A chubby face and double chin can be extremely hard to get rid of. Once you start having fats around your facial area, it becomes almost impossible to lose these fats.

This is where the SOTA plan comes in handy, their diet plan will include losing facial fats along with body fats as well. This will help regain facial structure, without looking like you’ve been starving for a few weeks.

Is SOTA Weight Loss Safe?

To our best knowledge, there haven’t been any cases of health issues following the SOTA weight loss programs. Some users, however, were not very satisfied with the SOTA experience.

Some users say they didn’t burn as much fat as they anticipated. However, weight loss results can vary between individuals, so you’ll have to fully commit to the program for the best results.

Other individuals believe they have experienced dizziness throughout the program, which is not a serious health issue, but more of a side effect of any change in meal plans.

This is why SOTA always advises you to consult your medical physician before enrolling in any of their programs.

How Much Does SOTA Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no specific price that you get when asking for their service. But that can be due to the fact that SOTA creates a specific dietary plan that is made for every particular individual.

However, we’ve checked some of the SOTA client reviews to get an idea of what their program might cost.

A client mentioned that she paid $5200 for a 20-week plan. But again, that doesn’t have to be the price you pay if you enroll in SOTA’s programs.

You can lower the price down if you get a lower number of weeks. To lower the price even more, you can waive some of the extra services they offer. For example, an online or face-to-face meeting, in which they answer most of your inquiries and provide some advice.

The meals, bars, and meal alternative shakes are another costly aspect. Having this service can cost anything between $250 to $300 per month.

Where Can You Buy SOTA Weight Loss Programs?

You can find SOTA weight loss programs on their official website. Or you can pay them a visit in one of their locations across Texas. You can also call their SOTA-AT-HOME number for a full diet plan from the comfort of your home.

For the meal plans, snacks, and meal replacement shakes, the SOTA staff will guide you through all the details. Including, where you can buy snacks and shakes, how to prepare them, and when to consume them.

To Sum Up

SOTA weight loss program (see also ‘Raw Vegan Weight Loss in 1 Month: How It Works‘) is the of choice for Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks; two major sporting franchise organizations in Texas.

The program offers a rapid way to safely and easily slim down, without feeling starved. Their program offers exercises, meal plans, healthy snacks, and meal replacement shakes.

You can join the SOTA weight loss program through their website, over the phone, or by visiting them. And don’t forget to get your wallet ready, since SOTA is a bit on the pricey side.

Alternatives To Sota Weight Loss

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