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If you have been searching for a vegan face wash to clear acne, you have probably found that some don’t work as well as you’d hoped. When it comes to vegan acne face wash, you will find numerous natural remedies for clearing up your skin and remove pimples and blackheads. But which one is better? From the ingredients to the application process, there are a number of things that should be considered when choosing the right vegan skin care face wash for yourself.

Let’s take a look at five different products that claim to be the best vegan face wash for acne.

WINNER: The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash is infused with Community Trade tea tree oil. Tea tree oil helps to clear blemishes and helps prevent future breakouts. The gel-based cleanser lathers up to remove impurities and excess oil from your face, leaving it feeling clean and refreshed.

Tea tree oil has been used for centuries for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It’s particularly effective at preventing the growth of bacteria that causes acne, helping to reduce inflammation and acne outbreaks.

The Body Shop - Our Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, veganliftz best facewash

This product is paraben free, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin or clog pores. It’s also silicone-free and gluten-free, making it suitable for anyone with allergies or intolerances. The Body Shop doesn’t test on animals either—they’re cruelty-free!

Our Review

We hoped to reduce the appearance of blemishes and breakouts. And it needed to be a gentle cleanser that didn’t irritate the skin. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash was the perfect solution. This gel-based cleanser includes Community Trade tea tree oil to help purify your complexion while protecting it from environmental damage.

The formula is paraben-free, gluten-free, silicone-free, vegan, and 100% cruelty-free! It lathers easily when applied to moist skin, which makes it great for removing impurities and excess oil from your face before bedtime. The tea tree oil is also antibacterial, so it will help keep acne at bay.

While this product isn’t designed as an acne treatment per se, it does help exfoliate dead skin cells that clog pores and prevent them from clearing out naturally. If you have frequent breakouts, this could be a good option for you as it helps to control some of the worst sudden outbreaks of acne.

The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash is a solid facial wash with no harmful chemicals, and it’s the best face wash for oily skin. It may be great for people who are acne-prone but still sensitive to ingredients, as it is likely safe for all skin types. Some people might not like the smell of tea tree oil, but there will likely be some who find it quite pleasant. It will keep your skin looking and feeling great all day while helping to keep blemishes and redness at bay.


  • Item form: Gel
  • Scent: Tea tree oil
  • Special ingredients: Tea tree oil


  • Contains antibacterial tea tree oil 
  • Foams for a deeper clean
  • Reduces skin inflammation


  • Tea Tree oil requires dilution in a carrier oil because it is too strong to use on its own
  • No percentage of Tea Tree oil listed
  • Users may not find the scent of Tea Tree appealing

RUNNER UP: Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash is a foaming gel cleanser that contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells – this helps to prevent dry, flaky skin and leaves your face looking bright and radiant.

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash also moisturizes and maintains a healthy pH balance, which means it doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry after washing. The coconut-derived surfactants gently cleanse without stripping away natural oils from your skin.

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash is great for normal, combination, oily, and acne-prone skin types. It’s sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and contains no synthetic fragrance, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin types.Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash | Natural, Vegan & Cruelty Free | Daily Foaming Facial Cleanser for Men & Women | 8 ounces -

Our Review

The Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash is the perfect solution for all your face-washing needs. This foaming gel cleanser keeps your skin baby-soft and hydrated all day long. 

We like that it contains AHA to exfoliate your skin chemically rather than mechanically, which is better for your skin. Mechanical exfoliation causes tiny cuts in your skin, which your body heals by shedding dead skin cells.

You can expect to see a brighter, healthier complexion. It also maintains a healthy pH balance, which is important for keeping your skin clear and acne-free.

The Fantastic Face Wash is great for normal, combination, oily, and acne-prone skin types. It’s sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free—meaning it’s safe for everyone. And it doesn’t contain synthetic fragrance either—just pure, natural ingredients that are good for your body and the planet.

You can use this wash in the morning when you wake up or before bed at night as part of your daily routine. You can also use it after a workout to cleanse your pores and remove sweat buildup. They even included a pump cap so you can conveniently dispense just enough product each time!

If you’re looking for a foaming gel face wash with exfoliating properties, look no further than the Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash. A blend of alpha hydroxy acids and coconut-derived surfactants gives your face a healthy glow while removing dirt, oil, and other impurities that build up on your skin throughout the day. 

It even comes in a container you can use to recycle something else after you’re done with this formula; the Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash is worth a shot!


  • Item form: Foaming gel cleanser
  • Scent: cedar, spearmint, lime, lemon, rosemary, black spruce, owyhee, vetiver, and lavender.
  • Special ingredients: Aloe, lemon, white tea, sugarcane, rice seed


  • It contains alpha-hydroxy acids for exfoliation
  • Good for all skin types
  • Use it more than once per day


  • No percentage of AHA listed
  • Very dry or sensitive skin users may have problems with AHA

ALTERNATIVE: Boscia Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser

The Boscia Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser is a gentle facial cleanser that utilizes activated charcoal to draw out impurities from your skin. The key ingredient in this formula is black charcoal, which has been used for centuries in Japanese beauty rituals.

Bamboo Charcoal is an ancient Japanese beauty secret that has been used for centuries to beautify and detoxify the skin. Bamboo Charcoal has an incredible ability to absorb and bind to dirt, oil, and other impurities on the skin’s surface, making it an ideal natural ingredient for any skin care regimen.

The Boscia Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser is designed as a deep cleanse that can be used daily or weekly, depending on your needs. Use it in combination with other Boscia products to create a complete skincare regimen perfect for your skin type!boscia | Skincare | Boscia Charcoal Deep Pore, vegan liftz 3rd best choice for face cleaner

Our Review

Feeling like our skin was a little dull or clogged, we gave this charcoal cleanser a try.

Charcoal has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries. It’s known for its ability to purify, detoxify, and cleanse the skin.

The Boscia Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser is made with activated charcoal powder that gently absorbs impurities while refining your complexion. We liked how the warming formula opened up our pores to maximize the effectiveness of this cleanser.

This cleanser uses activated charcoal, which is known for its ability to gently absorb oil and impurities. That means it’ll leave your skin looking brighter and clearer, with the minimized appearance of pores.

Vitamin C in this cleanser combats free radicals and improves skin’s texture and appearance over time.

This product is great for those who want a gentle way to clean their skin without stripping it of moisture. It’s formulated without parabens or sulfates, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin types like mine. You can even use it as part of a multi-step routine if you want to go all out!

To use this product first, remove all makeup with a makeup remover, then massage the cleanser into your face for about 30 seconds before rinsing off with warm water. Then follow up with a toner and moisturizer—and voila! Your pores will be smaller and more refined than ever before.

Overall, the Boscia Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser is a great product, especially for those days you feel like you might be breaking out. However, it is crucial to note this is not something that can be used as a stand-alone cleanser. 

Instead, we suggest using it in conjunction with a normal cleanser or foam. Follow up with an exfoliating toner and moisturizer to finish the cleansing process to get rid of the excess oils that this cleanser doesn’t absorb.


  • Item form: Water-based cleanser
  • Scent: Rose and geranium
  • Special ingredients: Charcoal, Vitamin C


  • Activated charcoal soaks up facial oil
  • Product warms to open pores
  • Gentle enough to use daily


  • Several steps are required for clean skin
  • Of their seven-step regimen, this product is second on the list after an oil-based cleanser
  • It does not remove makeup

ALTERNATIVE: So Clean by Fleur & Bee

So Clean by Fleur & Bee is a gentle and effective cleanser that won’t dry your skin. The pH-balanced formula removes makeup, unclogs pores, and restores moisture to keep skin looking healthy and clear.

This cleanser contains nourishing botanicals such as coconut oil, Gotu kola, rosemary extract, and organic aloe vera to brighten, smooth, and protect the skin. It is also free from parabens and sulfates, which can be harmful to the environment.

So Clean was created with clean ingredients found in nature. Their products are sustainably sourced, packaged in recyclable packaging, and use wind energy for production.Fleur & Bee | Clean, Vegan, Effective Skin Care Products, 4th choice best facewash veganliftz

Our Review

Environmentally conscious So Clean by Fleur & Bee may be the daily cleanser you’ve been looking for. It’s gentle enough to use on sensitive skin but tough enough to remove makeup and unclog pores. We appreciate the lack of artificial fragrances that might irritate skin prone to breakouts.

So Clean is made with nourishing botanicals like coconut oil and rosemary extract to brighten and smooth skin. Gotu kola helps protect against free radical damage, and aloe vera helps soothe sensitive skin.

All of this comes from clean ingredients sourced from sustainable sources. Feel like giving back? Because they do! Fleur & Bee donates 1% of their sales to Days for Girls, a non-profit that distributes menstrual hygiene products to those in need.

An excellent choice for daily use and for those who do not need to remove heavy eye makeup, chemical sunscreen, or waterproof mascara. If you find yourself in one of those categories, you’ll need to double cleanse. Regardless of your lifestyle and skin type, we recommend this coconut oil-based product for daily cleansing. 


  • Item form: Lotion
  • Scent: None
  • Special ingredients: Coconut oil, rosemary extract, Gotu kola, organic aloe vera


  • pH balanced formula 
  • Removes makeup without an additional step
  • Includes aloe vera to soothe skin


  • Those oily skin should avoid coconut oil on the face
  • It doesn’t remove zinc sunscreen

Their skin care face wash is made from 100% vegan ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals or alcohol. It’s also free of parabens, sulfates, dyes, fragrances, and gluten!

The refreshing citrus scent is perfect for men and women alike.

It contains glycolic acid (AHA) to exfoliate dead skin cells that can clog pores – this helps prevent breakouts before they happen. It also helps to even skin tone by removing hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage or acne scars. Finally, glycolic acid helps to reduce the appearance of large pores by making them appear smaller without drying out the skin.

The main ingredient in their face wash is cucumber extract. Rich in vitamins A and C, cucumber extract helps brighten your complexion while soothing redness caused by sunburn or inflammation such as acne rosacea (a form of rosacea). It also contains seaweed extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes irritated skin.Vegan Glycolic Acid Face Wash With Cucumber + Seaweed Extract - Gentle Exfoliating Anti-Aging Face Soap Cleanser Scrub For Facial Skin Care, Acne Treatment for Men, Women. Hydrating + Moisturizing

Our Review

Authentic by Nature’s Vegan Glycolic Face Wash is made with 100% natural ingredients to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It contains glycolic acid (AHA) to help dissolve dead skin cells, which promotes a smoother, more even complexion. The cucumber and seaweed extract provide hydration, while the citrus helps to balance out your skin’s pH level – this is hands down one of our favorite cleansers that we have tried so far!

It’s alcohol-free and gentle enough for sensitive skin. It also doesn’t irritate our skin when we use it twice daily (morning and night). It comes in a pump bottle, which makes it very convenient to use, especially when you’re traveling or want to take it with you on vacation!

The only thing we don’t like about this product is that it doesn’t come with instructions on how much you should use each time or how often you should use it (and there are no instructions on the bottle either).

This glycolic acid face wash is a very effective and inexpensive product. Since the pH level is close to neutral, it is gentle enough for everyday use. This vegan face for acne wash may be used twice daily for all skin types except sensitive skin. 

Glycolic acid exfoliates the dead skin cells around hair follicles to help keep ingrown hairs at bay, while the cucumber and seaweed extract combination will leave your face feeling fresh, clean, and moisturized.


  • Item form: Water-based cleanser
  • Scent: citrus, tea tree, grapefruit, aloe vera, cucumber, lemon 
  • Special ingredients: Cucumber, seaweed, aloe, lemon, tea tree oil, rosehip, grapefruit, and sunflower oil


  • Contains glycolic acid, which helps natural moisture barrier
  • Users like the citrus scent
  • Easy to travel with


  • No instructions or further steps
  • Takes time to show the effects of chemical exfoliation

Vegan Face Wash FAQ

A vegan face wash is a great way to keep your skin clean and healthy. But it’s crucial to use it correctly. Here are some of the most common questions about face washing.

Is face wash good for the face?

Yes! The best face washes help remove dirt, oil, and makeup from your face and neck, which can help prevent acne and skin irritation. 

Some face washes contain salicylic acid (a beta hydroxy acid) or glycolic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) to exfoliate the skin. These acids are milder than exfoliants like scrubs, so they’re less likely to irritate your skin and help remove those pesky blackheads.

You’ll also want to look for a product free of alcohol, fragrances, and dyes—these ingredients can irritate sensitive skin!

Can we use face wash daily?

Yes, you can use face wash daily. While some people can get away with washing their faces less frequently, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone’s skin is the same. 

Some skin types are more sensitive than others, and if yours happens to be one of those sensitive types (or if you have dry skin), washing nightly can help keep your skin healthy and moisturized.

If you have oily skin, however, washing in the morning will help keep your pores clean and prevent breakouts. Oily skin tends to produce excess oil throughout the day, which can clog up your pores and cause acne. So if you’re an oily-skinned person who washes at night, try switching it up!

Also, remember that washing with face wash daily isn’t just about keeping your face clean—it’s about making sure that all of the products that you apply during the day have time to soak in and do their job without being washed away immediately after application!

Can I use soap on my face?

Soap is designed to clean your body, so it’s not meant for cleansing your face. It’s best to use a cleanser designed specifically for the face—and if you’re looking for one that’s gentle and non-irritating as well as effective, check out the cleansers listed above!

Soap cleansers have appeared on the market for those who prefer lathering up with a bar instead of liquid. Generally speaking, skin care professionals dislike bar soap. 

Cleaning your face with body soap depletes the skin of moisture and natural oils, resulting in damage such as dry and itchy skin. Bar soaps are often thought to be overly harsh on the face and should be avoided. 

What to apply after washing your face?

After you’ve washed your face, be sure to apply a moisturizer and sunscreen product that’s right for your skin type – this will help lock in the moisture and keep your skin feeling hydrated all day long. 

And if you have acne-prone skin, it’s best to use a gel-based moisturizer instead of an oil-based one because oil can clog pores and cause breakouts.


If you’re a vegan and are in the market for a new quality face wash, having a list of options to choose from can make all the difference. In this detailed guide, we offer a few different vegan-friendly facial cleansers that you might want to consider. 

There are varying concentrations of glycolic acid, algae extract, and other beneficial ingredients. Try different products to see which one works best for your skin type. We have a few favorites that we recommend based on our research and experience and a rundown of some of the other options for vegan face wash

With so many great options available, you are sure to find one that works for you and your skin type. And whether you have normal, oily, or dry skin, there is something for everyone on this list.


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