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How Much Collagen Should I Take Per Day?

Last updated: June 3, 2022

Manufacturers sometimes claim that their creams make your wrinkles disappear. You do not have to spend a fortune on these types of products that may not have the desired benefit.

Do you want to know what works to help you reduce your wrinkles and other effects of your aging skin? You do not need a magic wand. You may discover that collagen supplements provide the results that you want in your quest to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

Let’s discover how collagen supplements may help to reduce your lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. We will get answers to questions that you have, such as “How much collagen should I take for wrinkles?”

Benefits of Collagen Supplements for Aging Skin

Collagen is important for the appearance of skin health at any age. It is a type of protein in your body. Collagen has an important role in the structure of your skin, and has other applications, which include:

  • Strengthens bones
  • Helps to promote wound healing
  • Reduces age-related muscle loss
  • Helps to maintain the health of hair and nails
  • Affects joint health

You start to lose collagen during the aging process. You lose up to one percent of the collagen in your body every year after the age of 40.

Research Demonstrates the Benefits of Collagen Supplements

The results of several studies show that collagen is one of the best supplements for aging skin. Some studies include only one of the many types of collagen, while others perform a review of multiple studies.

One study looked at the effects of hydrolyzed collagen supplementation on aging skin. Researchers looked at the results of 19 studies, with 1,025 participants in 2021. The researchers concluded that taking hydrolyzed collagen for 90 days proved effective in reducing the effects of skin aging, including showing a reduction in wrinkles, and improvements in skin hydration and elasticity.

How Much Collagen to Take for Wrinkles

Do not risk the effects of taking too much collagen. You want to reduce the effects of skin aging by taking collagen, but it is important to take the right amount of collagen supplementation.

Studies indicate that most participants took between 2.5 and 15 grams of collagen per day.

You also benefit from eating foods that boost the creation of collagen from your diet. Eat leafy greens, bell peppers, fresh fruit and beans. Snack on cashews.

Best Supplements for Aging Skin

Take supplements for aging skin to see a variety of benefits. A WebMD article indicates that healthy fats give skin its healthy glow.  Avocados, nuts, and seeds provide healthy fats. Take a supplement of Omega 3s, which helps to build healthy cell walls, reduces inflammation, and blocks a chemical that allows skin cancer to grow.

Vitamin C protects you from free radicals and may lower your risk of getting skin cancer. Vitamin C helps with the absorption of Vitamin E and Vitamin K, which are important supplements for aging skin.

Take Vitamin E supplements to experience its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Vitamin E absorbs the energy from UV rays, which contributes to skin sagging and wrinkles.

Vitamin K improves skin elasticity and may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

Zinc has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helps to fight acne and promotes skin health.

The results of a study that investigated the benefits of Coenzyme Q10 showed that the supplement, when taken daily for 12 weeks, improved visible signs of aging in the skin. Researchers determined that there were improvements in skin smoothness and a reduction in lines and wrinkles.

Collagen vs Botox

Collagen and Botox are both used to improve the appearance of wrinkles. The Botox and collagen injections work differently to produce the desired effects.

Botox is made from bacteria and relaxes muscles around wrinkles. Some people want Botox for wrinkles around their mouth or their eyes, while others have Botox injections to diminish the lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows. People who are in good overall health may be good candidates to receive Botox.

Collagen injections help to replace the natural collagen in your skin. The injections help to reduce wrinkles and to improve skin elasticity. The injections help reduce wrinkles between the brows, at the sides of the nose, on the forehead and around the mouth. Collagen injections may also reduce crow’s feet. The injections typically last longer than Botox.


Will I get better improvements in my skin health if I take a large amount of collagen supplements per day?

Follow the instructions on the label. It is not necessary to take a large amount of collagen supplementation to improve the effects of aging in the skin.

Do vegan collagen supplements work?

There are several plant-based collagen supplements available that help to provide the same benefits as other collagen supplements.

When does skin aging start?

The skin starts aging as young as age 25. Taking collagen and other supplements that help aging skin before you get older may help protect your skin for a longer period.

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