Take Care of Your Hair and Others Too: Best Vegan Pomades

The market is filled to the brim with good-smelling, long-lasting vegan pomades. But, of the many items available, which are the best? It can be tough to wade through the advertisements, testimonials, and reviews. To make life easier, we have tested the best products on the market and come to a few conclusions. 

No matter what kind of hair you have or the issues you’ve had with it in the past, any of the pomades on this list are sure to improve your overall experience. 

Each has its unique pros and a few important cons. But, overall, they all support healthy hair and hair growth and maintain a strong, stylish hold throughout the day. Plus, you can’t beat knowing that you’re supporting a company that values vegan ingredients and a cruelty-free production process. 

Keep reading to find out which pomades we liked the best and how our number one choice stacked up against the best runner-up and a few alternatives. We’ve taken hold strength, ingredients, ease of application, price, scent, dandruff control, and more into consideration. 

Winner: Shear Revival Gray Ghost Strong Hold Vegan Cream

Shear Revival Gray Ghost is a hair pomade for men and one of the most popular vegan pomades on the market today

It’s a lightweight cream that’s applied to towel-dried hair or to completely dry hair. It gives you a natural finish and manages to avoid the shine that other pomades have. The product gives you even more matte-looking hair when used with completely dry hair. 


Shear Revival Gray Ghost is also 100% vegan, which may be a deal-breaker if you’re concerned about ethics. The pomade maintains a strong, dependable hold throughout the day. You can also depend on Shear Revival Gray Ghost to last all day without damaging your hair.shear revival gray ghost stronghold vegan cream


I’ve tried many pomades, mostly vegan, and by far, Shear Revival Gray Ghost is my favorite. It’s affordable and gives my hair a natural, stylish look that is easy to maintain throughout the day. The fact that it is vegan also makes me feel good about where they source their products. 

It’s truly hard to find a pomade that you can use daily without feeling like you’re damaging your hair or filling it full of products that it doesn’t need. But, Shear Revival Gray Ghost met my highest expectations and more. 

When looking for a high-quality pomade, I’m always very picky about the amount of wax and how light-weight the product feels in my hair. You’ll never have an issue with Shear Revival Gray Ghost feeling heavy or sticky when you apply it. I make it through most of the day without even thinking about my hair! 

This product performs especially well on hot days when other oil-based pomades may fail you. 

It’s also ideal for someone looking for a light-smelling pomade that doesn’t overwhelm you throughout the day. It is water-based therefore works for all hair types and easily washes out with any shampoo

The main ingredients are sunflower oil to promote healthy hair growth, rice bran wax which provides natural UV protectant, and aloe juice to prevent dandruff. 


Volume: 3.4 oz

Item Form: Cream

Hair Type: All hair types, very good for dry hair


  • Long-lasting hold
  • Great for dry hair 
  • Smells good but isn’t too strong
  • 100% vegan ingredients
  • Alcohol-free
  • Citrus scent


  • There are more affordable options on the market
  • It can be hard to get cream out of the jar
  • Not the easiest pomade to apply

Runner Up: Seven Potions Hair Styling Pomade For Men

Seven Potions’ hair styling pomade is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It is best for dry hair and comes at a very affordable price. It’s a high-quality item free from silicones, colorants, and synthetic fragrances. It adds an easy shine to your hair while maintaining a stronghold throughout the day. 

Depending on your preference, you can apply Seven Potions’ hair styling pomade to your hair, dry or damp, creating slicked back or side looks that are timeless and easy to create. The product is highly rated for its ease of application and high shine. Seven Potions Hair Styling Pomade For Men


This water-based pomade is unbeatable when I’m looking for a shiny, easy-to-apply wax that lasts all day. Of all the pomades I’ve tried, I found this one easiest to apply right out of the jar. While other products can be hard to scoop out and take longer to emulsify on my hands, this is incredibly fast and smooth from start to finish. 

I love that this product is 100% vegan as well. It’s hard to find high-quality pomades that are cruelty-free on the market, but this is certainly one of them! 

While vegan pomades are usually slightly more expensive than non-vegan products, I’ve always found the few extra dollars to be well worth it. Plus, knowing that all the ingredients going into my hair are free from possibly damaging chemicals is a huge plus. 

Applying a product with confidence, and the knowledge that you’re improving your hair’s health rather than putting it at risk is priceless! 

More than anything, I love the versatility of this product. I’ve had both long and short hair throughout my life, and Seven Potions’ hair styling pomade worked well the whole time. 

It’s easy to overwhelm short hair with thick, waxy pomade, and I figured the same thing would happen with Seven Potions’ product. But, I was happily surprised when the product went in easily and washed out smoothly. 

The pomade also has a great smell that blends in with whichever cologne I happen to be using at the time. This is something that I can’t say for other, lower-quality products that have stronger, more obvious smells. Just because something smells great in the morning doesn’t mean you will want to smell it all day! 

The pure ingredients result in a clean-smelling and feeling product that I feel like I could use every day. It’s certainly one of the best options if you’re looking for the best pomade for men. 


Volume: 3.4 oz

Item Form: Wax

Hair Type: Dry


  • Affordable 
  • Good for dry hair
  • Great neutral smell that doesn’t clash with cologne
  • All vegan and cruelty-free ingredients
  • Good for your hair’s health
  • Doesn’t flake


  • Not ideal for oily hair 
  • Not as long-lasting as other pomades
  • It may not work as well in the heat
  • Might be initially difficult to figure out how much you need

Alternative: Boardwalk Pomade Strong-Hold 4.5 oz

Boardwalk’s Strong-Hold Pomade is a high-quality, long-lasting product you can trust to work all day. It provides a semi-matte or natural look for those hoping to avoid shinier pomade finishes. It’s also very easy to wash out at the end of the day without being so light that it disappears from your hair after a few hours. 

Boardwalk’s Strong-Hold Pomade works best when applied to hair that’s mostly dry, at least 90%, and then combed into place. With a few simple steps, you’ll have a look that endures no matter the weather or situation. Boardwalk Pomade Strong Hold Pomade 5oz, Aloe Vera Pomade Vegan Pomade for Men


Boardwalk’s “Strong Hold” pomade is great for longer or thicker hair. My hair is in the middle, and I still found that this product worked well without flaking or feeling like I was carrying a lot of wax or cream in my hair all day. 

I also found that this pomade was great for reducing dandruff and flaking. Boardwalk eliminated my worries about flaking and dandruff. Its extra aloe vera also means that you can feel good about your hair’s health while using its product. 

I also really enjoyed how easy it is to apply the product. Some pomades are hard to spread straight from the jar, but Boardwalk’s strong hold product is not one of them. 

Plus, after buying the product to test, I found out that a portion of all proceeds goes to Canine Companions for Independence, so you can feel good that you’re supporting a great cause while getting a great deal on a pomade. 

The only issue I had with the product was at the end of the day when I struggled to get all of it out of my hair. But, with a little extra time, it did all eventually come out. 

Using a slightly stronger shampoo helps my hair feel as though it is entirely free of the product. This is a little annoying, but it is a testament to the stronghold Boardwalk’s pomade maintains throughout the day!


Volume: 4.5 oz

Item Form: Cream

Hair Type: Dry


  • Larger volume than other products 
  • Ideal for dry hair
  • A long-lasting hold
  • Paraben-free
  • 100% vegan


  • More expensive than other products on the market
  • It doesn’t have the shiny finish you might want
  • Not as strong a hold as other pomades
  • Lower-quality scent compared to other pomades
  • It may be hard to wash out completely 

Alternative: Boardwalk Pomade Strong Hold Pomade 5oz

Boardwalk’s 5 oz Strong Hold pomade with aloe vera is a great vegan pomade that’s ideal if you’re experiencing dandruff. It’s paraben-free, comes with a classic sandalwood scent, and is larger than most pomades at 5 oz. Boardwalk crafts its products to last all day, even if your hair is long and thick. 

Boardwalk manufactured this particular product for those who normally experience dandruff when using other, lower-quality pomades. They advise that it can be applied to wet or almost dry hair, and depending on when you use it, you can expect a shinier or more matte look. 

It has no harmful ingredients meaning that it’s also great to use on kid’s and teen’s hair. Plus, you’ll feel great about using it as it is entirely vegan, not tested on animals, and cruelty-free! 

Boardwalk’s Strong Hold pomade also features some very interesting ingredients, like volcanic ash. This makes it a first-of-its-kind product that was crafted to reduce white flakes, especially in dark hair. The addition of volcanic ash also helps create a stylish matte finish that works for all hair types. Boardwalk Matte Pomade 5oz Firm Hold Clay, Strong Hold - Matte Finish. Water-Based/Soluble, Made with Volcanic Ash and Aloe-Vera, Vegan & Paraben-Free.


Boardwalk’s pomade is a staple in my bathroom cabinet. Their 5 oz strong hold pomade is one of the best options on the market if you have difficulty managing your curly or frizzy hair, as I do. While I’m not always a fan of cream pomade, I have yet to have any issues applying it or washing it out. 

One of the unique parts of Boardwalk’s 5oz Strong Hold pomade is the inclusion of volcanic ash on the ingredients list. I admit that I was initially skeptical, but it’s hard to ignore how well it seems to work! I’ve never had issues with white flakes while using this particular pomade. If you have darker hair, this is especially critical. 

Interestingly, I enjoyed how different types of applications resulted in equally interesting hairstyles. 

For example, when I used the product right out of the shower, my hair dried with a shinier, sleeker look. But, if I used it after toweling my hair to about 90% dry, I had a more matte appearance. I feel this kind of diversity in the application makes this one of the best pomades on the market. 

For most of my adult life, I’ve also suffered from dandruff, especially when using pomades. This Boardwalk pomade is great if you have more than once found yourself dusting white flakes off your shoulders only a few hours into the day. 

It’s made with anti-dandruff benefits and makes me feel I’m truly improving my hair’s health when I use it. Unlike other products, I also found this pomade easy to get out of my hair. Although it isn’t the cheapest option on the market, I found that it’s suitable for various occasions and hairstyles. 


Volume: 5 oz

Item Form: Cream

Hair Type: All


  • Great for all hair types
  • Uses volcanic ash to reduce flaking 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Paraben-free
  • Sandalwood scent
  • Larger volume than most pomades
  • Anti-dandruff benefits 


  • More expensive than some items on the market
  • The sandalwood scent may not appeal to everyone
  • Some may struggle to apply it 
  • Less shiny than other pomades

Alternative: Black Panther Strong - Vegan - Edge and Braid Control

Black Panther’s Edge and Braid pomade is ideal for African American and Hispanic hair. It has great braid taming abilities that work well with curly, dark hair. Unlike some pomades on this market, this product is directed at both men and women. Black Panther’s pomade is great at reducing frizz and maintaining hair’s health. 

You can use the long-lasting pomade all day. Plus, it has biotin to support hair growth and is 100% vegan! Men and women find that this affordable pomade gives them added control over their hair throughout the day. BLACK PANTHER STRONG - VEGAN - Edge and Braid Control POMADE 8 oz. Styling Gel. Great for Curly Hair. Firm Hold for Natural Hairstyles


I enjoyed my experience with this unique pomade. It’s the least expensive item I tested, but I didn’t find that reflected in the results. 

My hair was almost entirely frizz-free all day, which I’ve never experienced with pomades before. While there are a lot of items on the pomade market, few advertise as many benefits as Black Panther’s pomade does. Anti-frizz, braid maintenance, edging, ease of application, biotin for hair growth and health, and the ability to tame curly hair. Plus, the product is entirely vegan! 

It’s hard to believe that one pomade could do so much, but Black Panther has managed it. Plus, you’ll feel great knowing that you’re using a cruelty-free product and one created by a small business.

While I don’t have the curliest hair possible, the waves I have were much easier to manage with Black Panther’s Edge and Braid pomade. I also like using a gel rather than wax; it provides a completely different experience and is much easier to apply. 

It comes in an 8 oz jar. This is an added plus, especially when you’re used to much smaller 4, 4.5, and 5 oz jars. It lasts nearly twice as long as other products on the market, saving you money over time. 

As a negative, I did find that other pomades maintained a specific style longer than Black Panther’s pomade did. 

My frizzy hair began falling out of shape before the day was done, and I couldn’t help wishing I had the chance to run home and reapply the pomade. But, despite its slightly weaker styling hold, I’d still recommend this multifaceted pomade to anyone looking for a gel pomade that works great for African American and Hispanic hair, curly hair, or particularly frizzy hair. 


Volume: 8 oz

Item Form: Gel

Hair Type: All hair types, curly hair, especially 


  • Good for taming frizz and braids
  • Great edge control 
  • Enjoyable scent 
  • Great for grey hair
  • Affordable price
  • 100% vegan
  • Good for African American and Hispanic hair
  • Made by a small business


  • May leave behind some white residue 
  • May feel greasy
  • It may not last as long as other pomades
  • The price may not support the results

Vegan Pomade FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions regarding vegan hair pomade for women and men.

How do you make vegan hair pomade?

There are many ways to make vegan hair pomade. One of the most popular involves using candelilla wax. The main ingredient is coconut oil. Add coconut oil to a hot pan or bowl, candelilla wax, and sweet almond oil. 

The first step is to melt ¼ of a cup of candelilla oil in a bowl, add ½ a cup of coconut oil and stir in 2 tbsp of almond oil. Let the mixture cool and transfer it to a small container. You might also add a scent of your choice while the mixture is still warm. Citrus and sandalwood are two of the most popular!

Can coconut oil be used as pomade?

Yes, coconut oil can be used as a pomade. It is one of the most popular alternatives to traditional pomade. It’s a great option if you’re interested in completely avoiding synthetic products and chemicals. 

Users love coconut oil for its hydrating effects. It can reduce or limit hair breakage and even stimulate growth. You might also find mixing it with a scent, like sandalwood, makes it a very worthy alternative to sometimes pricey pomades. 

What can I use instead of pomade?

Some of the best “do it yourself” alternatives are molasses, olive oil, and lemon hair spray. You might also be interested in trying an argan oil conditioner. 

Coconut oil and jojoba oil also work as alternatives to pomade. But, if you’re looking for something more conventional, you might try traditional hair spray and gel. Products with fewer synthetic ingredients are usually healthier and may even improve your hair’s overall texture and growth. 

Can pomade cause hair loss?

There is no evidence that pomade causes hair loss. Some users may find that using pomade to style their hair makes hairlines more obvious, especially receding or thin hair lines. But, you don’t have to worry about pomade making your hair fall out. 

Some pomades include aloe vera and biotin, which support hair growth and strength. If you’re concerned about the ingredients in commercial biotin, look for vegan, synthetic-free options, and take a close look at the ingredients. 25 Cute Hairstyles For Guys To Get in 2022 | Medium length ...


To wrap up, of all the vegan pomades on the market, our number one choice is Shear Revival Gray Ghost. 

It’s not the cheapest pomade on the market, but our experience with it was unbeatable. It lasted all day, was fairly easy to apply, smelled great but didn’t clash with cologne, and was easy to wash out with shampoo. We love that it has 100% vegan ingredients and highly recommend it! 

Our runner-up was Seven Potions’ hair styling pomade. It worked great with dry hair and came at an affordable price. Seven Potions crafted their pomade with a neutral smell that, while still smelling good, doesn’t clash with any cologne you might use from one day to the next. It is versatile and easy to apply as well. 

No matter your hair goals, there’s sure to be a product on this list that meets, and hopefully exceeds, your expectations!

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