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How to Look Younger Naturally

Last updated: May 27, 2022

Invasive procedures, difficult to pronounce chemicals, and expensive medical treatments are abundant. In a world where shortcuts are plenty, the most difficult of all is to embrace your natural self, through care and discipline. Starting with some important lifestyle changes, looking younger naturally can be a shift as obvious as getting more sleep. There are also various natural cosmetics and makeup styles that you can add to your repertoire to make those lips fuller, those cheekbones higher, and your smile brighter.

In this article, we'll explore lifestyle changes, natural products, and cosmetic modifications you can make to both appear and become more youthful in your appearance and exuberance.

Best Overall Natural Anti Aging Treatments

Before speaking about adding anti-aging products to your skincare routine, it is important to stress and underlines that a proper diet, a healthy lifestyle, and effective stress management techniques, followed with proper skin etiquette and hygiene will be more effective on a longer-term scale compared with consistently purchasing new creams and devices. The following lifestyle habits and natural products are most effective for your appearance:

  • 1. Smoking lowers your immune system and increases the chance of infection. Smoking also gives your complexion a gray or yellow tint, aging you rapidly.
  • 2. Substances such as drugs and alcohol are toxins that affect the DNA structure of your cells. Consistent use can cause skin, bone, and organ malformities.
  • 3. Don't pick at your acne. Acne should be treated and left to dry. Touching them may produce scarring which has a large negative impact on your skin.
  • 4. Hydrate and exercise. This increases your skin's elasticity, and tightens your muscles further, smoothening your appearance.
  • 5. Coconut oil and green tea. Applying coconut oil topically to your skin helps to lock in your body's natural oils, helping to prevent further wrinkles. Green tea contains antioxidants, which are important to both your skin and overall health.

Anti-Aging Neck Treatment

One of the biggest skin wrinkles that may age you is excess neck fat or a sagging neck. This is caused by a few things: having an unhealthy lifestyle and an overweight body, aging, and genetics. While we are unable to control our genetics, certain exercises and treatments can be done to both reduce neck fat and tighten the sagging skin around the neck. A consistent cardio and strength training routine will help to burn excess fat, naturally making you look younger. Chewing gum is a great exercise for specifically tightening "droopy" skin around the neck and cheeks.

Anti-Aging Best Hair Color To Look Younger

There is no one correct answer, as hair color is largely dependent on your complexion. Generally, it is important to stick to a more natural-looking hair color rather than neon highlights or excessive coloring as it will minimize the effects on your hair and scalp, as well as give you a more radiant look. For example, brunettes can try caramel and golden chocolate highlights to add warmth and softness to facial features, while not appearing too extreme. 

Blondes and redheads may gravitate towards a strawberry blonde, as it provides a more light figure for a darker redhead base or more variety for the blonde base. Blondes that have a darker hue can also try champagne blonde to bring out a brighter complexion on your face.

Best Anti-Aging Device

If you have tried natural methods, introduced creams with and without retinoids, and have also tried diet and exercise - and still that pesky wrinkle won't come out - it may be time to invest in an anti-aging device. High-frequency treatment is one of the best methods to treat your skin, is non-invasive, and can be easily accessible. It is also convenient, as you can use this device while working, sitting down, relaxing, or watching television. 

The best high-frequency device has to be the NewWay wand. The wand works by generating high-frequency waves through a tube, which helps to promote regeneration through collagen production and cell turnover. It also increases circulation, stimulates lymph nodes, and may help in the rejuvenation of scar tissue. It is recommended to be used daily for about 20 minutes on your affected area (wrinkles, sagging skin, acne, and blemishes) for maximum results. Do not use it if pregnant.


How does anti-aging cream work?

Multiple products contain different ingredients, which can be tried and chosen by the user for their particular skincare routine. In essence, anti-aging creams aim to do one important thing: reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, particularly the face (which ages you the most). Some products do this by naturally hydrating and improving your skin's elasticity, others by promoting collagen production, and still others by reducing the harmful effects of UV rays and heat.

When should anti-aging cream be used?

It is never too early to start a healthy skincare routine. However, wrinkles start appearing as early as 25 years of age. Before 25, it is important to moisturize, hydrate, and apply sunscreen as needed, and only to apply topical prescription acne and skincare treatment if so directed by a healthcare practitioner. Some people have a known allergic reaction to retinol, which is commonly found in most western formulas. South Korean products generally do not contain this ingredient.

Is it ok to use anti-aging products in your 20s?

This answer is dependent on the person. You may need to start an anti-aging skincare treatment if you notice fine lines and deep wrinkles - especially pigmentation which does not seem to fade. You may also carry some of the hormonal changes over from your teen years, and are still experiencing acne and skin impurities, or due to the birth of a child. If you notice that a natural skincare and exfoliation routine is not helping you, it may be time to consult with your doctor about clinical anti-aging products for your dermal layers.


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