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Healthy Ways To Decrease Large Pores

Last updated: May 30, 2022

You may not be completely at fault for the large pores that you want to get rid of right now. There are factors at work that you may have no control over that contribute to the large pores across your nose or on other areas of your face.  

Do you want to find the best treatment for large pores and wrinkles? Do you want to get that healthy glow back so that you look younger than your current age? Do you want to learn a healthy skin care routine, including the best foundation for large pores and wrinkles? Let’s go!   

Causes of Large Pores and Wrinkles 

Do you look in the mirror and wonder why you have large pores or breakouts even though you are past your teenage years? Blame the family and your skincare routine. 

Genetics has a role in the development of large pores. Children of parents who have large pores often have large pores. Some other causes of large pores include: 

  • Excess oil production 
  • Acne 
  • Increased heat or humidity 
  • Unhealthy diet 
  • Poor skin care habits 
  • Stress 

There are other causes of large pores and wrinkles, including too much sun exposure and dry skin.  

Possible Complications of Having Large Pores 

Acne is a major issue for many people who have large pores. It is a mistake to not treat acne early because you brush it off as hormone fluctuations or stress. The American Academy of Dermatology Association explains that treating acne as soon as it appears is important, compared to thinking the acne does not need early treatment.  

It takes less time to clear mild acne, compared to the time involved in treating severe acne. Treating acne early reduces the number of breakouts that some people have and minimizes the risk of complications, such as scarring, discolored spots or the development of severe, deep acne. 

Do you believe that an aggressive skin care routine or that using strong products with chemicals in them will eliminate your large pores? You are likely doing more harm to your skin, rather than reducing the size of your pores or your fine lines and wrinkles.  

Best Treatment for Large Pores and Wrinkles

Do not use harsh products on your skin in an effort to get rid of or diminish your large pores or wrinkles. There are healthy ways to decrease the appearance of large pores and wrinkles. Do you believe that using products that contain chemicals or strong astringents is the best treatment for large pores and wrinkles? You are likely doing your face more harm than good when you use such products. You risk developing complications such as irritation or infection of already delicate skin.

The best treatment for your large pores involves a gentle, but regular skincare routine. Use warm water to gently wash your face so that you cleanse away dry skin and surface debris. Do not use hot water, which may irritate your skin. 

Consider developing a skincare routine that includes natural products. Natural skin care products are more gentle to delicate skin with large pores or skin that shows signs of inflammation, compared to products that contain ingredients that may further harm your skin. Do you believe that using strong skincare products is the best way to get rid of your acne or other skin issues? 

A Healthline article stresses the importance of assessing the skincare products that you use to clear your acne or to clear excess sebum. Products that use salicylic acid have drying effects. Salicylic acid may initially make your pores look smaller, but can also have the opposite effect. Use products that contain salicylic acid too much and the sebaceous glands produce more sebum, which leads you right back to your clogged, enlarged pores and oily skin.    

Do not forget the sunscreen! Sunscreen helps to protect you from more than the harmful rays of the sun. Get too much sun exposure and your skin becomes less supple, which likely leads to the appearance of larger pores.

Eat a healthy diet to avoid high-fat foods that lead to oily skin, inflammation and clogged pores. Choose a vegan diet to help protect your skin and to treat your large pores.

Best Foundation for Large Pores and Wrinkles

Use non-comedogenic makeup to help minimize the appearance of large pores. Oil-based makeup, including foundation, makes your pores clog, which causes them to enlarge, explains the American Academy of Dermatology. 

Choose foundation that is free of harsh ingredients, such as vegan options, which are cruelty-free and good for your skin. The healthy ingredients may promote healthier skin, which may reduce the appearance of large pores and wrinkles. Consider choosing a light foundation instead of one that is a heavier option, which may enhance the appearance of your large pores and wrinkles.   


Is it okay to leave my makeup on at night?

Do not go to sleep without removing your makeup. It has a detrimental effect on your facial skin and will clog pores and stretch them out over time. 

Are there other ways to treat large pores and wrinkles?

Read the label before purchasing skincare products. Magnesium and zinc may help to clear large pores because both zinc and magnesium help restore the natural balance of moisture in the skin. 

Do caffeine or alcohol play a role in the development of large pores?

Caffeine and alcohol both dry out the skin, which leads to increased sebum production. The increased sebum production often leads to clogged, enlarged pores. 


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