The Best Vegan Wallets for Men and Women

You wouldn’t leave your house without your wallet. A wallet is an essential item that stores credit cards, driver’s licenses, and cold hard cash. 


Unfortunately, not all wallets are vegan because some wallets use animal leather or animal fibers in fabrics. 


Vegan wallets are cruelty-free ways to keep the essentials close by without using animal products. The best vegan wallets are durable, store everything you need, and look stylish for everyday use. 


Want to upgrade your wallet to a vegan-friendly version? We’ve got the best vegan wallets for men and women below. 

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Best Vegan Wallets For Men

Men’s wallets come in various colors and styles. However, the best vegan wallets for men are stylish, durable, and use soft vegan leather. So whether you’re purchasing a new wallet for yourself or a man in your life, we’ve got the three top vegan wallets for men below. 

Winner: Corkor Cork Wallet for Men

The Corkor Cork Wallet for Men is by far the best vegan wallet for men. This wallet uses FSC-certified sustainably-sourced cork for a vegan wallet that feels supple and smooth without the use of animal leather.

The classic bi-fold design holds between six to 12 cards and has two slip pockets for storing cash. The slim design of this vegan wallet for men means it stores easily in your back pocket without showing a big lump. 

This luxury vegan wallet is naturally stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, water-repellant, dust-resistant, extremely easy to maintain, and will last for years. Corkor cork wallet, our #1 choice for vegan wallets

Materials used in this vegan wallet for men are: 

  • Cork
  • Polyester
  • Cotton 
  • Water-based glue 
  • Water-based ink 

Every Corkor Cork Wallet for Men is made in Portugal. These vegan leather wallets are designed and produced by in-house artisans with traditional methods of craftsmanship. 


This dark brown wallet is one of the best vegan wallets because in-house artisans craft it in Portugal with premium cork instead of genuine leather. 

This bi-fold wallet has cork grain and small holes that give it a nice feel as you hold it in your palm. The cork leather is soft and supple with a premium feel that is highly reminiscent of leather. 

The Corkor Cork Wallet for Men is small enough to fit in your back pocket and features a slim design that stretches with use. 

Every Corkor product, including their cork wallet for men, is a direct-to-consumer product. You can feel confident knowing that there is a minimal carbon footprint and the fairest prices for every wallet they make. 

All Corkor Cork wallets are naturally dust, stain, and scratch-resistant. This natural alternative to leather is easy to clean with only a little bit of soap and water. Regular cleaning helps improve the durability of your wallet and keeps it in great shape for longer. 

If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting wallet, look no further. You’ll be happy to know that every Corkor Cork wallet has a two-year warranty against manufacturer defects. This long-lasting wallet changes color slightly over time, but it will surely last you for years. 

We enjoyed that the design of this wallet is slightly rustic, and the logo blends in well with the cork leather for an unobtrusive design.

One downside we found with this Corkor Cork wallet is that while it does sit slim when you first get it, once you insert your cards and cash, the wallet stretches over time. 

Leather wallets also stretch over time, but this is something to note if you are one to overstuff your wallet. For example, the stretched cork leather may cause your new cards to fall out if you toss your old ones out during spring cleaning. 


  • Material: Cork Leather 
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Size: 4.2 by 3.3 by 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 1.69 oz 


  • Premium Cork Leather 
  • Bi-fold style 
  • Slim design 
  • Made in Portugal 
  • Artisan made 
  • Direct-to-consumer brand 
  • FSC-certified sustainable 


  • It doesn’t sit slim once cards are inside 

Runner Up: Access Denied Vegan Leather Bifold Wallets For Men

The Access Denied Vegan Leather Bifold Wallets For Men are an incredible option for stylish men looking for a cruelty-free but a classic wallet. 

This black wallet is made from high-quality faux leather that is 100% vegan, durable, supple, and soft. Store your cash and cards with the security you deserve; every wallet from Access Denied is RFID-Protected with blocking technology. 

This vegan wallet for men features two cash compartments, nine card slots, two slip pockets, and one ID window. 

Enjoy this elegant and stylish men’s wallet for years to come with a durable design and lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Vegan Leather Bifold Wallets For Men - Cruelty Free Non Leather Mens Wallet With ID Window RFID Gifts For Him


Access Denied wallets are some of the best wallets for men because they are sleek, stylish, and come with RFID-Protection technology. 

RFID-Blocking technology ensures that cybercriminals cannot tap into your private card info stored inside of this expensive-looking vegan wallet. Every wallet from Access Denied is equipped with this technology to give you peace of mind taking your wallet with you everywhere you go. 

This wallet looks like a classic black wallet with a bi-fold design, nine card slots, and an easy-access ID window. It has a slim design that fits in back and front pockets, but once you add in your cards, it sits less slim than before. 

We think this is one of the best vegan wallets to give as a gift because it comes wrapped in high-quality packaging. The black box and inside surprise will impress vegan friends and family on a special occasion. 

Instead of animal leather, this Access Denied vegan wallet uses premium faux leather. Some faux leather smells terrible, but we were happy to find that is not the case with Access Denied’s vegan leather wallet. This wallet will surprise you with its softness and suppleness. 

The durability of this wallet is a feature worthy of mention. Every detail of this wallet is made with care without sacrificing style. Register your wallet with Access Denied, and should you find a defect, you have a lifetime warranty. Even if you don’t register your wallet, you have 365 days to decide if it’s right for you. Otherwise, you can send it back.

Based in Los Angeles, every wallet from Access Denied is made in the United States. 

One downside of this black vegan wallet was that the card slots initially were extremely tight. This is a benefit so that your cards don’t accidentally slip out, but it made getting cards out a challenge until the vegan faux leather had time to stretch. 


    • Material: Vegan Leather 
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 4.75 by 3.56 by 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.7 oz


  • Bi-fold style
  • Slim design 
  • Cruelty-free
  • RFID-Protected
  • High-end packaging 
  • Made in the USA 


  • Card slots are very tight. 

Alternative: Skechers Men's Canvas Vegan Leather RFID Trifold Wallet

Skechers Men’s Canvas Vegan Leather RFID Trifold Wallet is one of the best vegan wallets for a stylish yet 100% vegan wallet. 

This trifold Skechers wallet for men is made from vegan leather and cotton for stylish comfort and quality in every wallet. It features seven card slots, two slip pockets, one transparent ID window, and one large cash billfold. 

This vegan wallet is perfect for frequent and everyday use and is made with durable materials. The slim design easily fits into jeans, shorts, and dress pants. The tri-fold design holds all your essential cards and cash and closes securely with velcro. 

This men’s canvas vegan leather wallet features RFID-Protection to safeguard your private information from cybercriminals. Skechers Men's Passcase RFID Leather Wallet with Flip Pocket


Skechers has one of the best vegan wallets for men, ideal for everyday use. The sleek design of half-twill and half vegan leather is high-quality and unique compared to full leather wallets.  

Twill is a durable cotton-based fabric with a nice feel and a stylish diagonal thread pattern. The majority of the outside of this wallet is twill, with small sections of soft and supple black vegan leather. 

Some trifold wallets can be bulky, but this one is compact and lightweight while still allowing you to fit in seven credit cards, your ID, and bills. The slim design means you can easily fit this wallet into the back pocket of your jeans, swimming trunks, or dress pants. 

This trifold wallet features a velcro closure to ensure your cards stay inside or that your wallet doesn’t flop open when stuffed with cash. 

This high-quality vegan leather wallet also features RFID-Blocking technology so sneaky thieves can’t target you. 

You’ll find this wallet exceeds expectations with plenty of room for all your cards, photos, and cash. At first, things will fit pretty snugly inside, and credit cards may be difficult to pull out. After a few weeks, the material will stretch for quicker card withdrawal. 

There were a couple of downsides we found in this wallet. The first was the Skechers logo being so large on the front of the wallet. While the rest of the wallet is made from vegan leather and twill, the logo is a metal piece that sticks out slightly. 

Another downside is that Skechers has no factories located in the United States. While this wallet uses only vegan materials, long-distance shipping is a drawback to some conscious shoppers. 


    • Material: Twill (Cotton) and Vegan Leather 
    • Color: Black and Gray 
    • Size: 9 by 4 by 0.5 inches (fully open)
  • Weight: 2 oz 


  • RFID-Protected 
  • Durable 
  • Trifold style 
  • Slim design 
  • High quality 


  • The brand logo is obvious 
  • Not manufactured in the US

Best Vegan Wallets For Women

Women’s wallets range from small bifold wallets to large clutches. We’ve picked out the best vegan wallets for women with large capacity so that you can easily access all your most-used items. These fantastic vegan wallets store cell phones, keys, cash, and cards so that you don’t have to rustle through your purse ever again. 

Winner: Bird&Fish Women Vegan Leather Wallet Bifold Clutch

This Women’s Vegan Leather Wallet Bifold Clutch by Bird&Fish is the best vegan leather wallet for women. 

Store all of the essentials in this large wallet, including 15 card slots, pockets for bills, and a zipper coin purse. Use it as a clutch or store it in your purse to easily access all your most necessary items. 

Bird&Fish’s vegan leather wallet is made with high-quality faux leather that replicates leather’s soft and supple texture without using animal products. The interior uses high-quality soft fabric on your hands as you retrieve your cards or cash. 

This fashionable and practical wallet comes in eight different colors to suit any style or outfit choice. Women Vegan Leather Wallet Bifold Clutch Large Capacity Card Organizer Buckle Long Purse for Girls Candy Color


Bird&Fish has a fantastic vegan wallet for women with eight color options to choose from. We loved the vegan coffee-brown wallet since it looks the most like real leather. 

This vegan wallet fits everything you could possibly need for your day. The bi-fold clutch design makes it easy to carry around in your hand or throw in a purse. 

This vegan leather wallet measures just over seven inches long and is a bit bulky, and won’t fit in your pocket. However, the large size makes it convenient for storing your essentials

This wallet boasts 15 spots for credit cards, IDs, and an inner coin purse. The coin purse fits loose keys and small lipstick tubes so that these essentials don’t fall to the bottom of your bag. The wallet size fits an iPhone 6 and a checkbook making it super practical and very fashionable. 

A noteworthy feature of this vegan women’s wallet is its zipper and buckle closure. Zip your wallet up when you’re done and store it in your bag, or buckle it closed while you wait for the teller to give you your change. 

You’ll revel in the vegan leather’s soft texture every time you purchase something. The Bird&Fish vegan wallet is easy to clean and maintain with just a wet cloth. 

We found a downside with this beautiful wallet: the buckle closure was poorly placed. If you use all 15 card slots, some of them sit awkwardly and hinder the buckle from closing shut. Unfortunately, this poor design was a bit frustrating, but the zipper closure works well. 


  • Material: Vegan leather 
  • Color: Coffee
  • Size: 7.28 by 3.54 by 1.38 inches 


  • Bi-fold/clutch style 
  • Large capacity 
  • Zipper and buckle closure
  • Vegan leather 
  • High-quality fabric 


  • Poor placement of buckle closure 

Runner Up: Soul Living Creations Buddha Cork Vegan Zip Around Women’s Wristlet Wallet

Soul Living Creations has an incredible Buddha Cork Vegan Zip Around Women’s Wristlet Wallet that is one of the best vegan wallets for women who practice yoga, follow moon phases, or have a bohemian style. 

This vegan wallet is made from sustainable cork yet has the softness and texture of real leather. The artful design features a tree of life, moon phases, and a buddha figure for a vegan wallet women can style with a yoga outfit or a power suit.

Soul Living Creations vegan wallet features eight credit card slots, two folds for cash, and a zipper coin purse designed to store everything you need access to regularly. 

The interior of this beautiful wallet features organic cotton that stores cards securely, while the outer zipper enclosure locks everything in. Soul Living Creations Buddha Cork Vegan Zip Around Women’s Wristlet WalletSoul Living Creations Buddha Cork Vegan Zip Around Women’s Wristlet WalletSoul Living Creations Buddha Cork Vegan Zip Around Women's Wristlet Wallet


Soul Living Creations has one of the best vegan wallets for women with a hippie style. The natural cork and beautiful design make this clutch wallet ideal for carrying around every day. 

This natural cork wallet is decorated with the elephant god Ganesh, lotus flowers, moon phases, the Hamsa symbol, and the Om symbol

Stroke your fingers across the soft vegan leather every time you go to grab your wallet. The durable yet aesthetically pleasing cork exterior is sustainable and 100% vegan. The exterior is easy to clean with a damp cloth, though be mindful not to use oil as the cork will absorb it and stain. 

Use this wallet as a clutch or inside of a large purse. The size of this wallet is too large to keep in your pocket. However, this is a plus for those who have overstuffed purses and are constantly searching for their wallet. 

We love that this wallet has lots of storage space for cards, receipts, and cash. The inner coin purse is perfect for storing loose change, keys, and lip balms

Soul Living Creations is a company that focuses on using sustainable and mindful materials that are cruelty-free and vegan. 

We were disappointed to learn that this vegan wallet is manufactured in China. International shipping has a cost on the environment, so we would prefer for a vegan product to be more eco-friendly.  


    • Material: Cork Leather 
    • Color: Natural cork with Buddha print 
    • Size: 7.4 by 3.9 by 1.1 inches 
  • Weight: 5.6 oz


  • Cork leather 
  • Large Capacity 
  • Bi-fold/clutch style 
  • Cork leather wrist strap 
  • Zipper closure 


  • Made in China 

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the best vegan wallets below. 

What is the best fabric for wallets?

The best fabric for wallets is durable yet soft and comfortable to touch. Since you’ll handle your wallet daily, choosing a material that feels good to you is crucial. 


The most common materials used in wallets are leather and fabrics. For greater durability and longevity, wallets can be made from cotton, polyester, sheep wool, and a blend of fabrics. 

What leather is vegan?

Vega faux leather comes in a range of options. Vegan leather is made from polyurethane, mushrooms, cork oak tree, or even pineapples. 


Mushroom leather is a popular alternative to animal leather that outperforms real leather in durability and strength. It can be grown easily and quickly for sustainable leather that looks and feels like the real thing. 


Cork leather is made from cork. Yep, it’s the same cork you know from wine bottles and cork boards. Cork is a naturally occurring ingredient that comes from the cork oak tree. The outer layer of the cork oak tree is harvested without harming it. Cork can regrow and be harvested again and again. 


Pineapple is a natural and plant-based material used for some vegan leathers. Pineapple leather is made from resin and parts of the pineapple plant to create a leather-like fabric that is near-identical to animal leather. 

How do you know if a wallet is good quality?

There are a few things to keep an eye on when purchasing a wallet to ensure you get one that is of great quality. 


The first thing you should check is the look and feel of the material. If you’re buying online, read through some of the comments and reviews for more information, this will also enlighten you about any other product flaws that users experienced. 

Check the seams to ensure the quality of the wallet is good. The sewing should be evenly spaced and clean-looking. Loose seams are one of the easiest ways for a wallet to fall apart as you add in more cards or receipts. 


Additional features are a good way to gauge the quality of a product. Suppose the wallet also includes features like RFID protection. In that case, it’s more likely that attention was paid to other details in the manufacturing process. 

How long should wallets last?

A wallet should last two to three years, if not longer. High-quality wallets using premium fabrics and materials should be durable to withstand frequent handling and use for years to come. 


However, you may want to refresh your wardrobe with a new wallet after a few years of using the same one every day. If you prefer frequent wardrobe updates, choosing a more sustainable vegan fabric is best. 


A wallet is an everyday essential that you cannot leave the house without. These top choices for vegan wallets enable you to always have your most-used items without using animal-derived materials. 


Whether you want something for everyday use or a stylish option for a fancy night out, these best vegan wallets will check all the boxes.


Now that you have seen the best vegan wallets, which one will you choose? 

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